Friday, March 31, 2006

...good news, pero secret pa!

hihihi. ndi pa kasi final as in final na final pero mukhang malapit na. it's not about me, it pertains to raymond. pero sana sana sana! malalaman nya on Monday. yun lang... i can't stop myself eh.. meh binalitaan na nga ako kahit hindi pa sure na sure kaya oh,no baka maudlot ko pero huwag naman sana. *wihihihi sori pangs*

yun lang naman. wahahahaha.

*talon talon ng patago*

Thursday, March 30, 2006

...american idol update

lisa tucker's gone! good riddance, her voice was too shrieky for Kelly Clarkson's Because of You.. but she should've said to the judges "I sung it better than when Kelly sings it live" bwahahha. Bad song choice for her.. first of all, AI doesn't like Kelly because she forgot to thank AI when she won her grammy.. (ang taong ndi lumilingon sa pinanggalingan...) and second, it's too big a hit for you to take up that challenge. same thing happened with Katharine.. she sang it great, but Christina's voice (never realized it until yesterday.. bat buh, i'm not a fan) really rocks. i mean, her voice is so strong, it's still powerful even in high notes.. whereas katharine,.. well.. listen to the mp3 and you'll know what i'm talking about.. i still like her, though.. hope she makes it at least on the top 3..

chris.. TG someone finally told him to pull a different act next time! first of all, i don't like creed. (arrggh) and second.. heard that he auditioned for Rockstar INXS and didn't make the cut.. no wonder! the matter of the fact is, his voice isn't distinct enough. i wouldn't hear his voice on the radio and say "ei, that's chris".. (similar to many local pinoy band singers.. that's a different topic)

now taylor.. whoo000, Soul Patrol! I don't GET randy. song was perfect for him. he just sang, no weird dances, and his voice was on the dot. i've downloaded Ray Lamontagne's songs and i'm a fan. still don't know anything about him but i'm getting there..

for AI news i go to and (for Taylor hicks!) .. sites, that's where i see most of the AI videos and download the mp3s.. rickey's pinoy, btw.

Whooo! go Taylor, he's safe! Lisaaaaa ouuuuuuuuut.

Monday, March 27, 2006

...sweet, sweet pangs

i never did blog about what Pangs did on the night I got home from Singapore (not That, you naughty people)..first he locked me up at our TV room and told me to not get out unless he tells me so.. after about 15 minutes i smelled something burning so i opened the door a bit and saw the whole house (yep, THE WHOOOOLE house, not just the kitchen) covered in smoke. bwahahaha. i called out to him and said "everything okay, pangs???" ..he said "yes, yes!" i was like "are you sureee?" and he was like "yes, yes" so i closed the door again. after an hour, he opened it again and said it was ready.. it was dark but i saw candles, flowers and the table set! hihihihi. he made the most fantastic baby back ribs (it was really, really good! meh talent!), mashed potatoes (loveeeeed it) and a garden salad. weeeeeee! i should get out of the country more often, bwahahah. but still wasn't the end, i still got dessert! it was a cake from (a store)..arghh i forgot the name but all the effort he did (waited outside the cake store for it to open, went to Dangwa for the flowers, bought the ingredients, etc,.etc) was sooo, sooo sweet i could've licked him and got diabetes.

here's the pics: (i just have to show this to our kids someday and tell them how thoughtful their father is)

madilim eh.. just want to show you how i first saw it..the ambience and everything, even with the monoblock dining set, bwehehe.

with the lights on.. pink flowers, tas meh candles, tas meh petals pa! talo pa nya si *will not mention florist* gumawa ng centerpiece. bwehehe.

ay meh corn pa pala! ubos na hihihi.

and the cake.. he texted pa daw ms. judy kaya lang ndi siya nagreply.. had to settle with this cake.. you know the flowers are made of butter, malambot sila. galing noh?

that's all folks. have a good Monday!

