Thursday, October 28, 2004

...from sir Jayson's camera

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tinutukso kami nito eh hehe.. posing naman kami,.. tas sabi ni Sir Joel.. bat ang layo! pwede dumaan ang elepante sa gitna eh.. retake, retake! lol!

...powerpuff girls!

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hehehe. si Mario ang hirap pang iconvince na suotin yang mask na yan! bagay naman sa kanya, bwahahah! si blossom, meh balbas! hehehe.


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Doctora Zafra and Sir Jayson.. Doc's very convincing 'cause her costume can ooze fake blood..sir Jayson won the 2nd runner up for best in costume hehe! their full costumes

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that's Ms. Jean, Sir Jayson and Ma'am Marivic.. katawa, sasaksakin na yung clown,nakangiti parin siya hehe! tas si Ms. Jean daw parang si undertaker..

...yey day

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hay. wala si pangs today. this is gonna be one loooong day.

good thing that Ma'am M's not going to work today as well, 'cause she said she has some wedding to attend. TG for small favors, hehe. at least i could slack it off today, without Ma'am M breathing down my neck every few minutes saying "Geri, okay na?".. looks like i'll still be going to work next week, with my 2-page-long list of pending items.. hahayy.

of course, there are still some good news.. i'll be receiving the 2nd half of the EQ payment soon! hurrah! i finally finished that site (oops, almost finished, there's still one page i'm waiting to fill up with their info) but i already sent an invoice for a cool 8k. yey. i'll also be sending an invoice in Jul's site, another 5k. yey again. syempre pambayad ko lang ng phone bill and credit card and utang yun, but at least, meh pambayad dibuh? lol! medyo gipit talaga at tama bang maningil pa ako ng meh utang saken. wahaha nagtext pa ako at naningil talaga, sana maawa saken hehe.

anyway, yesterday was another prAmerica Employee Gathering and the theme was Halloween so it was really fun to see the tanders in full blown costumes.. free food, (meh kwekkwek! bwehehe) great laughs, ..saya! i'm hoping i could ask someone who took pictures for some of the shots so i could upload it to my flicker site..

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nothing brightens a non-pangs day like a Maroon 5 playlist..currently listening to Shiver

There may not
Be another way to your heart
So I guess I'd better find a new way in
I shiver when I hear your name
Think about you but it's not the same
I won't be satisfied I?m under your skiiiiin yeahhh yeahh yeahhhhhhh

System Time: 10:39 AM
looooong dayyy. will be lunching out with Kate today..

System Time: 11:12 AM
woohoo! Ma'am Grace of EQ called, i'll be receiving my payment next week yey! then i just received this email from Clive:


Thank you for all your work on the website.

The rate of Php100 per hour and 3 day turnaround is fine for future work.

Given that you are going to be free from mid Nov for a few weeks, IF you are interested, there are two things that EQ needs doing that you may wish to work on:

1.We need to somehow make our contacts available to each other and get to having an EQ prospect/contact database rather than lots of individual ones on our laptops (we all use Office 2003 Professional so I think this may be reasonably easy)
2.We wish to develop a web accessible lead management tool for tracking invitations to seminars, attendance at seminars, follow up activity, referrals etc. This to be used for several countries and several clients so with several ring fenced pools of data
3.As an aside, we may be interested in extending 2 above to be a general lead and activity management system for financial services sales people

If you are looking for work rather than a break during Nov/Dec, it might be worth you meeting with Greg and I. If so, any chance before Friday evening this week?



yey!!! i'll be working at home woohoo!

System Time: 1:53 PM
grabe, uber-weird.. Kate and I were walking towards Powerbook (greenbelt) and she was talking about the book, Five People You meet in Heaven, when i felt i was suddenly out of breath and kinikilabutan..i just thought that it was something bout the book why i was feeling that way when Kate said "grabe naman! sobrang kinilabutan ako dun uh!" ayun, scary. i dunno what happened.. did we disturb some spirit hanging out there? if so, dapat tumabi-tabi siya kasi daanan yon noh! lol! hay ewan, siguro naempacho lang kami ni kate hehe

ANYWAY, i've always that there's a Young Adult section in every bookstore but i don't really go there anymore since Young Adult reminds me of Sweet Dreams and Sweet Valley High.. so when Kate saw a Gossip Girl book displayed just at the entrance of the store so i went to look where it was properly displayed.. it wasn't in the Fiction section so i asked at the Customer Service and they said it was in the Young Adult section.. i was a bit appalled 'cause i've always thought that i was wayy past that but wowww.. all the books that i've searched at Amazon were there! Sisterhood of Travelling Pants, Meg Cabot books, "Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging: Confessions of Georgia Nicolson " and like 6 Gossip Girl books lol! it's so cool! so i bought the first Gossip Girl book and if i like it, i'll buy the rest of the series..... Young Adult.. who would've thought..(plus Young Adult books are wayy cheaper!)

System Time: 2:30 PM
gosh, Mandarin Oriental Cigar Bar daw magkikita sabi ni Clive..ndi pa ako nakakapasok dun. hmm. sana pwede kong isama si Raymond.. para pag naligaw ako, 2 kami! hehe. post ko na toh.. haba na eh.. bye all!

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

...amazony shopping

... just got off the phone with pangs.. ily! anyway, i'm about to disconnect, i just wanted to thank the person who commented in my blog.. thanks for visiting my blog! actually, i have Can You Keep a Secret already by Sophie Kinsella.. it's a good read, a totally different heroine but still as funny as Rebecca Bloomwood.

