Wednesday, January 18, 2006

...absent na ako bukas!

so this will probably be my last blog before the wedding. won't be able to blog for another 2 weeks.. (direcho honeymoon na!) yipeee! plus we still don't have a phone line in our new house.

had this conversation with Vero today:

GèWï: fuck vero kinakabahan ako
GèWï: lolz
GèWï: as in there's a pain in my chest
GèWï: baka naimpacho lng ako ano
GèWï: l o l
Maria Veronica Duran: hahaha..
Maria Veronica Duran: wedding jitters!
Maria Veronica Duran: ayan na nga ba sinasabi ko eh..
GèWï: waaah.
GèWï: i just want to read na lang
GèWï: yung fiction ganun
GèWï: yung walang tungkol sa wedding
GèWï: l o l
GèWï: saket ng dibdib ko badtrip
Maria Veronica Duran: hahaha.. trying to fool yourself, huh?
Maria Veronica Duran: it wont work.. believe me
GèWï: l o l
GèWï: baka madistract ako eh
GèWï: shittttt.
Maria Veronica Duran: alam kung anong dapat mong gawin..
Maria Veronica Duran: matulog ka..
GèWï: now? lol
Maria Veronica Duran: oo, punta ka dun sa kabilang room..
GèWï: nabubwiset ako, ngayun pa ako na overquota sa phone! ndi ko tuloy matawagan suppliers ko!
Maria Veronica Duran: ano ba tawag dun.. yung may gym ekek
GèWï: yung meh lazy boy
GèWï: waaah baka makita ako, dito na lang lol!
Maria Veronica Duran: yup..
Maria Veronica Duran: di noh..
Maria Veronica Duran: lock mo yung door
GèWï: lol
GèWï: dami ko pang dapat gawin eh
GèWï: hay sige werk muna ako.
Maria Veronica Duran: ows?
Maria Veronica Duran: kaya mong magconcentrate sa work???
Maria Veronica Duran: i doubt it!
GèWï: pipilitin
GèWï: ehh i nid to do this ehhhh
GèWï: /me bitin patiwarik
Maria Veronica Duran: sabi kc sayo, maghalf day kana ngayon eh..
GèWï: onga eh. yaan mo 4 hrs na lang
GèWï: makikinig na lang ako music.
Maria Veronica Duran:
GèWï: it never fails
Maria Veronica Duran: radio..
GèWï: okey na Yahoo music
Maria Veronica Duran: hehehe..
GèWï: 90s music
GèWï: back to my hs days

am almost done with the "turning thirty" book. it's very nostalgic.. and funny.. and it made me think about my old friends.. medyo napaisip ako, am i keeping the right friends? what if i'm just deluding myself that they'll be my friends for life? hay, drama..drama.. something na i don't like. natotorete na ata tlga ako, kung ano ano na pinagsasabi ko.

sige.. paalam! good luck sa amin.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006 near.

we're like a wrapping factory at home.. the PS gifts are bit tricky.. they're quite bulky, one of the MANY reklamos of my sister Ate Ging.. (ang hirap daw ng logistics) (and.. bakit daw may butterflies pa ako? para saan pa daw ang party poppers? *talk to the hand*)

met Anne and Gel today.. hiyang-hiya si raymond, hindi man lang makatingin sa camera, LOL! Btw, Gel's gonna be our backup photographer.. he's a hobbyist and he's building his portfolio and we're one of the lucky ones to get his services for free. I instantly liked them both (maybe because, I guess, we have the same age range) and we're just grateful he agreed to do our wedding.

got a lot of things accomplished today.. able to do the stuff Melissa (the emcee) asked me to do.. principal sponsor's profiles, mini-stories of us, etc. also have the final layout of the reception site, talked to Danny of TSG (Aubrey's gonna sing the "How Lovely is Your Dwelling Place".. ayaw ni Erlyn eh. nakaprint na nga misalette with her name eh. hay. *lets go*)

i still have guest sheets to do, but i don't have pictures of us.. i have a funny feeling i'll be destroying our scrapbook and cutting pictures from there (huhuhuh) 'cause i need to make like 22 sheets of those and i need to get started tonight if i have any hopes of finishing it by friday..(ambisyosa)

i've been delegating most of the stuff at home.. keh lyn, keh momi.. am simply going home and eating and sleeping early (ndi ko na nga nahihintay si Pangs makauwi sa haus)..

