Tuesday, September 30, 2003

System Time: 2:19 PM

*drumroll pls*

i got it!!!!!!! i'm the one chosen by prumericaaa! hihihi *hapi hapi* ..actually, i already knew this morning but i wanted Ma'am Q to personally tell me before i broadcast it to everyone lol..

*dances ala spageti*

makati girl ulit ako!! lol! ndi na ako mamimili ng shuttle na bababa ng EDSA! yahoo! lol! longer sleeping time in the shuttle! hurrah! super kewl building! yeheyyyyyyyy!!

though that job IS on-call.. *ahhh erase-erase nothing can ruin my mood*

/me focuses on the building.. lol! yeheyyyyyyyyy Enterprise here i come!

System Time: 2:42 PM
..am now trying to recall all the stuff i said that i could do.. LOl! .. gaah.. hafto have a sort of refresher course for C++ and Delphi.. hmm.. magiinternet na nga lng ako..

System Time: 2:43 PM

System Time: 3:45 PM
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! bukas na pala start! wahhhhh! *biglang nalungkot* kainish!

System Time: 5:42 PM
chet. ayaw magprint ng Timesheet ko. hmpft. anywayz.. am excited/nervous for tomorrow.. will post this blog.. babay!

Monday, September 29, 2003

System Time: 9:29 AM
monday na naman. actually had a good night's sleep..even if ate ging and i were sharing a bed! i was so sleypi after we got home from sta.mesa that i just laid there in the lower bunk and slept.. she didn't wake me up (tenkyu ate ging!) and didn't made me transfer to the upper bunk.. it was one of those double deck beds that had a bigger lower bunk so sharing it wasn't a problem..

..currently doing nothing hehe.. actually am kindof hiding here in my corner so that they wouldn't give me any work load.. have the monday blues again so pak op! lol jk.. hirap magpanggap uh..

System Time: 10:43 AM
..just received a text msg from Tita Myrna.. she's going to buy my PC.. goodbye PC na huhuhu.. she'll get it later so i'll hafto go home early so that i could backup some of dad's files..binack-up ko na mga mp3 ko dati eh.. so siguro yung ibang word documents na lng.. ay tsaka yung websites ko pala.. ayy dami pa pala waaaaaaah!

System Time: 11:08 AM
..STILL no news from prumerica.. :( tagal naman.. *sighs*

System Time: 11:13 AM
..sleeping awake..kakatulog na naman ako dito sa tapat ng monitor.. saket pa ng pimpol ko waah. i have this huuuge zit right at the tip of my left eyebrow.. ndi sa outer tip uh, sa INNER! so almost in the middle of my priking peys.. @_@ sucks.. tsaket. :(

System Time: 11:39 AM
..sarap ng tulog ng katabi ko.. si Jiro.. hay inggits ako..

System Time: 2:23 PM
..antuk antuk..la ko magawa hmm..

System Time: 2:39 PM
nakausap ko si dex (si Spraken, ndi si momi) sa YM.. kinuwento ko na nakita ko si johnell sa Uste nung sabado.. dun kasi kami nagkita ni anshe bago pumunta kela harbie.. waahhhhhhhhh.. meh gf na siyaaaa.. tas eto pa.. yung bwiset puh.. basta naiinis ako dun sa girl na yun.. KSP kasi sa IRC.. hay.. la lang.. reak daw ba ako.. eh la lng.. kras ko kasi yun eh.. alala nyo ba.. basta kung matagal (as in matagal) na keyung nagbabasa dito.. siya si Bal.. as in Lobo (balloon).. as in wolf.. lolz.. basta.. hay. tuwa lng tlga ako nung nakita ko siya nung sabado.. tas asa likod ko pa si dex.. di ako shado makapag reak.. hay la lng.. kainishh bad taste pala siya, lol! di ko na siya kras.. natira na lng sa kraslist ko eh si PC at si Kuyuh.. kras lng oki! si PC parin ano.. hmm.. last March siya nagparamdam sa guestbook ko.. tagal na ano.. hay. la tlga. kinalimutan na ako. :(

System Time: 3:22 PM
..reading some stuff bout the All-American Rejects.. sila fave ko ngayon eh.. plus the vocalist, (Tyson Ritter) looks a lot like the actor who plays Clark in Smallville.. (sori, forgot his name)..

System Time: 4:59 PM
yes.. 1 hour and 1 minute to go.. la ko ginawa buong araw! at ala paring result sa prumerica! kainish.. dapat ata tanggapin ko na at ndi na ako makakapagtrabaho sa enterprise bldg.. hmpft.. sabi nga, kung ndi para sayo, wag ipilit..(or parang ganon..) anywayz, ka-email ko naman sina harbie and ria and let's just say na yung mga pinaguusapan namen eh, napapagising ako..(hihihi)

System Time: 5:58 PM
la parin! ano buhyann! sige uwi na ako after a couple of minutes.. babay!

Friday, September 26, 2003

System Time: 2:53 PM

*lets out a big sigh*

grabe.. my hands are still clammy and i have this awful feeling in the pit of my stomach as if i could get sick anytime..

