Wednesday, July 26, 2006

...malapit naaaaaa

2 days to go! yipee! *jumps for joy*

/me tingin sa bagahe, mga bilin ni raymond:
1. purefoods carne norte
2. purefoods sisig
3. goldilocks bopis in tetra pak (don't you just love this!!)
4. goldilocks lechon paksiw
5. goldilocks dinuguan (hindi kaya tumaas cholesterol mo dito pangs)
6. goldilocks cookies and cream polvoron
7. boy bawang (for your housemates hehe, 1 lng eh sori)
8. chiz whiz na malaki
9. Lily's Coco jam (sorry,wala ng Ludy's)
12. Kraft cheddar cheese (wala ba nyan dyan? lol)
13. Lucky Me ChiliMansi Pancit Canton
14. Lucky Me La Paz Batchoy

yan lang makita ko.. marami pa eh. lol. kakatuwang mamili. heehee! pangs, i don't think kakayanin ko ang tocino and longanisa. pag umuwi ka na lang!

YAHOOOOOOOOOOEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! malapit naaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! *talon talon sa tuwa*

Friday, July 21, 2006


i'm currently running a script that usually takes more than an hour to finish so i've logged in to friendster, something that i rarely do, only because the site is too damn slow. anyway, i was re-reading my testimonials, (please, those pertaining to you-know-who, could you please make me another one? ehhehe) and i was struck by Davis' testimonial to me, not because we were close or anything like that, it was because his was the most different from the rest.

here's what he had to say about me:

Geri is one of the quiet people I knew in college. She's one of those deep thinkers who sits in a corner while puffing her cigarette. I don't smoke... but I sure enjoy sitting around with her while she does. She's very nice actually. You can talk with
her about your problems, and she gives good advice. And you're sure that your secret is kept well. She can get quite weird when she's already comfortable with you. So try not to get too close to her... lol! joke joke joke!

It always is a fun experience to see Geri. =) Take care now! Miss ya!

btw, kelan ba mauulit yung happy hour?? bwahaha!

isn't that a hoot? l o l. i'd like to think he wasn't sarcastic or anything like that, heehee.

enough about the slowest-site-ever-created-on-cyberspace-friendster. Are you guys watching Rockstar Supernova? Are you with me that these guys absolutely suck? I mean, really, the girls-singing-boy-songs is not working. If they were in AI, Simon would have a fit. Sure it's rock and roll and it's okay to be pitchy or something but you at least have to be in tune, even just for the friggin chorus! The girl who sang It's My Life, or the other one who sang a pathetic version of Drive, or the Aussie guy,.. i am not impressed. kulang ng angst. lalo na yung Josh something, he has a nice voice, but, are you kidding me? He'll be eaten alive by the Supernova guys. I only like two so far, that's Dilana and Lukas. I hope they improve as the show goes on.

It's friday today and i'm jumping for joy. 1 week to go before I see my pangs! Yahooey! and tomorrow, i'll see My GUY (LDW) in TV! yeyyy! have a good weekend everyone!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

...i could tell

yeah, perfect song of the day.. "I could tell, from the minute I woke up, that it's gonna be a lonely, lonely, lonely, looooooneelyyy day"

i mean, first, nahuli shuttle namin, colorum(?) kasi.. okey lang yun eh, i can wait. but eto killer.. hindi ko naabutan ang Big Breakfast with Muffin with Strawberry Preserve sa Mcdo. HUUUWAAAT. no no no no no noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! nag Egg Mcmuffin lang tuloy ako. harumpft.

and now that i'm in the office, HD (hands-down) ako kasi hindi ako makapasok sa hinayupak na VM (virtual machine) ng client. ay. good news pala yun. now i've got the perfect excuse to NOT work. weeeeeeee! lahat ng pumasok after 10AM, hindi na makalogin sa VM, kaya kakatawa yung maaga, sabi nila, sana sila din hehe.

mashado akong naliligaya keh Lee Dong-Wook (will be referred to as My Guy from now on).. i searched for him at and found some videos of him.. (click here for my fave one)

sa Sabado daw asa Wowowee siya.. uy mukhang magiging kapamilya ako uh, at least for that day. papanoorin ko talaga yun ehehehe.

hay. lunch na muna. kain lng! babay.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