currently reading (oha nagbabasa pa ako , lol!) Turning Thirty by Mike Gayle.. (it's my sister's book, go figure) it's very amusing.. plus it helps me relax. i read it while i'm on my way to work so i could refrain from thinking about the preps. it can be quite exhausting you know, thinking about stuff. if i don't stop myself, my mind would fly to never-never land to my endless to do list, my to buy stuff list, my delegate tasks list, my persons to contact list, etc. overall, the book is a good read. (and a fantastic distracter)

tomorrow Pangs will go to Tet's, Exclusively His and to Swan, and to Tektite. (plus he has to have our misalette photocopied) ang galing nya ano? Did i mention he's supposed to be deploying a project this Friday too? waahahaah wawa Pangs ko. so physically and mentally exhausted, one of our ninongs (who happen to be the big boss of I.T. in Pramerica) gave him a spa gift certificate kasi mukha na daw siyang stressed. (and here i am blogging, lol!) swerte ako my work here is bordering to non-existent.

uy, 4:59 PM na. yahoo. 8-5pm lang ang pagiging Job Monitor ko eh. only received one ticket since yesterday. TG!

i wanna watch Narnia this Friday. Kasi yun na lang time ko eh. I'm bugging my sister, Ate Chary namag-VL din sa friday eh, para may kasama ako. then we'll be checking in at Astoria. (*adds pack stuff for wedding and honeymoon* to my To-Do List*)

i think it has finally hit me that I'M GETTING MARRIED this saturday. every time i look at Pangs i can't help but give him my giddiest grin. omigosh, i'm going to be raymond's wife. w-o-w.

Monday, January 16, 2006 called.

i REFUSE to get pissed off because of the no-show of my so-called friends to my bridal shower. that's why i'm dedicating this entry to my friends who DID show up and i'm truly,truly thankful to them for making it and cheering me up.

(did i tell you that NONE of my HS friends went? ok, they didn't. still i REFUSE to get pissed.)

Thanks to my TP, AnShe (i think i made her feel guilty. she wasn't suppose to come but i texted her "EVERYONE'S CANCELLING!").. salamat TP, labyu talaga. Tapos si Irvie pumunta! tsaka si Joy my sis sa APO. grabe. yung 2 yung unexpected pero waaah touched ako you made it. tapos meh 4 ex-officemates sa Pramerica.. Ms. Jean, Ms. Eloi, Ms. Marivic (who is also our youngest ninang! hehe) and Ms. Tinnie, preggy and all, pumunta parin. labyu! syempre keh AKEL, sister ni Raymond, the early bird. ang ganda ng giftSSS nya! tapos yung pinsan kong si Nina, na nagdala pa ng Magic Sing hehe. thanks to my Ate's Friends, AnnaMae and Abi. Tapos friend ni Ate Chary, si Ate Janet who was the host of the shower. and si Ate Cy, asawa ng pinsan namin, helped them out .

niloloko nila ako (sila AnnaMae and Abi, friends ni ate Ging) everytime magri-ring yung doorbell (asa Astoria kami) "uuuyy meh friend ka ulit!" hehe. kasi the whole day was a field day for my so-called friends to cancel. and some were even bugging me for directions. i read them mga 12midnight na. parang watda. bakit ako ang tinatanong, bakit hindi si ate chary eh siya nagorganize? do you want me to fetch you pa? baka gusto nyo yun para ndi keyu maligawa diba? *breathe in, breathe out* okay.. i am NOT going to get pissed. i promised myself, bahala sila kung ayaw nilang pumunta. lahat sila not feeling well, ok fine! pagaling keyu. naloka si Ate Chary sa mga nagconfirm na hindi pumunta. sabi nya saken "oh, wala ka ng gift sa kasal hanggang sa birthday mo uh!" hehe. (she was just kidding of course, ... i think)

