Wednesday, March 23, 2005

...the long wait is over

System Time: 9:07 AM
..we have found the perfect caterer! I'm talking about Swan Catering, of course.. the food is delicious, the package is great and it's extremely affordable..just 400 bucks a head and we get a wedding cake that looks awesome, (it doesn't look part of the package, unlike some caterers where the cake looks absolutely pathetic) a gazebo and a wedding car for free! Our whole meal was served to us last Sunday.. crispy ukoy for appetizer, clam chowder soup (with clams, bacon bits and potatoes),barbequed spareribs, grilled blue marlin with lemon butter sauce (my fave!), chicken cordon blue and fresh lumpiang ubod (they didn't forget the grounded peanuts!).. for dessert, we chose fresh fruits in season (ponkan, papaya, watermelon, pineapple and melon) and mango crepe.. we ate everything til our stomachs cannot handle any more "abuse"! (ay meh sotanghan din pala, hehe) although we haven't closed the deal, we've pretty much made up our minds to have them as our caterer.. they're a big and old company (they had 7 caterings last sunday alone!) and i'm sure they won't disappoint us on the day itself..

here's pangs eating his heart out at the swan catering food tasting
pangs at swan catering
go pangs! lol! mwahhh!

we want to be sure to get the 400/head price so we'll probably be paying them the full amount next month so we wouldn't be affected with any price increase or tax increase or something like that since our wedding's still on january..if an increase happens, we might canvass all over again! waaah ayaw ko na! hirap kaya! lol!

it's holy week so don't eat your meat and live a saintly week (or a day, if that's all you can do, hehe).. i'll be contemplating my life while trying to finish my sidelines this weekend..(ora et labora, pray and work) cyah guys! bye!

Friday, March 18, 2005 it!

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omg, i'm inlove!! i'm in love with Ayala Westgrove Heights and i absolutely want to live there and i won't rest until i do! Pangs mentioned this to me when we went to Tagaytay but i just brushed it off 'cause it was in the South and I never really wanted to live in that area.... until now! it started with a promotional article in The Star today.. it said "First Batch of St.Scholastica's-Westgrove Graduates" cause i didn't know that such branch existed so i read on.. The article featured this mother whose family moved to Ayala Westgrove and was gushing about how wonderful there life has been after that.. (lol) i know, i know, it's pretty cheesy but i googled the village and now I"M the one gushing about it in my blog.. what i really liked about it is the fact that St.Scho is just outside the village and of course, as a proud Scholastican, i also want my future kid to have Benedictine values growing up..Pangs doesn't really want to live in Marikina and ayaw ko ng St.Scho Manila (hehe).. plus it has always been my childhood dream to live in an exclusive village, having classmates in HS who lived in Filinvest, Town n Country,etc with their posh clubhouses and village pools, i was a bit envious that they could walk around their village and that they ACTUALLY KNOW their neighbors.. lol! (of course, our house was almost always more beautiful than theirs but that's another story, hehehe) of course, i could also settle for something similar to it, somewhere more affordable but just as near and as picturesque as Westgrove but I would always have the village on mind so that I would have something solid to aim for myself and my pangs..

Thursday, March 17, 2005 make me so very happy

yep, it's the song Constantine sang in the last AI.. i am now a certified fan of this song! and i want to post this for my one and only pangs!! time to get senti! mwahmwahmwah

I lost at love before
Got mad and closed the door
But your sun shined just once more

I chose you for the one
Now we're having so much
You treated me so kind
I'm about to lose my mind
You made me so very happy
I'm so glad you came into my life

The others were untrue
But when it came to loving you
I'd spend my whole life through

'Cause you came and you took control
You touch my very soul
You always showed me that
Loving you is where it's at
You made me so very happy
I'm so glad you came into my life

Thank you baby!

I love so much you see
You're even in my dreams
I can hear, I can hear you callin' me
I'm so much in love with you
All I ever want to do is
Thank you baby, thank you baby

You make me so very happy
I'm so glad you came into my life
You made me so very happy
You made me so very happy, baby
I'm so glad you came
Into my life

I want to thank you boy
Thank you baby

i'm gonna convince Pangs to make it our first Dance.. hehe.. mwahmwah

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

...aza aza fighting!

System Time: 4:07 PM
i'm always the last to know about the latest in our kada.. and of course, i was the last to know the Roni already gave birth to a healthy baby girl..(i wouldn't even know had i not called her) and she did it without any general anesthesia.. OMG, she's a Hero.. she said that the labor pain was so intense she didn't even feel them snipping away in her p***p**! LOL! sheteee di ko kaya yun..congrats roni! and *wapaks* what the hell where you thinking, tolerating that extreme pain? lol! we'll visit you and Vian next week!

anyway, i'm so excited about the upcoming food-tasting at Swan this Sunday.. i'm not gonna eat any lunch so i'll appreciate the food more, hehehe..