...Katamad with a capital K

i think i've started more than a dozen blogs but only got a sentence in.. either i would get interrupted by work or i'll just realize i've got nothing worthwhile to share.. (not that this day is any different.. i'm just too damn bored in the office)

i'm too addicted to the My Girl guy, the actor's name is Lee Dong-Wook.. and he's coming to Manila! /me tili hanggang mawalan ng boses. Grabe.. i've already finished watching it (c/o quiapo, ehehe) and i'm trying to catch it in ABS-CBN.. unsucessfully, that is. i just hate commercials. i tried watching it for the sake of My Guy (hehe) but i remembered the reason why i don't watch too much shows in the local channels, there's just too much advertisements, nakakawala ng momentum!

Lee Dong-Wook.. grabe, todo na toh.

anyway, i needed to infuse some western culture in my system again so I'm currently watching Commander-in-chief starring Geena Davis. (ei harbie, do you watch this?) it's very entertaining, and Geena Davis is so.. presidentiable. hehe. it's not yet shown here in the Philippines, TG for my good old Dad and his quiapo escapades. I'm not sure if the disc has the complete season, so if anyone knows, has the first season finished its showing in the US? i think i've got only 9 episodes in the disc so i'll probably be uber-bitin. Also have the seasons 1 and 2 of Grey's Anatomy. (Galing talaga ni Itay! lol) Ewan ko ba, ndi pa ako natutuwa dito, maybe because I'm too much of a House MD fan, and i'm always looking for a laugh at these shows and hindi nagpapatawa yung Grey's Anatomy eh hehe (or maybe they do, but i don't find it funny).. i like how House is really categorized as a Drama show but you can't deny how comedic it can be, there's never an episode that i didn't laugh out loud.

naiinip na ako. I wanna go to Singapore already. even if it's just a couple of days, inip na inip na inip na inip na ako. maybe that's why i'm too bored here. and too restless. di ako mapakali. and lagi na akong late. grrr. ako pa naman si 8-5 person. (yahhh 6:30 pa lng, bahay na ako, except on Fridays when i meet my HS kada and we do our yosi session) now i'm 10ish to 7ish person. gaaah, kakairita. ang bagal ng oras uh. and it's not as if i've got nothing to do at work. it's the opposite. i'm just so so friggin lazy to do it. hay.

Monday naiyak ako nung kausap ko si Pangs sa phone. I told him "Pangs.. nalu--luuung *waaaaaaaaaaaahhh* aku!" then i got a grip of myself and said good night. Tuesday night, okey na ako.

I called Pangs and said "I think I know na bakit ako naiyak kahapon"
Pangs: "Bakit?"
me: "Wala kasing mapanood sa TV. naramdam ko ang kalungkutan"
Pangs: "So ngayon, okey ka na?"
me: "Yep. Merong The OC tsaka One Tree Hill eh"
Pangs: "So hindi mo na ako miss?"
me: "Hindi sa ganun, hindi ko lang naiisip na miss kita pero miss parin kita"
Pangs: "galing lumusot uh"

wahehehe. It's true you know, my keeping busy means watching TV. I don't have much of a social life, apart from my HS kada (my saviours!!), as if makakaalis ako pag gabi eh daig ko pa si Cinderella, kelangang 11pm asa bahay na ko. Drastic improvement na nga yung nakakauwi ako ng lagpas 11 pm dahil sinabi ko na ihahatid naman ako ni Jing sa bahay hehe. (plus dun ako natutulog sa bahay namin ni Raymond nun para hindi ako mapagalitan) Grabe noh, parang hindi ako nagtatrabahong bente-singco at meh asawa na. I'm not bitter, i'm so used to it by now. living far away has its perks though,.. i don't have any sleeping problem, i sleep as soon as the shuttle moves.. my bosses usually don't consider me to work on weekends ("malayo bahay nyan eh!") and i can go home the earliest ("malayo bahay nyan eh!") i can make it as an excuse when i'm super tinatamad sa mga lakad ("ang layo namin kasi nyan eh!") and malamig parin samen pag gabi dahil meh bundok pa hehe.

hay. 7pm pa uwi ko. drat.

