Thursday, August 28, 2003

hi.. it's raining again.. hmm.. it's weird that everytime momi and i meet, it'll always be raining.. even last year (october), that would always be the case.. anywayz.. hmm..

have been relocated.. my PC's gonna be used for unit testing so they reformated it and i'm now using Sir Herbert's PC.. i'm blogging real-time btw.. his PC is much more discreetly situated so i have no qualms on using my internet explorer..

..will meet momi again later.. (kaya umuulan nga ulit, lol).. hay.. la na ko masabi.. bored na ko dito sa office.. babayyy!

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

System Time: 3:01 PM
ohmahgod am falling asleep again.. @_@ .. am actually waiting for the 4 pm break.. why? aside from the obvious reason, i'm supposed to run though an exercise to my officemates.. it's about creating data-aware classes that Sir H assigned to me to teach to my fellow officemates.. as if i could remember these stuff.. we didn't use any data aware classes for the project so i had to review and learn it all over again.. fell asleep in the middle of reading "Creating a Public Method in the Class that Writes Records to a File" topic.. i was actually reading ate cha's blog before this, but my supervisor materialized right by my side and i had to discreetly minimize and show my "props" .. props meaning my MSDN window, VB Window and other work-related stuff hehe..

..will meet momi again.. has successfully convinced him to get his hair cut hihihi.. (sabi ko kasi, bitin ka na naman bukas pag ndi ka nagpagupit! ahahahaha) pumayag ang gaga, lol!

System Time: 3:13 PM
..trying to make sense of everything that i've read about data-aware classes ..

commercial: ano buh yan parang security guard kung rumonda yung bisor ko.. waaah..

hay.. ano buh gagawin ko....... waah lapit na ng 4 (kabado na ko huhuhu)

System Time: 3:25 PM
..ngayon ko lang nabasa blog ni ate cha for the past 3 days.. ate cha, LOL! Jet Li tsaka si Zhang Ziyi hehe!

System Time: 6:20 PM
waah nakaraos din.. babay!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

System Time: 5:00 PM idiotic officemate bumped our table and caused our computers to shut down.. waah.. didn't realize that i wasn't saving my blog as i typed.. anywayz.. just 1 hour to go before log-out time.. will meet momi again later.. (i think..)

he hasn't changed much.. (in appearance, i mean).. he said he lost 20 lbs.. but perhaps he gained 20 lbs after october 2001 and then lost it again.. so that's why he doesn't seem different for me hehe.. he brought some pictures of some of his "adventures".. in bohol, surigao, etc.. saw a lot of his different hairdos.. (lol) long as shoulder-length (waah) and as short as semi-kal.. i'm trying to convince him to go semi-kal again.. i think it's the do that suits him best.. :) (plus he looks a lot more like Jay Hernandez hehe)

System Time: 6:08 PM
...alis na ko.. ala puh momi ko waah.. meh assignment puh ko..! tell you bout that tomorrow.. byers!

Monday, August 25, 2003

System Time: 8:56 AM
..back in the office.. am also back in doing the report exercises ..hay sucks.. SQL sucks..
..there's no real urgency to them, so i'll start later after the 10 am break.. cause the report's been with me for weeks and i'm kinda expected to hand it over to Sir H any time now..

..currently listening to Train - She's on Fire.. hmm.. my body still aches all over.. i badly need a massage.. lol.. ok fine i'll just massage myself hehe..

System Time: 9:15 AM
..ohhhh weee got our loveee.. we've got this love.. it's the only thing that life dreams of.. (err tama buh..) anywayz.. that's Our Love by JayR.. great song..

System Time: 5:23 PM
..have handed over my finished report and was given a new one.. it looks easier than my previous one.. lapit na naman maguwian eh.. so my objective for the remainder of the day is to just understand the specs as much as i can..

System Time: 5:31 PM
will meet momi later...just received his txt msg and he said he's already in the MRT station..grabe.. i last saw him hmm.. october 2002.. so that's more than 10 months.. lalagnatin ata ulit ako sa excitement, LOL!