..THE interview happened this morning.. actually, i felt good afterwards.. i mean, they (there were 2 of them) asked mostly about my work history and the different programming languages i know.. there were hardly any technical questions (whew) and basically just small talk..

but now that we're back in the office.. i've realized that i REALLY want to be the one chosen.. 'cause at first, it was like no big deal for me.. i mean, oki lang khet sino sameng 3.. but i learned that Ma'am Q already knows who they've chosen (i dunno why she's keeping it a secret hay) and i have this big part of me that screams "akoooooooo!!!" .. on the other hand..the job WILL be extremely difficult.. they said we'll have to be on-call and report to work anytime (and they do mean, ANYTIME) of the day.. but i guess it's a matter of pride (and ego boost) among the 3 of us..whoever gets chosen will have the implication that he is better than the other 2.. hay.. i keep on repeating the interview over and over in my head and the more i think about it.. the less confident i feel that i'll get it.. -_-

i was able to see Ria and Coocoo at the Enterprise.. first i saw was Ria and i was just so happy to see a familiar face. i mean, i know she works there but what are the odds that we would run into each other.. that she would be in the elevator lobby the exact same time as i was.. very kewl.. was so happy i hugged her and reminded her of our gimik tomorrow.. actually, it's not really a gimik but we'll meet up again (together with Eboy, harbie and anshe.. roni's still not sure) at harbie's house.. to drink and catch up on each other's lives.. then i saw coocoo in the Fudpark.. just a quick hi and hello (i only know him because of my friend, erlyn) asked him where erlyn was.. sayang, aga daw uwian nya (or sumting like that)...

System Time: 3:26 PM
..hayyyyyyyyy.. just want to get home.. la puh ko ginagawa.. *stares at monitor*

System Time: 3:34 PM
.. think Ma'am Q was just pulling my leg when she said she already knows who prumerica has chosen.. anywayz.. i now fully understand how they could say, "the suspense is killing me".. indeed it feels like that.. i could hardly breathe and talk normally.. i just wanna know the result and get it over with.. not even Ken's voice can soothe my frigid nerves..

System Time: 5:08 PM
..still no news from Prumerica/Ma'am Q.. oh well, at least am going home already.. bye !

Thursday, September 25, 2003

System Time: 10:52 AM
..currently listening to Ken.. it's the english song he sang at the concert.. In My Guitar.. it's on the OST of Love Storm, a recently concluded series in Taiwan (with Vic) which will also be shown in GMA.. can't wait..

..we're supposed to have an interview today at prumerica (yep, prumerica pala ndi bromerica lol) but it has been moved for tomorrow at 10 am.. demmit, can't wear jeans tomorrow.. tsk.. i even wore my "power blouse" today.. waah.. watdapak would i wear tomorrow.. on fridays am a shirt and jeans person, i'd have to find something from ate chary's closet hehe.. speaking of my EVIL sis.. i can't believe she turned off the recording of Endless Love last night.. the single thing that i look forward to watching when i get home.. i was so pissed off that i locked her room.. i felt really guilty afterwards 'cause it was my Dad who became problematic as to how they would open her damn room.. hay.. i'm a self-confessed brat (ok payn).. but watdapak tlga.. i asked her "ano naman naisip mo at hininto mo ang pagrecord!!??" and her lame answer was "eh andito na ako e" (meaning she could watch it real time) grrrrrr. as if SHE's the only one watching the recorded shows.. grrr talaga.. i even brought up my dinner to my parent's room where the VHS was located, thinking that i'll finally have my rest and enjoy the show.. nakngpakkkkk tas ganon pala.. KAINIS! nagpakwento na lng ako sa officemate ko.. hay.. so stupid talaga..
/me plays In My Guitar again para ma -good mood..


System Time:11:51 AM
so sleypi again..-_-

System Time: 7:29 PM
..still here at the office.. but have finished the form (yep, meron ulit) so i'm leaving after a couple of minutes..am supposed to be watching jayR's mini-concert tonight but i've realized the futility of that dream lol.. it's in priking malate which is sooo far our haus.. besides, my father's in a bad mood (because of door-atechary incident) and he'll probably go beserk again if i ask permission for that..

post ko na toh.. be good all! bye!

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

System Time: 9:41 AM
a blog at last! i have been really busy these past few days.. but now i'm finished with my forms, hurrah! can now continue my favorite hobby,...staring at my monitor! hehe.. got home around 10 pm last night,..hinatid ako ni momi.. momi's quite known now here at the office, especially by Ma'am Q and Ma'am M.. they keep on teasing me to him, with Ma'am M calling him F-zero hehe.. Ma'am Q on the other hand, was the one who even called me and told me he was here.. i had no idea he would drop by the office so i wasn't expecting him.. sabi ko puh keh Ma'am Q: "talaga lang, uh Ma'am" hahahaha.. totoo pala lolz..

Last friday, CSC (the client) treated us at Saisaki.. wowiii.. eat all you can sashimi, tempura, sushi..yum yum.. Hans (one of the CSC people) even remembered me from last time's pizza incident.. did i tell you 'bout that one? about 3 months ago, Hans treated us for some pizza.. i'm a slow eater so while the others have finished theirs, i was still chewing away but with an empty pizza box infront of me.. My officemates teased me 'bout me supposedly eating the whole box.. Hans took notice and asked me where i stuff all that food in my body hehe.. anywayz,.. that was then and he remembered.. he even said.. " I see a few familiar faces.. *he looks at me*.. that face, i can't forget!" lol! he even counted the times i went in and out the room to get more food.. how could i not go out for seconds? i was in my most favorite place, eating for free! lol!

the rest of the weekend was uneventful.. as usual, i got a headache from watching so many DVDs.. i was able to watch Finding Nemo, View from the Top, A Guy Thing, Slap Her She's French and ehm.. can't remember the others.. i also made some bracelets.. very kewl.. my mom taught me and i quite enjoyed making them.. i also have a new bedtime book.. (i call it that cause i only read it lying in bed,.. pampatulog kumbaga) It's the usual Girl-into-cinderella type of story.. can't recall the title..

