Thursday, September 12, 2002

System Time: 9:16 AM
...demmit forgot to bring my jacket.. brrrr its freezing cold here in the office.. hay.. wala na naman akong gagawin ngayon.. actually, all i want to do is light up a cigarette and go outside to warm up.. last night my sis didn't use the PC so i was able to continue making the site a little.. but i was mostly chatting, inviting people.. there's gonna be an EB tomorrow (EB na ndi naman EB hehe) and i'm going.. i kinda miss the guys.. i think i last saw them hmm.. on ganja's birthday.. yep.. yun yung last.. ate morbi's gonna be there and i can't remember when i last saw HER.. think it was last May puh when i saw her at G4..

System Time: 9:54 AM
..still waiting for break time (6 minutes to go).. i'm so cold that it's hard to type 'cause my fingers are getting numb.. dad went to quiapo yesterday and bought another lot of pirated dvds (yahoo).. he bought spykids 2, the rookie, in the bedroom, empire of the sun, 40 days/40 nights.. can't remember the others.. hope i could watch them on saturday... (reason why i don't want to leave on saturdays,.. that's the only time i get to watch the videos..)

System Time: 11:24 AM
..blabbed some incoherent stories to Koji to pass time.. if i don't talk to anyone i might fall asleep again..

System Time: 5:14 PM
.. i dozed off a couple of times, created some images using Paint (only software available), made wento to Koji, dozed off a couple of times, read HP, dozed off a couple of times.. well, you get the picture.. the yosi break took away some of my sleepiness and am now reading chapter 11 of HP.. my batchmates are all busy figuring out this self-discovered bug.. am not in the mood to fix it in my program yet.. as Koji said..
Froi: (talking to me) ikaw, tapos mo nuh?
Koji: di pa nya ginagawa. malamang para may gawin sya bukas.
Me: Tama! lol! least somebody understands my dilemna HeHe..

System Time: 6:03 PM
.. yeishhhhhh gtg now byee

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