Sunday, September 21, 2008

...edward and bella

something has been keeping me up at night (apart from tsugtsug) this past week.. i've been reading (and dreaming) TWILIGHT.. the worldwide bestseller which i have only recently heard about (what? i haven't been out much!) which is a shame because the book is soooo friggin good.

it was my sister who told me about it.. she said something like "si panic room girl ang magpaplay sa TWILIGHT", a sentence that i totally didn't understand. i was "huh?" and she was "oh, you are SO out of it!" and then she explained that twilight was like the next harry potter book in terms of its success.

the next day (was it fate? ehehe) someone in the n@w forum asked who liked an ebook of twilight so i began reading it.. and its so addicting, its so hard to put the mouse down (i've been reading it while lying in bed, with the mouse beside me)

its told as a first person story, Bella's point of view.. the 17 year old heroine who's in love,.. with a vampire. The story is so well-written, I could practically hear Bella's breathing.. feel her heartbeat pounding.. every action-packed chapter was enthralling and no detail was insignificant, everything was relevant to the whole story..

halfway through the first book, i remember to google the movie trailer.. i forgot ate's remark about 'the panic room girl' until i saw the trailer.. Bella is played by Kristen Stewart and Edward the vampire played by Robert Pattinson.. he's Cedric Diggory in the HP film.. (i guess he'll sound american in the movie.. well, he should) i was a bit disappointed at first with Pattinson.. in the book, Edward was described as godlike by Bella.. she said.. like a perfect runway model, breathtakingly beautiful.. i guess the edward in MY mind is humanely impossible.. thinking about it later, Pattinson IS a good match, if edward really existed in the real world.. Same goes to Bella.. she is someone who should be beautiful, but not outrightingly so that she'll be popular in the city.. but should be pretty enough to get some guys' attention in a small town..

also this week i saw Stephanie Meyer, the author (talk about right timing!) in Ellen.. she's a SAHM, with no prior writing experience.. she said she dreamt about it (Ellen said, that must be a looong dream, lol) and just googled agents, for she had no idea what to do with the book she had just written..her story is really inspiring, if only i had her talent with words ehehe.

so if you haven't read it.. i fully recommend it.. i'm not sure how many books are in the series.. i have 4 ebooks so far.. (i'm halfway thru the 2nd one, entitled New Moon).. i've asked Ate to buy the books but she said out of stock na sa Powerbooks, so she had to reserve it for me.. i also suggest reading it in broad daylight.. you know, sunny, airy, with lots of people surrounding you.. not at midnight like i did.. i was scared shitless at the 'tracker' scene (you'll know what i'm talking about once you've read it).. not to mention when i stopped reading it, the scene continued in my dreams, harhar..

yun muna, still have reading to do ehehe. bye!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

...ber na!

the weather is cooler, beer jingles (octoberrr festt naaa) and christmas carols in the malls!! yeyy, the ber months are here!

another reason to be happy? U.S. Shows are starting their new seasons this September yahooo! Hello Gossip Girl, Heroes, House and Ugly Betty. hihihi. (of course this blog was about TV)

have already watched the first 2 episodes of GG and i'm happy happy happy to see Penn Badgley again. (cue Mika song: love love me.. love love meeee) i'm reading some spoilers about Heroes and it kinda sucked because now i know who shot Nathan. It's... you really want to know? just go to and read there..

anyhoo.. lehman brothers is in a major FUNK and so is pangs' job. first bear stearns, now lehman. tsk tsk. all US financial companies are going berserk. i'm telling him it might be a blessing in disguise you know, maybe we should just stay here in Pinas.. still think tsugtsug will be 'happier' here, where he'll be closer to his grandparents and cousins and uncles and aunts.. but i dunno.. i'm okay as long as we're together.. i'm beginning to resent this setup, i miss pangs terribly. :(

kahapon pala nabinyagan na ni tsugtsug ang SM Marikina breastfeeding station. binyag as in nasukahan na nya lol. SM marikina, mukhang SM taytay. i guess all SMs are the same. interesado naman ako sa mga restaurants eh.. pero didn't find anything interesting pa.. hindi ko rin kasi mashadong nalibot. binilan ko lang ng cap sa enfant si tsugtsug tsaka sando. (note to self: kulang parin sando ni tsug.. ang bilis kasi lumaki eh!!) ay, tsaka bakit iisa lang ang elevator dun.. ang bagal pa. tska naiinis ako sa mga magulang na sinasakay ang mga stroller nila sa ESCALATOR na hindi inaalis ang baby nila.. waaah. siguro paranoid lang ako pero honestly, its an accident waiting to happen. as in! ano buh, safety first nohhh. hay. tapus yung mga baby na asa basket na meh trolly.. (yung pang shopping) nakalagay na nga sa trolly na 'no riding' , ride parin ng ride ang mga toddler. haaaaay. pinipigilan ko na lang sarili kong mainis. lol. (kaya dito ako hindi nagpipigil hehe) ang kukulit talaga.

natutuwa pala ako sa stroller namin.. as in. thank you talaga sa mga officemates ko sa Exxon dati na nagbigay saken. ang sarap nyang ipush tapus gusto ni tsugtsug. lagi siyang nakakatulog. (or dahil ba kasi malamig sa mall?) yung maxicosi na binili ni pangs para dun, (naaattach siya sa frame ng stroller) medyo maliit na para keh tsugtsug.. lagpas na paa nya! ehehe. pero ok parin kasi nakakatulog siya. can't wait na gamitin na yung pang toddler. kaya lang hindi na siya nakaharap saken, hmm. parang gusto ko ng stokke na stroller. EHEEHE. (see pangs rolling his eyes) pangs, pag asa SG na tayo, hindi na cool ang zapp naten. LOL.

yun lang.. kikita ulit kami ni pangs next week, lapit naaaa. yey!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

...happy 4th month birthday!

to our not so little baby boy..
tsugtsug 4months

Ang likot na ni tsugtsug! From bathing, diaper changing, nursing,..super sa likot. pagnagnunurse yan, nakataas pa yung legs tas yung free hand nya! Pag pinapalitan ng diaper, laging gumigilid! Pagnaliligo kami, sipa ng sipa, basang basa din ako. Ang bilis lumaki.. literally. Pag hinehele ko siya, parang naghehele ako ng toddler na nagkukunwaring baby LOL. Wag masyadong mabilis lumaki tsugtsug,.. kungdi, hindi ka na mabubuhat ni mommy mo!

In the meantime, i'm trying to cut back on what i'm eating.. ang taba ko na! I'm trying to get rid of my gut so I'm doing some situps everyday. Ilan ba dapat? Hmmm.. I'm just doing about 20, 3 times a day. Well.. its better than doing nothing right?