..am planning on going to JayR's mini concert in Arkdia at Malate.. it's this thursday.. i haven't asked my parents' permission yet.. hmm.. pano kayaaaa.. i really want to go.. i haven't seen JayR in person yet.. and i feel envious of the other yahoogroup members who have seen and talked to him in person.. che sistah's a REAL groupie na.. they were even seen in TV holding a banner for jayR at SOP.. hahahaha.. go che! jayR rulz! lol!

System Time: 10:49 AM
.. tsalap ng buko pandan c/o ate melody.. hmm.. wat2do.. Ma'am Q lined us up for an interview at some IT company.. they need a VB/C++/Delphi programmer.. i don't know bout the C++ thing (i just hate C.. i hate it cause i'm just so lousy in it hehe) but i could still recall some Delphi stuff.. i KNOW i could read Delphi code.. Ma'am Q said that in paper, i'm the one closest the job description.. anywayz,..i would really like to be the one accepted (Froi and Koji are THE competition) 'cause of where the client's office is located.. it's at my 2nd favorite building at Makati, in the Enterprise.. sana..will try to remember to open some of my Delphi modules at home.. they're still in my PC, 'cause i used to work at home, back when i was employed at Infostructure..hmm.. will find some online tutorial help..

System Time: 1:31 PM
..uh-oh.. have some work to do again.. revisions of some other form.. (reklamo puh ako ano, eh andito nga ako sa work para magtrabaho lol) hay.. am just waiting for Jhoneil to give me the specs..

System Time: 3:26 PM
waahh bad news na naman! (bad news nga ba?) we're scheduled for interview this coming thursday.. VB na lng daw.. so there goes my advantage over Froi and Koji.. hayy.. my only wish is for me to have this good feeling after the interview.. don't want to recall the interview and think.. "i should have said this.. or said that.. or whydapak did i say that" ...

System Time: 9:45 PM <--watda
..HAY. uwi na ko langya.. 15 hrs na ako dito sa office! bye all!

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

have checked on amazon.com on how many exactly are the "shopaholic series" by sophie kinsella.. it's actually just a trilogy.. (hmm... i thought i saw much more at Powerbooks) .. i've already finished the book, Confessions of a Shopaholic... books for me really MUST have happy endings and i wasn't disappointed with this one.. i recommend this book, even if you're not a certified shopaholic.. (i mean, if I could enjoy this book, any other person will) i don't even like shopping hehe.. but Rebecca (the main character) is so quirky and so british (hehe) that i could easily imagine her actions and expressions.. it's really entertaining.. has a bit of a love story too.. the book's a bit pricey though, cost me 485 bucks at Pbooks.. so i'll hafto wait for my next salary to buy the sequel, Shopaholic Takes Manhattan.. already read excerpts at amazon.com and i'm so bitin.. gaaah.. the 3rd and last part of the trilogy is titled, Shopaholic Ties the Knot...

hmm.. i can't exactly describe what i'm feeling, but this is usually how i feel when i sleep late.. (or get no sleep at all)..my head feels as if it has cotton balls inside it and i feel really, really tired... dunno why i'm feeling like this.. slept in my usual time, around 1130 pm.. *sighs*

i'll just shut my eyes for a while. will eat lunch later... -_-

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

System Time: 1:26 PM
yeheyyyyyy have finished all the revisions for the form.. it's up to my SA to test them and report errors.. (then the form goes back to me).. in the meantime, am here, staring at my monitor, trying not to fall asleep..

..i bought a book last Friday.. it's called: "Confessions of a Shopaholic" by Sophie Kinsella.. i think its the first book of the "shopaholic" series.. there's a whole lot at Powerbooks.. about 7 i think.. i just bought it because of the attractive cover hehe..

so far, it's very entertaining.. though i couldn't really relate that well to the main character, (am not THAT fond of shopping) she's really funny and her schemes to pay off her shopping debts are really amusing.. you find yourself sympathizing with her even if her actions are more on the idiotic side..

hmm.. i wonder when i'll be able to finish MY chat novel.. BWAAHAHAHA. i haven't even attempted to continue doing my initial logs (let alone finish it!).. wahaha. *wapaks sarili*

remember last time, i said i wanted to buy a Red Hat 9 Linux book.. well i've decided to delay that purchase.. i mean, i'll probably not be able to install that to my PC and study it.. i promised myself to first finish ALL my web sites..