..i'm pretty excited too 'cause since Ate Ging's in US, she can buy online now without the international shipping costs.. woohoo! i chose the Gossip Girl series for her to buy for me.. they're not available at Powerbooks ( or at least, i think so) so i'm reeeaallyyy excited that Ate can take them home with her.

good night all! sleep na ko!

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


System Time: 6:48 PM
ahuhuhuh. have so MUCH stuff to do. Ma'am Marivic already asked me to extend at least a week before i resign.. huhuh. ayaw ko. at least pangs is on my side, he's the unlucky one i'll be turning LIPS over to.. sorry pangs, olats ako magprogram. iloveyou! sana love mo parin ako hehe..

i'll be going home around 7pm, ei, full workload or not, 12 hours is TOO much time spent at the office.. i can't neglect my TV life! lol! i'm just so grateful that pangs is ever so supportive of me and ignores my mood swings.. i just hope i can cram everything in the next couple of days so i could at least give him an error-less ( take note: less, not free lol) program..

well.. i'll miss this. hope i'll still be able to blog even at home. (it's hard for me to sit and write at home, dunno why, probably 'cause i've got better things to do like watch TV or sleep, lol)
bye guys! wish me luck!

Saturday, October 23, 2004


syempre pinatawad ko si pangs. di ko kaya siyang tiisin eh. iloveyoumypangs *mwahh*


i'm such a crybaby. i hate it but i can't help myself.. it's like the more i try to hold back the tears, the more they pour down like some freakin damn just burst..

i just arrived at our house last night when the doorbell rang.. my dad said "oh, sino yon!?".. of course i knew who that was already.. it's raymond.. so i went outside..

i can't look at him without remembering every single detail of what has happened just that night.. i remember his condenscending tone of his voice, the irritated look on his face, his hurtful words.. he said "ang OA mo!" yep, perhaps i am.. but it doesn't give him the right to talk to me that way.. he came to see me to apologize and to ask for a second chance.. i couldn't say anything to him.. because honestly, i was just plain scared.. i don't want to be treated that way again. ever. he promised that it'll never happen again.. i want to believe him.. but i just know, that it will..

now i understand the song "i love the way you love me".. loving someone just isn't enough.. you have to love someone the right way.. not the overbearing, hot-tempered kind of way.. all i could think of on our way home was his temper and how i felt like an selfish brat who couldn't get her way..i guess i'm just not used to arguing all the time..and yun lagi akong kinokontra.. dati wish ko na sana, kontrahin naman ako ni dex paminsan-minsan.. now i got my wish, i now realize that i didn't understand what i was asking for.. hindi talaga ako pwedeng sabayan pag nainis na ako.. yun kasi ginawa nya.. inis na ako tas sinabihan pa akong OA, malabo.. ewan.. bakit daw ako pa nagagalit.. kaya it's hard for me to forgive.. kasi nung nakita nyang naiyak ako, dapat dun pa lang nagsorry na siya.. eh hindi.. siguro iniisip nya nun "ahh langya umiyak pa, OA talaga".. di lang talaga akong sanay na pinagsasalitaan ng ganon.. i wanted to scream at him and say "wala kang karapatang saktan ako ng ganito"..

nung asa bahay na siya.. sinabi ko.."pareho tayo ng ugali sa mga dapat na hindi tayo pareho at magkaiba tayo ng ugali sa mga dapat na hindi tayo magkaiba".. malabo ba.. but it makes perfect sense to me.. pareho kaming brat.. parehong sanay na nakukuha ang gusto nya.. pareho kaming hindi nagpapatalo..

alam ko namang mahal nya ako. i was just thinking na kung hindi ba kami, gagawin nya ba saken yon? syempre hindi.. magiging polite ka and just firmly say na "hindi po pwede eh, meh gagawin pa kasi ako".. sometimes strangers have the best relationships.. they're polite, unassuming, and have no expectations that cannot be met with each other..

i don't know what the point of this blog now.. what's on my mind is one big mess.. i know i'll probably forgive him, 'cause i'm pathetically in love with him.. but yesterday after i talked to raymond.. my father saw me and said "tagilid ka na naman dyan. hindi maipinta ang mukha mo" then i ignored him and went to get some food at the kitchen.. i saw my sister, Ate chary playing some game at her PC.. and i thought.. i've never seen ate chary cry because of a boy..maybe she truly is happy.. and there and then, i envied her so much.

it SUCKS to get hurt.

Friday, October 22, 2004

...2nd to the last friday

System Time: 5:14 PM
TGIF! but i'm still going to work tomorrow 'cause i need to shorten my To Do List as much as i can.. (i still have a TON)..just thinking about it gives me a headache.. ano pa yung actual na paggawa sa kanila.. then parang malabong makuha si Koji as my replacement.. they changed their mind (again) and now want a vb programmer who knows COBOL as well..gaaaaah. hanglabu.

ate ging created a blog so my mom could visit it and see how she's doing there.. at least meh tinitingnan na akong ibang blog.. (wala na si chona eh huhuhuh chona RIP,lol)

pangs and i ate at Teriyaki Boy and of course, i remembered Irvie 'cause she worked at some Teriyaki Boy branch some time ago.. oi Irvs, musta ka na bru? All I know is she's currently working at Yellow Cab.. idol ko yun, si irvi.. she finally discovered what she wants to do.. she wants to cook! or at least be in the food! yan ang cumlaude ko pang klasmeyt sa ISM at hindi na nagprogram.. not that she's not any good at programming, far from it, magaling siya tapos masipag pa (as in! i can't even instill some of my laziness on her when we were working at Infostructure) anyway, back to Teriyaki Boy.. ayushh, solb na solb.. tas 500 bucks lng ang total bill namin.. we had some sort of fried seafood/scallop, yakitori, kani salad and tekka maki.. tas service was great (sila pa nagtatanong kung gusto mo magrefill ng drinks unlike sa iba na mamamatay ka na sa uhaw ayaw ka paring bigyan!) AND walang service charge! kewl! sale nga rin yung cosmetics sa landmark.. i had to restrain myself from buying anything.. though sale din sa body shop..baka bumili talaga ako ng body mist (pag 300 bucks lng bwahahha).. ndi na nga ako tipid mode eh kasi gusto kong mag eat out lagi.. (ndi ko tuloy nakakain baon ko huhuh yari ako keh dadi) i just want to absorb all the great restaws in makati before i finally seclude myself sa bundok ng antipolo where the nearest mall is sucky sta. lucia..