Friday, March 24, 2006


we went bowling for our Team Building.. i sucked, of course (score was 85).. ei, i'm no bowler..but i did enjoy playing, mostly because of kantsawan and the shouts you can hear "kanal! kanal!" lol.. our Team won (because of Retzel and Mike)..was a massive win actually.. bwahahaha *yabang mode*

here's me in action. walang kaporma-porma harhar
2006 03 23 - 04 - Geri in action

the APCI group
2006 03 23 - 13 - group pic
top l-r..ronie, retzel, melai (our PM), liz (our TL), bel, mich, me, mike..
center - Cath
bottom l-r.. suzie and jen

ate at congo grille after.. i think my officemates just read the entire menu to the waiter, for we had SOOOO much food, we had to call reinforcements.. liz called Lowell, her husband.. i called my Pangs.. suzie with her husband,..they called Saldy, former officemate.. we still had leftovers which we ate this lunch.. (yummy adobo flakes!)

so much food! wala pa si Pangs and Lowell nito
2006 03 23 - 20 - group pic

TGIF! and TG, no more Kevin aka Chicken Little! bwahahaha. it's been a pretty productive friday.. (updated my blogger profile, read a lot of other people's blogs, BWAHAHA jk).. got a couple of work requests finished.. it's weird when the hard part was submitting the Change Deployment Record requests than making the change itself..still getting confused from all the process steps i have to make just to put a measly text box in production..

ei good news,.. we got a sideline! we'll be doing the Inventory system of Alpha Records.. the project only costs 40k, but still, that's like a sala set and our bedframe hehe.. (floor tiling pa kung kaya!) yehey! Pangs saw it posted in so we went there to check it out, and luckily, we got the project..

have a happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

...i don't like chris

talking about AI.. i mean, sure, he has a great voice and all.. but it's NOT distinct at all! would you recognize his voice on the radio? would you say when you hear his songs.. ei, that's Chris! nooo way.. when he sang Fuel, i heard Fuel.. when he sang on the Stevie Wonder night, i heard Red Hot Chilli Peppers.. now when he sang last night, 50's night.. ohmigosh, it's Live. arrggh. and you hear Simon saying it's original, uncompromising, Whatever. Live already did that version, excuse me. Don't the judges know their rock music? arrrrrrrrrgh. i'm sure Chris really is a good singer, it's just that.. i have a problem with singers who doesn't have a unique/distinct voice.. i like knowing the singer the instant i hear them.. probably the reason why some Filipino singers, even some not so good ones stand out.. (sharon cuneta for instance.. she's not a brilliant singer, but you know it's HER when you hear her songs).. regine, ogie, etc.. even MYMP singer, Juris is so recognizable, that's why they became so popular.. ANYWAY, this is about Chris, the "i'm gonna do a revival from an alternative band again and call it my own" guy... i bet on the 60's thingie, he's gonna do a song that's already been covered by an alternative band..

that's all. he'll probably make it to the top 3 with all the pimping the judges are doing for him. hmpft.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006 hungry

i've discovered this local choco biscuit that's sooo delicious.. Chocosnaps! bweheheh! first found it inside Mello marshmallows as a freebie, was addicted on the first bite and kinda searched the groceries for it when FINALLY found it and bought 3 bags all at once.. (just 19 bucks per bag, bwahhaah) mukha akong tanga, talon ng talon keh Pangs dhel nakita ko yun sa wakas.. anyway.. no point, really, just wanted to share my find, hehe.

ANYWAY, we went to Sir Jayson's wedding (no pictures, sowi) last Sunday at Manila Cathedral (sure brought back memories of Harbie's wedding) and at the Orchidarium..i loved the Orchidarium.. was a garden but it was cemented (no muddy shoes for the guests!).. Sir J's wedding was v. simple, you could see they weren't as OC as other grooms and b2bs..was suuuure happy to be a guest now, to relax and enjoy the wedding.. AND, just realized, there and then that i'm not a SINGLE LADY anymore.. BWAHAHAH.. no more cajoling at the "catch the bouquet" part, yahooo! (ang babaw, anu?) pero pramis, kakatuwa na hindi na ako kasali sa langyang torture part ng program na yun.. hihihi.