1. put up the picture gallery for my personal website (www.nakng.tk)
2. finish the JB fan site (ohmigod i forgot about this one)
3. use my (minimal) knowledge in PHP and convert the JB fan site to PHP <-- this is gonna take a while

i already downloaded an online web album tool at Jalbum.com.. so actually, making the gallery page is pretty easy.. i only need to find the time to really do it.. it's just that when i'm at home, i don't even LOOK at my PC anymore..

here's my usual monday-friday routine:

5:30 a.m. - i get up in this ungodly hour..
6:30 a.m. - time i leave the house.. dad still drives us to Masinag where the Ayala shuttle services are located (thank you pala dadi for doing this everyday i labyu hehe)
7:30 a.m. - varies between 6-9 pm .. lately i've been leaving the office around 8:30 p.m. because of the project.. 12 hours a day in the office is the max for me..

am usually back in our house before 10 pm.. then i prepare my dinner and eat upstairs in my parents' room where i watch the taped chinovela shows.. Poor Prince, (dati my MYP valentine and Lavender) and Endless Love.. sometimes i would be able to catch Narito ang Puso ko to watch James Blanco and JayR.. after watching i go straight to bed.. if someone calls then i talk to them for a while before going to sleep..

sometimes i meet up with my friends during weekends.. but it's not a constant thing.. mostly just at payday weekends..and of course, i'm usually with momi friday nights..

i mostly sleep late on saturdays.. wake up around 9 am (late na yun saken) and have a movie marathon.. i still haven't watched a lot of our DVDs, so this is the only free time i have to do so.. i'd rather stay at our house and watch DVD than go to the mall.. first of all, i really need to rest and second, layo bahay namin noh, katamad umalis. but that doesn't mean that i don't enjoy going out with my friends.. what i meant was am not that type of person that NEEDS to go out and go somewhere, i'm contented to just lie in our sofa and get headaches from watching too much TV (ehehe).

On Sundays, my family goes to mass at Sta. Lucia.. (yeah, nagsisimba kami sa mall hehe) then we'll either go to Sta. Mesa or just hang out in the mall.. we'll eat, watch a movie or go shopping (my dad just HAS to go to a hardware store)...it's a very traditional family day for us..

and THAT'S my SO-CALLED LIFE. you could wake up now..pretty boring eh? lol!

of course, there would be a few "glitches" in my otherwise patterned life.. but they are rare and far between that i have learned to welcome these surprises and see them as just another challenge that God has thrown in my way just so i could have stories to tell to my future grandchildren about their exciting grandma, hehe..

well.. enough said.. bye guys.. will just keep on staring at my monitor, waiting for work load to come..so nice to have this "am-just-pretending-am-not-busy-at-all" feeling again..

blog u later :)

p.s. ate cha, need to talk to youuuuuuuuuuuuu. 'bout something i can't possibly write here.

Monday, September 15, 2003

...mondays really suck! lumampas na naman ako sa lecheng shuttle.. pagising ko, asa jupiter street na ako waahaha.. buti na lng maaga puh at nakaabot ako ng 8:00 a.m. dito sa office.. (logged at 8:03 a.m., meh grace period kami 5 minutes kaya di puh ko late)

grabe. i went to the concert with Ate joy.. i wasn't really planning on going.. kasi ala akong pera.. but last friday, nagsweldo kami.. tas tinatanong ako ng mga officemates ko kung pupunta daw buh ako.. kasi it's a known fact here sa office na F4 fan ako hehe.. (yung project binder ko meh mga mukha nila, LOL!.. katawa puh, kasi, lahat ng asa project meh ganong binder.. eh napunta ako sa pwesto ni Sir Herbert dati (remember?) kaya andun binder ko.. tas nakita ni Ma'am Malou.. pinagkamalan puh nya na keh Sir H yon bwahaha! kaya inaasar si Sir H na meh HD siya sa F4, LOL!)
anywayz,wer was i.. ayun.. so ask mga officemates ko kung pupunta ako.. eh yun, napaisip ko.. baka meh ticket puh khet the next day na ang concert.. so punta ako ticketworld.com.ph tas voila! meh tickets puh! nasiyahan puh ako kasi yung 1500 php na tickets eh meh seat number.. eh ayoko ko kasi na manood na first come first serve ek ek dhel dapat maaga akong andun sa venue.. so ayun.. naconvince ko si ate Joy na manood kami..grabe saket sa bulsa uh.. ang dami ng mabibili ng 1500 huhuhu

sobrang adventure puh yung pagbili ng ticket na yon! quarter to 1pm na nun..eh dibuh 12-1 lng lunch break namin..so mega isip kami ni ate joy kung makakaabot kami pabalik ng 1.. eh sa National Bookstore nagpupurchase ng tickets.. tas meh branch ang NB sa Shang which is just an MRT station away.. 5 minutes lng yun.. eh di go kami sa Shang.. putek! pagdating namin din, break ng hinayupak na taga-Ticketworld.. 1-2 pm ang break nya.. eh nakarating kami dun ala pang 1 pm.. langya tlga yun.. eh ayaw pa naming bumalik ni ate joy na biguan.. kaya punta naman kami Megamall.. next MRT station siya.. 1 pm na nun.. meh plano puh kami na pagkaalis sa train eh mauuna ako at siya naman bibili na ng ticket pabalik ng Boni station (sa office).. pagdating ko NB, natuwa pa ako kasi kita ko meh nakapila sa Ticketworld counter.. yun pala panandaliang kasiyahan lng ang naramdaman ko at last customer na daw yun andun, magbebreak na yung tindera. LECHE tlga! pinaasa ako ng langya na yun, lol! konting paamo nga ako eh wa epek.. di ata ako mukhang kaawa-awa lol!.. bumalik kaming luhaan sa office..kakatawa pa kasi nung pabalik na kami, kita naming sumakay si Sir Emman (in charge sa payroll dito sa Radix) na sumakay sa nauunang train sa Shaw station.. ehdi super kabado kami.. tas nung asa boni station na, tamang-tama nakatapat yung escalator (na palabas ng station) sa pintuan ng train namin.. mega takbo kami ni ate joy tas pagdating naman sa elevator pababa (nalito na buh kayo? haha) eh sinara namin kagad yung elevator door at sabay dasal na sana malayo-layo pa si Sir E... pagbukas ng pinto takbo na kami papuntang office.. pagpasok namin.. shet.. sabay bati si Ma'am Q, "oh, nakabili ba kayo ng ticket?" LOL!!! takbo takbo puh kami eh si Ma'am Q rin pala bubungad samin.. buti nga ndi kami pinagalitan,.. eh to think 1:45 pm na kami nakabalik.. lol.. mabait rin naman pala si Ma'am Q, hehe..

