Friday, December 29, 2006

...happy new year weekend!

December 27, 2006

System Time: 4:57 PM

i'm on my 3rd week now at work, but still no access on anything. ho-hum. I guess that's good news uh, still have nothing to do. I think I'll be like this until January. I'll be attending a formal training (lucky me, none of the other pinoys were able to go to one) for 1 week on january 8-12 and it's a whole day thing so that means no work for me again. (hurrah? hindi ko na alam!!) I'm getting really bored na, tas ang taaagaaaaaal ng oras my gosh.

System Time: 5:03 PM

I attempted to go to HB and ask something about my access but I realized it's already 5:03PM and i'm planning on leaving by 5:30.. i'm not supposed to, pero wala naman akong ginagawa! i don't think anyone will notice since my workstation's awayyy from everybody else's. It'll probably take more than 30 minutes to troubleshoot whatever's bugging my ODBC connections. Anyway, I'll try again tomorrow. If it still doesn't work, then I'll ask.

System Time: 5:17 PM

it's Lara's Birthday today!!! Happy Birthday Lara!!!!! sana nga matuloy yung tinext mo saken kanina!

December 28, 2006

System Time: 5:07 PM

We're going to start viewing flats today. We're just looking at hdbs for now, they're the cheaper ones. hopefully it's near an MRT, so it could justify the high prices at least. We'll be viewing 2 flats, one at the West side, the other at North West side. Pangs said to not keep my hopes high since he has experienced seeing dirty/ugly flats before. But i'm hoping the West one is at least clean, because it's supposed to be near the MRT. anyhoo, we'll know later.

I'm starting to feel a bit weird here at the office. I dunno.. weird in a sense that i'm left out or something. you see, the pinoys in our team are not allowed to group together.. a while later, we were even told to speak english when we talk amongst ourselves. (gosh watda diba) Anyway, that's not my complaint.. it's the pinoys din. particularly these 2 chinese pinoys, they keep talking and talking and when I ask something, they sometimes ignore my question, like i'm not there or they didn't hear me. And it's hard when they talk about other officemates in Tagalog (kaya kami pinagbabawalang maggrupo eh, kasi puro ganon ang usapan), they won't tell me who they're talking about. Dati nangungulit pa ako, now, after one question na "Sino?" then they say something like it's for me to find out, I just say "okay". I guess tama rin ginagawa nila para hindi ako maging prejudiced dun sa pinagkukwentuhan nila. I don't know, maybe I'm a bit paranoid because i was so hungry already. (We were waiting for the other pinoy) I guess, tinatancha ko pa ugali nila. Pero I'll shut up na rin muna. I'll go eat with the Chinese. hehe.

System Time: 5:50 PM

5 minutes to go before uwian. 6 ang uwian pero the company bus leaves exactly at 6. pwede na nga ako umalis eh. hehe. alis na nga ako. babay! Will meet pangs at Jurong East. Bye!

December 29, 2006

System Time: 11:05 AM

today is ate chary's birthday.. Happy Birthday ate!!!

Yesterday we went to see a couple of hdb flats. The first one sucked bigtime. It was dirty, had latrine toilets (yung asa baba, yung bowl lang tas magsqusquat ka para magwiwi. wahahah no way.) the second one was waaay better, newly renovated, all new furniture and appliances. Catch is, super mahal. 1200 for a hdb flat!? no way din! Tas 1 bedroom lang talaga. 2 room siya, pero the other room was smaller. I guess 2 bedroom na rin, pero unit was still small. Now I realize how nice our hdb flat is. I thought dati, bulok siya, maganda pala compared to others haha! first, the old hdbs here, yung elevator, hindi lahat ng floors! kunwari, ang elevator is for 1st, 3rd, 6th level lang. Then you have to use the stairs for other levels. Tapos yung latrine toilets nga. (nyeknyeks) Plus, our hdb flat pala is huge compared to others. 4 bedroom flat kasi siya, tapos malawak yung common space (living room, dining, kitchen). And, infront of our hdb, meh mini-gym, meh playgrounds pa (with S kasi 2 hehe). I received another email from an agent today, I think condo siya, pero baka hindi na namin tingnan kasi, ang mamahal. February pa siguro kami makakalipat, konting tiis lang muna ako para hindi naman kami magipit dahil lumipat kami ng bahay.