*sighs* i know i shouldn't be pissed (ok, inaamin ko na na I'M PISSED) pero naman. it's so freakin' disappointing. parang ala silang pake na i'm getting married! hindi na nga ako humingi ng tulong sa kanila khet ano, yung aattend lang eh ndi pa magawa. SILA nga yung supposed to be mag-aayos ng shower ko eh! nakakabwisit. AATTEND na lng? pano kung sila pa pinagorganize ko, edi ano yun, hindi na natuloy? hahaha! buti na lang meron akong ever reliable sisters. (and their friends! lol!)

i guess pissed off pa ako to make kwento bout the shower. pero all i can say is, it's an eye opener. (in EVERY sense.. sa friendships, sa kasal!, sa lahat!) pictures and kwento to come.

kaya kela akel, annshe, joy, irvie, me-ann, ms. eloi, ms. jean, ms. tinnie and ms. marivic.. SUPER SUPER THANKS! sobrang hindi exxag kung sabihin kong you really made my day nun. sobra! *hug keyu mahigpit*

Friday, January 13, 2006

...i love my sister

hehehe. i'm getting mushy again,..i don't know, maybe it's the weather. (eh?) ijust had to post this, natuwa talaga ako sa email ng sister ko. she sent this to the Yumul yahoogroup, cousins sa mother side.


Yung mga pupunta sa bridal shower ni che-che bukas, if you get lost getting to Astoria, call my cell na lang - 0917-xxxxxxx.

Yung mga mga assignment sa wedding ni che-che, kung may tanong kayo that day, ako tatanungin nyo ah. Hindi si che.

See you tomorrow.

Ate Ging

alright diba? Huwag daw ako! Thank you Ate!!!! *mwahmwahmwah* galing ng coordinator ko noh? *sana ndi maudlot, ehehe*

...7 days to go

wooaah wedding week.

medyo (slightly) bothered lang ako that i have to keep on pestering my friends to attend my OWN bridal shower. it's like, pathetic. i mean, will i do this on THEIR shower? will i ask them, "magkano gagastusin ko?" or "meh yosihan ba sa room?" or "pwede maleyt?". ok, i'm just being a bitch i know, but you guys are really my friends, right?.. so i have the right to rant when my wedding to-do list is still so freakin' long and only have 7 days to go, right?

*nod na lang keyu* you know i still love you guys. even when i'm getting nightmares of having a shower with only my 2 sisters. gaaah.

and i can't believe i have so few friends! really, we've got like 210 guests for our wedding, and i can't even get .01% of my female guests to attend my shower. it's so incredibly unfair. *sighs*

*sighs ulit*

oooh, i bought a bathing suit. it's a two-piece (as if meh boobs ako, eheheh bakit ba) and pink and brown. naalala ko tuloy yung mga motif na pink and brown, i'm sure they're gonna like it hihihi.

oh, and final na ang honeymoon ko. just have to go to cebu pacific's office at galleria to buy our tickets. and oh, shit, got payables pa. dapat makabayad ako ng Insurance ko sa Monday. tapos yung bayad sa hotel sa honeymoon.

gaah sorry i have to write down my To Dos.
Things to Buy:
1. dolfenal 250, tempra, alaxan, bonamine (ok na handa diba?)
2. envelopes (for supplier checks, tips)
3. yellow na papel de hapon (2).. kulang pa yung balot ng PS gifts
4. candles for offertory
5. headpiece ko. demmit wala pa.
6. earrings. double demmit. (my mom and sister makes accessories for a living and NO ONE can make ME one. arrrggh. am i disgraced or what?)
7. bracelet *sigh na lang*

Things To Do:
1. oh mi gosh ayaw ko ng isulat
2. go to Cebu Pacific to buy tickets
3. go to PSE Auditorium with Swan.. layout (imposible na ata toh!)
4. i haven't met my emcee in person. anyone seen Melissa Ferrer? kwento naman
5. Profile ng Sponsors
6. yung pang games <--shiyet marami toh eh.

hehehehe. hahahaha. *torete*

marami pa eh, tinamad na ako. l o l. please God, sana po maging ok ang wedding namin. yun lang ang hiling ko, maging OK.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