also another wedding coming up (you know we're about to attend 2 more weddings this year?) is my thesis partner's and kada for all seasons (naks), Anshe. weeeeeee! siya naman.. we met her yesterday to get the invites (ganda ng invite mo, TP! like it talaga, no bola) and I volunteered to (with Pangs, syempre, wala na siyang magawa eh hahaha) help coordinate her wedding.. whahaha what have i gotten myself into? i'm pretty excited about that, Pangs and I talked about borrowing their van so we could be more effective coordinators..Pangs even said to me (Hoy! seryoso ka ba dun keh Anshe? Dapat maghanda ka!) opo, opo.. so TP.. penge ng program mo pala.. tsaka contact number ng suppliers mo.. tsaka pairing ng pagmarch.. tsaka ay, HAHAHAH, parang ndi ako nakakatulong? lol! you know what i mean, email mo na lng *mwah*.

*wwwwwwoohooo lapit na ng kasal moooo, excited na ako!!!!*

Sunday's supposed to be the ISM classmates get together but I can't make it dhel I promised Pangs we'll be going to Bulacan to visit Nanay and Tatay and Akel.. grabe, 5 years na pala kaming graduate.. ibig sabihin, almost 5 years na rin ako nagwe-werk.. tanda ko na. (at least, hindi mukha. bweheh)

ayun, meh work request ako, YAHOOO. gawin ko na yun. see you guys! and reeyuhhh.. hope makauwi ka soon.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

...Whoo! is the new Yeah!

my title of course is dedicated to Taylor Hicks, MY bet for AI.. just downloaded the mp3s and watched the video clip and caaaan't wait to see the whole show later.. Wednesday's such a cool TV night, with both the Amazing Race and American Idol on the tube..*giddy with excitement* i'm such a couch potato..good thing AXN replays Amazing race so i could watch it even on a Saturday..i like the hippies there, BJ and Tyler..but i think i've got a curse 'cause every single team that i like isn't the one who wins it.. so maybe i jinxed them.. uh-oh.. hehe

i've been pretty productive today, finishing a work request at last and reading a few AKTs.. it's probably 'cause i've downloaded the whole billboard top 20, mainstream and modern rock chart so i've been listening and dragging and dropping text boxes at the same time (it's a work request where you're not required to think)..

..also added Sam (from Remedy, Singapore) in my YM.. asked him how many years of experience i need in Remedy to be able to get a job there in Singapore.. he said i'll need at least a year.. well, that's the plan, really.. 'cause i've got a 1 year bond and after that, apply daw ako.. He also said to Liz to get back to him after a year if we're still interested para daw tulungan nya kami.. yehey! so, here's to me, praying for loads and loads and loads of work requests so that i could practice what i've learned there..wa ako pake khet pumalpak ako, mas matututo ka nga pagnagkakamali, diba? hehe! tapos sabi ng headhunter na i've talked to, (PGI Infotech) in Singapore.. jobs for Remedy usually range at 3300-3700S$.. pwedeeeeeee.

i'll be leaving in an hour.. yahoo! the day ends so much faster when i go to work at 8am..yesterday, i begged Pangs to let me sleep for another hour or so, hence, arriving at the office at 10:30 and going home at 7:30pm..i mean, it's still 8 hours but the hours seem to drag on after lunch.. Pangs said it's because arriving at 10:30am means that after an hour, i'll take a 1 hour break for lunch then after that it's 7 hours straight til uwian time whereas if i arrive at 8am, take a break at 12 then uwian na after just 4 hrs.. hehe.. meh sense naman diba? so from now on, it's my resolution to not give Pangs a hard time waking me up.. *mwah@Pangs*

harbie has a job na!!! woohooo, congrats benggggggg! got the chance to talk to her this morning in YM and was telling her that i'm so, so, so want to work abroad.. it's just that i don't have the proper skill set that's 'in demand' overseas..kelangang mag-aral na ng .NET and Oracle and's just so friggin' hard to be a developer.. wish i worked in Operations where the skill set doesn't change that much or even in QA.. *sighs* so friggin hard to be a developer when the languages/tools move in such a fast pace, it's hard to keep up! and problem is, i'll only learn a new language if the client uses that language 'cause if i attempt to self-study, it'll be futile without a solid project experience to put in my resume.. *sighs* again.. shifting to Remedy is such a big gamble on my part 'cause it's basically unknown in the Philippines.. though Sam did say ('cause he was a Remedy Admin here for 5 years before he went to Singapore) that all Telecommunication Companies use Remedy.. first, Remedy isn't cheap. it's super expensive. Only the big companies can afford to use it.. and 2nd, there so few people here who even heard about it.. that's why i was hired for this in the first place, they couldn't find a single Remedy Developer/Administrator so they settled for a VB programmer instead..our Trainor said it's huge in the UK so i'm holding on to that, lol! good luck na lang saken.