Ei, today is declared half-day ulit! yahooo! uwi na ako!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

...late update

Date: December 20, 2006
System Time: 4:16 PM
i'm so sleepy that i'm getting cross-eyed because of this. ser-ious-ly. i'm all alone here in my workplace, but i don't want to get caught by anyone sleeping. its a bit weird at first, working here in SG. sometimes, after waking up (okay, okay, antok na antok ako talaga ehhhh) to their chinese conversations, nagugulantang ako. Like.. asan ako? Bakit hindi ko maintindihan sinasabi? Then i remember where I am and hope that no one saw me sleeping. Makes me miss my previous work and officemates. At least there, i get to sleep during lunch harhar. There's so much stuff to get used to here.. the spicy food,(but at least our food is cheap, that's a
pro), writing in DD/MM/YYYY format.. (who does that? apparently, this whole country), their accent, (sorry? sorry? what was that?).. and speaking english all day. s u c h a hassle. lolz. really. i can't even deliver a good joke on english. harhar. you know what i mean? like example.. you wanna say "halos nalaglag puso ko sa takot" you can't translate that literally to "my heart almost fell ek ek", i might sound stupid so i just say "i was so frightened" but i feel nawawala yung essence ng aking pagkatakot. haha. and expressions like "walangyaaa" or "grabe namannn, now i'm just "haha. yeah,..that difficult uh?" L O L. Alang kwenta. Meh
naisip pa akong isa.. like "makalaglag panty!" LOL. can you just imagine how i
will say that. "My panty fell." or "Panty-faller" hahaha. hay.

Date: December 21, 2006
System Time: 11:35 AM
so hungry-lah. I just texted Daddy, asking him to email the Power of Attorney letter so I could sign it (it's for my last pay at CAI) then snail-mail it back to him. He replied and said he couldn't do it tonight because they're going to fetch Ate Ging at the airport. Nalungkot ako dun, kasi nainggit ako. I'm gonna spend Christmas for the first time ever without my parents, without the comforts of home.. Home meaning, Pinas. Mamimiss ako ng mga inaanak ko. haha. I've always been a diligent godmother, wala akong nakakalimutan uh! Tsaka hindi ako kuripot ehehe. Konti pa lang kasi,kaya i can afford not too. But wait, dumami na ata. There's Siege (yeah, as in Under Siege), Liam, Maureen and Iel. Wow, 4 lang ba talaga? Will have to clarify keh Mommy, hehe. konti lang pala. Anyway, I've started looking at toys here, they're pretty expensive, baka sa pinas na ako bumili hahaha!

Time for lunch, but no one's asking me yet. ho-hum. I wanna eat na!! Yayain nyo na ko please!

System Time: 2:45 PM
15 minutes to go before my informal training starts. I'm staying awake with the help of Yeng Constantino's Hawak Kamay. Napakatalentado ng batang ito. I swear, it's a really, really good song. Melody and lyrics, ang galing. Hindi predictable yung melody, basta maganda talaga. This is one of the few songs na unang rinig ko pa lang, nagandahan na ako. I thought a pro composed the song, siya pala. Gusto ko rin yung isang kanta nya na Pangarap Ko. Galing, she deserves to be the winner ng Pinoy Dream Academy. Gagastusan ko siya pramis haha. Bibili ako album nya. (pasalamat ang
ABS sa YouTube! hindi yung kakasuhan nila) I read somewhere that they're planning a "world tour" of some sorts. Sana pumunta sila dito. (gaaaah certified kapamilya na ba ang nangyayari saken!?) In Philippine Idol, the one who won was Mau. Isa lang macocomment ko.. "ewww." hahaha bad.