System Time: 5:44 PM
nagkita na kami HEHE! la ko nagawa mashado.. nasuntok ko lng siya sa arm haha.. parang kada ko lolz.. kasi andun guard tas lumabas lng ako saglit dito sa ofis dhel hanggang 6 pa nga ako.. hihintayin nya ko sa meh boni.. wahahahah.. *tries not to smile*


System Time: 6:11 PM
/me brisk walking (ndi takbo) papuntang mcdo..

Sunday, August 24, 2003

yey ate chaaaaa! new blog! *hugs* misyuuuuuuu pinapatanong ni sistah kung musta na daw ang bs klab!? lolz! don't kill me, i'm only the messenger haha. basta ingats ka lagi and good luck sa pagaaral! *mwahhhhhh*
hi.. was also absent last thursday so i had a looong 4-day weekend.. (aug 22 was declared a special holiday by GMA in memory of Ninoy's death)

good news, bad news time!!!

good news: momi's here in manilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. finally! yeheyy!
bad news: we haven't seen each other yet. (whaaaaaaaaat!?) yep.. well.. for valid reasons..
1. i'm still not feeling ok. my fever's still on and off.
2. no time.. ate ging just got home from Indo.. so saturday we were at the airport.. then shopping² and dinner (kaya ata ako nilagnat ulit!)
3. just stayed home today.. had a slight fever.. of course, i wasn't allowed to stay home alone.. i had a chaperone.. (morning it was ate chary, at night was my dad's turn.. hehehe.. parang ala silang tiwala saken anoooooo.. feel nyo rin? lol!)

anywayz.. dagdag sa good news.. he's gonna be able to stay at his uncle's place for a week.. think another reason why i had a fever cause i was worrying to death on where he would stay for a week.. he was suppose to share a room with my officemate but my officemate told me that the earliest he could move was still this Sept.. so i asked and called soooooo many apartments, rooms, etc that would accept weekly renters.. but it's either really expensive or really inaccessible.. hay. actually found a place here in our street.. at first i thought everything was ok.. then when i visited the place, it didn't have any electricity! waaahaha! yesterday, the owner told me she'll have someone fix it... i didn't ask her anymore if it got fixed since momi's staying at his uncle's place already.

i'll go and get some rest now.. blog you tomorrow! nite all!

ps. can't believe momi's here. *hapi*

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

System Time: 5:16 PM
..didn't go to work yesterday.. actually, am still not feeling that good today but i had to go to work to finish a program my SA assigned to me.. it's still not finished.. but it's hardly my fault cause the specs are still too vague..
i feel as if my body's not connected with my head.. just wanna go home and get some rest..will probably be absent again tomorrow..

yesterday i had a MG2 marathon..(syempre, pagkakataon habang asa bahay ako lol).. iwatched a total of 3 discs.. a disc has 3 episodes.. so i was in front of the tv for more than 9 hours straight.. lolz.. gwapo tlga ni ken.. haay.

momi's gonna be arriving here in manila on saturday, around 5:30 pm.. final na tlga kasi nakabili na daw siya ng ticket...i can't wait.. *hapi*

..sana okey na pakiramdam ko by then.. kainis naman na pag andito siya eh meh sakit ako.. hayy..

btw, my HMID classmates are going to have a get together on the 30th.. excited din ako para dun 'cause i haven't seen some of my classmates for a couple of years na.. tas sa 31 naman, kitakits ulit kami nila lara, jing and kate (and hopefully si chie).. it's lara's turn to treat us kaya enjoy yun! hehe (basta libre enjoy! lol) tsaka maganda na medyo consistent na kami ng hs kada ko na magkitakits khet once a month man lng.. para mas updated kami sa mga nangyayari sa buhay buhay ng mga tao.. (read: chismisan)

System Time: 5:31 PM
..grabe.. sama na tlga ng pakiramdam ko.. gusto ko na umuwi.. haayyy
System Time: 6:37 PM
..natapos ko (ata) yung program.. alis na ko..babay!

Friday, August 15, 2003

System Time: 8:59 AM
TGIF!!! had an internal debate whether i'd go to work or not.. well... obviously am here at work or i won't be able to blog.. (i don't open my PC anymore at home) just thought that i'll save my VLs for next week.. *yawnnss*.. tagal ng 5 pm huhuhu..dunno howdapak i'll be able to go through this madirpakingloooongday..