so ayun.. asa office kami.. late na nga at pagod pero wala paring ticket.. isip puh kami ng ibang options para bumili ng ticket.. pwede online kaso ala naman kaming credit card! tas si ate joy, naalala yung friend nya na si cecille at sa kanya na lang nagpabili.. malapit kasi office ni cecille dun sa megamall.. waahhaha.. by 4 pm that day, meh tickets na kami.. Patron Left Row B, seats 26-28.. (kasama si cecille)

.. excited na sana ako magsabado nun, kaya lng kelangan ko palang mag OT.. so pasok ako ng 8:00 am (pak ang aga.. remember, sabado yun uh! huhu!) tas umalis ako ng office na ndi puh tapos ang program ko (pero kumakanta na ng show me your love) ng mga 6:15 pm.. yung concert eh 8 pm.. inisip naman namin na meh reserved seats naman kami so okey lng na ma-late.. tsaka usually naman, late tlga nagsisimula mga concert eh..

waaaaaaaaaaaaah. title pa lng alam nyo. SOBRA AS IN SOBRA ANG pila! sumingit na nga kami ang tagal parin namin nakapila.. tas eto na..

pagdating namin sa "entrance" ng ultra football stadium.. MADIRPAKIR! puno na! as in puno! wala ng security, wala ng usherette.. in short, wala ng kumukuha ng ticket! putek asa akin parin ang 1500 namin na ticket at buong-buo pa rin siya.. (at least meh souvenir ako ano?) di namin alam kung san pupunta.. buti na lng si ate joy meh sense of direction.. ako nga, ndi ko man lng makita kung asan ang stage eh!!.. kung san san kami naglakad paikot ng stadium.. ang gulo gulo talaga.. pagpasok nga namin eh napatingin ako keh ate joy at napamura.. "tangina. ano toh!?" sa kakalakad namin meh nakita kaming nagkukumpulan na mga tao.. meron palang opening na maliit pero isa isa lang ang pinapapasok.. (tatanga tlga ng mga security.. ala silang silbi!) imagine nyo.. about a hundred people pushing each other para makaraan sa isang butas na kasya ang isa.. it was a riot waiting to happen! eh kami, tanga tanga nakisiksik kami.. taenaaa...

there was a big truck beside the entrance.. tas sinigaw ng isang tao dun.. "wag kayo didikit dyan! meh ground yan!" NYAHHHHHHH! eh directly asa right side namin yun nila ate joy.. eh tas tinutulak puh kami.. grabe,..buong body weight ko pinupush ko sarili ko away from the truck.. eh lalong dumami yung mga tao.. meh mga pumunta ng 4 na lalake or so para magsilbing human shield (lol) dun sa mga tao at dun sa hinayupak na truck.. tas si ate joy.. waaah.. nakuryente siya! waah.. katakot tlga.. kasi nakuryente yung lalake na katabi nya (yung isa sa mga human shield) tas nahawa siya.. natakot na talaga kami nun.. naramdaman din ata ng mga tao sa paligid yugn panic namin at lalong nagtulakan.. grabe.. di ko akalain na makakalusot kami sa gate na yun.. pero TG nakalusot kami.. (meh konting tulong nga lng keh ate joy.. sabi ko nga, tagapulot namin si ate joy.. lagi nya kaming pinupulot sa lupa! lol!) ang putik putik na ng jeans ko dhel napaluhod nga ako.. buti na lng tlga inakyat ako ni ate joy at baka natapakan puh ako ng mga tao.. si cecille binalikan puh namin kasi akala ko asa likod ko lng.. pagpasok namin eh naiwan pala siya..

SUCCESS! asa loob na kami.. sori na lng sa rubbershoes ko at pantalon.. fave ko puh naman yugn suot ko.. waah.. at putek.. i forgot to say the most awful part.. UMUULAN NGA KAYA MAPUTIK! di tlga nakikisama ang panahon at tlgang binabasa puh kami..talagang sinusubukan kami..

pagpasok namin.. we still had no idea where our designated seats are.. lakad lakad ulit kami tas narealize na namin na hopeless na yun..nagtanong tanong kami kugn san ba ang area ng ticket namin.. meh nakita na naman kaming nagkukumpulan para makapasok sa inner area ng stadium.. mas kawawa nga yung iba naming kasabay kasi yung mga ticket nila 5000 php tsaka 3000 php, di na nila masilayan ang kanilang mga upuan.. (kami rin!) nagstastart na yung concert.. (di ko kilala, dami kasi local na front act).. asa labas parin kami ng bakod nung 5,000-1500 na area.. tas sobrang nabubuwsit na yung mga tao at ayun na.. GINIBA ANG BAKOD! wahaha.. mega tinikling ako sa bakal at napaluhod na naman ako at inakyat na naman ako ni ate joy.. grabe.. (thank you tlga ate joy! lol!) tas ayun na.. para kaming nakawalang mga preso..