Friday, July 14, 2006

...yessss fridayyyy

yah, my ultimate favorite day of the week, as i'm sure every one else's fave too. i'm so unproductive on this day, i might as well not go to work. (but i did go, unwise decision if you ask me, just so i won't be using any of my precious leaves)

call out to check Pangs' Singapore Daily Photo Blog again, you'll see he's enjoying his new Canon 30D. (So proud of you *mwah*)

I can't waaaaaait to get there. Sometimes I'm so excited and thinking so much about it then I get terribly depressed just because my visit's gonna be only a couple of days. Sabi nga ni Reeyuh, these days we just have to settle for anything that we can get.

I'm currently watching My Girl and I'm so fascinated by it and fighting over my Mom because of it. (us: "Akin na yang disc 5!" or "Pinapanood ko pa eh!" or "Bakit nanguna kang manood?") ang gwapo ng lead actor. heehee. I don't know what's his name in the Tagalog version eh, basta yung bida. Sana walang mamatay. haha. Wala pa namang meh "known" disease. But so far, I've seen piggy-back rides, hugs from the back, Inuman with the green thingie bottle and eating yung weird stuff on the stick. (Love it!) ooh, ooohh, have to add "Videoke scene with tambourine" in my sightings, hindi rin nawawala sa Koreanovela/Korean movies yan.

It's been raining pretty hard this past week and don't you just hate going to work with a storm on your back? Really, you have to bring jackets and umbrellas to work, getting drenched by the strong winds and rainfall and traffic is hellish. Why can't they say "All classes suspended, in all levels, including feeling-student employees" grrr. i mean brrrr. ang lamig sa office! Most of us are wearing hoods inside, nag nu-numb na fingers ko, hindi na makatype. (It's very conjusive to sleeping, though. Which I can't do but still do it 'cause i can't friggin help it.)

I've been eating non-stop now, taking Mosegor vita-capsule because my OB said i'm terribly underweight. I'm eating too much now that I forgot how it feels like to be hungry. Hope this gives me at least a couple of pounds! Hirap kumain noooh. Nasusuka na ako sa kabusugan baka maging bulimic ako nito.

Anyway, I'm currently reading my second Simon Green novel (my sister's book, I don't have money anymore to buy my own, heehee) and I'm not finding it exceptionally good, just something to pass the time while i'm on the shuttle on my way home. (It only gives me a neck-ache)

Any good books you've read lately? I'm a chick-lit fan, ok. Keep it light, please. The heaviest I can read is Paulo Coelho so that pretty much tells you everything about my book selections.

Have a good weekend everyone! Bye bye!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

...the week that was

my last week was heavy with work load.. it was so surreal working as early as 8am in the office, i mean literally working, not just showing up. l o l. i have two work requests that missed the SLA already and i had 3 14 hour workdays na OTY. Why? because i'm past the friggin estimates already and i can't afford to charge extra time on it, so i just charge my regular hours.

our team went to Mall of Asia last last Saturday, we went Ice Skating. saya hehe. i knew how to skate a bit ('cause i rollerblade) so i could pretty much skate without falling but my teammates where a different story. still, they all learned pretty fast, without further injury. i love skating, hope i'll have the chance to be better at it (is there a skating rink in Singapore?). i don't mean doing the jumps or turns or whatever.. just want to learn how to put my right foot over my left foot when i skate, bwahahah. and to use the toepick(?) properly without falling flat on your face. and maybe take up speed skating. hehe.

the team

Pangs bought a new camera! check out his pictures at his singapore blog here. He bought a canon 30d. Waah inggits aku. I'm thinking of buying a canon s3is but Pangs is convincing me to buy a DSLR so i might buy a Canon 350d, but i haven't really decided yet.

Have read a lot of books too.. got my new Gossip Girl book (Only in My Dreams), the 3rd part of the Jessica Darling series (Charmed Thirds) and now a Simon Green novel (Agents of Light and Darkness)

Finally was able to watch Superman Returns last Sunday. Nagandahan naman ako. Or maybe i'm a sucker for love stories. kasi, ndi siya ma-action mashado, madrama. Pero i liked it!

I'm counting the days til my visit to Singapore.. gusto ko ng makita si Pangs! haaay.

Also talked about a "business" venture (in quotes, kasi baka maging monkey business) with my officemates here.. pero testingin muna namin, kwento ko pag meh results na hehe.

Yun muna. lang kwenta noh? hay.