System Time: 5:58 PM
i'll go home after a couple of minutes.. (para sakto sa log in ko kanina) ko na toh.. bye all! have a good weekend!

Thursday, October 21, 2004

...belated happy birthday erlyn!

okayy, okay, so it's late and that annoys you BUT as my friend you do know i'm very bad with dates, right? hehe. love you erlyn! plus i can't read your blog.. every time i access it, Wingate blocks it and display this:

PureSight for WinGate: Access denied

PureSight for WinGate has determined that the requested URL ( is at least 92 % likely to contain prohibited content.

The content has been blocked because it is of a sexual nature.

ehehe. BADTRIP! tungak yung wingate. anyway, hope your day was great! INGATS!! >:D< Di na kita nakikita sa enterprise huhuhu.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004 filled day

System Time: 9:12 AM
gud mawnin! i almost didn't go to work today 'cause i was feeling pretty lazy with Jul's site nagging at the back of my mind but pangs called me in this sweet, sweet urging voice na "wake up na pangs.. wake up ka naaaa" hehe. so yun. i'm here in the office, writing my blog, reading gilmore girls. turns out that it's Sir Tony's (the big boss in IT) birthday today and we're lunching out. woohoo! i love lunch outs.. free good, great restaurants, who doesn't love them? (/me crosses fingers.. hope they won't talk about "US" lol)

called Ma'am Queenie this morning and i told her that I would start the turnover to Koji tomorrow.. she asked me, "ano ba project mo?" so i said i make websites.. then she asked me my rate and what scripting language i use... then she asked me "okay, kelan ka pwede?" haha.. i told her i need the november off and she could start giving me clients on december.. so ayun.. ohdibuh, asteeeg hehe.

i feel better with my decision already. anyway, i'll be doing what i've dreamt of doing.. working at home! also got offered a job by Jul.. they've always asked me to work for them while i was still at Radix, but since i had a bond with Radix back then, i couldn't leave and work for him..i'm still not sure what to do, but for now, i'll just try and get about 3-4 new clients first and keep my options open..

System Time: 11:10 AM
/me kanta all byyy myselff!! i dunno where the IT people are.. actually, i do know, but i'm too lazy to say where.. :p basta, i'm glad they're not here 'cause i can continue reading Gilmore girls.. i'm on episode 13.. so brb!

System Time: 4:13 PM
we went to eat at Market!Market! (new mall at the Fort).. okey lang, nothing new.. halaan, nilabos na hipon, inihaw na panga..parang sa bahay lang..pero syempre, free parin so happy parin! plus i found my fave bacolod snack! BANYAdas! it's like broas but better.. yumyum..kain lng ako merengue, bumili rin si raymond eh..pangtangal antuk..

System Time:6:25 PM
uwi na ko!!! babay!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

...bum na ko!

System Time: 8:05 AM
10 Things that I'll miss in Prumerica
1. The Enterprise Building (huhuhuhu)
2. my breakfast of Bagel with Cream Cheese from Country Style
3. smoking
4. the regular paycheck (huhuhuhu)
5. DSL connection
6. having my own local # (lol)
7. Suzette
8. did i mention the regular paycheck?
9. seeing ex-officemates, classmates, friends in this building
10. seeing Raymond everyday

HUHUHU. just called my Dad,..decided to just break the news to him through the phone instead of saying it face to face (i'm a coward, okay, i admit it!) was something like this

me: Daddy
dad: hello? hellooo?
me: Da-ddy!!!
dad: oh! ano?
me: hanggang october na lng ako dito
dad: bakit ano nangyari
me: ayaw ko na, ayoko na dito
dad: bakit ano, sa kumpanya? sa trabaho?
me: pareho! ayoko na pareho
dad: ahh okay, so pano, uwi ka na?
me: oo, sa november.. bahay na ko!
dad: bakit ano ba ulit nangyari?
me: eh kinausap ko na si Mam Queenie tas sabi nya basta makakuha ako ng kapalit, okay na.
dad: ahh, meh kapalit. okay sige.
me: *pauses* ang papalit si Koji, tas mag tuturnover kami hanggang the rest of october.. bsta sabi ng Radix okay na
dad: teka, sino ba toh? ging?
me: WAAH SI CHE-CHE toh!
dad: ay, bastos ka.. anong ayaw mo na!
me: hehe. kaya pala akala ko bakit ang dali lang.
dad: eh kala ko kaw si ging eh. anong ayaw mo na? hindi ka na magtatrabaho?
me: oo
dad: bastos.. bakit? dati nung asa Jaka ka gusto mong maging programmer, ngayon ayaw mo na!
me: eh ayaw ko naaa.
dad: wala kang makukuhang suporta saken kasi wala akong pera
me: eh meh mga raket naman ako
dad: bahala ka! sige, babasa pa ko dyaryo.
me: okay. babay.

waahahaha. huhuhuh. naloloka na koh.