yun muna.. sipag ko magblog, noh? la magawa eh hehe. bye all!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006 at the house

yeaah, i mean, we actually survived for more than a month without household help but it was really a struggle.. just imagine spending your weekends doing the laundry and ironing clothes, just taking away those 2 chores made our life sooo much easier. Margie is Lyn's kapitbahay.. of course i asked Margie if Lyn really is the quiet-type back home.. lo and behold, Margie said "Hindi po! Madaldal nga po yun samen eh! Nagulat nga ako dito, ang tahimik".. but i'm happy Margie's here not only to help us but because Lyn seems happier with her friend around..sometimes when my mom makes padala food to us (hey, Sometimes lang uh! lol), they would arrive at our house laughing and smiling and it makes me happy seeing Lyn like this. Margie doesn't really sleep at our house.. she only goes there around 8:30 in the morning and leaves before we get home.. it's better this way 'cause Pangs and I can still run around the house naked (bwahahaha. j o k e) without anyone bothering us..

i have yet to take a picture of our kitchen..Pangs drilled all the railings i bought at Singapore and it looks awesome. hihihi. so so happy especially with the magnetic rail 'cause i could just stick our knives on it. I especially love the hanging dish drainer, looks so posh on the wall, hehe. Our house now is a case of hand-me down furniture given to us by our well-meaning parents.. we're so broke right now that we can't really buy any new furniture for our 'modern-asian' dream themed house.. we'll probably breathe easier after we've fully paid the house.. (15k a month feels so huuuuge to us).. all the money we've received during the wedding went to our honeymoon (yep, we used that money to pay off our cc bills) and the house renovation, plus all the little things that we need that when added together equaled a BIG sum.. it's a nightmare to go to hardware stores 'cause everything seems like a "must-have".. not to forget the "living" area in the department store.. waahahah kakaloka. i remembered groaning and muttering whenever my dad would go that part of the mall and now i'm like a kid jumping up and down looking at curtains, vases, tupperwares (waaah don't ask) etc. if someone could give me like a 15-piece set of plastic containers, i would be in heaven.

here's a sample of our must-buy but still cannot buy list:
1. sala set (now we have a set given by dad that's older than me, if you sit wrongly you could get scratched by the protruding nails.. waah matetano pa)
2. dining set (now a monoblock set borrowed from dad)
3. bedframe (now a two-piece doubledeck wooden bed that's shoved together so that our queen size mattress could fit.. the bed is also older than me)
4. floor tiles (for kitchen, and the 3 rooms.. now it's just plain cement)

actually, i could go on and on but it'll get depressing. harhar. i guess everyone (except the rich, hehe) goes thru this stage.. my dad even said they used our now broken table tennis as their dining table when they were newly married.. before that was their diba? lol! at least, we're not really in debt, just plain broke. wahaha. kelan kaya kami magkakabedroom ng ganito? waaah ganito gusto ko!

ganda nohhhhh???

gusto ko na tuloy mag-abroad just to speed things up.. weheheh. 8 months to go on my bond! konti na laaaaaaaang.

Monday, March 13, 2006


singapore kwento coming up!!

it's my first time to get out of the country so i was bit nervous about the immigration counters.. was buggin my mom and kept asking her as to what the immigration usually asks.. they said it will be easy breezy and to quit fretting..

we had a morning flight, so i was up at 5a.m. and Pangs kept on saying "ang aga kasi naman ng flight nyo!" hehe.. only had 1 suitcase and 1 small bag (it's ate ging's actually).. flight lasted for 3 hrs so i did what a first-timer would do.. take pictures!!

our airport doesn't look that bad in pictures hehe..
i've been to the new airport before, when i flew to bacolod..uhmm..forgot what year that was..

