Wednesday, August 27, 2008

...lakwatsa boi

tsugtsug's latest venture to the outside world.. his cousin's 2nd birthday! Thank you to Tita Erlyn for his outfit, Tita kate and Jing for his shoes. LOL. (obvious bang hindi binibilan ng damit ng nanay?)
okey pa sya nung umpisa eh.. but with all the noise confined in one room, it was too much for him (kahit ako naingayan eh!) kaya nastress ehehe. had to take my food just outside the room, but he was his jolly(bee) self there.

til his next outing!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

..ode to the 90s

after having my third nightmare about Criminal minds, i decided to give my profiling psyche a break and searched my family's numerous (and eccentric) collection for something new to watch... i wanted something light, (read: not scary) and in english (read: no subtitles!) and i ended up with... Dawson's Creek, Season 1. ehehe.

after the Pilot episode (which amazingly, i was familiar with.. OMG i have watched this before!!), i was hooked. it reminded me of my school days and i loved the music. gawwwd i love 90s music.. Sarah Mclachlan, Tori Amos.. and of course the theme song, I don't wanna wait. hearing the song is reason enough to watch the show. it's an absolutely great song. I wonder whatever happened to Paula Cole.

I'm definitely a 90s baby.. (i only remember the 80s because of my sisters.. Pretty in Pink, Some Kind of Wonderful) my highschool days when i was so engrossed in alt rock, filling up my shoeboxes with tapes of bands, congratulating myself when my latest discovery wasn't a one-hit wonder and guessing who would make it to the mainstream.. Alanis Morisette, No Doubt, Goo goo dolls, Third Eye Blind,.. i thought they would forever be my secret musical discoveries.. guess they were meant for greater things than inside my walkman. my favorites were Radiohead, Smashing pumpkins, Rage against the machine, Sonic Youth, i could go on and on and on (ooh Alice in Chains. ooooh, how could i forget Nirvana and Pearl Jam!. oooh also Soundgarden..Green day..Oasis!!! Bush!! okaaay i'm gonna shut up now).. wow. i miss their music.

i remember listening to NU on our school bus service.. i remember singing Ironic to my friend Kate 3 months before it became BIG in the radio.. and i remember how i loved Eraserheads so much I would sound like Ely when I sang their songs lol. I remember how happy i was to find classmates who liked the same stuff i did.. so much so we formed a band and first named it freon, then changed it to Orange Juice. lol. I remember going to studios and jamming it with them. i would play the drums, the bass, and would even sometimes take vocals.. we sounded like crap but we didn't friggin care. ehehe. oohhh i miss arjo, bea, maileen, joyce.. ehheehe. wow, so weird to say their names here when we haven't kept in touch all these years. i remember how bea loved beastie boys, and her name being on it just adds to her obsession. i found arjo on friendster and she stayed true to her music roots, with franz ferdinand, coldplay, the killers, audioslave, deftones, tool, the white stripes, to name a few of her current likes.

i don't listen to the radio anymore.. TV seems much more appealing to me.. so i leave it up to MTV to educate me of the new bands.. year 2000 brought about great bands, but i dunno,..nothing really hits the chord for me unlike before.. is it my age? or maybe it's too early to be sentimental over 2000 music.. yeah, that's probably it. when i'm in my 40s i'll probably be like "oooh, i loved maroon 5" ehehe.

90s was a great decade.. it brought us portable phones, jerry maguire and search engines. i'll just save all the great music to my harddisc with hopes that i can tune out the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus from them.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


tsugtsug and me!!!! at 3 months and 17 days, tsugtsug is now amazingly 16.96 lbs. nyahahaha. ang hebigat na talaga!

Monday, August 11, 2008

..tsugtsug milestone

check this out eheheehe.

ang galing galing!

here are more details of tsug's baptismal.. we only had a budget of 25k for EVERYTHING.. and i do mean everything.. i think lumagpas kami ng mga 2k siguro dahil nga sa emergency food situation.. anyhoo.

eto pala get up ni tsugtsug:

all bought from Sta.Lu department store. St. Patrick's ata yung shirt. very cheap, think only 400bucks for the terno.

venue.. casa arenas. bwahahah. our reliable backyard. maulan but my dad put up some umbrellas and the guests were fine. also put up 2 new ceiling fans kasi mainit dati nung despedida ni ate ging. naglagay din si daddy ng aluminum something sa roof para daw mag absorb ng heat. sa next pic manonotice nyo yun..

food was from our suki, the very reliable CCME ( We had chicken pastel, roast beef, barbecued spareribs, adobong prawns and crabs, steamed lapu lapu, young corn/quail eggs/green peas with shrimps. Ang dami diba? yeah, for 50 people. ehehehe. I opted for a full catering service from them, para less hassle, dagdag ng 100bucks/head. mga 14k lahat lahat ang food, pero dami namang ulam, so okey lng. (sensya na sa nagbabasa pero hindi nakatikim ehehehe)
eto likod ng casa. check out the silver ceiling ehehe.

also got charlie's pritson.. lechon in a pita.. 4650 bucks sya, pero sabi ni pangs maliit lng daw yung lechon. parang lechon de leche. mga 80 pcs lang daw din yung pita. this i knew but i didn't realize the pita would be small.. parang 2 inches lang pero masarap. we reckoned if we got the the usual Elar's 5k lechon, hindi kami nagkafood drought. well, at least natikman namin and masarap nga. plus they came with 2 helpers, nice uniforms and all. konti nga lang tlga yung lechon.
pritson guys with soon to be wed A & R.