*sighs* actually, kabado talaga ako. ano ba tong ginawa ko! but i do have a plan.. i'll be able to accept the sites from mom's group, Remai (rizal exporters manufacturers association inc) and the software programming from Clive (from the EQ group) and while doing that, i'll just apply for a job that i REALLY want.. although i don't really know what i REALLY want to do yet.. okay. so i fucked up! but gaaah. i'm just not an office person! huhuh. at least nalilito ako habang bata pa.. (bata pa nga ba ako! waah!!!) hay. ewan. lito talaga ako.

10 Things that i'll be able to do when i'm not working full time
1. be able to make websites (and be paid for it!)
2. sleep until lunch time
3. have DVD marathons
4. go to Paenaan with my dad
5. practice my driving, get a license
6. tag-along my parent's errands ( i loove doing that, hehe)
7. meditate on life (hehe)
8. watch Eat Bulaga (lol!)
9. make my OWN site
10. work on my chat-novel (yeah, remember this?!)

see. it's a life i've been wanting to have. there's just one glitch. i don't have any money! waahahaha.

so this is a plea to all my friends.. if there's anyone you know who wants to have a site created.. call me okay!! i have 2 portfolios, the EQ Group and the CD Handicrafts site.. hehe.. help!!

System Time: 12:39 PM
wow, thanks Ria (i think)
here's her text:
"cge, il col desk mo na ikaw..btw, nakaka-inspire ka ge! hehe"

i talked to her awhile ago and she said she wasn't being sarcastic, hehe..anyway, thankssss >:D< ! i need all the support i could get..

waah miss ko na si pangs kow. huhuhuh. =( ang tagal ng tulog ko grabe, more than an hour.. kumain kasi ako mga 11am.. tas natulog ako mga 11:30.. ngayon, ngayon lng ako nagising hehehe.. tutulog pa nga ako dapat eh ginising ako ni ate pretz, buwsit. maninikil lang naman, bibili daw sila ng Suman sa Latik (or something like that) .. just remembered another good effect of my resignation.. i'll be able to stop smoking! bwahah! i totally don't smoke at home ( i don't even THINK about smoking when i'm home) now, that's good news..

System Time: 1:59 PM
i'm eating some Aling sumting's Suman Latik that Ate pretz bought at Landmark.. and it's sooooo good. i mean, i don't even like suman (you would too, if you live in Antipolo).. but this suman, it's so soft, and sooo tsarappp wahaha. i remember us serving this on the employee gathering but i totally ignored it 'cause i was sooo full already, i even remember Mario urging me to taste it but i looked at it and just said "no thanks".. i mean, how good could a suman get.. now i'm eating my words!!! i'm eating it while reading gilmore girls so i'm feeling pretty happy now.. (nevermind that Sir Bambam's waiting for at least 5 reports and Ms. Marivic is just behind me) bakit buh.. i'm eating suman from heaven! lol! BRb!

System Time: 3:37 PM
arrghh.. tsaket ng tsan ko.. yung suman ata! buwsit! i've just finished modifying some of the reports for FIS.. gawd, i have soo much stuff to do! didn't realize that quitting could be so tasking.. *sighs*

System Time: 3:46 PM
sir Bambam just gave me an inch-thick set of reports.. huhuhuhu. saklap.

System Time: 5:29 PM
isa na lng natitira. isang matinding error na ndi kaya ng powers ko. hay. sarili kong error, di ko kayang i-ayos. pak it!

System Time: 5:50 PM
ohmahgod.. i think i'm having a toothache.. waah, i am, i am having a toothache!! waah tsaket! i like forgot how awful this feels.. waah, what's wrong with my tooth! am i not brushing all the time? not flossing? HUHHUU. tsaket. hmm.. nawawala.. ano buh yun.. bakit wala na.. baka yung jaw ko lang.. hmmm.. weird.. sana umuwi na si Ma'am M para makauwi na rin ako, before i imagine other illnesses.. i'm gonna post this blog now.. loveyou pangs! missyou!

Monday, October 18, 2004

...what have i done!! lol!!!

System Time: 7:18 AM
mondayyy na naman.. i'm gonna have a busy week (probably go OT everyday) 'cause i have a lot to catch up.. i'm supposed to be starting the Database conversion this week, but i still haven't started my Client Listing Module.. anyway, i had a greeat weekend 'cause i spent it with pangs again.. he went to my house and he finished my CD Handicrafts site hehe.. i felt kinda guilty 'cause he did most of the work but he said i shouldn't mention it 'cause he really wants to help me get this project done with but still, i am EXTREMELY grateful that i have a super galing and sweet boyfriend. *mwah* you can see it here, the inquiry stuff are fully functioning, Jul receives an email for every person who inquired for their products..i'm soooo happy.. actually, it still needs some finishing touches but otherwise, it's great! *hugs pangs*

System Time: 8:25 AM
think something's wrong with the network.. can't even print my DTR.. gawwd i was absent for 2 whole days just this cut-off.. nyerks..

hindi ako makaprint! >_<

at wala na si chona! this day sucks! LOL! syempre apektado ako keh chona lol.. waah ate cha, kaw na lng, kunwari DH ka HAHAHA! jk jk >:D<