passport in use... at loongg last!!! hmm.. where to next?

first time to have a full meal eaten in an airplane.. i had boneless bangus and this white sausage.. wasn't too bad, in fact, i liked it v. much.

liz gave me the window seat! too bad we're on the wing part
what a view uh? l o l.

and then we landed! first thought..v.nice airport! our sundo was there already so we waited for him a bit to get the car and off we went to fort canning lodge.. eiiiii wait. this isn't fort canning? it's YMCA not YWCA.. eeeekkk wrong hotel! uncle, uncleeee! good thing he was still there at the bend so we told Ronie to run after him. hihihi.


now i don't want to start bitching 'bout our accomodations 'cause everyone near me has heard of my numerous complaints already. but i can't friggin help it! l o l. it was a teeny room and i wanted to smack our HR for putting us there. i had a "can we change hotels on our second week?" dialogue for the whole day. good thing about it was that i could walk to plaza singapura. (pass by park mall, cross the street to dhoby ghaut station, and voila.. one of the numerous malls in singapore)

my room..liz and ronie were freakin' out because it's a Single bed.. bwaaha, good thing i can fit easily in that bed, lol.

at least i've got a good view..


after putting our bags (and complaining about the hotel), we went to Lucky Plaza to have our money changed. first was the MRT Escalator. i thought i was going to fly out of it and land somewhere with it's speed. i had to hang on to dear life whenever i rode an escalator in the MRT. guess people are pretty impatient there.. i had to remember to keep "left" (when all my life i knew it was keep "right") to keep from bumping to the people climbing up the stairs of the escalator.. how i missed the signs in Manila.. (IF you are in a hurry, Use the STAIRS) probably because the escalators here are slow. and ohmigosh, i forgot to tell you about the smell in the MRT. arrrggghhh. i had a huuuge headache after because i was trying not to breathe and probably my brain lacked oxygen because of that and caused the headache. i was wondering how my former classmates could stand riding the MRT. i had to smell my hair most of the time or spritz some hand sanitizer and smell my hand. (was like my oxygen for 2 weeks) i mean, our MRTs can also smell here but mostly you can smell a collective sweat that can also be awful but B.O. smell is beyond my capacity. imagine a train full of that. arrggh. anyway, we arrived in Lucky Plaza,.. i felt i was transported back to Recto, or to Divisoria Mall with all the Pinoys there. it was like some sort of hangout for the domestic helpers there so i was there, first day in Singapore, and all i can hear were Tagalog words, Bisaya dialect, etc. i felt sort of confused and happy at the same time 'cause i was sooo ready to be culture shocked and there was i, seeing Clover Chips, Oishi, Smart simcards, and hearing "Hoy! Asan na si *name here*?" shouted at every corner. I forgot all the other malls we went to.. we just walked and walked and walked and ate at some Pasta House (v.delish) for i still didn't have enough courage to eat any local food. (i don't eat spicy food) forgot where and what we had for dinner so that was basically the end of my first day in Singapore. no cable in my hotel but had a local Channel 5 where TG there was American Idol, The Apprentice and all my fave reality shows. was able to catch Grey's Anatomy (wala pa sa Manila) too.