...heaven sent

grabe, super saya ko! hehe! as in! meron na akong first wedding present..and it was such a sweeet surprise muntik akong tumatalon-talon dito sa upuan ko

i got a message from my flickr account:

On 11 Jan '06, 5.21am MYT tinggay said:

hi gewi! nababasa ko ang mga posts mo sa w@w yahoogroups...napadpad tuloy ako sa blog mo. you mentioned in one of your entries na you reached your maximum limit sa flickr, so kahit hindi tayo magkakilala, a gift from a fellow w@wie to another, (kunwari wedding gift ko daw sa yo hehe), i'll sponsor you for a flickr pro account, para you can upload your wedding pics after!! happy preps and malapit na ang wedding day nyo! hope all will go smoothly, and don't forget to smile!

Nikki (ni Daniel)
July 1, 2006
Sta. Maria Della STrada/The Big Tent

GRABEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! thank you SO, SO much Nikki!!! grabe tlga ang w@w, ang daming angels online!

...picture # 2

Originally uploaded by geWi.
*nakaphotoshop na yung clouds, hehe* napakawalang kwenta kasi sky nun eh!

...picture # 1

Originally uploaded by geWi.
hi guys! could you help us choose what picture to use sa poster namin sa foyer ng reception site?

these are all made by raymond! *mwahmwah Pangs*

...picture # 3

Originally uploaded by geWi.
i like this one

...picture # 4

Originally uploaded by geWi.
parang ang saya saya namin ano?

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

...delayed na, i know


it's our get-together at Loyola every New Year's day..(cousins and Aunties and Uncles on Mom's side) just checking out Picasa (nainggit ako sa iba, hihihi)

boy, i have a LOT of pictures in this PC. considering this is my office workstation. ehehe. Posted by Picasa

...9 days to go!

you know what they say about couples getting married..that they're "malapitin ng aksidente?" well.. i don't know if you believe that but the fx i was riding in this morning got into an accident, slammed itself into the back of a CRV.. grabe, tibay pala ng tire shield (dunno what it's called) ng cRv.. yung FX, yupi (as in yupi) ang harap (taas yung hood, etc) pero yung CRV dun lang tumama sa tire shield tas yung dents nya eh pache pache lang.. and my sister and i were both sitting in front. oh well, ALL IS WELL. hehe. (rhyme?)

GRABEEE! 9 days to goooooooooooooooo!? (late reaction!?) i haven't seen my dress yet, we have no misalette YET, everyone's asking for their freaking gowns and i we haven't booked our plane tickets YETTTTT.

hmmmm. i guess konti na lang. (positive thinker ako) did i tell you i haven't met our emcee YEEEET? hehehe. craaazyyyyy.

was able to text Jaime (photographer), ask lang kung ilan sila sa team and meh halong paramdam din syempre..

paramdam din ako keh ms. judy (cake maker).. she replied back din naman

tapos si madge, text din ako, hindi nagreply, pasaway. hehe. ganon din naman tanong ko, kung ilang sila sa team.

and i asked wings of dreams to fax the butterfly release guideline sheet or something like that.. didn't realize butterflies could get complicated. hu-humm.

i've got my lovely shoeeeess. hihihi. just as i said earlier, i bought an expensive one, and a cheap one. (the cheap one was only 399 bucks! lol! wasn't able to take a picture, it was just a plain offwhite slingback.) this one i bought at Shoe Studio in Glorietta, for 2.6k. it's like a brooch on a shoe. hihihi.

sooo.. still don't have a something blue, something borrowed, something old. hmm. again i ask, DO I HAVE TO??

hehe. yun ang attitude ko eh, KELANGAN BA TLGA? bahala na. good luck samen.

here's our poster to be displayed on an easel on the foyer of the PSE Auditorium.. (no tarpaulines for us please)

Friday, January 06, 2006

...for my Pangs

amidst the wedding preps, house renovation,.. one could get a bit confused and overwhelmed with all the tasks in hand and all the decisions to be done.. this morning i was listening to all of our wedding songs, and i had this giddy feeling all over again.. i particularly love this song.. (we only had jazz songs, i don't think my rocker attitude will be popular among the Tanders)