System Time: 8:49 AM
waah moooove geri! i'm not working gaaah. i'm staring at my monitor as usual, as if my program's gonna run by itself.. *sighs* hayyy ang lamig puh.. gusto kong ma-hug si pangs.. huhuhuhu

last friday i met up with CJ (as in CjManalo, my ex) and we had lunch together.. i was with Raymond, of course and it was great seeing him again after all these years.. think i saw him like 2 years ago.. he had a meeting somewhere here in makati and he texted me if we could meet for lunch.. i said yes without really thinking...when i told raymond, he was kind of.. can't really describe it, just that he became quiet and all first, i couldn't understand why he was acting that way but now i know he was just thinking that it was strange for me to meet my ex for no apparent reason..he did realize, afterwards, that CJ is JUST a friend, and he has nothing to worry about (i'm yours!!) anyway, what's new with CJ is that he's currently working on Ambergris but he'll probably take the job he'd been recently offered here in Makati.. it's a Japanese-owned company so they'll be taught basic Nihonggo and be sent to Japan for more training! waah kainggit! lol! sabi nga ni CJ, naalala nya ko kasi nga, gustong gusto kong makarating sa Japan (kakapanood ko ng "Oh Tokyo!" ehehe) tapos tanong pa nya "ano, nakuha mo na yung dream car mo?" syempre sabi ko, hindi pa! tas sabi nya "nagmura na nga yung Ford Explorer eh, 1.3 na lng" bwhaha as if. but yung point dun eh, alam nya tlga yung mga dreams ko and it's always nice to have friends who look out for your dreams..

System Time: 11:08 AM
gawwd, am actually thinking of leaving Prumerica at the end of this month.. talk about indecisive.. it's just that.. ayaw ko na magprogram eh.. takte, 1 taon na ko dito! waah. i am definitely a 1-year-itch kind of person..ayaw ko naaa. tinext ko na nga yung Project Manager ko dito sa Pramerica (prA na pala, name change), tinanong ko na kung pwede bang hanggang october na lng ako..

System Time:1:11 PM
seryoso ako dun sa hanggang end of october na lng.. papagod na ko! ayaw ko na ng 8-5 na job.. gusto ko sa bahay na lng ako tumanggap ng project, tutal, freelance na rin naman ako ngayon, itodo ko na.. dun na lng ako sa bahay, tipid pa sa pamasahe at sa fud!

System Time: 1:42 PM
ano buh yan, ndi nagrereply saken si Sir Jojo tas si Ma'am Q, ndi ko mahagilap (either asa CR, or ala sa desk..arrggh) .. dapat macontact ko na sila habang ndi pa nagbabago isip ko..

System Time: 1:58 PM
nagtext na si Sir Jojo:
"Geri, bka pwede tapusin nlng ntin ang dec. para makapaghanda rn c sir joel"

waah. ayaw ko. -_-

kaya nga hanggang october lang pinirmahan ko eh! :(

System Time: 5:37 PM
okay, it's final. i'm gonna be a bum at the end of october. YEY!!!! Koji's gonna replace me here in Pramerica.. already told Ma'am Q, Ms. Marivic and Sir joel.. it was relatively easy, actually (perhaps they were a bit glad that i'm leaving, harharhar)

gooosh, what a day. hehe. one minute i'm a taxpayer, next second, i'm not! hihihi.

i'm not feeling that happy actually, siguro dhel ndi pa nagsisink-in yung ginawa ko! bwahaha. i'll have time to make my own site AND finally accept the site for the different members of philexport. i'll be able to sleep 'til 10 am and watch DVD all day! hihihi. (it's starting to sink what have i done!!!! bwahahaha!

yari ako sa tatay ko. wahaha!

System Time: 5:45 PM
this week na papasok si Koji dito para makapagturn-over ako eh.. WHAT HAVE I DONE! lol! okey lng tohhh.. iisipin ko na lng na makakaapply parin ako pag ayaw ko na maging bum .. hehe.. bye all! wish me luck!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


System Time: 2:21 PM
Badz is backk!! wehehe my officemate at Radix, Jhoneil, is back (after going MIA for almost a year!) and i'm going to Radix later to see him.. takte, namiss ko siya uh! he was my SA sa RMS project and he changed almost everything in my codes bwahaha! but still, he was our drinking and yosi buddy (me, vic and my 4 batchmates)..siya ang nagsulat ng testimonial saken sa friendster na kaya ko daw sumubo ng isang buong saging.. bwahahah olats! sa kanya rin kami nagpapabisaya lessons (me and chipper) nung bisaya pa ang mga kashota-an namin, lol.. syempre taken na siya, nag-asawa bago pumuntang states for the RMS project, which proves na talagang all good men are either taken, gay or dead! (kaya nga inagaw ko pa si pangs eh bwihihihi)

System Time: 2:31 PM
tumutunog ang tsan ko! bwahaha kahiya, naririnig kaya ni Sir Joel? ang lakas eh, lol!

System Time: 2:39 PM
yey! punta rin daw si Chipot maya sa radix.. sana pumasok si Koj para makita ko rin siya.. si Froi ata nasa province eh..

System Time: 4:38 PM
hehe.. kikOy daw pag lalake, lol..

System Time: 5:28 PM
alish na ko! punta pa ko Radix.. babay!

Monday, October 11, 2004


System Time: 9:01 PM
i'm so sleepy.. and so nauseous.. akkk. i'll just do the survey ate cha did on her blog...

System Time: 9:16 AM
OOOKay, so i can't copy ate cha's blog anymore.. waaah why why oh why did you do that ate chaaaa huhuhuh.. i can only read your blog in an inconspicuous notepad.. huhu. how sad.. and how sad that i can't copy it.. ibalik, ibalik!! lol!! please, have pity on a bored fellow like me whose morning ritual is to copy your blog and paste it in a notepad and place it over my Properties form in VB6!

