Monday, June 30, 2003

System Time: 9:46 AM
..hay. superrr sleypi. -_-
/me stares@Ken. got a very cheesy F4 paperbag. hihihi. bat buuh? fan ako, eh lol!

..was able to meet my HS friends last saturday.. we went to figaro and i treated them with some coffee and cake..(a long overdue libre..tsalap ng vanilla frost, btw) had a great time..we were laughing most of the time.. made wento as to what was happening in our lives.. as Jing said, it was good that we met for no reason other than to make chika.. last time we saw each other was at Katrina's wake, our kabarkada. hmm..

/me stares at Ken again. gwapu. lol!

actually, haven't decided whom of the 4 i really, really like. i like all their characters in MG. i like F4 and MG period. ^_^

..i'm supposed to be programming, but i'm still so sleepy i can't even think straight.. i've read the specs again and it seems easy enough.. i'll probably able to finish it today or early morning tomorrow (the latest).. this form's deadline is still on the 2nd.. chet, july na. la lang.. mag 1 year nuh ako dito sa radix sa july 22. meh increase kami. yey.

System Time: 10:00 AM
..hay sori, but i really need a smoke. -_-

System Time: 1:41 PM
..woohoooooo! found meteor garden 2 summaries!!! will read them now..

System Time: 1:55 PM
..wokey.. am getting sleypi again -_-

..btw.. lost my wallet.. dunno exactly where but i think it was in the movie house.. good thing was there was basically no money in it.. but everything else important is.. my atm card, company id, pc warranty, cellphone receipt, and most importantly.. dex' picture waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. kainishhh. kainish tlga. my one and only grad pic was also there. demmit.hay. think i lost it while watching Charlie's Angels 2. haay.

System time: 6:11 PM
..have to go now.. koji will go with me and help me move the harddisks in my PC.. bye all!

Friday, June 27, 2003

System Time: 5:20 PM supposed to be logged out by now.. but i've been reading erlyn and ate cha's blog.. anywayz.. natutuwa talaga ako pag nagbabasa ng blog nila.. kasi kahit ndi kami nagkakausap personally, i still know what's happening in their life..

anywayz.. been REALLY busy these past few days.. have been programming touch screen screen and it's quite difficult... i already submitted my first form, got a new one today.. it's deadline is on july 2 so i've been coding almost non-stop..

have also been watching Meteor Garden VCDs every night.. mga 3 episodes a night so nakakatulog ako mga bago mag 12 pm.. waah.. ganda pala nya. every night naiiyak ako dhel keh San Cai LOL! (di ko alam spelling hehe).. tas kagabi nakakainish, meh putol na episode.. AND I MEAN PUTOL talaga. waah. nagpabili ako sa officemate ko para dun sa gap ng napanood ko..

hay.. 5:25 na.. ala ako load.. magkikitakits kami bukas ng HS friends ko.. ang hirap ischedule yun.. last minute nga lng eh pwede pala si Jing, kaya ayun tuloy bukas..sana yugn mga pre-com kada ko rin MATULOY NA RIN SANA! lol! sa july 5 pala hindi ako pupwede.. wahh.. meh scheduled OT na kami.. para nga dito sa mga touchscreens.. pag di nga namin natapos pati yung saturday after that meh pasok.. hay.. khet alam ko OT yun at meh bayad, ayaw ko parin.. weekends for me are priceless.. talagang hinihintay ko sila dahil restday ko yun and pwede ko gawin kung anong gusto ko.. di na nga ako tumatapat sa PC/nagoonline na mashado sa bahay.. nagsasawa na tlaga ako sa monitor hehe.. (except pag nanonood ako ng meteor garden, hihihi)..



Tuesday, June 24, 2003

System Time: 1:05 PM
..grrrr. tongueeenang ipismeyt ko! i was chatting with ate cha using MSN messenger, when one of my officemates pointed in my computer and with a loud voice said.. "ANO YAN?" (my supervisor, Ma'am Q, turns to look at us).. "MEH INTERNET KA?" (i said, "wala!") then he said.."KALA KO NAGPOPROGRAM KA" (this is the part where i wanted to kill him) "AY AN O YAN DIARY MO!?" (and here is when i decided i would torture him first) GRRRRRR. MADIRPAKIR. i wanted to shut him up. now it's an office joke. everybody tells me: "hoy geri magprogram ka!" hehe. actually, my officemates making it a joke is no big deal for me.. actually lessens my anger.. at least everyone's on my side.. meh topak lang tlga yung opismeyt naman na yun.. tawag nga nila dun special child eh.. bulchet.

