Tuesday, August 24, 2010

...major, major thinking

yeah, i know.. i've jumped on the bandwagon.. but i can't help it! i'm hooked. majorly hooked. hehe. in an interview, Venus Raj said 'nagdala daw ng karangalan sa bansa ang 'major, major' nya'.. i can't help but think.. 'Hello,,.. you ALREADY brought pride for our country WHEN you were announced top 5.. it was the major major that caused your downfall lol.'

oh well.. you win some, and you major major lose some.

napaisip tuloy ako kung ano ba ang biggest mistake ko sa buhay ko. i've made a lot of mistakes.. but nothing (okay, i have to say it! i told you i can't help it) major major too. i definitely know the turning points in my life.. choices that i have made which significantly altered my life. i don't regret any of my decisions, but of course, somewhere (really really) deep inside of me, i'm still curious for the what-ifs. sometimes i want to have a magic looking mirror of some sort where i can just SEE what could've been,.. not necessarily LIVE this alternate life for i know these changes might lead me away from my husband and tsugtsug.. stuff like, what if i accepted this other job.. or if i studied a different course.. (i'm keeping the juicier/controversial choices in my head)

*sighs* i must still be hormonal for being this melancholy. i'm just missing pangs. and some adult conversation. i've been cooped up in our house.. i'm actually only able to see my friends when pangs is here.. its hard to leave tsug alone with my mom.. sometimes she makes me feel like an irresponsible parent if i leave tsug to her.. she's right at some points though.. i'm the parent, i have to take care of my kid.. so that's that. we've already had an argument about it. (which turned really nasty, btw, so i just don't want her to have anything more to say about my parenting style).. oh oh.. i might have just remembered a huuuuge mistake in my life.. teaching my mom facebook and farmville/farmtown. *rolls eyes* .. you have no idea how addicted she is. NO IDEA.

at least i'm with my dad.. i love the time we spend together when we drive tsug to his school.. he's been teaching me to drive again,.. so we drive around the village and then we run some errands before we fetch tsug again at school.. i realize how my dad is getting older.. and i'm happy i can spend this time with him.

weird.. i'm getting teary eyed for no reason. count my blessings, that's what my mom said. buti nga daw dito meh katulong ako, halos wala na daw akong ginagawa. well that's true.. at least i have no household chores to do. but i think i'd much rather do the dishes if it means i can sleep with my husband beside me at night.

haaay. this sucks. major major.

Monday, August 23, 2010

...you can't have everything

...was just thinking about tsugtsug.. i'm already 90% convinced that he really is smart,..i mean, i was (conceitedly) thinking that maybe its because we taught him early.. using his iphone, playing with the apps, teaching him the abcs and his numbers.. but now i've realized he really is smart.. he learns everything so fast.. just show it to him once, and he'll remember it the next time.. he spells and writes a few words (apple, mommy, daddy, his name, ball, dog, cat, cow, fox, pen, girl, boy, etc.).. he knows how to count objects and writes the corresponding number.. he knows simple pattern recognition! (blue, blue, black, blue, blue,.. then what comes next?).. just today we played with an activity book.. it shows a picture and then circle the letter that it begins with (ex. apple, so letter A).. tsug just breezed by it.. he even knew pictures like IGLOO, or UMBRELLA.. i honestly don't know what else to teach him at his age.. maybe science? i'm just thinking of stuff that he can actually use, you know? lol. i mean, i don't think my knowledge of the planets helped me in my life before hehe..

but with all that, he still has his tantrums.. i just attended his first presentation at school.. it was linggo ng wika and they sang AKO'Y ISANG pinoy and danced ITIK ITIK.. his teachers said during practice, he would join the older kids with the singing and dancing.. at the day itself, tsug walked out of the classroom towards the 'stage area' with his classmates and obediently took his seat.. but once he saw us, he made a beeline for us and sat on my lap and refused to participate! wahaha. he was content watching his classmates.. hindi ko na rin pinilit, dun sya nababadmood eh.. when we got home though, i was able to see all his new skills.. he can definitely dance the itik itik (with matching feet) .. he knew the steps both for the boys AND the girls.. he sang his AKO'y ISANG pinoy (though you definitely need an interpreter to understand him).. so inisip ko, pwede na rin! hehe! at least nakita ko parin. so my son is not showbiz.. at least he's smart haha.