ohmigod.. asa 5,000 php area kami! kuha ako 4 na monoblock at pinagpatong patong yun sabay tayo dun at voila... kitang kita ko na ang stage! ganda pa ng pwesto namin dhel malapit sa speakers tsaka sa wide screen.. wahahaha.. nung umpisa nakatunganga lng kami nila ate joy and cecille.. napagod kami at parang nagmuni muni sa mga nangyari.. kakatakot.. kakapagod.. basang basa puh kami.. pero nung si Gary V na ang nagpeperform medyo nakapagpahinga na ako at nakikijoin na ako sa kasiyahan sa ultra.. lol!

eto na.. si Shan Cai tsaka kapatid nya.. umaambon parin.. pero ang saya sayaaaaaaaaaa!! tumatalon talon puh ako sa 4-storey monoblock ko na alang takot lol! ang ganda nyaaaaaaaa.. katuwa pa kasi sinasabi nila.. "SALAMAT PO!" or "KAMUSTA KAYO?" hehe..kumanta sila ng 2 chinese song.. tas yung last.. sabi ng kapatid ni Shan Cai.. "THIS IS FROM BARBIE'S show!" .. tas si Shan Cai, sabi nya kung alam daw ang melody makijoin.. siguro kasi chinese eh.. putek.. kinanta nila yung keh Harlem Yu..wahaha..buong PILIPINAS nagchichinese at sumabay sa kanya sa pagkanta.. ang saya saya!!! from start to end nakikanta yung audience (pati ako syempre hehe) .. kakatuwa kasi tuwang tuwa sila Shan Cai sa pinoy.. akalain mo bang ganon karami pumunta.. siguro 100,000 ang mga tao dun.. puno kasi eh.. as in puno buong stadium..

grabe na yung sigawan nung sinabi na si Vaness na.. as innn.. ako rin mega talon talon parin.. wahhh.. ang gwapoooooo.. pag nagbinoculars kami kitang kita ko muscles ni Vaness! lol! kinanta nya yung Searching for Juliet tsaka Body will sing.. isa ring chinese song tsaka isang english na church song.. lol.. katawa nga yung church song kasi acapella lng at sinabi ni Vaness na ala daw sa script yun at nagtataka daw yung crew sa pinaggagawa nya sa stage.. bait nya dibuh? onga pala.. binati ako ni Vaness.. kasi sabi nya.. "HELLO PHILIPPINES!!"
putek! ako yon! lol!

tas si ken na. words cannot describe kung gano siya kagwapo. titili na lng ako. */me tili hanggang mapaos ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!* 3 rin kinanta nya.. isa dun yung Here we are at isang english song.. nung nilabas nga nya lng yung guitara mega sigawan na mga tao (kasama ako dun hehe) dhel alam na na kakantahin nya yun.. kainis lng at ndi nya kinanta yung show me your love.. sigaw puh naman ako ng sigaw.. "KENNNNNNNNN!! SHOW ME YOUR LOVE!!!" LOL!

nagsama rin sa stage si Ken and Vaness.. kumanta sila ng isang kanta at katuwa kasi sumasayaw sayaw si ken.. hihihi.. di siya ganon kagaling.. kakatawa siya lol!

yun.. babay na ken and vanness.. kakalungkot.. meh isa pa ngang kanta yung lahat ng local front acts .. with matching super nice na fireworks.. pero nakatitig na lng ako sa fireworks at nirereminisce ang napanood ko.. grabe! nakita ko tlga si Ken and Vaness! yung pinapanood ko sa DVD lng eh kumanta at sumayaw para saken. oki payn, para sa pinoy pero parang sa akin na rin yun! hehe!!

pagod na pagod kami after.. naglakad puh kami at pinagalitan puh ako dhel nagpasundo ako at ang lakad ko daw eh papalayo puh samen.. sabi nga ni dadi "ANO KA BUH PUPUNTA KA BANG MAYNILA!?" hehe. sori la tlga akong sense of direction..

sige.. hanggang dito na lng ang aking "short" story.. sa susunod na adventure ulit.. (sana matagal tagal puh yun!)

/me tili for one last time (well, at least for this day) for F2.. "aaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyylabyuuuuuuuuu!!!"

p.s. napanood nyo buh yung The Buzz. waahhh kainggit talaga si Kris.

Thursday, September 11, 2003

System Time: 4:30 PM
..am still on the project.. Ma'am V gave me another form to modify.. have finished it already and am just waiting for 6pm again..

..nyek, spoke too soon.. was handed another set of forms to modify.. hmm.. looks like another 12 hours at the office for me.. *sighs*

System Time: 7:26 PM
..am still at the office.. am still working on my supposed "finished forms".. they can't seem to make up their mind on the user interface behavior so i keep on modifying my codes..anywayz.. will go home in a little while..

System Time: 7:32 PM
..passed my forms.. uwi na ko.. babay! am so damn hungry...