..magpoprogram na nguh ako.. bago MASITA na naman ako ng buwsit na yun..

System Time: 6:02 PM
..dami kong nagawa.. pero DAMI PANG kulang waaaaaaaah. deadline nito bukas. mukhang magmamakaawa ako uh sa SA ko uh.

Monday, June 23, 2003

System Time: 8:41 AM
...finished HP buk 5 last night.. hmm.. ok. i'm disappointed. i guess i had very high expectations.. thought it would be action-packed, with a lot of duels 'cause Voldemort's back.. turns out that Voldemort's plans are just starting.. and most of the wizards are still not convinced that he's back.. was just in the end (and i mean, end) when many of the wizards saw Voldemort with their own eyes..and it wasn't like the Goblet of Fire which was really scary and all of the things happening find their way to connect in the end.. in Order of Phoenix,a lot of stuff (i feel) aren't relevant.. as my dad would call it.. ang daming dapat deleted scenes.. i even feel that the whole story with Umbridge had no point. ahh ewan. i don't want to be a KJ and say all this stuff 'cause i'm such a huuuge HP fan. but..but..gaaah. i had such high hopes with this book and it didn't even get to the level of greatness as that with Goblet of Fire. grrr. maybe i'm alone in this but i don't care. hmpft. Sirius' death wasn't even that heartbreaking. (couldn't see why JK rowling cried over this, lol) nainis ako dahil ang tanga nila. hmpft. she better finish the 6th book quickly. lol. all the stuff that i'm expecting are probably in that book. the war against Voldemort, Ron and Hermione's romance (buwsit ala man lng silang MOMENT. kainishhhh. puro selos lng si Ron pero walang progress. mas okay puh tlga sa book 4). at least Harry and Cho kissed. haaay. i just have to wait (for another year? waah!) for book 6. *wapaks JK rowling* buwsit.

System Time: 9:29 AM
..waiting for SA Eugene to arrive.. he's got some new work load for me.. probably touchscreens. :( ..wonder if i could easily adapt.. all the forms i've handled so far are desktop forms.. my other batchmates are already handling touchscreens and from the looks on their faces.. i don't think they're going to be easy..

..*stares at my phone* , correction: stares at the phone "holder"'s really cute and girly.. light blue with a transparent plastic front and knitted at the sides..even has this poodle cross stitch at the back, lol. cutesy.

System Time: 11:57 AM
..woah.. SA Eugene gave me the touchscreen specs.. only have 4 days to do it.. have no frigging idea where to begin.. my first time to program a touch screen form and i don't even know where to put the user controls! waah.. will read the specs more.. brb

System Time: 4:54 PM
..wah. my SA said i have 3 days to finish. @_@. howdapakiwulddodatihabnoidea!
1. first time i'm coding for touchscreens.
2. don't know the flow of the program (refer to # 1).
3. i feel so disoriented.
4. first time i'm coding for touchscreens.

gaah. i need a miracle. kelangan ng mag-Super Saiyan. lol.

System Time: 5:26 PM
..panic, panic..

System Time: 6:06 PM
..wah. still have a LOT to do.. but i'll post this now.. bye all!

Friday, June 20, 2003

System Time: 9:24 AM
..isang tulog na lang, Hari PotPot na!! iyeheyy! am soo excitedddd.. been reading news 'bout some 8,000 books have been stolen.. a NY tabloid being sued by J.K. Rowling for printing excerpts of book 5, news bout the different book launching celebration all over the world.. wahaha.. its book 5 maniaaa *LoL!* ..will get up early tomorrow to go to the mall and get our reserved copy.. yeheyyy

System Time: 9:30 AM
..ate Melody dropped by the office and gave me 2 lucky me cups, 2 cadbury choc, 1 big bag of breadsticks.. katuwaa!!! and it was only such a small favor i did for her.. all i did was give her her SSS check..ang bait bait! thank you ate melodyyyy! *mwahh*

..i think it's the friday vibe. good things just naturally happen because it's a friday and you shouldn't feel any negative stuff that might ruin your weekend.. ^_^