I got my picture taken today for my ID. Hopefully I get it next week. Grabe. Pasko na pala sa Monday! Meh kris kringle kami ngayon sa bahay, kakatawa si Jeff ni Anshe sobra. After reading nung nabunot nya, sabi ni Izar, "bakit pagkain? pwede ba ang pagkain!?" Edi wala sameng mashadong nagreak.. eto namang si Jeff, sabi, "HINDI BA PWEDENG PAGKAIN??" L O L. nalaman tuloy na siya, nagbunutan ulit kami. kasi naman, kung makareak eh, hindi man lang pasimple lolz. Nakakatawa pa yung sinulat nya.. sabi ni Izar "Chocolate. Pwedeng meh almond. Huwag yung may wafer. Pwede rin ang
Milk Chocolate. Wag lang kisses chocolate" or something like that. Basta ang haba haba pa ng requirements, hahahaha. Hindi na lang sabihin kung anong tatak ng chocolate ang gusto eh hahaha. Patawa talaga. The next day, there was a note on the kitchen, "Sa nakabunot ng sandals. Size 8 po. Boy po ako" LOL. Patawa talaga tong mga housemates ko hahaha. Yun ang mamimiss ko eh, pag lumipat kami ng bahay. Nahihirapan na kasi akong gumising eh. 2 hours ang allowance ko dapat sa biyahe! Grabeeh. Pag naging 8am pa pasok ko, di ko alam pano ako gigising. Si Pangs sinasabayan nya pa ko, kasi ang dilim pa eh! wahahah scary. Dito kasi, halos 7am na lumiliwanag. Siya tagatakbo ko pag andun na bus namin harhar. Was able to call Regi kanina, asked him if he knew any flats for rent on the West. Meron nga siya alam, okay na okay na ako dun sa kinuwento nya. HDB lang, 1 room for 800 sgd. Baka meh alam pa keyu, anywhere basta sa West, yung Green Line ng MRT. mag-go-google nga ako mamaya. No internet here sa office pa. huhu.

System Time: 5:36 PM
ooh, missed the 5:30 bus. Guess I'll have to wait for the 6 o'clock one. Dito pala sa SG, hindi ka pwedeng magsabi ng "can't" dapat "cannot". lolz. Tapos katawa, pagnamamalengke kami, syempre sanay tayo na "one half kilo of this, one half kilo of that" sasabihin seyu ng tindera.. "1 kilo? or half kilo?" (asa isip ko.. one half sabi ko eh!) dapat "half kilo" lang sabihin mo. sabi ko kela Anshe, pano pag 1/4? lolz. "250 grams" dapat hehe. sabihin ko kaya, "Uncle, 163 grams!" dapat eksakto uh.

December 22, 2006
System Time: 10:32 AM
yeheyyyyyyyy friday na! yahoo yahoo! 5:30 ako uuwi, pwede daw mas maaga pag friday eh. Hirap talagang gumising parin, i worked out a schedule that entails us to leave 30 minutes later than usual harhar. big deal na ano? basta maabutan ko yung bus which arrives at quarter to 9, darating ako ng office ng 9:05am. no one notices pa na i'm late kasi nakahiwalay nga ako ng workstation. Buti na lang. Buti na lng din Pasko sa monday, dahil no pasok! yahooey. Can't wait to start sleeping hehe. So ang nabunot ko sa KrisKringle namin is "sandals size 10 or t-shirt (L)".. 20dollar lang
ang budget namin uh, parang wala akong makitang na 20dollar sandals. Kelangan sale ang mapuntahan ko eh, yun lang pag-asa kong makakita nun. anyway, kung wala, t-shirt na lang.