i forgot to show this pictures, these were taken at the (not-so) grand foodtasting of Batis Asul..
pangs at batis asul
centerpiece by balay kandila

the decor was fantastic, i absolutely love candles! but the food is forgettable..(i know i've blogged this before but i'm still frickin disappointed! lol)

i'm still busy at the office but i've been recently watching the DVD of the Koreanovela, "Full House" with the actress from Endless Love 1 (si Jenny).. i'm already on the last disc (Disc 8) and it's so addicting.. one time, all you could hear from the 3 TVs in our house was Korean dialogue.. my mom was watching it in her room, my sister at the Living Room, and i was watching it in MY room.. hehe..(we were watching different discs).. it's a comedy with a bit of drama without a murderous villain (don't you just hate women murderers in soaps?) and a kidnapping scene (another Pinoy soap must-have).. another thing i also love 'bout the series is the house.. it's SUCH a beautiful house, and it's so similar to my dream home.. a home with a modern facade with glass walls at the back that overlooks a beach.. it's wonderful!! can't wait to go home early today and watch the ending..(wala si Ma'am Marivic, A-B-S-E-N-T.. it's a miracle.)

speaking of uwi ng maaga, my dad just texted me this:
Aga kayong umuwi. Masarap ang ulam- seafood special- adobong alimango n halaan soup

ayus!! bye all!!

my title's a line from Full House, syempre makakaappreciate lang eh Ate ko at Nanay ko na hindi naman nagbabasa ng blog ko. harharhar.

Monday, March 14, 2005

...grand food-tasting filled weekend

...pangs and i went to Mt. Carmel last friday for Karwaje's food tasting.. we got there and we were able to see their (puny) decor and set-up but the food was excellent.. it sort of raised our standards for the food caterer.. the day after that, we had two appointments... first at St. Nicholas Catering located in front of the Makati City Hall at 1 pm and Batis Asul in Heroes Hill at 4 pm.. St. Nicholas' food is not even worth mentioning while Batis Asul's food was so-so.. it was neither bad nor exceptional.. pwede na, ika nga.. but of course, we aren't looking for "okay na", we want something "wow and masarap!" and "wow mura" LOL! finding the right caterer seems to be the most difficult and crucial decision for a wedding.. almost anyone's first reaction when attending a wedding is how good the food was.. "ay masarap food nun!" after that they say.. "ganda rin ng gown..." (nevermind the bride, harhar).. that's why we're trying to contact as many caterers as we can so we can make the right decision.. we have another scheduled food tasting this Sunday at Swan Catering around 1 pm... our hopes are high for that one, since they have the best package so far, just 400 bucks a head, (all in, including SC and gov't tax) and includes a very nice gazebo (karwaje's gazebo sucked), a 3 layer Fondant Cake and a Bridal Car! it's sooo cool.. just wish the food's better than Batis Asul.. the weekend was almost a waste, good thing we met Rosette of Something Borrowed.. she's brilliant! she sketched my dream wedding gown in a matter of minutes.. she's expensive too.. she quoted my gown for 20k.. some say it's already cheap but i just can't imagine spending 20k in just one dress that i'll wear in like 5 hours! arrrrghhhh but the dress is sooo darn beautiful.. *sighs*

anyway, i've enrolled in a gym (Gold's) this month and was on my 2nd training day and my trainor discovered something weird in my right shoulder.. i have to have it examined this weekend, it's preeeetty weird, almost disturbing really.. i mean, it looks like my shoulders aren't aligned and my right shoulder looks dislocated.. it doesn't really hurt that much, just when i lift some weights parallel to the ground that i feel it.. i'll have it x-rayed this weekend, just to be sure..

i'll see you guys around.. i'm still at work, i think i'll be spending the night here again.. bye all!! God bless!

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

...happy birthday pangs!

System Time: 8:10 AM
gud mawnin guys! last Friday was Pang's Birthday and I was able to join their family for lunch (yep, the whole family) at Dad's.. i was pretty nervous (and late) for it but Tita Sion (uy, nakiki-Tita hehe) was her usual friendly self and Akel, her sister was cheery as well.. It was my first time to meet his Dad.. I wasn't able to talk to him that much but he was amiable to me too.. their family is quite similar to ours, their closeness is very endearing.. Pang's mom said to me as the lunch ended "Till me meet again, Geri" sabay akbay sa akin.. i'm really, really happy that they like me.. they still don't know of our plans (pangs is still waiting for the right time) but so far, it's been good and all i want is to be part of their family..after lunch, Pangs and I went to Red Box and videoked our lungs out till 7 pm (it's only 199 bucks each for the 3-7 pm slot) and THAT was a lot of fun..

the next day after that, pangs and I went to EK.. he was able to borrow his family's van and we arrived at EK around was Pang's first time to go there so i jostled him into posing for me with EK's mascot hehe..
pangs with EK

here are some other pics..
wet pangs

pangs and me


go kart!
at the race track

good thing we brought an extra set of clothes 'cause we got drenched at the Rio Grande.. we also revisited Sonya's Garden and saw a lot of improvements there since we came 5 months ago.. we didn't eat there ('cause the food is crap) but was still able to capture some of the beaaauutiful flowers there..

sonya's flowers

some bad news though.. Roni's Dad passed away last Saturday so we went there last Monday at their house for the wake.. Condolence Roni, so sorry, but i'm sure your Dad's enjoying himself up there with God..

bye for now.. have a great week!