..not even bfs who don't text or call you..

nuff said. -_-

System Time: 9:37 AM
..ok, ok. so he was at his grandfather's wake last night.. i totally forgot about it.. but i was in a shitty mood and i needed someone to talk to.. it's just so frustrating to have someone in mind whom you want to share your problems with but isn't available or wouldn't answer his f*cking phone..


this is not good. i don't know now if i should apologize or just wait for him to text me first.. it's just soo tiring.. trying to be the world's most understanding gf.. i keep doing this to myself like some frigging masochist.. maybe i'm just forcing myself to him..making our relationship appear deep-seated and stable.. when in reality, we haven't spent that much time together to really know if we're meant for each other.. parang honeymoon lang pag magkasama kami eh.. 'cause those moments have been few and far between.. we haven't even spent a whole week together! no petty fights, no everyday sweetness.. *sighs*.. hay. have absolutely no idea what my point is. i guess what i'm trying to say is, it's just now that we have the chance to talk each day and he's not DOING it. he has absolutely no initiative.. hay..

System Time: 10:45 AM
..had a rare serious talk with my officemates, all of whom are guys.. they're great..gave me good advice.. so i called him and apologized.. he's sweet.. he said he's the one who should apologize, not me.. anywayz.. everything's ok na.. ^_^ *calms down*

System Time: 1:49 PM
..currently listening to Save Ferris - Let Me in..really good song.. i recommend that you download it..

i should've known what was on your mind
but all the world is spinning round and round
inside my head tonight
i will fall into the darkness
and i fear i will never see the light
so let me in..

all that i wanted from you
was something you'd never do..
so let me in
don't let this end tonight
cause i'm starting to fall
so let me in..

System Time: 4:01 PM
..1 hr to go.. will watch Sanib later with Eboy and her bf.. it's so weird typing that.. cause just a few months ago it was just "Eboy" .. now it's "Eboy and her bf".. it's a good thing that i know her bf as well.. i don't feel any uneasiness when i'm with them..

System Time: 5:03 PM
..gtg..bye all!

Thursday, June 19, 2003

System Time: 9:45 AM
..another day with nothing to do.. hmm.. already finished reading the transcripts.. the site i went to, only has transcripts for episodes 1 - 5.. , then has detailed recaps only til episode 8.. will find another site later at lunch for the other transcripts.. that's more than 2 hours away.. waah.. tagal ng 6pm.. (eh? lol!) i wanna go home already..

...been discreetly trying to make the fan site's gallery page.. i don't want to get caught doing it.. but i'll still try to continue putting the pictures together..

System Time: 10:59 AM
..significantly improved the gallery page.. have this film-look alike thing going on..

System Time: 11:40 AM
..i'm hungry.. -_-

System Time: 1:19 PM
..BWAHAHA. found out that our msn messenger connects even if it's not yet the designated time for internet access.. wahahah.. *hapi*.. was able to chat with Lara, my HS kabarkada.. she works at Sykes Asia..

..also downloaded LOTS of transcripts from different shows.. was only looking for birds of prey, but then i found this site that has transcripts for various shows.. i copied Gilmore Girls (3rd season), a few Dawson's creek episodes, and other stuff i can't remember.. now i can read away.. hehe *hapi ulit* ..even organized it to separate folders.. hehe .. ala magawa.. lolz

System Time: 1:24 PM
..can't decide which one to read first.. lol.. hmm..

System Time: 2:17 PM
..decided to read Gilmore Girls.. i'm still getting sleypi.. hmm... HE hasn't txted yet.. HE didn't even say good night.. gaah. do i have the right to even complain?.. haay. *shats up*

System Time: 2:25 PM
..can't believe am listening to a Cruisin compilation.. so THAT'S why am sleepy.. hmm..

System Time: 5:43 PM
..chatted with some of my ISM classmates.. namely lala, mervik and jennlyn.. so glad of my boredom that i tried connecting this msn messenger even if i knew we weren't supposed to have internet access on office hours.. look where it got me.. instant communication with my friends ^_^

System Time: 5:46 PM
..did absolutely NOTHING today.. think i'm already at the fourth episode of gilmore girls (3rd season)..i even laughed out loud at some parts.. (got a weird look from my seatmates hehe) ..i don't like Lorelai that much.. but i like Rory and Lane's pretty funny.. good thing i have a vivid imagination..