/me CR strike.. hindi ako magc-cr hangga't hindi mo binabalik ang copy!! lol! loveyou ate cha! >:D<

System Time: 9:28 AM
ha! pahirapan daw ba ako ni ate cha..'s the survey..

10. freebies (anything, as long as it's free!)
9. internet
8. chick-lit books
7. lying in bed watching DVDs
6. seeing old friends
5. making new friends
4. being home alone
3. discovering money on your jacket/pants that you forgot about
2. road trips
1. being loved!

9. hanging out at the soccer field after class
8. my classmates
7. school clubs
6. field trips
5. practicing for dance numbers (lol)
4. cancelled exams
3. trying new things
2. retreats/recollections
1. finishing it! hehe

8. The Valkyries
7. Angels And Demons
8. Digital Fortress
6. Harry Potter
4. Second Helpings
3. Sloppy Firsts
2. Shopaholic
1. The Alchemist
(actually, 18 books ata sinabi ko hehe!)

7. keys
6. umbrella
5. kikay kit
4. wallet
3. phone
2. company ID
1. trash

6. You Make me Wanna by Usher
5. If i Was the One by Ruff Endz
4. Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang
(OHdibuh, kanta ng confused!!)
3. Complicated by Avril
2. What If by BabyFace
1. Sana ay Ikaw na Nga (LOL!)

5. watching a good movie
4. eating tostitos and salsa
3. reading other people's blogs
2. listening to my friends' stories
1. looking at my pangs

4. my family - the whole clan
3. HS, ISM, pre-com kada
2. radix officemates
1. raymond

3. momi
2. my mom
1. my dad
(arrrghh i don't pray that much, tsk tsk)

2. a 1000 sq-meter house with the most beautiful view
1. a Loft in the City

1. that nothing's for sure! lol!

System Time: 10:36 AM
ohmigod am still sleepy.. Ma'am M's not yet here, but i'm sure she's just late.. heard from Sir Joel that they went to work last Saturday.. uh-oh.. which means she knows i didn't.. tsk, tsk.. bad.. i feel a bit sick.. today is Day 1.. actually, it's Day 3 already but i'm not counting the weekends.. what exactly am i counting? my official smoke-free days..i'll just think that it's always a saturday so i won't feel the urge to smoke.. i'm on the Pill and it says so in the pamphlet that smokers have a higher risk of having a stroke if they're on the Pill, that's why i'm quitting.. even though i wanna die young, i don't want to die THIS young!

System Time: 10:44 AM
still haven't done a single work-related thing.. i'm so yari.. i blame my sleepiness and overall suckiness of Monday mornings.. and i can't believe i forgot IT,.. IT!! gaaaah. i bought it yesterday and i forgot it grrr. i even remembered it while i was taking a shower but when i got in the car, i only remembered about it when we were already in Masinag, uhuhuhhu OLATS!!

System Time: 10:55 AM
Ma'am M's already here.. sucks.. at least i didn't get my hopes up.. anyway, saw some of Jasmine Trias' guestings in ABS..she's here in the country (she already endorses Mcdo, Smart and HerBench) to do a ASAP she sang Mcdo Song and gosh.. she really CAN'T sing that well.. kinakabos buh.. and compared to our singers here, well, uhmm,,.. she's kinda pathetic.. even contestants in our Singing contests are better than her..baka manliit siya pag nagduet sila ni Kyla, hehe..

System Time: 1:17 PM
currently listening to Maroon 5.. (i know, i know, Maroon 5 again.. but they're like my band of the year)

i don't mind spending everyday.. out in your corner in the pouring rain.. look for the girl with the broken smile.. ask her if she wants to stay awhile and she wiiiiiiill be loveeddddd

System 1:30 PM
arrgh. so giving up smoking is harder than i thought. hmm. think the lack of nicotine in my body is making me more sleepier.. but then again, i'm always sleepy...

System Time: 1:39 PM
waaah. beyoooond sleepy. -_-.

System Time: 1:55 PM
ohmy.. i can't breathe.. swear.. para akong naempacho na nadaganan na ewan.. /me hinga ng malalim.. gaah tsaket.. wehehe ano nangyayari saken LOL!

System Time: 2:09 PM
i didn't even eat that much.. tinireat ako ni raymond kanina nung lunch.. eh hindi pa ko ganun kagutom so di nga namin maubos eh..

System Time: 2:22 PM
can't keep my eyes open! waaah! ano buh toohhh. daig ko pa ang buntis uh, siyet! must be the sex in the city marathon i did last night.. i kinda finished the whole sixth season in one seating..buti pa si Mario, naghalfday, kainggit!

System Time: 2:52 PM
*sighs* i love that song. =) (Everything by Lifehouse) it's like the sweetest love song for me. too bad other people don't appreciate it..kawawang kanta.. dinidiscriminate. hmpft.

System Time: 5:02 PM
accompanied ate pretz to Sarabia, to get her doctor's prescription (is that what you call them? hmm) anyway, we had a looong talk (actually, she did most of the talking) but before that long talk, she asked me a simple question "si raymond.. ano, kayo na ba?"
so i answered, "yep".. and that was that...

System Time: 5:41 PM
gusto ko na umuwi!! miss my pangs i loveyouuu! *mwaH*

Friday, October 08, 2004


System Time: 8:09 AM
i'm in suuuper tipid mode so i'd have to content myself with just browsing thru the net , looking at make-up stuff...
found this great site, which features 150 Best Beauty Products .. so fun to window shop! (in this case, my window's my monitor, hehe) haay, too bad i'm in debt. LOL!

i'll have a movie-less weekend again, but i'm still happy that it's friday, 'cause i'll be able to make the sites (so that i'll be able to buy the Bobby Brown Foundation Stick, LOL!), i have the Eq Group and CD Handicrafts site to FINISH. as in finish. waaah! i'm readying myself 'cause i'll probably be staying up late tonight.. here in the office, i've been feeling pretty productive lately, unlike the past few weeks where i'd stare at my monitor for almost the whole day.. that's also the reason why i've just been posting pics and not writing as much..