System Time: 9:29 AM
..contenting myself with reading Dawson's Creek transcripts.. i'm sooo out of it.. last Dawson season i watched was when Pacey and Joey were still a couple LOL! .. now Pacey's with Audrey (a new girl.. unknown to me).. Jen's with nobody steady.. Joey meeting a new guy.. and Dawson.. err.. still haven't read much about Dawson except he's got a job as an assistant director.. but there are still common things (read: familiar).. Jack's still gay as ever.. and Dawson and Joey still have this unconventional we're-friends-but-not-really kinda of relationship going.. my sister already told me 'bout the ending (who Joey ends up with).. it's Pacey of course! so glad it's him.. i don't like dawson.. don't even find him cute..

System Time: 10:55 AM
..gaah my head hurts.. *squints*.. am on my 3rd DC episode.. joey's weird.. kainish..

System Time: 12:05 PM nakausap ko na si Chie, one of the members sa yahoogroup ni Jayr.. kakatuwa hehe.. i just helped her use this mp3 converter software.. still don't know if i'll be able to go at Jayr's gig at Dish on the 22nd.. i reallyy want to go.. to watch him perform and maybe get my copy of his album autographed (hihihi).. but i'm not sure kung papayagan ako.. tsaka la puh ko makakasama sa kada ko.. (sana andito na sa manila si momi by then...wishhhhhhhh ko laaaaang)

lunch na.. kain na!

System Time: 1:26 PM
grabeeeee @_@ antuk na antuk akoooooooo. less than 4 hours to go.. i can dooo thiss.. @_@!!

..will continue reading DC scripts..

System Time: 1:42 PM
..okey.. need some typing movement.. for props/effect.. gaah hirap magpanggap.. brb..

System Time: 2:16 PM
..currently listening to Caught in the Sun by Course of Nature.. hay.. whenever i hear this song.. he will always creep up in my mind.. he being PC.. he was the one who told me to download this song.. said that it's a great song.. his exact words were "ganda pramis".. and it is indeed one.. beautiful and sad...

..your my distance destinational choice.. i'd give anything just to hear your voice..

*wapaks sarili* ok. i've promised myself to never, ever talk bout him here in this blog and here i am, breaking my promise for the nth's all my playlist's fault..hahaay.. have downloaded the acoustic/live version.. so naturally i would listen to my newly downloaded mp3s right? and it's just natural that i would remember him, right? hay. nod naman dyan!

System Time: 2:34 PM
i think i'm said this before.. idleness is the devil chet. am doing things that i'm not supposed to be doing.. am reading our logs again! can't believe i have a copy here in my workstation.. i think it's because of my forgotten ambition to write a chat-novel.. think i kinda based it on our logs.. gaah. can't believe i was soo insensitive. and so numb. and so stupid! gaaah.

*wapaks sarili again.. harder this time*

..hmm.. waah babasahin ko parin! hmpft!

System Time: 3:07 PM

him: ay ano ung damoobs
me: da mubs
me: the moves
me: l o l
me: tinagalog lng
him: Laughs Out Loud
me: sows
him: wirdo tlaga tong tgalog

am supposed to focus on the good memories, right? lol!

System Time: 4:48 PM temporarily in the project again.. just gonna modify some parts of my previous code.. will just continue doing this on monday.. helloowww mag fa-five na ano at gusto ko na umuwi!

System Time: 5:09 PM

Thursday, August 14, 2003

System Time: 4:55 PM
have you seen Mars? it's suuuper kewl.. just look at the moon and you'll see Mars right below it.. you could even see a red glow surrounding it.. they say it's gonna be as big as the Moon on the 27th.. but i think it'll probably just get a little bit bigger and be rounder and more planet-y like and look less like a star.. i'll probably take a picture.. i'll show it to my future grandchildren hihihihi.. hope it doesn't rain on the 27th.. *wishes for clear skies ahead*

System Time: 5:07 PM
..and so the planning begins.. momi and i made a pact.. that we'll be together when Mars is at its nearest to the Moon.. so the 27th holds a different significance for me.. i mean, who ever thought that we will be able witness this kind of phenomenon.. no matter how impossible it might seem, if it was meant to happen, it'll happen..