first day of training, we were the first there and was introduced to Mr. Joseph (sumting) and our Indian trainor, Deepti Sen. (she's a She..people keep on asking her gender when i say her if they know a guy whose name is Deepti) then everyone started arriving.. there were the 3 malaysians, Karnan, Kwan and Audrey (v.pretty!), a singaporean-japanese-malaysian mori @ mollie (i don't get the 2 names) who already has kids but is also v.pretty.. 1 filipino guy, Paul..and 1 from hongkong, Henry. Joseph started talking about where to eat, etc.. at first i was listening v.v.hard and trying to catch what he was saying but after like 2 minutes i started blocking everything out.. i couldn't understand anything anymore! he WAS speaking in english, right? i had like my head tilted and squinting my eyes to perhaps, maybe i could start lip-reading but really, i just couldn't do it. he was talking like "two co-ne fro hee, de is a sta-buck an awan da blo is da tanjon pagar statio" hihihi. but by the 2nd week i was a pro. i could pull off a few "singlish" myself. could entertain even my parents with my singlish, hihihi. even our hotel, fort canning, i had to pronounce as "for cannin, uncle!" so they could get me. also discovered how my english sucked big time. i was aaaaaaaahh,errrring my way through my questions. at least the singaporeans talked straight. (and fast) nevermind if i couldn't understand. i'm pretty good in body language anyway. first 3 days we had lunch just the 3 of us, and a couple of times with Paul. i was the "sensitive" one in the group, because i had no spicy palate whatsoever. i had chicken kebab, pork and chicken rice (tasted like asado) and burger king in that order for lunch. 2nd day, we went all the way to Raffles Mall for lunch. (was extremely late because of that, hehe) 4th and 5th day we joined the others and discovered the infamous "Hawker Centers" of Singapore.. it's like our fast food courts here but only it's outside and not airconditioned. it's a modern turo-turo. now, THAT, was pretty exciting. i had no idea what to order. i wanted to eat rice, but most of the stuff are noodles. and everything comes with chili. i mostly lived from japanese food (japanese food tastes the same there as it tastes here, hehe)

anyway, here's my training mates..and our trainor,deepti

me with deepti

from l-r top row..karnan, paul, henry, kwan, ronie
bottom row..liz, me, deepti, audrey and mollie

kwan and audrey, the malaysian 'delegates'

mollie, the japanese-malaysian-singapore girl, hehe.. she was also in the 2nd week of training so i got to know her a little better..she's extremely nice, already is a mother, and she's always the one i'm bugging, asking her what food i should pick at the hawker center

henry from hongkong.. guess how old he is... he's 40!

karnan from malaysia

and more pics!!!
the girls

the boys.. from l-r.. paul, sam, ronie, henry, kwan, karnan.. yep, Sam's Pinoy..(kababayan!) he's a Remedy consultant..!!

us with joseph in Cmango

us at the hawker center.. you can see my eyes at the back hehe

being in singapore is kinda weird, in a truman show/stepford wives kind of way.. 'cause everything feels sooo perfect..i haven't seen any shantees, or beggars, or just people sleeping on the floor.. no ciggie butts lying on the ground, (a few jaywalkers, yep but generally, well-disciplined people).. so surreal..ronie was able to go to the red-light district (that's what they call it), a street full of prostis, accdg to him.. he said.."as in, super dami" must have been a field day for him, hehe! anyway, it's sooo clean, and it feel soo safe, even if you don't see policemen walking on the streets..i would love to work there, hopefully, sometime next year.. *crosses fingers*.. 'cause there, i'll be able to earn 6 figures (in pesos) in a month, and it's sheer good luck where you could get that kind of money in the philippines in MY age..i can't imagine actually living there you know, for good, (mainly because of the smell, hihihi) but i don't want to say NEver and eat my words later..

being in singapore isn't complete without visiting sentosa (though their beach is CRAP. you can see oil ships, not that far from the beach!)..we rode the cable car (goooshh, i was so scareeeed).. we got the glass cabin and it was such an experience for me!

me inside cable car


took a picture of the star cruises ship from the cable car.. pangs, mag-ganyan tayu!!!

i was sooo super duper late, was supposed to meet Jane at 10, but we got there at 12:30..(i couldn't tell liz's friends to hurry up, hehe) so by the time we got there, we had to join the tour..first stop, underwater world! was great, i was able to touch the shark hihihi.

felt like touching sandpaper

in a tunnel! waah, first time ko ulit!!!

and here are some of my fave pictures..
the jellyfish..and cute! kung pwede lang hawakan, pinisil-pisil ko na yan haha

the biggest crab, japanese crab..looks like an alien-life form in full battle gear in battlestar galactica..

just at the exit, i happen to see jane by puuure chance.. "janey janey" at mega sigaw na ako dun at talon hehe.. had lunch (courtesy of janey woohooo! thanks mare!)

i had chicken, so adventurous, hehehe.