System Time: 6:05 PM
..absolutely time to go.. bye all!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

System Time: 8:30 AM
.. got in early today.. around 7:30 am.. but its still late considering i left the haus at 6 am..

..was able to put the memory on my PC.. it now has 192 MB in total.. woohoo.. but i tried connecting the two PCs thru DCC but i just couldn't f*cking see the other computer in my Network Neighborhood.. configured all the stuff i could possibly configure.. still nothing...

System Time: 9:44 AM
..asked Sir Reivi and Sir Herbert bout my DCC problem.. i think they figured it out.. will try their suggestions later when i get home..

System Time: 9:46 AM already finished with the new form.. bilish ano? hehe. toldya it was similar to the previous one.. anywayz.. have no scheduled work load after this so am not turning this in yet.. besides, my SA hasn't gotten around to testing all my other previous forms.. He's the one behind schedule, not me, hehe..

..wasn't able to properly have dinner last night because of that freaking DCC thing.. but i did bring lots of merienda food today.. bread sticks, cupcakes, kirei, yakisoba.. hehe.. plus my lunch baon.. with mangga and bagoong (lol! yey!).. we have LOTS of mangga again.. my cousins from Isabela gave us one kaing i think.. basta marami... katuwa.. ^_^

System Time: 9:52 AM
..wonder what's up with momi.. he hasn't texted me since monday.. it's weird, me worrying. 'cause before he had a phone, a whole month would pass without us speaking to each other.. now i'm freaking out just because he hasn't texted me in the last 24 hrs. *calms down*.. he's fine.. he's okay.. he'll contact me soon.. *sighs*

bat kasi laging "subscriber can't be reached". demmit.

sorry... will just patiently wait for him.. as i've always done. -_-

System Time: 10:06 PM
..break time..

System Time: 10:43 AM
..still haven't smoked today.. woohoo.. will really try not to.. (okey okey, i know i've said that like a dozen times.. but i'll REALLY try my best)

System Time: 11:00 AM
..the plot thickens.. reading episode 3 ( i think) of birds of prey.. love story is definite.. saw other meta-humans.. (they call them that.. but they're just like mutants in X-men)..hmm..wonder if Batman shows up.. he doesn't know he has a kid.. they'll probably meet.. like next season (lol)

System Time: 11:12 AM
HP book 5 is coming this saturdayyyyyy! woohooo! i'm so excited.. we already reserved a copy..(plus a downpayment of 500 bucks).. so it's a sure thing..

System Time: 11:46 AM
..since i'm in the mood to babble just about anything.. i have here some of my favorite lines taken from the novel, the Alchemist.. i might not show it.. but i truly try to instill these messages in my life..

it's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting
..have you ever had an impossible dream.. we call it that but actually, deep in our hearts.. we still hope that in some bizarre and miraculous way..our dream becomes a reality.. that drives us, motivates us and makes life a little bit more appealing..

when each day is the same as the next, it's because people fail to recognize the good things that happen in their lives everyday's so easy to take things for granted.. your family, your job.. but actually, just having one (a family and a job) makes you luckier than 3,879,000 filipinos who are jobless and homeless.. (i just invented the number, but you get my point lol!)..
..which is kinda connected to another quote.. in the book, the boy was travelling for days in the desert.. then suddenly he sees date trees and these date trees bring such joy in his hungry body and tired soul...he recalled having seen such date trees previously but didn't feel the same happiness as he was feeling at that moment.. and so he said..

"Maybe God created the desert so that man could appreciate the date trees "
..every night after work.. it's so damn difficult to find a Cogeo FX in cubao.. so each time i do catch one.. i say a prayer of thanks to God just as i close the FX door.. i don't say TY to God when i enter the MRT station.. 'cause it's always there, and i forget to say thanks.. but as they say.. God works in wondrous ways.. so perhaps making me work hard for a Cogeo FX is His way of reminding me to never forget to appreciate all the good things happening in my life..

System Time: 12:14 PM <-- with that in mind, i say TY to Him for ate Rose for preparing my lunch baon today. lol! let's eat!

System Time: 3:45 PM
..tagal ng break. heard from momi.. he's at the beach..can't text back 'cause i've got no load.. olats listening to some Regine songs..found it shared in someone else's computer.. hehe..