System Time: 5:22 PM
...bought Jayr's CD yesterday..(finally).. i only liked a couple of songs.. but then again i'm not really an RnB person.. but i liked Design for Luv and Our Love.. (okey puro love bat ganon haha!).. even brought the CD here at the office so i could convert it to mp3 format and listen to it in my workstation.. ei, just remembered.. it has become my habit to turn on the radio right after i wake up.. now my dad kinda picked up on my habit and turns the radio on himself to help me get up in such an ungodly hour.. anyways, i heard this song (am still an NU107 listener) that i really really liked.. actually, i've heard it at least a dozen times before but i had no idea of it's title or who the band is.. then later at the office, i downloaded some songs that i found in the modern rock billboard charts, just searching for the title of the songs listed there in kazaa.. and there it was! i was just so thrilled when i heard the familiar opening of the song.. waahaha! the song's Shatterday by Vendetta Red.. it has a punk-alt feel to it.. ohdibuh.. galing ng taste ko.. asa billboard top 20 siya! hehe!

System Time: 5:40 PM new songs in my playlist.. So far away by staind, Bottom of a Bottle by Smile Empty Soul, Bandages by Hot Hot Heat (great song!), creatures by 311, Think Twice by Eve 6 and other old songs in their acoustic versions.. i pity people who only listen to mainstream type of songs.. rock is amazing! i'm so happy to hear some rocks songs being played in pop stations.. i don't get pissed off like other "rock enthusiasts".. they feel that the song gets baduy when the masa likes it.. duh.. as if the songs changes it's beat or lyrics.. lol! some songs are just so good that it's instantly liked by everyone.. like Evanescence's Bring me to Life.. or Incubus' Are You In.. songs that stick in your head the moment you hear it..

System Time: 5:51 PM
fuck. dakdak ako ng dakdak ndi parin 6 pm! ano buh tohhh huminto buh ang oras.. grrrrrrrrrr.

*stares at monitor*

System Time: 5:54 PM
..ehehe.. ate chuck just called me to look at her monitor.. then i saw my own codes for a certain form i've programmed previously.. ooops.. ndi ako naglalagay ng .value sa mga fields hehe..
i coded: .fields("newemp") = .fields("employeenbr") when it should be..
.fields("newemp").value = .fields("employeenbr").value
it's a small thing but we have to keep our programming styles standard so that it'll run in any vb/os version.. she said i owe her a "value meal" for making her write a whole set of .values in my codes hihihihi *hiya*

System Time: 6:03 PM <---finally!

wo ai ni momi!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

System Time: 6:10 PM
ei uwian na.. have been busy the whole day.. chatting with tenten and che sistah, e-mailing harbie, ria, lara.. being a "tech support" for kate.. posting messages in jayr's yahoogroup.. oh, and yeah... have been busy with work too.. hehe.. (istorbo talaga work..) have started with the crystal report exercise assigned to me..

uwi nuh ko.. tama na ang pagpapanggap!!

ps: momi's phone has been "out of reach" the whole day.. haaaaaay.
So far away, doesn't anybody stay in one place anymore?
It would be so fine to see your face at my door
Doesn't help to know you're just time away

Long ago I reached for you and there you stood
Holding you again could only do me good
How I wish I could, but you're so far away

One more song about movin' along the highway
Can't say much of anything that's new
If I could only work this life out my way
I'd rather spend it bein' close to you.

But you're so far away, doesn't anybody stay in one place anymore?
It would be so fine to see your face at my door
Doesn't help to know you're so far away

Oh, so far away

Travelin' around sure gets me down and lonely
Nothin' else to do but close my mind
I sure hope the road don't come to own me
Yet so many dreams I've yet to fin-ind

But you're so far away, doesn't anybody stay in one place anymore?
It would be so fine to see your face at my door
And it doesn't help to know you're so far away

*lets out a big sigh*
My blog yesterday, August 12, 2003:

System Time: 5:03 PM
.. finished the module Ma'am V assigned to me.. actually, was already finished before lunch time so i've been on panggap mode since then..keh hirap talagang gawin yun.. hayy..