next stop was the dolphin show..against my better judgment, i agreed with neal (jane's fiancee) to WALK to the damn place.. "malapit lang yun!" sabi nya.. hahaha *wapaks neal* i was sweating my a** off felt like a could use the oil in my face to deep-fry food..hihihihi. but, at least we got to pose by the Siloso Beach!! (sige na nga, pasalamat na rin ako)

me and janey

beach looks pretty good in pictures, eh?

after that, said by goodbyes to jane and neal and i was still able to catch the dolphin show
that's jumbo, the pink dolphin!

we also went to the hanging bridge.. here is me, hanging on to dear life
my fake smile

highlight of the day? the LUGE!!! waaah and the CHAIR LIFT to the luge!!! was soo damn scary (the chair lift) i couldn't stop screaming the first time.. we got the 15sing for 3 rides and after the first chair lift i was like.."we have to do this twice pa?" bwahahaha. the 2nd and 3rd time was pretty okay na.. i was breathing normally already.

me and liz (didn't know any better, such sincere smiles hehe

me, liz and ronie.. gosh i was sooo scared, at least, smile parin! haha!

chair lifts ahead of us

it's a loooong way down.. by the 3rd lift, i was dangling my legs like a pro. hihihi.

before the end of the day (7:40 pm to be exact) we were able to catch the 30 minute Musical fountain show and it was A-W-E-S-O-M-E. AS IN! that's probably the coolest thing i've ever seen in my life! (no more pictures, sorry) 3-d images were being projected from the water fountain and there were laser lights and real fire coming out of the water! bweheheh. i wanted to jump up and down and shout "ANG GALING NAMAN!" all over the place.

saturday before that, me, liz and her friends were able to go the Jurong Birdpark.. ang gaganda ng birds! too bad my camera went low-batt on me but i was still able to get a few pictures..

ang cute, noh? i'm referring to the pink flamingos. harhar.

an aussie kid.. luckyyy kid! when the bird trainor asked for any 10 year old boy volunteer, i wanted to raise my hand and pretend that i was a boy just to hold the friggin owl!

he kept staring at me.

was also able to go around the city.. we went to the fountain of wealth, at Suntec.. just as we were posing, umandar yung fountain! the wind was kinda strong so my camera got a bit wet.. good thing it still worked (kungdi patay ako keh ate chary nito!)

me, me, me!

there was also a koi garden inside one of the buildings in Suntec.. the koi are so unbelievably fat, hehe.. i wanted to catch and grill one

on the last day of training, the day before birdpark (why is my kwento in reverse order? lol!) some of my training mates and i went to the Star Wars exhibit in the Singapore Science Center..the exhibit was okay, highlight was the Foley Studio, where we were able to do an actual recording of the sounds for a scene in the movie using only ordinary,everyday stuff..

liz and henry at the foley studio

ever wondered how a friendly darth vader would look like?
hihihi. peace!

wheeeewwww. long entry uh? well.. it's not yet over, bwahahah. on my last day, the panggas and i went to clark quay..didn't have any pics but jane have some in her blog. we went to hooters where i saw the most weird thing i've ever seen in my life (a guy, with a hotdog in his mouth, wearing a wig and a skirt and shaking a couple of maracas) and some v.yummy chicken wings! ang lakas kumain ng dalawang yun hehe. after that, to a more subdued, coffee bean where i had strawberry and banana shake which i didn't finish (sorry jane) 'cause i've forgotten that i don't like banana shake, hehe. at around 1 a.m., the adult in me was screaming 'sleep' so they dropped me off at my hotel (we had a mercedez benz taxi, whooohooo!) and it was a mixture of emotions that i felt 'cause i knew the next day, i would be leaving this little country but at the same time, i will be with my pangs again..promise, i'll be back. (hila-hila ko na Pangs ko!)

couple of things i missed out.. the Night Safari huhuh..still haven't seen a live elephant or giraffe. whatda? lol. it's not meant to be, harhar. everywhere else we went were (guess what?) malls. anyway, super thanks again to my lovely friends, jane and neal and ate pretz (who did my laundry, wahahaha thank you tlga ate pretz!).. ei jane, kitakits sa kasal nyo (good luck sa preps) and hope to visit you next time and have my picture finally taken with the Merlion and the Esplanade! (arrrrrrgggh why didn't i have my picture taken with that 2! wahaha)