December 26, 2006
Belated Merry Christmas! tapos na pasko? I was able to call my parents, nalungkot ako. slightly naiyak haha. kasi kakalungkot din pala na wala sa pinas. haay. Ate chary called me while they were at Sta.Mesa. Sabi saken ng mga Ninang ko "Che, namiss kita bigla! Wala akong regalo, eh!" wahahah! Samen kasi, pag meh work ka na, ikaw na magbibigay sa mga Ninang/Ninong mo. Oh, btw. Thanks Harbie sa card! really appreciate it! niloko pa ko ni Pangs, siya daw meh card galing seyu, ako daw wala ehehe. Anyway, sarap parin ng handa namin nung Pasko, c/o Jeff d Chef. Pictures to follow.. ang nakabunot saken sa Kris Kringle ay walang iba kungdi ang butihin kong
asawa! yahoooey! kaya lahat ng gusto ko, exaktong yun ang nakuha ko bwahahah. Yahoo! sabi naman ni Pangs, tipid daw na ako ang nabunot nya,kasi kung hindi, magseseparate pa siya ng Christmas gift hahaha. Ang hiningi ko sa kriskringle, black flats OR card wallet & keychain. Lahat nakuha ko hehe! SALAMAT PANGS!

System Time: 5:01 PM
meh email na ako! pero la parin internet. will be able to blog all my entries tonight. Nareceive ko na christmas wish list ng pamilya ko. Si mommy, blusher daw. Si ate ging, kahit anong damit from BYSI. I checked out the store, sabi ko, ang papanget, sa iba na lng hehe. Si ate chary, mall bag lang. (meh nabili nga ako eh, 10$ lng hahaha sa SEIYU, baka bumili pa ako ng iba) si Daddy yung Wireless Headphone daw, from Creative.. yung meh noise reduction. Baka sa mga Ninang ko, yung 10$ mall bag din, sana magsale ulit yung SEIYU. pagkasweldo ko sa January, bibili na ako nung sa iba, para hindi naman ako mashock sa February pagkauwi. Speaking of Leave, i'm
not even sure kung papayagan ako. Sana! kasi meh mga kasabay na akong uuwi eh. haay. Sana pumayag.

Yun lang muna. Hope you guys had a wonderful christmas!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

...first and second day

elow! so happy to report that my officemates are pretty nice and that i have not been eating lunch by myself, harhar. that's like my biggest fear whenever it's my first time in a new company, feeling highschool.

okay, so first day, right at the gate where i still had to give an ID to security, a Pinoy (let's call him Kuya J.. i'm not going to say names na sa blog, kasi sa dating kong company, nagoogle nila blog ko eh! wahahah!) talked to me and said "applicant ka? interview?" tas sabi ko: "Ay, first day po!" tas sabi ni Kuya J.."uy, okey! May Pinoy dyan! matutuwa ka!" syempre katuwa diba hehe. So medyo nakangiti ako pagpasok sa office kasi meh friendly face kagad.

Sobrang antok ko nung first day kasi binigyan lang ako ng manual para basahin. Tapos ngayon, nakapwesto ako malayo sa mga ka-team mates kow. as in! meh stairs na pababa tsaka elevator between our areas. Tapos, ako lang mag-isa dun! wahahaha. sabi nga nila "You so lonely there-lah!" hehe korek. Nung mga 12pm na, pagkagaling ko sa CR, inapproach ako ni Kuya j, sabi saken "oh, san ka maglulunch?" syempre sabi ko "ay, hindi ko pa po alam" sabay sabi nya saken "teka, meh baon kasi ako eh pero kung ala sasamahan kita" tapos pinuntahan nya yung chinese na si ms.M at binilin na samahan ako maglunch. hahaha, nahiya ako ng konti pero super grateful. Bali nakasama ko nung first day ko si Ms. M na chinese, Ms. P na indian tsaka si Ms. V na pinoy. Yun ang una kong napansin, meh tendency kasi pag asa ibang bansa na magsamasama yung lahi diba? Samen, dinidiscourage talaga yung magkumpol kumpol ng ganun. Okey na rin, sabi saken ng manager ko, dapat daw lumabas ako sa comfort level pag ganon, kasi isang team lang naman daw kami. Okey, fine hehe. Anyway, bait nila, kwento sila, try kong maintindihan pero hirap talaga ng accent. Sana masanay na ako. After lunch, basa (kunwari) na naman ako, try kong intindihin pero nakakatulog talaga ako. Dumadaan minsan saken si Ms. E yung Admin, very nice din siya and very helpful. Sinamahan nya ako sa parang security building ek ek para kumuha ng temporary pass. Nung mga 3pm, dumaan yung isa pang pinoy si S. Hay, buti na lang kungdi nakatulog na talaga ako. Siya yung 2nd pinoy na nag approach saken (si Ms. V doesn't count kasi ako lumapit sa kanya eh heheh) tapos konting kwento about sa company. Tapos umuwi na ako. Maaga akong nakauwi, mga 5, paalam ako keh bossing dahil kukunin ko pa yung EP card ko, pumayag naman!