..continued my downloading of acoustic stuff.. found really great stuff like songs from All-American Rejects, Phantom Planet, the calling and whole lot more.. kinda thinking already of a plan on how to burn the mp3s i've downloaded here in my workstation.. perhaps on a saturday, pag nag OT ulit ako.. sa server lang kasi meh cd-writer eh... dapat makapagdiskarte hehe!

..also posted some messages in jay-r's yahoogroups fansite.. katuwa kasi "newbie" ulit ako.. hehe.. sabi ko nga dun.. feeling young din, lol!

join din keyu..


august na, di parin alam ni momi kung kelan talaga punta nya dito sa manila.. hay hay hay.. kakainip.. :( waah misyunaMomikow.. siya nga ngayon txt ng txt saken kasi la ko load, lol! bibili na nga ako mamaya... lapit na rin naman sweldo..

System Time: 6:11 PM
..uwi nuh akooooooo babayyyyyyyy

Monday, August 11, 2003

System Time: 9:05 AM
star struck

...had a very eventful weekend.. lolz.. was able to watch the game of Ginebra against my Mvp guy (LOL), Chinese Taipei.. kakatawa si cheng feng! (chung fung pronounciation) di man lng nakapagshoot! naka 6 na attempt ata.. siguro nabulag sa mga camera flash eh kasi bawat upo nya eh picture ng picture sa kanya HUHUHU. inggit ako.. ang lapit namin sa kanya tas ala kaming camera! waah if only i had a camera phone huhuhuh. kainishhhhhhhh. tas syempre ndi ko pinansin yung ginebra.. pero nag eye to eye kami ni Bal david hehe (semi-kilig na lng ako LOL) ..chung fung parin!!! chetttt. ang kyot nya hehe. kainish lang tlga ndi man lang nakashoot khet isa. LOL!


nagkwento rin saken si che sistah.. nameet daw nya si jay-r!! FYI, jay-r is one of the hosts at SOP and is an incredible RnB singer-songwriter. matagal ko ng plano bumili ng album nya kaya lng sabi ko sa sweldo na lng hehe... super astiggg ng boses nya. i got to watched him in MTV, ininterview siya ni Belinda Lands (as in landi lolz) ..andun sila sa pad nya tas ayun.. kainish si belinda pakyot mashado sarap sapukin lolz. pero at the end of the segment he sang (can't remember wat song) but i do remember that his voice was just soo incredible.. alala ko lang tlga yung boses nya waaah. tas when he sings in SOP, usually kasama si Gabby Eigenman.. gusto kong batuhin si Gabby para manahimik at hayaang si Jay-r na lng ang kumanta LOL! feel nya maganda rin boses nya. di kaya. Jay-r Rulz! ^_^

System Time: 10:56 AM
..just downloading some songs through Kazaa.. still waiting for my SA..don't know if i'm still officially in the project or not..
..listening to Incubus.. Summer Romance.. (acoustic version..) puro acoustic dinadownload kow.. la lng..on my way to work i heard an acoustic version of avril lavigne's complicated.. so i decided to download that.. then i began downloading other acoustic stuff.. hmm.. katuwa.. :)

System Time: 11:13 AM
currently listening to The All-American Rejects.. Last Song..
as i go.. remember all the simple things you know.. i still hope that you will miss me when i am gone... this is the last songggg *headbang sa utak* hehe

System Time: 1:35 PM
...ang hirap magpanggap na meh ginagawa.. waahahaha. kaantuk puh. -_-

System Time: 1:43 PM
..andito na SA kow.. hmm.. ayoooko puhh magprogrammmm...tanong ko na nga kung meh gagawin puh ko...

System Time: 3:21 PM
..nyerks.. meh workload nuh ko :( sad sad sad.. but looks easy enough.. brb gawin ko nuh.. tutal pangtanggal antok din toh...