System Time: 8:32 AM
nyyyyayy. text na si Jul, (Cd Handicrafts) regarding updates on the site.. ano namang sabihin ko.."wala, walang update!" bwahaha.. kelangang maka-uwi na waaah. buti na lang mabait siya at hindi ako kinukulit mashado..

System Time: 9:31 AM
ka-text ko si Roni, my friend who was recently married..she and her husband are now living in an apartment near her in laws..i asked about her wedding gifts and she said she received 6 rice cookers! lol! that must be a wedding-gift-record breaker..hehe..anyway, hope our kada could visit their apartment soon...

System Time: 10:48 AM
sir Loret sent this to our email..
"For those did not enroll yet you have to sign-in now today is the last days." (he wrote it in big bold letters) actually, the first line said "Here are the list of Participant's"... wahaaha meh apostrophe pa talaga eh..

System Time: 10:50 AM
meh pahabol pa pla sa email:
Thanks you,

ehehe. mala-Chona buh? LOL!

System Time:1o:51 AM
grabe, lakas na ng loob nilang mang-asar uh.. dati, pahapyaw-hapyaw lang eh, ngayon todo bigay na.. sir L asked me what my full name was so i said
me: "Ann Gretchen po, walang E yung Ann"
sir L: "ano surname mo?"
me: "Espinosa po"
sir L: "kala ko Arenas" (that's Raymond's surname)

abah! mah gas. tas si Sir Joel, hirit pa
Sir j: "oi, narinig ko yun uh, huli na ata ako sa balita"
sir L: "eh nagtatanong lang naman kasi ako, baka nag iba na ng apelido"
sir j: "si jojo ba, updated ba dyan.. siya ang tatanungin ko"
me: "mas huli po ata sa balita si sir jojo, ehehhe"
sir j: "ganon ba, ako na lang ang magkukwento"
sir j: "marivic, huli ka rin ba sa balita?"

bwahaha. tas syempre inalok ko sila ng chocolate..

sir j: "o, baka bigay sayu toh, uh"
me: "hindi poooo, binili ko yan"
sir l: "ang sweet naman, asan ang roses?"
me: *tawa lang*
sir l: "baka magalit samen uh, sabihin, binibigyan ka tas pinapamigay mo lang..kilala ko pa naman yun"
sir j: "onga, tumatawag pa nga yun dito, ako pa nakakasagot"
sir j ulit: "baka nagcelebrate na ng month anniversary (mansari, sir) yan, hindi tayo iniimbita"
sir l: "syempre, iistorbo ka naman dun"
sir j: "marivic! ano, kaw ba naimbitahan sa month anniversary?"
mam m: "mas tsismosa pa kayo kaysa saken!"
sir j: "ndi tsismis yun, fact yun.. F-A-C-T"

WAAAAHAHAAH. todo na toh.

System Time: 11:16 AM
miss ko na tuloy si raymond. huhuhuh. 1 oras ko na siyang hindi nakikita! LOL! mnk!

/me currently listening to Lifehouse - Breathing

'cause i am hanging on every word you say and even if you don't want to speak tonight, that's all right with me, 'cause i want nothing more than sit outside heaven's door and listen to your breathing.. it's where i want to be

System Time: 1:09 PM
bought the latest Meg mag (i don't buy mags a lot, it's my sister who does, but she usually just buys Preview & Cosmo & other chismis mags).. has their first ever beauty awards.. liked the products they featured 'cause they have more affordable stuff.. (unlike Preview where there definition of cheap is 600 bucks!) grrr. so frustrated that i'm in tipid mode. they even featured some of the stuff i use! like my prestige make-up blush, tea tree oil concealer from bodyshop, st.ives apricot scrub and fasio stuff. =) they showed Nivea Lipbalms too but personally, i like Blistex better (Lip Tone) 'cause it never dries my lips and has this nude rosey tone that acts as your everyday lipstick..

System Time: 1:23 PM
dex called again. actually, he doesn't speak. everyday since he got back, he calls around this time..and after i say "IT Hello" he hangs up the phone. *sighs* kanina nung nagring nag "hello" na lang ako kasi alam ko bababaan din naman ako. nag-pause pa nga muna ako eh.. tas after a second i said "hello" tas ayun. binaba nga. of course i have no proof that it's him.. but dAAh. haay.

System Time: 1:51 PM
yeyyy! i found the best air freshener for my problematic work area.. orange peels! weee! sir jayson was eating an orange and now we have an instant deodorizer/freshener.. no more bulok-leather smelling area hihihi.. (at least for now!) /me nakakahinga na, lol