System Time: 4:57 PM
..had 2 ice cream cones, (double dutch and super chocolate), 1 platito of pancit palabok and smoked half a yosi stick.. think i'm beginning to dislike the taste of yosi.. (good news super) if i need to break a bad habit, it's smoking.. cutting down my yosi intake has been easier these past few days.. don't know why.. but i only smoke 3 or less sticks a day now.. the half a yosi i mentioned earlier is my total for this day.. think i'm really improving.. ^_^

System Time: 5:55 PM
yehey. almost time to go..

System Time: 5:56 PM
..babayy all! will just wait for 6 pm! *mwahh*

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

System Time: 11:31 AM
..have passed my frmCustInvAdj form.. yehey..received a new one, but it's almost the same, with just a few details and validations added.. probably finish it this week..

System Time: 1:12 PM
..copied the first 3 episodes of Birds of Prey.. was able to watch the Pilot episode last night at Studio 23.. found it interesting after learning 'bout its history.. Huntress being Catwoman and Batman's daughter.. and her partner is Barbara Gordon aka Oracle, formerly Batgirl.. will read this first before i start working.. hehe

System Time: 2:19 PM
..nagbrownout! sayang,ndi tuloy tuloy.. but was able to play Magic against Chipper for about 30 mins.. (i won hehe) think we're still using the generator.. *hope it overloads, EHEHE.)

.. haven't read the transcript of birds of prey yet.. will continue doing that..

System Time: 3:00 PM
..actually continued programming.. reading the transcript was making me really sleepy.. (as if programming didn't.) hay. @_@.

System Time: 3:09 PM
damn it. i'm still so sleypi. -_-

System Time: 3:47 PM whole face is peeling.. lol! it always peels when it's cold.. gaah. ala lng. nuff said.
System Time: 5:49 PM
..have stopped working again.. just reading the 3rd episode of Birds of prey..aHa! i smell a love story between Reese and Huntress.. hehe.. Huntress/Helena isn't that beautiful.. but she's got character.. i like her already. ^_^

System Time: 5:52 PM
..bought Koji's old 128 MB memory.. (700 bucks).. will try to put it later in my PC.. (read: magmamarunong ako, kunwari alam pano ilagay yung memory sa PC hehe).. i watched the tech guy remove the memory and then put it back on when i brought my PC to the PC repair shop to have the fan fixed.. hmm.. will tell you guys tomorrow if i was successful or not, lol.

System Time: 5:57 PM <-- 3 minutes to go.

System Time: 5:58 PM
..spoke to pangs last friday..(or was it thursday.. can't exactly remember).. i kinda missed him so i went online thinking maybe i could see him in IRC.. anywayz.. he was there, and it's great that we're still friends.. he sent me an e-mail asking how i was and that he misses me.. i haven't checked my mail for like ages so he was the one who said that i've got mail from him.. he also texted me a pretty sweet message.. didn't reply 'cause i know that guys would be guys and i don't want to make a big deal out of it. but still.. i'm touched and appreciative of his thoughtfulness. ^_^ i really do miss him and our frequent talks and it's good to hear that he feels the same.

System Time: 6:05 PM
..uwian nuh, tama na drama hehe. babayy!

Monday, June 16, 2003

System Time: 11:14 PM
waaah. @_@. i'm so sleypi.

System Time: 1:27 PM
..currently listening to In the Club by 50 cent.. *hiphop mode hehe*

System Time: 3:48 PM
.. *zZzLiping mode ageyn.* lagi na lng akong nakakatulog kainish. @_@. waahhh.

System Time: 5:38 PM
.. yehey. asked my SA if i could submit my form tomorrow and he agreed..hmm. just waiting for 6pm..tinatamad nuh ako mag-isip..
chipper's gf moved to Bohol to study.. so he's been feeling down.. he's planning on going there on august.. i wanted to go with him ('cause he'll have to go to Cebu first before taking a SuperCat to Bohol)..but dex said no. wooo-key. -_-

