Thursday, June 29, 2006



warning. this is going to be depressing.

the title just says it all.. i just feel that nothing is easy for me this past few months.. work is just the pits. or the shit. the bad shit. or whatever you want to call it. i feel like i'm crawling on my knees.. i've got a work request that i'm still working on and the deadline for that one was two weeks ago. i don't even want to think about the estimate for that. (400% more? The shit.)

going home alone is hmmm... lonely. no other word for it. i just miss Raymond so much. but nothing beats going home to your parents' house, it's so..teenage-ish.

Raymond's Uncle died this week. His funeral is this Sunday.

My husband lives technically only 3 hours away but i can't see him. well, at least before the end of next month. Thinking about him makes it hard to breathe, so what is the solution? I try not thinking of him, which is just, impossible.

But you know what's more depressing? It's the fact that my complaints are so damn petty. That when I tell these to people, they'll just say, "You are being a brat. You don't know how lucky you are." which is of course, very true and that just depresses me more. Compared to World Hunger, my problems would probably earn me a beating if I had the nerve to share my 'sad' story to anyone. That's why I did this on the blog. It's not as if you could physically slap me here. Even music depresses me. I downloaded every single song in the 5 The OC mix albums and it did me no good. Maybe because it's so emo, i hate emo.

One big *sigh*. I just want my husband.. *insert wailing here*

Thursday, June 22, 2006

...wala lang

June 22 - Thursday
System Time: 11:46 AM

..met Anshe and Roni yesterday after work.. we ate at Heaven n Eggs (Grilled Prawn Salad, some Burger Steak thingie, a Swiss Sandwich with Mangoes and Eggplant (lol. it tastes better than it sounds) and pancakes and blueberry waffles) and went to Landmark.. (Anshe was looking for clothes, i was looking for ultra-cheap shirts under 100 bucks)

when i meet my ISM kada, i sometimes forget how OLD we are until we start our conversations (we haven't changed that much physically,..well, except for Ria. AHAHA. *tago sa sulok*),..that's when i realize how our priorities have now vastly changed..yesterday was no different, we talked about our married life, in-laws, children, money, jobs, lifestyle changes.. too serious for 25 year olds, but that's what we talked about.. i like hanging out with them, makes me feel like a grown-up, heehee

bought a new book, it's the 3rd book of Megan McCafferty's Jessica Darling series.. i absolutely loooooove Jessica Darling.. she's my kid-Idol.. i found Powerbooks only had a hardbound copy, so i just gritted my teeth and payed for the hefty 999 bucks without thinking about my other, much more important bills.. (sorry Pangs).. also looked for Herbie Brennan's third book of the Faerie Wars series but they didn't have it (was this good news or bad news?) hafto remember to ask Ate ging to buy the 3rd book when she goes to the states next month..

ei.. lunch time.. brb

System Time: 2:52 PM
too sleepy. too lazy. too lonely. too much of everything to really become productive. *sighs* maybe it has something to do with my LaunchCast station YM has "Love Songs" on it. (Got tired of my usual Alt Station. Yesterday I had Contemporary Christian, hehe)

omg, omg.. it's currently playing Secret Garden by Bruce Springsteen. i love this song. *sighs*

System Time:2:59 PM
bathroom break.

System Time: 4:05 PM
yahoo. 4pm na. hehehe. 1 hour to go before uwian. What i hate about my current job is the stupid scheduler. ALL my hours need to be billable. Who the heck does that? No programmer works for 8 hours straight! There has to be a Job Task = "STI" (Surfing the Internet), "RMF" (Renaming Mp3 Files) or simply "TSM" (Titig sa Monitor).. all i have are work requests, trouble tickets, incidents, and i have to assign time to these by the minute.. it's insane and unrealistic. *sighs* anyway, will do the TSP now (Text si Pangs)

System Time: 4:27 PM
weeee! just got my new ID from our HR head.. check this out: i'm now officially Ann Gretchen E. Arenas. heehee

(sorry, just took this on my puny camera phone)

gotta work for 30 minutes and it's bye bye for me. bye guys!