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

gaah. am starting my cycle again. no, not my period.. i mean,.. this cycle when i get soo lazy to even get up and go to work.. i was absent last monday tas half-day kanina.. dunno honestly what's bugging me.. even momi said he was worried 'bout me.. anywayz,.. i'm feeling a little bit better.. maybe all i needed was a few days of rest.. i had a very eventful weekend, btw..

went out with momi again last friday.. just did the usual stuff.. window shopping, book hunting.. eating.. hmm.. i miss him already.. he had an exam/interview last monday at ICT in makati.. after that, he went here at the house.. he was kinda nervous at meeting my parents.. (i was too) but as i said to him, my family's kinda snobbish so they didn't talk to him that much.. just a few courteous hellos and that was that.. my MOM was another story, though. you see, when dex arrived my dad was watching a movie at our living room, so we couldn't use that TV to play PS2.. so i decided for us to play in my room.. the door was open and all.. then my mom called me and SCOLDED me..."bakit nageentertain ka ng lalake sa kwarto mo!? blah blah blah" and told me to go down and help her prepare dinner.. duuuh. tas that wasn't the end of that... dex and i went outside to our balcony.. then my mom asked me "nandyan pa siya?!" in a LOUD voice and a tone that implies that dex wasn't welcome at our house .. i'm almost sure that dex heard it too.. so i went inside and confronted my mom.. actually, confronted is the wrong word.. i just talked to her and asked her why her tone is like that... sabi ko nakakahiya.. then she got all angry and told me "wag mo kong sasabihan sa tono ng boses ko, pamamahay ko toh, kahit anong sabihin ko o tono ko pwede!" .. shut up na lang ako. grabe. up to now, when i recall the words she said.. it just pisses me off. HELLO???! Matanda ka na, dapat alam mo na nakakahiya yung ginawa mo. oki fine bahay mo.. pero HELLOOO tlga.. grrr. kabwiset.

ANYWAY, that was my monday.. my sunday was a whole LOT better.. i was able to talk to JayR LIVE!!!!!!!!! i mean, really talk to him, in a conversational kind of way, lol! he was featured at myMusic PLDT chat and could be heard chatting with different people through Wave 89.1.. i didn't plan to call AT ALL.. i was just listening to him sing song after song (people keep on requesting him to sing) and was waiting for one of my ka-yahoogroup to call and plug the group when the DJ said "last 10 minutes, guys".. and i kinda panicked and reached for the phone and dialed the number without really thinking.. i got connected at my first try and before i knew it, i was talking to him.. mygasssssss.. che sistah said my voice sounded cool but i was so nervous i could hardly remember what i blabbed on air for 3 minutes.. but i did remember saying that i was from the yahoogroups.. (JayR reacted to that and made sipsip to us haha!) i just asked him if he's really the one that posts there (yep, siya daw).. he even said he doesn't have internet access so he has to cross the street to go the internet cafe and log on from there.. i was really fretting that i forgot about the contest, after a few more questions and small talk i just said "ok, that's all.. bye!"... *wapaks herselp* gaah, i should have won his poster and cd.. i just really want an autographed copy 'cause i already have his cd.. *wapaks sarili ulit* .. but at LEAST i WAS able to talk to him.. i'm soooooo happyyy na hehe!

haaaayyyyyyy 10:03 PM pa lang.. am feeling sleepy already.. i wasn't able to blog in the office 'cause i was busy modifying some forms again.. (was back in the project momentarily)... was just able to finish it today.. bukas la na naman ako gagawin.. i plan on squatting at Sir Reivi's PC again and ask him if i could make the internet form of our Time Report Sheet using PHP.. la lang.. para meh magawa.. onga pala.. i looked at a couple of Linux books and they're not that expensive.. Mastering Red Hat 9 was just 1,100php.. (was expecting 1,800+) .. i'm planning on installing Linux in my PC.. so i'm thinking of buying a book to learn.. plus almost all Linux books have the CD installer included, so i don't have to borrow one anymore..

time to sleep.. gud nite all!

p.s. musta na Ate cha? *hugs*

Friday, September 05, 2003

waaaaaaaaaah kabadtrip! have started my blog when i stupidly pressed "Cancel" instead of "Save" when i pressed another tab.. demmiiit! hay.. i just hate redoing my entries..

gaaah. katamad. i'll just enumerate some of the stuff i've said.

1. Ma'am M saw me parading around the office.. she asked me: "ano ginagawa mo, geri?" me: "ahmm.. wala po" sounds familiar? deja vu! lol! same question, same answer.. anywayz, was a good thing 'cause she asked me to read the prototype specs for the next VB project.. word is she'll only need 2 VB programmers and now, i have a good chance to be chosen 'cause i'm the first programmer she gave this to.. *crosses fingers* have read the entire 30-page specs already but only understood about 1/4 of it, lol! Ma'am M said she has a sample running program and she'll show it to me next week, for me to better understand it.. ^_^

2. I' ve been missing the feeling of "panic" every morning that i wake up.. 'cause i've been doing nothing here at the office.. kakatamad, lol! it's time to get reacquainted with that feeling, hehe

3. momi and i had a GREAT time last night.. details of which are strictly confidential.. as they say.. if i tell you, i'd hafto kill you. :bleh

4. one of the hebigats Programmer Analysts at Radix, Sir Rodion, will treat us with loads of beer and food.. la lang.. feel nya lang hehe.. actually, ganon tlga siya pag aalis na naman siya ng pinas, nagpapakain muna.. ohdibuh bait! lol!

5. will meet momi again later.. hopefully he drops by the office kasi nga meh magpapakain.. hitch kami ng food hihihi

..think that's about it.. will blog later if i remember something else.. gaah.. kainish talaga.. feeling instructor pa kasi ako eh, dinedemonstrate ko yung blogger keh Sir Reivi.. demmit.. *wapaks sarili*

4:30 PM na.. lapit na 5 pm.. TGIF! will be able to sleep late again.. (late, considering i wake up at 5:15 am everyday) will post this blog now.. have a great weekend everybody!!!