..i guess he's right. he will be coming here this year anywayz.. i'll just save my money. besides, i need to upgrade my PC. 'cause ate chary and i had a fight again. she's such a b*tch. after endless arguments, she finally agreed to put the new PC in my room. ('cause my room's waaayy bigger than hers) but last night, the electricity was fluctuating when my TV, ps2 and PC are used in the same time. since i wanted to watch a DVD, i just closed the PC so we won't overload. she wanted to use the PC while i was watching a movie and i told her she couldn't. ayun. nagdadadakdak na. kabuuuuwsit. pinagalitan tuloy ako. patayin ko na daw yung tv. grrr. kainish kasi kung ano ano na sinabi saken ng magulang ko. i quote my mom. " ang yabang yabang mo" @_@. tas dad ko puh ang dami ring sinabi. kaBWISET! nanahimik na lng ako tas binaba ko na yung PC ni ate chary. isaksak nya sa baga nya. hayyy. bulchet. tas i really wanted to talk to momi that night tas wala rin. iniwan yung celfone. hayy. siguro i'm just a brat talaga. pero yun nga pinanakakainis. feeling ko talaga, i've changed a lot. di na ako sumasagot sa parents ko, mas mellow nuh ako. tas etong kapatid kong buwset.. di makaintindi. magfufluctuate ngaaaa eh. kung kelan ako nakapwesto dun para manood saka nag isip na mag computer. aayusin ko na lng yung lumang PC. pwede puh naman eh. at least meh internet ako. siya ala. :behlat. la siyang modem eh tsaka khet bumili siya, anong line ng phone ang gagamitin nya. wala. :behlat ulit. *bumabalik ang pagkabrat*

hay. sori. i just needed to let that out. at least dito lang..kagabi tahimik lng ako nung pinagsasabi yun saken ng magulang ko. buti nga ala sila ngayon pag uwi ko eh.. meh lakad daw sila.

..uwi nuh ako. bye

Thursday, June 12, 2003

System Time: 1:37 PM
..happy independence day! :) .. it's a working day 'cause GMA moved the holiday for tomorrow.. that's fine by me.. longer weekend.. anywayz.. have been trying to continue my form... but am so damn sleepy

..brought new headphones.. one of those kind that cover the whole ear but doesn't have a headband like attachment.. saw it in my room.. think it belongs to ate ging.. has a slightly longer cord so i'm using it..

System Time: 1:58 PM
..have decided to just listen to episode 22 of smallville..

System Time: 3:58 PM
..finished episode 22 plus episode 23.. think that's the season ender.. super bitin.. but Lana and Clark's kissing scenes are very nice.. hehe.. i think Tom Welling is getting cuter.. lol!

System Time: 6:00 PM
..continued my form.. bumilis ang oras sa wakas uwian nuh.. babayyyyyyy!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

System Time: 4:44 PM
..been programming the new form.. was asked by Ma'am M as to when i could finish it.. i made a boo² and said this coming Tuesday.. so that's what she set as my deadline.. (i should've said a day later than that)..

..was FINALLY able to finish Agent Cody Banks last night.. also watched Daddy Day Care after that.. both movies were okay.. each had their share of funny moments..

System Time: 5:13 PM
...didn't smoke a single stick today.. had a reality check last night while watching the DVDs.. could feel my bones in my chest.. lol.. there and then i made a resolution to gain some weight.. 5 lbs lng kada bwan.. hay sana..

System Time: 6:01 PM
..uwian nuuuhhhh. babu!

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

System Time: 8:51 AM
..still have no work load.. waiting for my SAs to arrive..

System Time: 9:44 AM
..still waiting..

System Time: 10:58 AM
..and waiting....

System Time: 11:30 AM
..have stopped waiting. hehe. just watching (correction, listening) to smallville, episode 19..

System Time: 1:49 PM listening to episode 20...

System Time: 2:15 PM
..finally received new specs.. yehey.. desktop form parin.. oks lng.. baka manibago ako pag touchscreen ibigay saken eh.. sige.. trabaho muna..

System Time: 3:49 PM
...saket pala sa puso pag nakaidlip ka tas bigla kang gigisingin.. HAHAHA.. thought i was going to have a heart attack..hay. naduduling nuh ako sa antok. >_<

System Time: 3:54 PM
..was reading my specs when i fell asleep..

