Monday, September 30, 2002

yes! malapit ng matapos ang monday!

lunes nga naman oh, .. masuklap 4ever.. was almost late again.. logged in at 8:02 am (yes!).. couldn't blame anyone 'cause it was just me whom my father dropped off at the shuttle terminal.. (ate ging is in malaysia again, ate chary didn't go to work).. was even early, we left at 6:25 AM.. but the freaking monday traffic was heavy again.. as soon as i arrived at the office, played my p3 of "Manic Monday" and prayed that Ma'am Sansu would be absent today.. (the one who needed the foxpro programmer)..syempre, hindi ako ganon kalakas keh God kaya hindi natupad ang aking panalangin lol! But still, God is good (waaah TY tlga) because after going to the client at Makati (me and Ma'am Sansu), she discovered that there really wasn't any error in the program.. still couldn't explain how it computed that value but after re-entering the transaction, it was now error-free and running smoothly... all i did was watch Ma'am Sansu while she checked the database (in short, chaperone hehe), TG tlga! but she said to the client that if there would be any future problems, i would be the one to handle them which is fine by me 'cause MATAGAL PUH YUN SANA..

can now continue doing my gallery for the site.. yeHey!

TG! i love Mondays BWAHAHAH. ndi rin.

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