Best of My Love

Doesn't take much to make me happy and make me smile
Never never will I feel discouraged
Cause our love's no mystery
Demonstrating love and affection
That you give so openly yeah
I like the way ya make me about you baby
Want the whole wide world to see

Whoa whoa, you got the best of my love

Goin' in and out of changes
The kind that come around each day
My life has a better meaning
Love has kissed me in a beautiful way

Demonstrating sweet love and affection
That you give so openly yeah
The way I feel about ya baby can't explain it
Want the whole wide world to see

Ohhh but in my heart
You're all I need
You for me and me for you
ohhh, it's growin' every day ooooh

i love you my Pangs! i can't waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait!

...14 days to go! wtf?!

.. almost all of our invites are sent out (courtesy of my Dad, my Mom, Pangs, TY) i was only able to give invites to my TL here, and my PM, and to vero, of course.. but i was able to meet irvie and anshe to give them theirs..

..konting kwentuhan with TP, ayun, i'm sort of warning her not to cram (like me!) and as early as now, do the damn misalette.. lol! do the details if she can already, the program, tasks on the day, etc... the details sure pile up when it's the last leg and you know the problems seem to creep up when the event is already so close.. erlyn (pasaway).. ndi daw nya kayang kantahin yung responsorial psalm.. hay.. where do i get a singer?! waaah. i'll probably just have the singer from the band do it.. all the guests you invited that are cancelling. just breaks my heart, huhuhuh.

but we did have a few accomplishments..

1. meh prospect na ako for my shoes (yipee! si Pangs din ang nakakita!) i'm gonna buy an expensive one, and a cheap one, just to be sure.
2. bought the entourage gifts ( i know, i know, medyo cramming).. and meh kasalanan ako.. i bought china stuff (waaah! *sapok sarili*) dadagdagan ko na lang with my mom's earrings para maging 50-50 parin ang made by pinoy and those cheap-labor-china-stuff..
3. bought tokens (for the games).. again china stuff (waah they're so cheap kasi)
4. nasubmit na ni Pangs yun most of our requirements.. all we need daw is the typewritten list of the principal sponsors, andd.. and.. shit i forgot. Pangs! Help!
5. Typed na ang Misalette namin.. just some final revisions tapos paPrint na namin.
6. yung house namin! malapit ng matapos! wala ng butas ng mga canal, posong negro, everything is cemented. tapos ginagawa na yung Bar sa kitchen.. yehey! tapos halos tapos na CR, yung shower heater na lang ikakabit. tapos nakaapply na ng Water.. tapos.. ndi ko na alam.. ay, yung Kitchen! tapos na yung tiles.. pero wala pa kaming mga flooring.. next project na, asa 110k na nagastos namin sa renovation eh.. utang na nga keh dadi yung 20k! waaaah!

that's all muna. hay. SANA LAHAT NG INVITED PUMUNTA SA WEDDING NAMIN. (please?)

Wednesday, January 04, 2006 updates

hehe i'm still updating when we're only 16 days away from the wedding.. bakit buuhh eh sa ngayon lang nangyari eh! lol.. anyway, am sorting through our payables and it looks good so far.. meaning we still have money to pay for them..

there's lala of interplay: 18,900 (26,550 bucks total package)
swan catering: 28,500 (91,100 bucks total package)
madge lejano 10,000 (12,000 total package)
tet 23,000 (still v. tentative, sa dami naman ng changes ko sa damit)
hotel (astoria) 15,000 (budgeted.. not sure of the exact total yet)

that's a total of 95,400 pesos.. woah, laki. tas yung 40k honeymoon namin hehe. *whew* we cancelled a lot of upgrades na.. (like for the church, yung flowers dun, etc) kasi shado ng malaki.. think we totalled more or less 360k .. waaay beyond budget of 300k.. anyway, all's good. we're still sane and not so financially deprived (just don't expect pasalubongs. aahahaha)

lala (our fab florist) showed me these pictures.. i requested something bamboo-ish for the centerpieces. love them, very modern filipino.