syempre dapat meh cake si gavin. got this from jane of sweetbite. jane was very easy to talk to, very jolly. she made the cake a fondant one without extra charge (siguro nagpapractice ka noh jane! ehehe) tapus 50 choco cupcakes. also ordered desserts from her, 50 pcs of eclair and food for the gods. i was only able to taste the cupcakes and it was good. moist and not too sweet. even my mom liked it which is a very good sign cause she doesn't like sweets. dad said he tasted the eclair and it was good. i can only assume the food for the gods was good cause they vanished before the party ended.
buti na lang napicturan ni hubby. si daddy ang in charge of photos.. he wouldn't care less about the 'details'.

wasn't planning on getting balloons pero parang gusto ko medyo festive naman ang mood. gusto ko sana dito lang maghanap ng balloons sa meh COGEO but didn't have the time to look around. (last week nakakita ako, meron sa gate 2 ehehe, now i know). got jacque from n@w/w@w of partyboosters . madali din kausap si jacque and she went to our house to setup the balloons pa. kahiya nga kasi almost non-existent ang budget ko dito eh ehehe. got 100 balloons from her tapus nagdagdag sya ng mga centerpiece. thanks jacque! and good luck sa iyong new biz.

the only problem with balloons was disposing them! ang dami eh! was able to give a couple sa batang dumaan sa bahay namin. yung iba nilagay ni daddy sa meh bakod namin tapus parang magic, nawala lahat. ohdiba.

kumuha rin pala ako ng mamang sorbetero.. yung ex-helper namin dati na si mae, pinaabangan ko ng naglalako.. meh nakita syang naglalako ng ice cream stick/ice buko, yun ang tinanungan nya. got 1500 for 6 gallons. wasn't too happy kasi 2 lang flavors, cheese and cookies & cream. tapus medyo pasaway pa si mamang sorbetero. sabi ko 12 pumunta, 9am andun na. ang konti pa ng cones na dala, di daw kasama sa usapan. ehehe patawa. oh well. daming natira, hanggang ngayon kinakain ko parin hahaha.

yung invites, got really cheapo and just printed them out as a photo. yung souvenir naman and tarpaulin ni tsug we got it printed sa fans digital sa hidalgo, quiapo. my dad always goes there for you-know-what naman kaya hindi out of the way ehehe. mura lang, 32bucks isang magnetic card and tarpaulin was just 300bucks. mura din magpaprint ng photos dun, just 6bucks each for a 4R size. gusto ko yung kinalabasan. ako naglayout, got scrapbook elements from
tarp copy
tarp layout.. laki ng mukha ni tsugtsug ehehe

4x4 pinagawa ko.. ganda ng pagkagawa, rounded yung corners.

ayun. kapagod pero masaya. next stop.. tsugtsug's 1st birthday! yahoooooo can't wait!!

Friday, August 08, 2008

...binyagan blues

grabeeehh. kakahiya, naubusan kami ng food lol. had to ask hubby to run out and buy some emergency food.. twice! i guess i underestimated the no. of people.. akala ko mga 50 lang eh! ang 50 lang pala eh yung first batch nyahaha.. adding to the stress was me direct feeding tsugtsug .. nevertheless, tsugtsug was very playful and cheerful once he had a full stomach.. masiyahin daw sabi ng mga tita ko.. they should see him when tsug looks at himself in the mirror.. kinikilig! lol.

behave din si tsugtsug nung mismong binyag.. he slept thru half of it.. what with the priest's long sermon and longer jokes.. well it was entertaining at least.. tsug was sleeping when the water was poured on his head.. he cried for a while and then slept again 5 seconds later..


ang taba ko ehehe. you know how i could keep this weight on? i eat breakfast TWICE (7am and 10am), eat a heavy lunch a couple of hours later, numerous snacksssss in between then and dinner.. basically just stuffing myself with food..

family pic time!

on OTHER news (hehehe as if meron).. i've never been a kristen bell fan but i happened to catch an ETC recall of veronica mars and saw this episode where she was investigating some lab rats stolen and where she had this little moment with a certain PIZ guy.. ooooh. suchhhh a cutie. ehehehe. watched the 3rd season , found out we had an early copy (quiapo guys, tsk tsk) so it only had until the 9th episode.. watched the first 2 seasons and well, you can say i was hooked, had my dad buy the 3rd complete season and am now very sad that they cancelled the show. there's just no justice in not finishing a series and having no definite ending. googled it up and looks like they had no inkling they were getting cancelled, hence the no-ending ending for the 3rd season. *sighs* the GOOD news is that my boy crush PIZ is actually the surfer dude in Private practice! HA! AM so damn lucky. I knew i haven't seen the last of him yet. double HA! ate Chary was the one who told me this news.. she was 'he's in private practice' and i was 'sino dun???'.. and i remembered instantly when she said surfer dude because he is sooo damn unforgettable bwahahah. and saya ko talaga ano ahahaha. and now, i'm going to find the grey's anatomy episode again and watch it. it's my goal this weekend. (and to watch top chef season 4) note to self: ask dad to buy private practice, hihihi.

weird daw ng mga crush ko sabi ni ate chary.. haha. i dunno. yeah, he's not drop dead gorgeous but i find PIZ so cute. so boyishly innocent hahaha. and maybe cause i don't like Logan that much. (and again, i always root for the underdogs) okay, i'm rambling veronica mars stuff now. time to eat. this is probably one post i'll be embarassed about one day. i now leave you with my latest obsession youtube find..c ya.