Thursday, October 30, 2003

9:46 AM
..ala mga IT people! as in ako lang andito.. *tuwa tuwa* pero kanina nilapitan na ako ni Sir Tony habang tinatype ko yung blog ko dati.. (nakita nya kaya ako? hmmm....) naka LOMA leave daw sila.. (don't ask, dunno also) so i should answer the phones.. fine by me! sana nga ala silang lahat para i wouldn't feel the pressure AND i could go home early..

9:51 AM
..nyerks.. one of the testers of LIPS (the program i'm modifying..stands for Life Insurance Planning System) says that we have a meeting after lunch.. update lang sa LIPS fixes/enhancements.. hmm.. meron ba? lol!

hahay.. yesterday pala i was able to register! yes! after spending 5 hours waiting in line, i am now a registered voter. kaya ko palang tumayo ng mahigit sa 5 oras, ohdibuh hehe.. sikat pa si Dadi dun.. sabi ng mga andun.. "kanina yung Father mo, inaway nya yung mga nagbabantay dyan kasi nagpapasingit" lol! go dadi! hehe! met a lot of people from COGEO who are basically my neighbors hehe.. syempre naman,..magkasama ba kayo ng 5 oras, ndi pa ba kayo magkwekwentuhan? taga UST yung isa, yung 2 naman mag-asawa yung mga anak nila taga UST.. tas there was this gay guy.. then another couple..hehe..basta i just wanted to get it over with..kaya tsinaga ko na..

10:02 AM
..awwwww.. kala ko Leave sila.. si Ma'am M mismo, andito na eh.. sucks.. *pressure, pressure*

ay teka, bago ako magtrabaho.. Jerry and Vic are coming here on Nov. 29! that's just 2 days after my birthday so birthday gift ko na sa sarili ko yun.. i'll be buying the 2,500 ticket.. waaha.. di na naman ako kakain nyan, lol!
am still pestering ate chary to come with me.. si Kate kasi bumili na ng tickets.. hmm.. sana pumayag si ate..

..i might drop by Radix later.. Chipper, Jhoneil and the other SAs are leaving for Ohio tomorrow.. parang lahat papunta dun uh.. si Harbie sa Ohio din sad.. mamimiss ko sila.. -_-

10:12 AM
..Chipper just texted me.. sa Megamall na lng daw..Octoberfest closing party rin kasi eh.. babaha ng beer hehe..

10:26 AM
antukkkkk na antukkk ako.. kelan buh mawawala antuk ko dito sa office.. hayy.. ano ba.. pano ko ba isosolve toh.. -_-.. si dex pala has one week off... he'll know on Friday if he's formally accepted at Malcolm Lloyd..tapos na kasi training nya.. *crosses fingers* sana..

10:41 AM
@_@ grabe. napapaidlip ako. tas with matching panaginip pa! bwahaha! ano buh tohhh..

just remembered.. after registering yesterday, i tried to play Time Crisis at our big TV.. waah.. di pwede! think the gun only works on CRTVs and not on projection TVs.. my gun just wouldn't align correctly.. kainish.. sayang,.. i did try it on the TV in my parents bedroom.. oki dun syempre kasi picture tube lng din yun.. medyo umuusad na ako sa game.. asa area 2 na ako, lol! i also help my mom make necklaces.. nag eenjoy na nga ako gumawa ng mga yun eh.. sometimes, i would spend a whole weekend doing just that..

11:11 AM
..lapit na pala birthday ng mom ko.. hafto remember to buy her a gift.. hmm.. ano kaya maganda.. *esep, esep*

12:33 PM
eii.. meh newly found friend ako dito sa Prumerica.. contractor din siya, her name's Suzette.. she's friendly.. plus.. she's a smoker.. bwahahah.. meh yosi partnah na ako! lol! bumaba mga IT people.. yey.. makakatulog ako hihihi.. brb sleyping time..

7:44 PM
dito ako radix!! kakamiss tlga dito hehe.. kasi dito nagsasalita ako, lol! magooctober fest ako kasama sila Chipper and Koji, etc.. sige.. babay!
My blog last October 28, 2003

9:12 AM
..still surviving here at Prumerica.. just had breakfast with Erlyn.. kwentuhan lang.. katuwa, hehe.. lagi namang "interesting" mga kwento nun, lol! beats my usual routine of eating pancakes alone.. actually, since i began working here, i have discovered that i don't mind being by myself.. i like observing people.. or staring into space.. i used to think that i always needed some company when i'm out.. but i've realized that being alone doesn't necessarily mean you're lonely.. besides, it's just usually on mornings when i get here at the Enterprise early. home earlier than usual last night.. i wanted to play with my PS2 'cause i already bought a PS2 gun.. woohoo! i also have 3 new gun games.. TimeCrisis2, Vampire Night and Resident Evil.. i only played TC2 last night 'cause i don't want to have nightmares from the other 2 games, hehe..