she's showing me the vase used here.. gandaaaaaaaa i want one for our houseeeee

wow. galing, noh? hehe. /me kampante keh lala talaga. *akap siya mahigpit* hihihi.

been calling some of the suppliers,follow-up lng. called swan, will give the check (which i stupidly forgot to bring on our contract signing).. talagang ndi pwedeng bayaran nila yung bond. (fyi for reeyuh, caterer's bond is yung binibigay ng caterer sa venue as a security deposit. pag walang nangyari sa venue, ibabalik yung pera. pag meron, yari. hehehe) smile na lang ako and everything, pagdasal na lang naten na alagaan nila ang venue. (i'm so freaking religious na, lahat eh ipaubaya sa Diyos.) tapos i texted Madge, pwede bang check ibayad sa kanya, pwede daw. TG for suppliers who are sooo easy to talk to like her. mwahmwah. they make my life so much easier. ginawa ko na rin check ni Lala, dedeposit ko mamaya sa account nya, para fully paid na kami sa kanya. yipeeee.

oh, and i booked our flight via text. sooo easy to do. then i can pay the ticket using my Equitable-PCI ATM. how cool is that? E-ticketing rocks.

and nagbook na rin kami sa **** secret. hahaha. basta, excited na ako mag honeymoon!! yahoooeyyy!

last night i was able to take a photo of our bathroom pala. hehe.

here's our na granite yung counter top.. ndi pa malinis eh, hihihi.

the door.. 1.6k lng bili namin dyan.. meh plastic plastic pa na tape sa gilid, (yung korean thingie) di pa namin tanggal

here's our wall

and our toilet. still clean. ahahah, wala pang water eh! di pa pwede gamitin, di pa nabibinyagan.

yun lang.. still trying to meet Melissa Ferrer, our emcee. her sched is craaaaazzzzy. she has like 3 functions a day! hehe. will probably meet her this sunday, to finalize our programs. (and you know, to actually meet her)

wish us LUCK. we need it!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

...crash eating

if some people are crash dieting then i'm crash eating. i started yesterday in the (futile) hope of gaining some weight.. i ate rice (eww) for breakfast.. today i had it with paksiw na lechon (leftover from the holidays).. i also bought whey protein.. i heard from my sister that the taste was awful but i was thinking.."it's chocolate, how bad could it get?" and yep, i was wrong. it tastes horrible. just horrible. and the smell. ewwww. yech. how could i even begin to describe the smell. it's like burnt plastic. and i'm supposed to drink this 3 times a day. waaaah. i had to close my nose while drinking the horrible thing. i don't know if i will gain a pound but at least i'm trying, right? also drinking the Vitamin B complex, Mosegor, the payatot's savior daw. hay.

this was brought about from my fitting with Tet, waah so payat talaga. my bones are all sticking out, it's awful. and my mom kept on insisting to go with the long sleeves.. i just held my ground and said "noooo. ayowwwwkoowwww"

i realize i should be panicking, but actually, i'm not. just decided not to push things if it's just really impossible to do or would actually take a lot of effort from us if we insist on it. like the entourage dinner for example, it's cancelled. what was i thinking? bringing 10 people from different families and their hectic schedules together? impossible. unity candles? wag na. no more freaking time to buy the freaking candles. haaaay. yung swan? ayaw magbayad ng caterer's bond? wtf? kami na magbabayad, buwsit.

see.. i am the epitome of calmness.

we have no misalette yet.. we haven't gone back to NSDG to submit our requirements.. we have no PRIEST.. invitations have not been fully sent out.. i haven't seen my final dress yet.. no shoes.. no something borrowed, something blue, something old.. (but at least i've got tons of something new, right?) and have no final plan (or booking) for our honeymoon.

we have a few announcements though.. we are registered at Rustan's and Regalong Pambahay. bwahahaha. don't worry about the Rustan's thing, we only selected stuff below 1000 bucks. pretty cool, noh? and to our OFW friends, you could send your gift through our BPI account. AHAHAHAHA, jk lang po. mwahmwahmwah!

hay. i sooo want to get married already! 18 days is too damn long. hihihi.

happy new year!!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaat january naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa??!