System Time: 5:59 PM
..made some progress with the new form.. (kung kelan uwian nuh ano.. SMB hehe) will log out nuh..bye all!! *mwaaahhhhhh2momi*

Monday, June 09, 2003

System Time: 8:28 AM
..suuuper good news.. was able to buy a PC yesterday at Gilmore.. still doesn't have an OS installed.. i'll probably ask one of my officemates to help me with that.. also went to Quaipo to buy pirated stuff.. hmm.. bought Animatrix, Agent Cody Banks, Daddy Day care, Hot Chick.. and some old stuff.. like Virgin Suicides, American Pie 1 and 2 (in just one DVD), Terminator 1 and 2.. Enemy of the State.. also have this Josh Groban concert.. can't remember the other discs.. have tried watching Cody Banks last night.. but i was already so sleepy that i just stopped playing it and went to sleep..

System Time: 8:44 AM
..ate chary just texted me and told me that she found a XP installer we could borrow.. she said she'll get it later after work.. so the question now is, who's gonna install it? lol. even if i spend each day in front of a PC, i honestly don't know how to install an OS.. my knowledge with PC troubleshooting is so basic, it's bordering to useless.. hehe..

System Time: 9:55 AM
..che sistah forwarded me an email about the taiwanese group F4, hehe.. am not actually a fan yet.. i don't even watch Meteor Garden mainly 'cause it's shown on ABS-CBN and i'm sooo anti-channel 2.. but after reading the synopsis, i've got to admit i'm a little curious 'bout it.. saw LOTS (as in super dami) of pirated Meteor Garden episodes in Quaipo.. if it has english subtitles then i might buy a few episodes..

System Time: 11:00 AM old phone's now with momi.. it's weird 'cause i can't believe i could talk to him anytime i want.. (Lol!).. i'm kinda controlling myself not to text or call him every minute, lol.. i don't want na makulitan siya saken or something like that.. i'm also trying not to change my level of expectation for's soo hard to do that, but i'm trying.. i mean, this is why couples fight a lot.. 'cause they constantly expect such high expectations that the other party can't fulfill.. i'm just happy that i could talk to him everyday now...hearing his voice just.... well... it motivates me to live.. :)

System Time: 11:19 AM
..listening to my old mp3s.. haven't downloaded anything new for ages... perhaps with the new PC i could start downloading again..

..hay.. am supposed to be given a new form to program just waiting for it.. (read: am doing nothing).. have submitted all of my previously coded forms..

System Time: 11:56 PM
..currently listening to Counting Crow, Big Yellow Taxi.. (where Vanessa Carlton just says MMMmmbop bop bop ehehe)

System Time: 3:12 PM
..reading meteor garden's episodes, hehe.. still getting confused with the names,..dunno if the name belongs to a girl/boy, lol.. but it hleps me stay awake.. i'm so sleeyypi.. i'll probably won't do anything productive today..

System Time: 3:23 PM
..the length of my blog is indirectly proportional to the work related stuff i'm doing.. hehe.. (tama buh.. direct and indirect proportion? ..ahh ewan.. hehe.. basta sa economics yun eh.. lol)

System Time: 4:57 PM
..waiting for log out time is suchhh a hassle. lol. i have to pretend to be actually doing something worthwhile while urging myself not to fall asleep in front of my workstation.. it's an impossible feat. hehe. so hear i am, typing nonsense in my blog just so my keyboard would produce some sort of sound and reaffirm to anyone looking at me that i'm working.

..changed my IPmsg icons.. it's cute 'cause my ordinary icon is a smiley that isn't smiling.. (? lol ) .. like this --> :| ..and when someone messages me.. it blinks to another icon..a smiling one.. appears as if i have an animated gif in my system tray, hihihi.

GAAAH. nonsense, nonsense. hu-hummm..

System Time: 5:09 PM
.. think i'm getting dizzy with all the cigarettes i've smoked today.. think i already consumed 8 sticks.. but that's it for today 'cause i don't smoke after 4:30 pm.. i just smoke here at the whole family are non-smokers so they would just freak out IF they find out that i smoke.. yeahh.. i know i said i'll quit but it's so f*cking hard.

System Time: 6:07 PM
..will go now..bye bye!!!

Friday, June 06, 2003

System Time: 3:46 PM
..have stopped working. just waiting for 5 pm.. have passed all my forms.. sister will buy a new PC this weekend! yeheyyyyyyyy!! have already decided on the specs.. P4 1.8 Ghz, 256 MB, 40 G.. am still convincing my other sister (ate ging) to contribute 10thou instead of just 5 so that we could buy a LCD monitor.. my ate chary's budget is only 25 thou.. anywayz, if i can't convince ate ging then we'll have to settle for a 17" flatscreen monitor.. my officemate, Sir Herbert gave me PC Express' pricelist.. quote reached 20,900 (*whew*) without a monitor.. a 15 " LCD costs aroung 14thou.. NYErks. di abot sa budget.