...You make me Proud

i know, i know.. it's a cheesy title, but that's what i really feel for Taylor!

check this out:

Hicks Heads Straight to No.1 on Hot 100

Season five "American Idol" winner Taylor Hicks' "Do I Make You Proud" will debut on the top of the Billboard Hot 100 to be published tomorrow (June 22) on The silver-haired Alabama native moved 190,000 physical singles and another 38,000 digital downloads of the track, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

More on the article here

/me does a little tap dance (weeeeeeeee!) so so happy for Taylor! still frustrated no one sells Singles here in the Philippines.. *calling harbie, ehem ehem* lol!

I so feel he is still the underdog even after winning AI 'cause i still sometimes read some daft critic's opinion on his capacity to SELL records, kesyo he's just a fad, he isn't marketable enough, people will get tired of him, blah-blah yada yada.. so when i read my "Google Taylor Alert" this morning I wanted to scream Soul Patroooooooooooool!!! here in the office..

and taylor's the Hottest Bachelor in People Magazine.. ohmygosh, he is so hawwwwwt. l o l! *Whooos* in place

so much for Taylor news.. gotta get back to work. /me loads up my Taylor playlist in Winamp

good advice, eh? have a good one folks!

Monday, June 19, 2006

...I Hate Mondays

System Time: 10:23 AM

I feel shitty. It's Monday. Do I need to elaborate? /me patugtog ng I Hate Mondays by the Boomtown Rats. first, i was woken up by my Dad at 4am (yes, 4 am) this morning, telling me we need to leave at 5am because my sister has an interview at the US Embassy. Ihahatid naman daw nya kami sa Makati. and we can sleep en route at the car. So with the starex at mind, i begrudgingly said ok..and then i attempted to get up and i couldn't. WTF? I hurt in places i never thought any muscle existed. back of my thighs, arms, back. I was thinking.. I didn't have sex right? Why does my body hurttttt??! lol. Then i remembered the culprit. It must've been the damn frisbee we played with yesterday at the cemetery. My exercise-phobic body cannot handle 1 hour of using all of my body parts. and it must've been my cousin's 'leftist' wrist where i had to pick the friggin frisbee up everytime she throws it to me. *sakal Nina* napagod lang ako kakapulot. So anyway, I still had my shower. Nung matapos na ako magbihis, i went out of the house and stopped short at the sight of the pickup. I was thinking.. bakit itoooo ang dadalhin? this was like riding a horse and can you sleep while riding a horse? I don't think so. Anyway, i very diplomatically went in and tried to be as comfortable as I could and closed my eyes. Then when we were at Katipunan, ayun na. nagkaloko-loko na. Meh topaks yung clutch, ayaw pumasok yung gears. TAbi si daddy. tapos meh inaadjust siya dun sa clutch. Whatever that is. So we did these every couple of kilometers. About 10 times. nagreklamo na ako. "Bakit ito dinala naten!?" then tumahimik na ako dhel meh sugat na si daddy kakakalikot nya dun sa clutch. wawa. Ayaw na nung clutch at Quezon Ave. Told ate Ging magtaxi na siya. So they waited for a taxi while daddy tried fixing it. (to no avail) I even had to ask for an alambre keh manong guard dahil naghahanap ng alambre si daddy. Kinuha ko yung alambre ng halaman nila. hehehe. (Hey, the guard agreed) Then nakakuha na ng taxi si ate after 30 minutes. (Ano buh, bakit walang taxi sa Quezon Ave?!) Then I said, Wag ka na magmadali daddy, pwede na ako kahit anong oras. Then 7 am came and I said maybe you should go to Banawe and ask for help. Banawe was just one street away. after 15 minutes my Dad was back with 2 mechanics. 10 minutes later it was fixed. at 6 am pala , bukas na sila. Pinigilan kong mag "I told you so" keh Daddy kasi at least umaandar na kami. (Dad insisted wala pa daw kasing bukas ng ganoong kaaga) Tapos ang trapik sa buendia uh. 30 minutes kami dun. hay. and now I'm here blogging, sounding like a Brat.

I blame it all on Mondays.

Friday was better. Great, even. Jing, Kate and I went to Robinson and bought food we could cook and beer. Sleepover sila sa bahay namin ni Raymond. Yey! We had sisig na meh chicharon, korean bbq, liempo, pasta with garlic and crabstick (na lasang squidball) and salad. Hindi marunong maghiwa ng kamatis si Kate. lol. Oh, now she knows how. I didn't consume much of my beer, pero sila, uminom. Saya! hihihihi. My throat hurt 'cause I was talking too much. the next day the pasta tasted great (We concluded it was the garlic, it was sucked up by the pasta, finally). Tapos uwi na sila. *sad* I basically slept the whole day after they left.

