Wednesday, May 09, 2007

...vent machine

May 8, 2007
System Time: 2:00 PM
i'm so bored. i'm not supposed to be bored.. i'm supposed to be doing something but i'm too lazy. wahahaha. so i guess i have no right to complain about feeling bored.

currently listening to Sugarfree.. there's something about listening to pinoy bands when you're outside pinas.. makes me appreciate it more.. and it definitely lifts your spirits up and makes you less homesick..

i have the 'oh-shit-its-only-tuesday-3-more-friggin-days-to-go-before-friday' blues.

System Time: 2:48 PM
you know what i hate the most? when they give me their hand-me-down tickets. gaaah. who's the freaking dispatcher anyway? why are they giving me their rejected tickets? am i too friggin quiet? isn't it obvious i'm busy? (HA! i'm busy writing my blog!) gaah. *sighs* now in a blink of an eye i have 2 unwanted tickets on my queue. demmit.

May 9, 2007
System Time: 1:55 PM
currently listening to Gavin de graw.. i heart gavin. *sighs* i love his voice sooo much. just watched the 21st Heroes episode..

**spoilers ahead**

pangs didn't like it, because the 20th episode was so action packed compared to this one.. but i liked it because it touched on silar's character, which is actually pretty interesting. now i know what the blue light he showed us on the 20th episode. its ice!! ha. wonder who he killed for that. i was watching it in the MRT, and the part with Hiro stopping time to kill Silar was some heart-stopping-scary-shit! i think i literally jumped from my seat when silar moved his eyes. wahahah! i'm actually sympathetic of hiro.. i usually get frustrated when some character isn't able to kill a villain.. but in hiro's case, i can actually understand him! cause he's too cute to be a killer,bwahaha. i dont think he's ready to kill. but he has too.. in two days! wahahha! i hope they kill silar in this season (wishful thinking!), and get a new super villain on season 2.

ooh just remembered that its a wednesday.. gotta check for the american idol show.. (but i got it recorded, atat lang ako hehe) i like blake!! and jordin! and melinda! so oust lakisha bwahahaha!

System Time: 5:49 PM
just received a slew(?) of tickets. *whoa* no mercy huhuhu. so maybe i need to tell about my work a bit for you to understand my situation. basically we're supporting 100+ servers worldwide. and not only servers, but also users worldwide. this application we're supporting is not just one.. but a different application for every server. and you know what makes this worse? they're using proprietary language so that just basically means ZERO career growth. (unless i work for Shell or another refinery) anyway, that's not what i'm complaining about. we have a so-called dispatcher every week. this dispatcher is in charge of 'dispatching' the tickets (server/user problems), to the team. But we're ALWAYS shorthanded.. so the dispatcher usually dispatches to himself hehe.. but this DUDE.. he dispatches to ME! he already assigned me two priority 1 tickets and then he sends me his two user tickets! i'm like, wtf dude? the user tickets have low priority even if they say "URGENT" in the description field (every user feels his issue is 'urgent') you can still do them even if you're friggin busy. and shutting down services is EASY demmit. it will not take up your friggin time. arggh arrgh arrgh. when this DUDE's the dispatcher, i feel like I"M the dispatcher with all the stress he's giving me. he's giving me all the high priority tickets and ...watdapaaaaaaaaaaak while writing this blog he gave me another frigging p2 ticket. PUTANG INA UH!

System Time: 6:16 PM
you know what's the worse feeling? when all you want to do is smoke and then you have no friggin lighter. what the f*ck do you do? rub some stones together? demmit demmit demmit.

i think i've reached my venting quota for the day. will just post this blog. *sighs* bye guys.