Sunday, September 29, 2002

...went to Sta.Lucia where they have loads of pirated software stuff... i couldn't believe i actually found one.. so the installer was not a problem anymore,... next thing i needed was a book, so i met harbie in Katipunan and she lent me hers (am eternally grateful beng,.. thanks!).. she had to do this errand so i went with her.. we then went to galleria where we met some chatters (some new ones also.. yEy!) having their EB..

anywayz, now my remaining problem is to learn all this stuff again for me to become a LITTLE credible on my foxpro programming skills.. i've started reading already... some stuff are like "aahh onga pala" but others are like.. "meron ba talagang ganito".. and i still haven't figured out how to view the files she gave to me.. they have a different extension name so i can't figure out if i have the right files or the right installed version..

*heart goes *thud, thud*

will attempt to figure out all this stuff again.. gtg wish me luck

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