Sunday was okay too. Mass, then our usual Don Hen kasi Father's Day.. oh, we bought a new phone for Daddy, chipipay lang, Samsung x160. at least hindi na siya 3230, hehe. Tapos loyola, and then the frisbee fiasco. Hindi pa fiasco nun, natuwa ako pramis. Kasi magaling ako magbato. hahaha. Daddy complained about his new phone when we got home. Ang hina daw ng message tone. Tapos bakit daw yung ibang contacts nya sa phonebook nawawala. took me 30 minutes to explain the wonders of saving on the Sim or on the Phone memory. In fairness, mahina nga talaga ang message tone. Gusto nyang papalitan. LOL. My gas, ang arte ni dad. Sabi ko i vibrate na lang nya lagi so still not sure kung papapalitan nya talaga. (Sana hindi na kasi, gusto nyang ipalit, yung Motorola L6, mas mahal yun ng 3k eh, lol!) Watched 2 Korean movies after that. Just have to add these in my observations:

Both movies I watched had the piggy back ride, bugbugan ng gang, and dun sa isa meh namatay sa sakit.

1. Laging meh nag-iinuman sa green thingie na bote.
2. Meh kinakain sila na fish cake ang pagkatranslate. (street food)

still love them. Anyway, that was my weekend. How was yours?

oh, here's our team pala. in White:



Tuesday, June 13, 2006

...korean weekend

i spent so much of my weekend watching korean movies that it took me a couple of seconds to understand why my sister is not speaking korean.

i watched 6 korean movies, most of which i don't even know the title but i enjoyed every single one of them. I watched Il Mare, which i heard was remade(?) by Hollywood. the Lakehouse, starring Sandra and Keanu. I enjoyed Il Mare a whole lot so i'll probably watch the Lakehouse too.

I don't know what I find most endearing in the korean movies, maybe it's the few characters (unlike Filipino movies which have the tendency to include the whole station's artists' lineup), clever dialogue or the fantastic actors. (cute ones too, heehee)

here are my assessments:

3 out of the 6 korean movies i watched, a lead actor died of a disease.
6 out of 6 had a "piggyback ride on the street" moment
4 out of 6 had super uber cutie lead actor
3 out of 6 had the lead actor almost bugbog to death

still, i thoroughly enjoyed every single one. (i said that already)

Also watched Pink Panther and.. hmm.. i forgot. anyway, i was infront of the TV most of the time and it gave me one huge weekend headache.

i was going to say it's Monday that's why i have the blues, but then I realized it's a Tuesday so i guess i have no excuse. gotta get back to work.

from Il Mare, same actress who starred in My Sassy Girl

Friday, June 09, 2006

...kellie pickler on leno

ohmygosh have you seen this guys? this is so, so, so funny! and i love kellie pickler! yeyyy! photos

i forgot to blog about my flickr photos.. and since it's taking Anshe a lifetime before she posts any wedding pictures, i'll post some for her (c/o roni)..

jeff and anna
jeff with the guitar.. humanga ako dito keh ilo.. so sweet and gutsy. l o l.

waiting for the bride and groom armed with petals..

tp with the doves

the Bride and Groom

ralph alejandro (photographer) at the leftmost..kita nyo si Ilo Jr?

makuuuuuulit na vian (anak ni vero)

tapus here are my baby picsssssssss ooohhh i love baby pics!

tumaba pala din aku. ehehe. at nagimprove pa ang ilong ko sa lagay na toh!

once upon a time, in la-la land, Geri once owned a dress...

and a playboy magazine (she looks so damn proud of it)...

gusto mo ng kiss?

and my grade 6 graduation. yes, grade 6, not kindergarden. lol. some things remain the same though.. (no boobs. hehe.)

and here is Teng (Captain Barbel) or Clark, whoever you're most comfortable with.. hehe.. i'm sad to report this is highschool already (mukha akong boy na grade 4.).. and the cheeks! mataba! ooooh, gusto na ng ganyan ulit.