oh and one more thing,.. when it was time to eat, the kid who was 3 months younger than tsug was given a plate of pancit tapos lumamon na sya! as in, he just ate the pancit.. and even grabbed the andoks chicken.. ayaw na daw magpasubo sabi ng yaya. i was really amazed. up to this day, tsug only eats by himself IF it's rice & cheese.. if he sees any other color (carrots, sayote, etc..) forget about it.. pika pika lang din ginagawa nya.. so my son still can't eat everything on his own.. at least he's smart haha.

oh, and he's not yet toilet trained. definitely my fault hehe. at least he's smart LOL.

his sentences are still not clear.. maybe the longest is 'mommy, sit down!' or 'mommy, close lights!' .. i was surprised to hear him shout "3 points!" while we were watching basketball on TV.. he definitely got that from his classmates hehe.. he has favorite songs already.. he never tires of gymboree songs (sulit talaga samen ang gymboree.. though he looks slightly bored sa gymboree time nya.. i mean, not really bored but like my sister said.. he has a 'THIS IS HOW IT'S DONE, KIDS' attitude hehe.. i think he needs to go to Level 6 na. maybe mas machachallenge sya dun.

i was thinking of tsugtsug's strengths and weaknesses.. and how we'll adapt for babynoname.. what stuff we would change, or stuff that we'll definitely keep.. things like tsugtsug's routine/schedule for the whole day.. definitely a plus.. it was never a problem for us waiting in the wee hours for tsug to fall asleep.. he has a schedule, and we follow it.. and he expects this schedule so its easier for all of us.. you'll be amazed how he is running/super hyper at 1:30pm then when i put him in his stroller to lie down, he falls asleep in less than 10 minutes... 7 is his dinner time, quarter to 9 his bath time, then at 9pm, it's story then sleeping time.. (like what tsug says.. 'close lights', 'read book'.. he says this once we're in the bedroom).. stuff we'll change is definitely the eating habits.. tsug doesn't really concentrate on his food.. he has to be doing something else while he's fed.. like playing with his iphone or watching tv.. i admit i took the easier route when he was younger.. he was making such a fuss with eating, but when i played barney on tv, he would stop and stare at the tv and i can feed him much easier.. (he'll just open his mouth while his eyes are glued on the tv).. it was a very bad habit because once we were out in restaurants, with no tv, he won't eat anymore! wahaha. he'd have to have a new toy or something.. something on his hands so we can feed him properly.. (up to now, he's like this)..

i'll still definitely breastfeed.. but i might pump more this time.. it was hard not being able to pass the feeding to somebody else.. i'm not sure about the 'growing up milk' though.. even if tsug didn't learn to drink that kind of milk (he was breastmilk.. then just yogurt milk)..he's still doing fine.. he is on the thin side though.. so i'm still undecided for babynoname.. tsug wasn't sickly (never been confined *knock on wood*) but when he does fall sick, i feel he has no body fat allowance.. you know what i mean? lol.. i feel you can easily tell he's lost some weight if he had a fever/something because he wasn't fat to begin with..

hmmm.. i bought a new pump already.. the old medela PISA.. i was thinking of buying the medela freestyle, but there was a 100usd difference .. the freestyle's advantage is that its extremely small compared to the PISA.. but, i'm not really pumping in the office, won't be hauling the pump everywhere so i decided to save the 100usd for other baby stuff.. like this new fisher price cradle swing i also bought! heehee. these are already in ate ging's house to be put in a balikbayan box later.. she's also pregnant so iniinggit ko sya with my new stuff haha.. she's having a girl, btw. YEY! finally.. a girl apo for lola and lolo. and i can finally buy those cutesy girly PINK baby dresses.. i also bought a hands free breast pump bra .. chad (my brother in law) had a good laugh at that, saying it looked like a cow factory).. i'm just remembering a friend's status message.. 'BFing while FBing.. breastfeeding while facebooking' hehe.. i used to do that too.. but now maybe i'll be 'pumping while fbing'.. hehe, still sounds weird.

that's it for now.. laro na kami ni tsug.. surprisingly, he gets bored easily with the toy cars.. he likes writing and drawing more.. i think i've raised a bookish kid.. (definitely mana keh mommy hehe)

bye guys!