Sunday, October 06, 2002

this was my blog last thursday at the office..didn't go to work on friday..(was just too lazy to get up..) forgot to post it:

System Time: 1:17 PM

/me burps

esmyuski.. had porkchop and ginisang sayote for lunch (yum yum)..
...i'm back to blogging again,..mainly because i've finished (i think) the stuff that were assigned to me so it's either i fall asleep again in front of my monitor or use my fingers to help me stay awake...(the twiiiilight hourrrr woo).. new p3s are a BIG help, though.. presently listening to Dishwalla - Somewhere in the Middle...
..just remembered,...have you ever received e-mails where you list items from 1 to something, then write names, songs or whatever next to them then it has some result like.. the person on #3 is the one you'll marry... blah blah? i don't usually answer them.. i was just so bored yesterday that instead of deleting it as i would usually do, i answered the damn thing. and of course, it bizarrely gave correct interpretation to my answers...
write on #s 3 and 7 names of the opposite sex.
so i wrote:
3. pangarap a.k.a #2 (formerly #3 lol..naks napromote)
7. PC aka spiderman
next instructions were:
write on #s 9 and 10 titles of songs
i wrote:
9. i need you
10. by heart
Interpretation daw:
--> person on #3 is the one you love
--> person on #7 is the one you like but didn't work out
--> song on #10 is your theme song for person on #7
--> song on #9 is how you feel for person on #3

aLiw!.. tumpak na tumpak.. especially 'bout the "song on #10 is your theme song for person on #7" part...'cause when i want to remember him and consequently torture myself, all i have to do is listen to that song! hehe!

System Time: 3:02 PM
haha dami pa palang bugs ng program ko. anywayz, i resolved (i think) most of them and hopefully, there aren't any major errors left.. at least i got to kill some time.. my sister just called and told me to eat dinner before i go home.. my mom is out and i don't know how to cook.. hmm.. ano buh masawap kainin....

..yeish! kasama ko si ipismeyt Koji..kain kami sa Tokyo².. i'm not a big fan of Tokyo² (hindi kasi lasang japanese) but Koji wants yung eat-all-you-can rice nila and i guess meh parang teriyaki festival ek ek sila.. so oki na rin!
..hay la na ko magawa.. 3:39 PM pa lang.. more than 2 hours to kill..

System Time: 5:30 PM
brrrr..*shivers* forrrrgott too b-bbrring maahh j-jjjacket.. hehe..just customized all my icons in the window explorer.. talk about having nothing to do, lol.. my folders for my p3s now have icons that are cds with little notes on them.. (cool! lol)..presently listening to Wheatus - A little respect..
"..oh baby pleeeeaseeee give a little respecttt too-hu-hu meeeee..."

System Time: 6:09 PM
gtg na.. bye!

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