graduate na! college yan. there's harbie, anshe, roni, (someone), ria and me!!! yeyyyyy payat ni ria dito. pati si roni. those were the days....*takbo palayo*

final product2
and me on my wedding day! hindi ko naman favorite color ang yellow..

tumanda naman ako kahit papano diba?? di na ako mukhang highschool?

yun lang.. i haven't posted our honeymoon pa pala. soon, nawala na sa flickr photo stream ko sa tagal nya. hehe. have a happy looooong weekend everyone!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

...miss ko na asawa kow

Dreams by Gavin DeGraw

Spending all my money on phone cards
Waiting for my ship to come in, in from that ocean
Come home to this sea, harboring in me
I don't believe in four-leaf clovers
All the luck they're supposed to bring
I've used all my wild cards
But there's something I can do
To get close to you

I've got dreams of love and I love you
I know you feel the same way too
I feel your spirit when you're near me and when you're away
Somehow, somewhere I'll see you again
But until then I've got dreams of loving you

Thinking bout every little thing we ever did crazy
Sipping on that memory lane
That lane never closes, seven days of the week
I can drive in my sleep

cause I've got dreams of love and I love you
I know you feel the same way too
I feel your spirit when you're near me and when you're away
Somehow, somewhere I'll see you again
But until then I've got dreams of loving you

Dreams I will share when I see you again
And I'll see you again pretty soon
I pray but until then I've got dreams

I've got dreams of love and I love you
I know you feel the same way too
I feel your spirit when you're near me and when you're away
Somehow, somewhere I'll see you again
But until then I've got dreams of loving you

miss you pangs kow. huhuhuhu.

Monday, June 05, 2006 weekend

it's audit week. i uninstalled all my freeware (limewire, ftp tools, etc) so i'm very much the "serious-anti-rebel employee" now..

attended a wedding last weekend. my HS friends and I coordinated (again) amidst my reklamos.. i didn't WANT to coordinate a wedding again EVER but my cute cute friend Jing volunteered so i didn't have a choice but to her help out.

fiasco # 1. losing the friggin wedding ring. i thought i was going to have a heart attack. when Glady pointed out that the other ring was missing in the ring pillow i was in denial. Damn the groom's kid, playing with that pillow. Glady and I just stared at each other and i thought i would pass out. when she found the ring somewhere on the floor, i wanted to jump up and down but i couldn't 'cause no one knew (aside from the two of us) that the ring was missing in the first place.

fiasco # 2. i was cueing when the entourage would walk towards the aisle, when an old guy approached me and blabbered something about him being a ninong proxy. i was trying to understand what he was saying when i looked at the aisle and saw that no one was walking because they were waiting for my cue. akkk. i said "please sir, kausapin nyo po siya *sabay turo kela Kookie (other coordinators)"

fiasco # 3. Kookee and Kathy forgot the wines at the hotel. Bien and chie wanted them to go back to the hotel for it but it was raining soooo hard (more on the rain later), it was difficult enough to just go to your parked car. Jing won out the argument and said to just buy any available wine there and stop saying "sayang ang mga wines"

fiasco # 4. the flowers. hay, kawawang flowers. so wilted, so konti, so disappointing.

fiasco # 5. while the AVP was showing, a waiter tripped on the projector cord. demmit. watdaf? l o l.

silver linings: ganda ng damit ni chie! (yung kinasal)
meh picture kami with Julia Clarete! (siya emcee, pinsan ni Bien)

katawa pa, nung pauwi na kami, we decided to just sleep over at Jing's haus.. 'cause Ate ging (sister ko) said super duper trapik nga daw sa papunta samen tas medyo baha pa dahil sa ulan tas kela Kate baha din kaya kela Jing na lang.
on our way to Jing haus, while it was still raining a little, her wiper stopped wiping! lol. tumigil amputik. wahahaha. we tried pushing it a little, it still wouldn't budge. when it was too difficult to see, i insisted on wiping it manually. but i didn't say to Jing to stop where there would be lots of tambays to watch me do it which was exactly what Jing did. katawa ako, umuulan, tas nagwi-wipe ako ng windshield with some Kleenex.

finally we were able to arrive at Jing's haus safely (20 km/hour lol) and talked and smoked and slept the night away.

didn't i mention in this blog that i would never coordinate again? last na talaga yun!

p.s. wala kaming picture ng kinasal. L O L.