ay onga pala, they have their own canteen, ang mura by singapore standards! 1.8 sgd for meat+veggie and rice and fruit. oha, sabi ko keh Pangs, mas mura bumili, kesa mag baon! sabi naman ng mga pinoy S and P, give it daw a month and a half, magsasawa din daw ako ehehe.

Today was better because I was able to shadow some of the team members. Si S, tinuruan ako ng isang module, tapos after lunch tinuruan naman ako ni H. Dapat si H(chinese) magtuturo saken kaya lang meh ticket siya so si S ang pinaturo nya saken. Okey na rin kasi since pinoy si S, Pag meh tanong ako hindi mashado nakakahiya kapag stupid question hehe! Nakasabay ko sa lunch si S tsaka si P, fil-chinese naman. Both are friendly! so katuwa! Meh isa pang Pinoy si R, pero hindi ko pa nakakausap mashado. dumadami na nga daw kami eh hehe. si P tsaka si R, filchinese so hindi halata na pinoy sila pero pag nagsalita na, hindi mo makakaila hehe. Pinoy through and through.

So there. medyo kakalito kwento ko hehe, pasensya. pero bottom line is, so far, so good. tomorrow, dun daw muna ako upo sa area nila dun sa pwesto ng mga nakaleave para hindi naman daw ako malungkot dun hehe!

eto pala ang lonely area ko: (sabi ni raymond parehong pareho ng itsura ng area namin sa Pramerica)


and lookie what ms.E the admin gave me.. office supplies!! i love new office supplies hehehe!

yun muna, bye folks! iba naman pala name ko, Ann na ang name ko. I think Geri/Gretchen was too complicated for them. ehehe.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006 are the one

wooohoo! okey, okey,.. i'm not a certified fan of Sam but i DID find him cute when he was still at PBB and natatawa ako pag nakikipaglandian si Toni keh Sam sa TV, while she was hosting PBB tas iniinterview nya si Sam. Nakakatawa kasi talaga si Toni hehe. Anyway, i watched Close To You kahapon, (rating: 2.5 out of 5) tas etong You are the One today. Nagustuhan ko!! hahaha. I remember when this was showing, 2 officemate kong lalake ang nanood nito (they blamed it on their parents, friends, etc.) and surprise surprise, they both said that they liked it. Ang sexy pa daw ni Toni. Now, after watching it myself, i have to agree! ang sexy nga ni Toni! lol! Lalo na nung sumasayaw siya nung nakashorts siya hahaha. Pero gwabe. dito ko lang ulit nagustuhan si Sam. ang cute nya. eheheh. I liked the pacing of the movie, mas nagustuhan ko toh kesa sa Til I met You (actually, kung i-re-rate ko yung Til I met you, 3 out of 5 lng siguro). Maganda pacing, maganda yung storyline. I mean, it's not THAT original, pero i liked yung initial istorya, yung Consult siya tas taga NSO siya. I can EVEN forgive the song and dance sequence,.. it's that good!! Unlike yung Close To You, totally don't get bakit maiinlove kagad yung si Lance keh.. forgot her name, basta yung character ni Bea. Hello, kahit meh history kayo, isang araw pa lang keyu ulit nagkita noh. Tas mahal na mahal kagad. Mas realistic yung pacing nitong You are the One. Tas meh chemistry talaga tong si Toni and Sam. Hindi ako updated sa chismis uh, last I heard, ang gusto na daw ni Sam si Anne Curtis, or something like that. All I can say is .. SAYANG! hahaha. apektado aku. I like them together. hihihi.

