Sunday, September 01, 2002

was my blog last friday:

System Time: 9:22 AM

my ex-officemates and friends4ever (NAKS HAHA) will hopefully sleepover at our house today.. hopefully because the plan is not yet finalized.. i only called them today..actually, it was irvie who texted me and said that bevs will not go to baguio today so they'll go to our house instead.. yeHey sana matuloy!

...another good news: finished resizing james' face.. (ang fogeehh talaga) they are all now 80x80 images.. hope i finish the menu this weekend..

..ANOTHER good news.. brought a soft copy of Harry Potter books here at the office.. (cannot bear reading LOTR.. makes me even sleepier)

..ANOTHER good news.. sweldo kahapon! hehe.. la lang..

eka eka.. nagcoconference mga kabatch ko hehe.. later !

System Time: 1:53 PM
i'm so sleyyypiiii.. it's now confirmed.. bevs, eugene and irvs will be sleeping over later at our haus.. (yiPee!).. i have to buy us some food, though.. (lots and lots of food)..
..hay i could read HP the whole day but i might get caught.. so i resized my notepad and made it look like the property inspector of VB hehe.. but Sir Nathan (the one behind me) probably already knows that i'm not doing anything work related.. lol.. hay.. i mean he could have noticed that my screen hasn't changed the whole morning.. Ma'am Malou said we'll be given a new module today but it's almost 2 PM..don't think that'll happen...
i'll just continue reading my HP discreetly..

..4 minutes before logging out.. will go to makati and meet the guys there.. i'm still so frigging sleepy.. even HP can't make me fully awake.. i even tried going to the CR and sitting in the bowl with my eyes closed.. LOL!.. hehe.. all i have to say is.. this has been one BORING day at work.. glad this day is almost over... timezone here i come hahaha ... bye!

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