9:40 AM
..tested the saving part of my program.. was able to remove the error yesterday.. thank God, everything still looks fine.. some errors are like ghosts.. bigla na lng sumusulpot.. ala pang mumu ngayon hehe..

..anyway, momi and i have an "exchange diary" now.. we take turns writing in it.. it's with him now, he'll give it back to me on Monday.. at least now, i have something to look forward to on Mondays..

haaaay.. am still not registered.. wil probably not be able to at the rate i'm going.. the last day's on the 31st.. kasi laging last minute ako mag-isip kaya yan.. we tried to go here at the municipal last Sunday but there were wayyy to many people.. as in sooobrang dami.. *sighs*.. gusto ko pa namang bumoto.. one less vote for FPJ, hehe!

hay, kainis... ala na akong napapanood sa mga nirerecord ni ate Chary.. i still haven't changed the program time.. wala ng My Love Cindy tsaka Endless Love.. how sad :( .. pero at least meh Miki Love Yuu parin, looks like matagal -tagal pa yun.. Yung My Love Cindy katuwa yung ending.. pinili nya yung kaibigan nya kesa yung rich guy.. aliw! yung Endless Love.. ay buwset.. i mean, i already knew that they were both gonna die but Johnny's death was really stupid.. hinintay nyang sagasaan siya.. kakainis pa dun, as if ndi kayang magpreno nung truck eh malayo pa lng bumubisina na yung driver.. sows.. kung sira yung break edi i-hand break nya.. mah gas.. yung train nga nakakahinto eh, yun pa! buwsit parang suicide tuloy. hmpft. hehe.. apektado ako ano? actually, i really prefer watching those Chino/KoreaNovelas.. it's nice to see new faces tsaka light shows.. alang mga patayan at kidnapan. anyway, there's gonna be a new chinoshow.. starring Ambrose (who played Leo at Lavender) and Shaozi (dunno the spelling/her real name.. from my MVP Valentine).. sabi sa GMA.."soon" pa.. sana sooner, hehe..

bad trip mga holidays.. asa saturday-sunday lagi.. ala man lang dagdag na bakasyon.. hay.. yung nov 1 & 2 asa sat-sun.. nov.30 sunday naman.. sucks.. sa friday meh pasok pa.. hanggang 3 pm lang pero kahit na.. hay kainish.. feeling ko pa naman pagod na pagod ako lately.. -_-

10:44 AM
IT development people are on their weekly meeting again.. so most of them are not here at their desks.. only Sir Loret is here.. (he's on the "production team".. whatever that means, lol!) still have no idea how i would solve this one remaining visual c++ error.. since october, i have been able to resolve 4 major issues.. first, i was able to remove the Access Violation error (*takes a bow, thank you, thank you* lol!) 2nd, was able to correct the saving process.. i totally changed the logical flow and replaced it with my hopefully working code.. 3rd is i have removed the default values and changed some values of combo boxes.. sounds simple enough right? in any other language it'll only take you a few seconds but in this oh-so-sadistic-vc++ it takes a couple of days, lol! i couldn't even find the damn combo box in the codes.. but at last i was able to find it and modified the necessary changes.. lastly, i was able to ensure that data displayed is specific to the info being accessed.. meaning, ndi naliligaw ang mga data ko.. haahaaay.. just 4 issues in almost a month, ..kakabobo talaga tong vc++

1:03 PM
..sleypi.. what's new.. -_- maybe i could take a leave tomorrow and register.. sayang talaga eh.. magtitiis na lng ako, isang araw lang naman..

1:41 PM
already told Ma'am M i might be absent tomorrow to register.. grabe, ang bagal ng oras.. parang nananadya pa! lol! ooooyyy gusto ko ng umuwi at maglaro ng Time Crisis!

2:05 PM
..ang bagal tlga.. magbabasa na lng ako ng vc++ book..

2:09 PM
.. Ma'am M gave me a new problem to work on.. (problema na naman! lol!) might as well work on this one 'cause i'm kinda stuck already on this error i'm currently tackling..

