Friday, October 07, 2011

Steve Jobs RIP

Why are so many people dying in my lifetime? Yes, I understand that people die everyday, but when you were young, you felt so immortal and alive; death seemed surreal.

But now, everyone's dying left and right. it's really depressing. On the other hand, I look at my iPhone, this single piece of technology that is soooo revolutionary, in Steve Job's words.. Click.. boom.. amazing! (though i think he was referring to the iPod when he said that HA!)  And I feel this certain pride that I was alive when this product was invented.

Everything he did, all his insane micro-managing, his focus on minor,minor details (you should google Steve Jobs stories) lead to so many amazing apple products that really changed our lives. (well, those who bought apple products, anyway). I love my Macbook pro. You know why? Not because of the super fast processor or the super slick silver casing. (not to mention, that i don't friggin need an anti-virus software?) It's the little magnet at the left most part of my laptop that connects the power cord. No more groping to push the little thingie inside the little holey. lol. Just slide it and the magnet takes over. Insanely amazing! oh oh, and how i love the actual Mac powercords. It has retractable hooks where you can hook your line cord AND a little clip that puts it in place. (who needs velcro? that's so 90s!) I love how power adaptors are interchangeable to whatever adaptor you need. switching from singapore power outlets to philippine outlets are so easy!

and everyone knows how i looooove Ipod Touch. i can't even remember when gavin learned to slide his little finger on the screen to unlock one. (Was he 8 months? 9 months?) sooo adorable. the way he learned his alphabet strokes from the writing apps. (i love the word "Apps". so cool. lol) and I looove itunes. Steve Jobs changed the music industry. (something Napster couldn't do, haha) Who else could've convince music artists to sell their songs for 99cents each? In-sane!

Steve Jobs was an asshole but he was a very talented one, so quits lang! haha. He knew that design was an integral part of our lives. Who cares if it's fast if it's fugly! Who cares if it can browse the net if it can't fit in your pocket?? We wouldn't have had these crazy good, beautiful products if he wasn't over the top OC.

Goodbye SJ. You will be missed.

p.s. Can you imagine a computer without a mouse? wahaha.