Yun lang. I was supposed to get my medical exam today, ang aga pa naming nagising. I was totally ignorant of the fact that there was a time specified in my release form, it said, "4-5pm". D e m m i t. I called the hospital, and they said the earliest I could get it was 3pm. Oh Well. (stupiid). Kaya heto ako, nakahabihis na, pero okey na rin. At least nakanood pa ako ng movie. bwahahaha. Baka nagiging Kapamilya na ako uh. wahahaha. Ala kasing movies yung Kapuso eh.

Yun muna. Ano pa ba magandang panoorin. pinanood ko nga rin pala ibang clips ni Sarah G. Magaling nga talaga siya Harbie. Napanood mo ba yung clip nung nanalo siya sa Star for a Night. Kakaiyak. Parang pampelikula. Kasi kasama nya si Sharon, si Regine tas kinakanta nya yung Bituin walang Ningning. hahaha. (ay tama ba,basta Sharon song).

oh, one more thing. love our laptop! hihihi. Thanks Pangs. mwah!

Monday, December 11, 2006


no, it's not news about pacquiao. ehehe. ginaya ko lang si harbie, pinangalanan ko yung bago "kong" gadget. (evil laugh insert: mwaaaaahahahaha) meron na akong este kaming laptop! we still don't know if we could afford it (l o l) but its here. yaan mo na, 24 months to pay naman eh hehe. we bought something sa gitna, not that expensive. Pacman kasi it's a Compaq Presario v3000 series. (Actually, it's japanese, don't ask why, so its Pacman-san) I'm not so sure about the specs (let's leave that to the husband) but i know it's a core 2 duo processor 1.8ghz with 1 GB of memory and a 100 gb of HD. i don't know the rest. but i do know i liked it the first time i saw it. we were supposed to buy a PC but changed our mind with this. Nadala kami sa pogi aspects hehe. Pangs still wants a Lenny (hehe sorry harbie, lenny na lagi tawag ko pag nakakakita ako ng Lenovo) pero hindi ko kasi feel yung itsura ng thinkpad. I'm still weirded out by the layout of the keys, pero lamnyo naman ako, basta makakadownload ako ng mp3, makakapanood ng youtube, makakapag YM (basically, mag INTERNET! ehehe) masaya na ako. We were supposed to buy the cheaper, AMD Turion one, but i don't know, umabot din kasi ng 1.7k dun eh with 200 bucks more, core 2 duo na kami so napunta kami dito. Pangs also got a deal for a laptop backpack so he doesn't have to carry his ugly thinkpad leather (smelly) case. And pinagbabaon ko na si Pangs.. magbabaon na siya for 2 years, l o l.

yun lang muna. i think mas mapapadalas na pagblog ko dahil dito. kasi pag uwi ni raymond with his laptop, i usually watch my japanese stuff. into japanese series na ako ngayon. I've watched Kurosagi, Nobuta wo Produce and currently yung Hana Yori Dango (yung meteor garden, pero japanese), kakatuwa. Meh kinakaadiktan na naman ako.

And nakanood kami ng House MD, yung third season, updated na kami. (Damn u Wilson!) tapos Heroes syempre (tanong ko lang keh harbs.. pano nabreak ni Silar yung glass? dahil ba ala yung negro?) tsaka bakit sasabog si Peter? ehehe.