3:25 PM <-- that's more like it.. medyo bilisan pa ng konti, hehe

3:31 PM
aha! found a way to kill time,.. magyayahoo messenger na lng ako thru my phone..hihihi

5:07 PM
oops.. in my excitement, i forgot that my battery already half empty (or half full, W!) now it's almost out.. titigilan ko na, baka maubusan pa ko ng baterya hehe..babay na rin..byebye!

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

shit. i'm pathetic tlga.


sori sa mga late greetings. as in. hope your day went great! *hugs*

work na tlga ako. babay!
waah ate cha.


am sooo sori sobrang belated. *hugs hugs misyu!!!*
System Time: 9:25 AM

gud mawnin! about 95% of the prumerica people are attending some kindof company am pretty much working solo here in the IT corner.. ate Pretz usually gets here around 11 am so am by myself til then..

was able to cross another error out of list last night.. *hapi hapi* think am getting the hang of this vc++ shit..

am now typing this blog, thinking that since none of the IT people are here, i might be able to post this on (sana naka-up ang server..)

rats.. meh pumasok na employee na malapit sa pwesto ko.. kala ko pa naman makakapagliwaliw ako sa PC hehe..

anywayz, didn't bring baon today cause ate Pretz texted me last night and said we'll be having lunch out with Nathan and Rion, our officemates in Radix.. they're also assigned here in the Makati area.. hmm.. gutom na ko lol..

actually, bought some Pancakes at City Bites.. they're actually cheap, 40 bucks for 3 fluffy pieces with free Iced tea.. don't think most people have realized it yet ('cause most of they're food are ranged between 90-100 bucks), but i tell you, it's the best breakfast deal (if you're not inclined to eat rice @ mornings, like me).. Country Style has 1 donut + 1 iced tea at 35 bucks, but who gets full with one measly donut? hehehe...

System Time: 9:39 AM
YESSSSS! meh internet! *sayaw-sayaw* just checked it at Ma'am Marivic's (my direct supervisor here at Prumerica) PC.. post ko na toh, mamaya magsidatingan sila hehe!

God bless all! so nice to be able to write again in my blog. ^_^
My blog last October 20, 2003

System Time: 8:33 PM
..still here in Prumerica.. feel pretty good today 'cause i solved another error.. i've been contemplating for days how i could correct it, then this morning it ust hit me to try another approach.. well, TG! i'm one less error away from this seemingly endless, world's buggiest program..

just had dinner with momi.. he's still at the Fudpark, waiting for me.. (how swit ^-^) he also had a good day at work today, told me he got 3 "leads".. have no idea what they are, but i think, the more leads you have, the better, so good for him! is also sir tony's (IT director here at Prumerica) birthday today so he treated the whole IT staff for lunch.. we ate at Masas (in GB2) was great, (the iced tea sucked) my fave was the tuna belly, yum-yum.. i still have my lunch baon with me, will probably eat it when i get home.. haay.. speaking of which.. i wanna go home already, hay.. at least i was able to accomplish something today.. (hurrah!) dunno when i'll be able to post these blogs.. am just writing them on my notebook.. am actually just killing time.. it's 8:44 pm and i will go home at exactly 9 o'clock..

System Time: 8:50 pm <--10 minutes to go!

System Time: 9:00 pm
bye bye bye!
My blog last October 17, 2003:

System Time: 8:00 am

I am invincible!!!

well, not really. at least i was able to solve the Access Violation thingie.. after 3 days of effort, i decided to shift my planned route and concentrate on the generated text files.. and voila! saw the offending data.. just changed the buffer size of a variable and the Access Violation error is ancient history. that's ONE error i have corrected.. 1 after 15 days.. LOL! i'm pathetic, hehe.

**deadline has been moved to next month.. Hurrah!**

am now on my 2nd error.. it's also difficult in a way cause it's a logical error.. i'm still a little fearful of changing some parts of the code 'cause it may have a catastrophic effect on the whole program.. but it'll come to me, i'm quite sure now.. just have to be more diligent and focused..

..i'll be quite busy this saturday.. 3-6 pm with HS kada and 6 onwards with my ISM kada.. wasn't planned.. just got my dates messed up (again) still don't know how i'm going to pull it off (HS kada- as usual, figaro@brickroad, cainta.. while ISM kada, Makati) i can't say no to either cause the first one's kinda a habit for us now, our "monthly meetings".. while the other's our padespedida for Harbie.. she's leaving for Ohio on the 25th..(huhuhu) we're taking her out to dinner and KTV, hehe.

ay! good news.. meh work na si momi!!! he's already starting his training.. the company's a call center and it's also located here in Makati, so we usually get to meet after work.. i'm so happy for him.. hope he survives the training..

gotta get back to work..

