Monday, September 16, 2002

System Time: 9:00 AM
... woke up this morning hearing the heavy rain outside.. tried to remember that i was no longer a student.. (and therefore should not expect a suspension of classes) left home at exactly 6:30 AM..(which is earlier than usual) when we got to the shuttle terminal, there was a loooong line of people waiting for the shuttle services to arrive.. when i FINALLY got inside one, traffic was soo heavy (streets were flooded) that when i looked at my watch (it said 8:15 AM) and then outside the window, i had to stop my jaw from falling 'cause we were still in cainta and nowhere near EDSA..
i swiped in at 8:46 PM :(
... i was contemplating all this bad luck (thinking "why-oh-why") when suddenly, it hit me... today is Monday.... (aaahhhhhh) now it all makes sense. MONDAYS SUCKS!

.. even forgot to bring my diskette.. good thing Koji always has one that i could borrow..
slept at around 12:15 a.m. last night... (this morning, then) exceeded my bedtime cut-off by 15 minutes.. as usual, i was making the fan site, which is slowly but surely beginning to have actual contents in it.. i've uploaded more than 10 pages (i think) which are the facts link, fiction link and the fiction's articles links.. i bought a new magazine which has James Blanco on 2 pages (yeish! lol!) and was able to watch the latter part of Kahit Kailan (i recorded it but still wasn't able to watch the parts i missed.. think my sister already rewinded the tape *aww* ) anywayz, okay lang 'cause i was making the site and was quite pleased with myself on the work i finished. lol! even brought the magazine thinking that maybe i could type the article when we've got nothing else to do (patago, of course hehe).. hay kajologans lol!
.. Koji brought his AD&D sourcebook.. i'll just start reading this.. (Last Friday, Ma'am Doc said we'll be given a new module today (yung totoo na daw, meaning pang project) but it's already 9:47 AM).. hmm.. oh btw, i already started canvassing Fairy Tale books .. it averages around 600 bucks per book.. my Dad (for the first time) didn't discourage me (and didn't tell me it was a waste of my my TCG and HP collections..) and even helped me look for good ones.. i plan to start buying next payroll..

System Time: 11:44 AM
.. started typing the James Blanco articles secretly hihihih.. the mag is in my bag.. i'm just waiting for lunch time..

System Time: 1:34 PM
.. already finished creating the 3 pages for the articles I typed... i'll upload these when i get home.. hmmmm now what..

System Time: 3:14 PM
..huhuhuh.. finished reading HP book 1.. NOW WHat!?

System Time: 5:01 PM
..yes! 1 hour to go.. i've been doing some 'reported' bugs (oohh i'm working).. i think i solved some of them, though i may have used a daya-method in a few.. don't know yet if it'll be accepted..

System Time: 5:59 PM
pak my idleness.. naghanap tuloy ako ng gagawin.. and of course i did something stupid and risky.. hay.. i won't go any further baka mabuking puh.. basta.. sa akin na lang yon.. GUDBAY!

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