Thursday, September 04, 2003

am now squatting at Sir Reivi's PC.. it's on Linux.. so i'm kinda getting a hands-own tutorial.. very kewl.. have also been learning PHP and mySQL.. don't have a new project yet so i'm finding ways to keep myself busy here at work.. have created a simple PHP page.. has all the usual functions.. add, edit , delete records in my database.. astig hihihi.. i'm reading a tutorial in webmonkey.com .. some sample codes wouldn't work so i had to ask Sir R for help to debug it.. now it's working!.. *hapi*

i haven't seen momi for like 3 days! matagal na yun hehe.. anywayz, will be seeing him later.. the sun's out again and that's very good news cause it's the rain that's keeping us apart.. (naks LOL! read: takot ako sa ulan haha) i miss him already.

good thing Sir R has a CD-ROM.. (actually, it's a DVD-ROM RWcombo) .. at least i've got some music to keep me company.. brought some of Ate Chary's CDs.. am currently listening to John Mayer, Your body is a wonderland.. part of the 2003 Grammy Nominees Album.. before this, i was listening to Incubus (Morning View) but i think it's pretty loud already for my other officemates.. Sir R has speakers (can't find my damn earphones) so i hafto take into consideration my seatmates' listening preferences hehe..

will meet momi later! (ay.. sinabi ko na pala yun hihihi) .. sorry, am just excited.. tagal ng uwian! lol!

ei, ate Gay lent me yesterday her "Aerobic Revolution" ps2 game so that i could test it for her and tell her if it's any good.. her dance-pad buying decision will depend on my feedback hehe.. tried it last night and it was sooooooooooo fun.. was sweating my pants off after 5 songs.. the game's made by Konami, the same maker of the Dans Dans Revolution games..after you have completed a stage, it'll inform you how many calories you have burned.. when i found out i burned 190 calories i decided to stop and keep my precious calories in my body lol! but i really enjoyed myself.. (better than the stupid Britney spears ps2 game i have) will hafto find one for myself.. at first i didn't know what button to click 'cause everything's in Japanese.. but after a few wrong clicks i finally found the "Dans Dans Revolution" part.. the songs are longer so it's really a good exercise.. i could only play the "4-star" songs.. 5+ songs are waay above my level.. i could only stare at the arrows rushing in my monitor in those songs, lol..

..have watched the first part of Bad Boys 2 the other night.. "first part" cause i slept through the rest of it.. not that it's boring.. but i was lying in my bed while watching it and i was so tired from work so i fell asleep after about an hour of the movie..

ei Sir R's here.. will blog you later!


Tuesday, September 02, 2003

i'm so sleypi again.. -_- am not doing anything work-related.. just bumming in Sir H's PC.. listening to RX 93.1 live feed.. http://www.rx931.com/live/windows.asp .. can't get the NU live feed to work.. dunno if the error's on our end or at theirs.. anywayz.. pop stations suck.. they're currently playing an Itchyworm song and the dj said it was a "new" one.. duh.. have heard this song at NU like 2 months ago.. didn't catch the title.. but i'm pretty sure this song's even in the midnight countdown.. ay.. buwan's the title.. hmm..

waah i wanna go home.. i'm so sleypi and it's raining hard today.. almost didn't go to work.. got a lot of new DVDs that i haven't watched yet.. Dreamcatcher, Head of State, 2Fast 2Furious and Bad Boys 2.. guess i'll hafto wait till weekend to watch them...have no specific plan yet for this coming weekend.. will probably spend it again with momi..

hay i'm still so sleeeeeeeeyyypiiii. -_-

blog you later.


Monday, September 01, 2003

manic monday...

had a busy weekend.. friday night i was with momi again .. also met Eboy and hugey.. we just chatted a bit over dinner.. tuwa naman si momi keh hugey kasi si hugey meh pagkacomedian eh hehe.. kaya aliw.. saturday nite i was out naman with my pre-com classmates.. 7 lang kami pero enjoy parin.. di ko kasama si momi hehe.. buti na lng kasi mega inom at yosi kami... nakauwi ako mga 1:30 am.. lasheng and all.. oks lng hinatid naman ako nila.. sunday night i was with dex again.. mineet naman namin hs friends ko.. si jing, lara ( and her bf, jp) and kate.. oki din.. jing texted me last night.. sabi nya.. oki daw si dex, la daw siya negative comment.. oha.. katuwa :) .. medyo window shopping kami after ni momi.. pero in the end bumili rin siya ng pants.. ganda nung pants.. kung kasya saken yun, inarbor ko na haha..

momi's gonna be staying at his uncle na.. di na samen.. para makatipid din siya sa rent and food.. so in return, he's helping his uncle sa business niya.. kaya at least di siya bored.. medyo sunod sunod na nga phone interviews nya.. at least para mapractice din siya..

sabi ko sa kanya pwedeng ndi na kami magkita araw².. layo kasi ng bahay from his uncle's place sa manila.. wawa din siya, nakakauwi siya mga before 12 am.. tsaka kakatakot maya ano pa mangyari sa kanya.. so siguro mga once/twice a week na lng.. weekends malamang.. pero i'm really happy now.. basta nakakatuwa.. mas nakikilala na namin isa't isa.. :)