System Time: 2:01 PM
i'm listening to my all-time fave alternative tracks cd that i burned for raymond.. so i'm sort of feeling sentimental 'cause these tracks were popular when i was in college/right after graduation and i miss those days.. it also reminds me some not-so happy times.. and of PC.. i'm not even sure if he's a HE! lol! most of them were HIS favorites, and gave me some of his mp3s.. there's Caught in the Sun by Course of Nature (i just loooove this song), Here's to the Night by Eve 6, Bad Day by Fuel, and every single Vertical Horizon song. of course i'm sad that the last i've heard of him was his entry in my guestbook last, last year.. (i can't really remember) it just said "nice site gewi. Pidru".. he was even the first person to call me geWi.. after that, everyone in #ust was calling me geWi..he made me some kick-ass logos that i placed on my first ever site, (so the "nice site gewi" comment was big for me, coming from him, 'cause i made that site all by myself).. it was also the last time i cried because of a boy.. (and the last time i would be rejected by one! itaga mo yun sa bato!! lol) if i still talk about him, it's only because i had no closure.. he simply disappeared out of life.. i've learned to live with that, and i've certainly moved on.. he's still in my wish list, though.. only so i would know i wasn't imagining what i was feeling back then.. i really wish he'd drop a line or email me or leave me his email.. i used to write to an email address (i don't know if it's really his) EVERYday.. then it became every week.. then every month.. then i stopped.. it was pathetic. and i was so tired of thinking about him. i even stopped talking about him here 'cause i'd be left feeling melancholy after writing about him, plus i've lost that tiny, tiny hope that he still checks out my blog once in a while, and that he'll leave a comment or something for me.. 'cause of course, he never did. i guess it's easy to disappear in cyberspace..honestly, there are still times when i'll feel sad when i think of him, but lately, i haven't thought about him as much...and when i think about him, i don't feel that kind of sadness as before, just that i miss our chats..and i'm just wondering how his life has been.. i'd tell him about dex...and i'd tell him raymond, my pangs...i would bet he'd probably like raymond better for me..he wasn't too fond of dex especially when dex went MIA for almost a year =(.. i'd tell him that Eboy and i don't speak anymore and tell him all the unforgivable stuff Eboy did to our so-called friendship..i'd tell him i'm glad he rejected me 'cause he was right, it wouldn't have worked out..i'd tell him how i've changed because of him, became less idealistic and more realistic.. and i'd tell him how happy and lucky i am with raymond..and that i wish raymond would be my last love.. and i'd ask him if he already met his "tangible" love..

hmmm..i feel odd talking about him again, it's like i'm talking to a ghost..if he does exist, he probably doesn't even remember me anymore, much less think about me.. that thought doesn't sadden me any longer,.. it just affirms my belief that everything happens for a reason, 'cause if something different happened back then, it might not lead to this present time, to my present situation, to my pangs..and if THAT happened, THAT would definitely be something to regret..

love you raymond..*mwaaaah* DLM..

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

...happy birthday ulit ate cha!

as you can see, i've discovered the wonders of photo blogging harharhar.. i found this great, great site, and it allows me to post directly to my blog.. cool, eh? anyway, i have still LOADS of stuff to do.. my work, my sidelines (2 websites) and the last movie i've seen is...shiiit i can't remember! waaaaaaaaah. this is bad.. i've missed the Bourne Supremacy, Resident Evil.. waaah. saturdays are spent mooning over my PC and trying to update the sites.. haaay.. i'm supposed to be giving Ma'am M an executable file for LIPS and i'm pretty scared to give her one 'cause i won't be able to hide my bugs any longer wahahaha!

ate cha, i'm so sorrryy, i wasn't the one who texted you on your birthday! HUHUHU. i hope you had fun (and was fulfilled!) on your birthday and congrats for ending your quarter-life crisis.. (well, you know what i mean! ur 26! lol!) now you enter your mid-life crisis hahaha.. >:D< you're such a wonderful person and a great friend and all i wish for you is happiness.. (and a degree! go go ate cha!) and sana, sana, saaaana matuloy na uwi mo dito, ok? i love you! belated happy birthday!! >:D< >:D< >:D<

pic ulit!

Originally uploaded by geWi.
parang ambait ano? pero ang kulit nyan! as in meeeggga kulittt lol! kahapon napikon ako bwehehehe.. sorry pangsss tlga, eh kasi pinalibre ako kela ma'am pretz eh wala naman talaga akong pera! hmpffft. lol. sorry talaga, meh topak lang ako.. (and of course, money issues waaah) thank you at love mo parin ako khet pikon ako.. lol.. love you rin khet makulit ka!!! *mwah* miss na kita, uwi tayo ng maaga uh! >:D<

me and pangs

Originally uploaded by geWi.
we have our differences (okaay, that is the understatement of the year!) but i love him sooo much so he has no choice but to stick it out with me!


Monday, October 04, 2004 roommate roommate

this is landz..i found that he has suicidal tendencies, must be some pretty heavy teddy issues (lol!) anyway, he's okay now, he sleeps beside me, but he still doesn't know how to smile.. (matakot daw ako pag nakita kong nakangiti dibuh!) lol! ayun, wala lang.. just wanted for you guys to meet my roommate..



Sunday, October 03, 2004


ate chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! happy birthday! i love you so much and i'm sooo looking forward to meeting you!

ingats ka lagi /me kiss sa neckkkk *mwahhhhh* so happy!!!

i'm currently listening to Ben Jelen's Come on.. waaahh finally i'm downloading mp3s again.. also downloaded Damien Rice's Cannonball.. waaah.. it's bliss. hihihi. i love Ben Jelen... waahaha..

been pretty productive today... finished some of the new instructions by Clive (from EQ Group)...

*waah i love ben jelen! can't believe i can listen to Come On anytime i want!! bwahahaha ang babaw ko!*

anyway, it's been a looong and craaaazy weekend for me.. too crazy, in fact, for this blog!. yep, that's right... i keep this blog for one reason alone, for me to be able to remember and read about my escapades, boring days, happy days, crazy days, etc.. but what happened last thursday.. i don't think there's a need to journalize it. believe me, i won't be forgetting that anytime soon.


but still, i have my pangs.. and i'm sooo grateful that he's always by my side.. i love you raymond. >:D< ILYMP!