System Time: 2:10 PM
..shit am so sleepy. had lunch with ria today.. discussed some of our plans for harbie's despedida "party". it's not really a party 'cause it'll just be the 5 of us (me, ria, roni, anshe and harbie... si eboy? ma at pa)

am so sleypiiiiiiiiiiii. hay. work ulit. bye bye!
My blog last October 13, 2003

debugging this is futile. I haven't seent he light for more than a couple of days now. i've been actually in the dark since the first of october, crawling my way thru this visual c++ maze...i'm so lost even with 4 books infront of me

..**i could hardly keep my eyes open.. must be the monday blues**..

They're having a meeting now (IT people) probably discussing my fate.. or as to how much longer will they torture me.. hope they end this soon as i am pretty much wilting away.. -_-

guess you couldn't really relate to the way i'm feeling.. suppose someone gave you a mandarin book.. you're supposed to explain the whole book after 15 days. the only tool you have is a mandarin-english dictionary. each character you see in the mandarin book, you look up in the dictionary, trying to translate it.. but we all know that mandarin's a very complex language.. an additional character gives the word a whole new meaning. how dapak does one expect you to understand mandarin in 15 days! and suppose by an odd chance you did understand this one paragraph, find out that it's gramatically wrong.. now you're supposed to correct it.. woah.. reading is passable.. but writing it is a whole NEW dimension! that's how i feel. like an alien thrown in a planet of pointers, structures and memory leaks. fucking visual c++. i'll never be able to do this in 15 days.. i need at least a couple of months.. *sighs* i wanna go back to radix huhuhu :( .. these are not ordinary logic or sql errors.. i'm dealing with access violations, unhandled exceptions, failed debug assertions.. i'm even learning how to read basic assembly language! chet. errors that are caused by dangling pointers, stack overflows, virtual spac collisions, chichuqmamish, yomikozo, LOL!! they all sound foreign to me hehe.. it's just not feasible for me.. balik nyo na ko sa radixxxx! waaah! ok lng khet mukhang bomb shelter opis namin.. at least dun, balik VB ako at meh laban.. here, i feel as if someone threw me int he middle of a gang rumble without even a stick for my defense.

Saturday, October 04, 2003

october na pala...

sows. how could i be so stupiddddd.. hapi hapi puh ako.. LOL! taena! i've got my work cut out for me at prumerica.. they gave me my first task,.. to debug this program.. seemed simple enough right? i mean, that's basically what i've been doing.. but f*ckingshit the code's written in Visual C++.. ..|.. !!! WAAHH! my deadline's on tuesday.. shit.. already asked Davis' help on some parts of the code.. hay... tsaka sa prumerica.. tatanda nila uh.. i mean, i'm super sure i'm the youngest there.. the next one probably is 26/27 years old.. hay.. i miss my officemates in Radix already...

i'm supposed to be studying Visual C++ today.. i will, promise... i'll just have to check my e-mail (well, delete the messages hehe) and update my blog..

DEMMIT! can't believe i was actually happy that i got the job... tsk tsk tsk.. now i have 3 books in Visual C++ and will borrow Dennis' book in Delphi again.. shit.. i have this panicky feeling in my chest and i keep imagining myself getting kicked out of prumerica.. it's not my fucking fault anywayz.. i DID tell them that my C++ skills are bordering to ancient.. only learned it in college for gudnes sake.. *sighs*

my officemates, Davis ARE a big help though.. thank you talaga! sige.. KAYA KO TOH! *ubo ,ubo*

ei erlyn text me .. 9-6 pm ako sa enterprise.. but i get there early and go home late.. text me when you're still there around 8 am.. kape tayu hehe!

si ria din ambait.. thank you thank you for being my lunch buddy..... hay.. big thanks tlga.. pero niyayaya na nila (mga taga prumerica) ako pag lunch.. pero thanks parin! *hugs hugs* thanks din sa free frappe and waffle.. *yum yum* naalala ko na kung bakit masaya ako nung nalaman kong sa enterprise ako hehe!

well.. lunch muna ako, tas install ng Visual C++... tas aral..

i can do this.