System Time: 5:32 PM
..nyekk.. matatapos nuh ako.. lolz.. tumigil tuloy ako sa kakacode.. magtitira ako para bukas bwehehe.. motto ko dito sa radix eh.. "kung gagawin ko na siya ngayon, eh ano gagawin ko bukas" LOL!

System Time: 6:39 PM
wahaha. asa opis parin ako, umalis na lahat ng kabatch ko.. kasi nagkwentuhan puh kami ng superior ko.. guess what tungkol san.. syempre sa F4 at sa meteor garden! bwahahah!
anywayz, ngayon lng natapos wentuhan namin.. 30 minutes din kami nagusap heheh.. sige
babayy paalam!

Friday, August 08, 2003

System Time: 12:01 PM
TGIF! extremely busy week.. had this program that took me such a long time (4 days to be exact) to finish.. hihiya na nga ako sa SA ko.. but he never really asked me the status of the program.. but still, kakahiya 'cause i know that he knows that i'm still not finished with it.. hehe..

have finished my wap site for Nokia (sucks) users.. visit it through your wap-capable handsets.. ... my previous xhtml wap site has also been improved.. still the same URL,

kelan ko kaya matatapos web site ko noh!?

ei.. it's Froi's birthday today.. happy birthday officemate/seatmate! isang otso-otso nga dyan Lol!

... one of the reasons why i'm free to blog is am waiting for chipper to finish his share of the program..i asked for his help and shared some of my workload with him.. when he's through i would still have to integrate our codes and test them..

...lakas ng ulan kanina.. baha na sa EDSA! lol! hope it subsides a little 'cause i really don't want to get stranded here at Boni..

uy lunch na.. post ko na toh rin..


Monday, August 04, 2003

System Time: 11:40 AM
..i want to believe you.. i want to believe in us.. when everything is wrong.. will you come through?.. Lori Carson, crazy/beautiful OST

..shit am not doing the revisions for my form.. can't believe i'm still programming for this project..huhuh.. the one thing i hate most is modifying other people's program.. first of all, i'd hafto understand what certain procedures are for.. and second is that i'd actually hafto use them.. gaah. hay.

have been downloading the soundtrack for crazy/beautiful instead.. kakalungkot..
speaking of kakalungkot.. roy's mom died last saturday.. was able to go at her wake yesterday.. hay.. i pray to God for her soul and may she rest in peace.. +

System Time: 1:15 PM
..still listening to the C/B OST.. feels like i'm actually watching the movie.. that's how good the soundtrack is.. *sighs* ..i could see Jay Hernadez' super gwapito face.. and i could even remember when a particular song was played in the movie.. (well maybe that's because i can't count the times i've watched the movie lol) plus i really like Kirsten.. she's not that beautiful but she has that kind of appeal that holds your attention and you can't take your eyes off her..

System Time: 3:00 PM mom just texted me.. ang LAKi daw ng babayaran ko sa PLDT.. paktay.. -_- badtrip PLDT ..khet missed call (as in ndi puh sinasagot uh!) meh bayad na pala yun huhuhuh. kaiinish.

System Time: 5:14 PM
..hayyy good thing my SA isn't here.. i have an excuse as to why i haven't finished my form yet...already took 2 alaxan tablets to lessen my headache.. >_< tsaket parin.

System Time: 5:58 PM
umeffect na yung alaxan (TG).. am feeling quite normal nuh.. nakahanap pala ako ng Lavender yung song sa intro.. hehe.. :)

System Time: 6:10 PM

Friday, August 01, 2003

i'm still here at the office.. they're having a "completion" of project quotes 'cause we haven't finished it yet.. will still go to work tomorrow to finish some checkpoint touchscreens that were assigned to me..

hayyy.. i'm already so sleypi.. -_-

good news.. momi's going here soon.. tas sabi nya.. pag pumunta siya dito.. as in forever na... hay. grabe. i can't wait. :)

i'm currently listening to a horrific version of A Friend of Mine.. hehe.. meh videoke dito sa office kakatawa.. ako rin eh, muntik na mag walk out mga tao nung kumunta ako lol!!!

teka.. manonood na ako.. bye all.. gusto ko lng magparamdam...