System Time: 3:57 PM
..ayaw ni ate ging :( . 5k lng daw tlga.. hmm..

System Time: 3:58 PM there's soo much food in our pantry.. many of our bosses have birthdays this June so big time din ang pakain nila. hehe.

System Time: 4:39 PM SA just approached me and said that we're finished with my forms. *BIG SIGH OF RELIEF* sa wakas!! :) i'm soo excited for this weekend.. and at least i don't have forms bugging me or dampering my spirits.. *hapi hapi hapi*

System Time: 4:44 PM
..NYEEEEH. kakasabi ko lng na tapos na ako sa mga forms ko.. tas my SA told me just now that there would still be changes in the specifications.. DOUBLE NYEHHHH. *why, why.. galit buh saken ang mundo!?*

System Time: 4:45 PM

System Time: 5:03 PM
..asked Sir Herbert to help me with the hardware specs.. hehe.. kakaexcite mag shopping for computer hardware.. HEHEHE. i'm so weird. lolz. cyah guys! will post this blog.. have a good weekend!!!

PAHABOL: was not affected by the changes in the specifications.. YEHEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! bye all!!!
My blog yesterday, June 5, 2003

System Time: 3:49 PM
...wwoookeyyy. *looks up in the sky* (or rather, our office ceiling) SA is correcting my codes. haaay. i dunno how to explain what i'm feeling right now.. you see, SA's work is to tell a bug to his programmer.. then the programmer changes his codes to eliminate the error.. but now, my SA is the one changing my code.. haaaay. nahihiya ako and naiinis at the same time. siguro iniisip nya mas mabilis pag siya na magcorrect. hay. *looks up again* i feel like a Loooser. demmit. *powtah tingala ulit baka maiyak*

System Time: 6:18 PM
...haaay. di man lng ako hinintay.
alis nuh ko babay!

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

System Time: 11:13 AM
..daydreaming again.. today's my deadline but after a dozen changes in my form specifications, it's only proper that my SA moves the deadline to a later date.. am halfway through with the new Paulo Coelho book i'm reading.. The Fifth Mountain.. it's about the life of the prophet, Elijah.. as with his other books.. TFM is interesting and well written.. i find myself learning something new in every page..

System Time: 11:42 AM now recalling all the stuff that i've started but never finished.. 2 web sites, 1 novel, 3 collections, 1 "1/4 read-book" and a multitude of other stuff.. *sighs*.. at least am still blogging so that's a good sign..

System Time: 4:37 PM
..gaah. can't access my old guestbook.. ergo, can't read momi's entry.. will try again tomorrow..

System Time: 4:49 PM
..have been modifying my past forms.. but now that i'm back with my "scheduled" form.. i can't seem to find the groove.. hay..

System Time: 5:34 PM
..come on Time, move..

System Time: 5:35 PM
..i want to program so that time would move faster.. but I JUST DON'T KNOW HOW TO CONTINUE CODING THIS F*cking form.. my deadline's been moved to Friday.. that's just 2 freaking days away and i can't even display my data yet..

System Time: 6:02 PM
..ayan nagwork ako bumilis hehe.. babayyy!!!

Monday, June 02, 2003

System Time: 11:16 AM
(-_-) ...rainy days and mondays always get me down...

System Time: 4:38 PM
..i've been trying MY BEST to work as diligently as i could.. just hate it when i get stuck with whatever i'm doing.. i start spacing out and lose all my energy and eagerness to work.. hahay.. has been a long time since i said these words.. mainly because i've been trying to eliminate it in my memory.. 'cause i don't want to appear ungrateful..but i can't control it anymore.. so here goes..WORK SUCKSSSS

there. i said it.

didn't feel an ounce better. hmpft.

..will go to megamall later.. will look for a fedex/LBC store or something similar.. gonna send something to momi that's loonng overdue..

System Time: 5:56 PM
...waaah. am back on the f*cking RMReceipt form.. gadamn errors keep on bugging me huhuhu...

System Time: 6:09 PM
...ayoko na.. uwi nuh ko..babay!