Tuesday, December 28, 2010

...binog's 2nd month

happy 2 months baby! thank you for being a very good baby!

his most recognizable milestones are:
-babbles a lot!.. can say "agoo. agoo".. so cute!
-has been sleeping through the night. meaning 5 hours straight! AMAZING.
-smiles a lot too.. a real smile, not the "i'm doing my business smile"

we're still practicing his bottle feeding.. so far so good. the key is to let him calm down a bit before giving the bottle. when he's on full wail-out mode, it's twice as hard.

binoy 2nd month

taba na! nognog parin!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

...3 days before christmas!

wasn't able to get ANY shopping done.. so the stress of christmas shopping was mostly passed on to my parents and to pangs.. wala ngang gift si pangs eh =( (what's new! bad wifey!) i'm still coping at home, tsug's school is in a break so he's mostly home, ergo, very hard to entertain. i've been a bit bad, letting him watch mostly nick jr from 9-11am.. it's nice though cause he has learned (both of us, actually) quite a few chinese words from NiHao Kai-Lan haha.. (though i have no idea when i'm going to find the chinese word for Dinosaur useful :p)

Binog is still behaving relatively well.. although we've been having trouble with his bottle feeding this past couple of days.. just 2 days of no bottle, and he already forgets how to suck one! He bottle feeds usually once a day, when tsug takes a nap so i can take a nap as well. (around 2:30-4:30pm) But Sunday and Monday, he wasn't able to use a bottle so come yesterday, he was already super fussy on it. Eh i wasn't able to give Yaya clear instructions that when he refuses to feed, to wake me up (kasi siguro, first time nag-inarte ni binog sa bote, maybe she thought binog just wasn't hungry) So after almost 3 hours of not feeding, when he latched on me, super bilis magdede, nasamid tas biglang nagsuka! as in may projectile waaah wawa. In less than 5 minutes, he soaked his whole face, my blouse PLUS the sofa that i was sitting on. at least i saw that he really gets a LOT of milk, even if it's just 5 minutes of latching. (super suckers talaga ang babies hehe.. no pump can mimic them!) super kawawa! so i just ditched the bottle and let him feed on me.

today, when he was fussing again with the bottle, ni-latch ko muna siya saken. when he was calmed down, saka ko inattempt mag bottle again. he started wailing again but this time, i stood my ground and after a lot of cajoling (and singing and pleading and praying) he latched on the bottle and was able to drink around 2 oz. *sighs* ang hirap!!!

it's sooo weird cause just last week, i was having trouble naman with his latching on me directly! eto naman yung nagbobote sya ng 2 consecutive nights kasi naglakwatsa si mommy hehe. (watched Hp with erlyn tapos i met up with my HS friends naman the next night ata). Kasi when i feel the 'let-down' of milk, bigla syang titigil maglatch na parang naooverwhelm sa pag-gush ng milk.. unlike the bottle of course na steady lang ang flow.. so laging sandali lang maglatch saken, pagnaglet down ako.. tigil na kagad! waah!

anyway, tomorrow we'll see how it goes. basta, strict na ako from now on sa "once a day bottle" rule. ayaw ko na maulit yung keh tsug nun na kambal tuko kami hanggang 22 months sya. (ni-hindi man lang ako makapag pagupit ng maayos nun eh!)

speaking of tomorrow.. dating na si pangs bukas! yey. though very short trip, at least he's here for christmas. weeeeee! we'll be spending it at bulacan sa christmas eve then with my parents on christmas day. it's binog's first christmas! it's gavin's first christmas wherein he can actually remove the christmas wrappers himself! it's his first christmas wherein he can say 'merry christmas!' hehe.

so from me, pangs, tsug and binog.. a merry merry christmas to all of you! just check my wishlist in amazon for your gifts hahaha!

angel gavin


Friday, December 10, 2010


a facebook friend posted a pic of his gift for their daughter for christmas.. an ipod with an engraving at the back saying "*child's name*, there's no santa :p love, mommy and daddy".

what a killjoy! i have no idea how old the kid is.. it doesn't matter! from the context, i get that it's their big reveal for their kid this christmas. personally, i can't remember when EXACTLY i started to realize that santa wasn't real.. and that's the whole point! i don't need a permanent reminder of when my childhood ended LOL.

poor kid. oh well, at least she gets an ipod. :)

Thursday, December 09, 2010

...my 2010 facebook status

saw this from a friend (n@wie mec).. pretty cool, made one for myself.
facebook status

lapit na mag pasko! i've done ZERO christmas shopping. oh well. i love to last minute shop naman eh.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

...things i will miss in singapore

now that we're back in Antipolo, we're feeling a tiny, tiny bit of regret in leaving the comforts of a first world country. here are some things that i will miss..

1. access to breastfeeding rooms/family/parents room, kiddie toilets

compasspoint kiddie toilet compasspoint kiddie toilet
breastfeeding room

breastfeeding rooms are a luxury in malls in Manila.. in singapore, it's the norm. all malls have breastfeeding rooms, sometimes even multiple cubicles in one room so you dont have to queue. they also call them family room or parents room, where there's a diaper changing station and a cubicle for nursing moms. some malls even have kiddie toilets, where they have mini-sized toilets and sinks where your toddler can easily do their businesses in. (like the one above, this was in Compasspoint in Sengkang) I also like cubicles in the ladies room where there is a high chair beside the normal toilet where you can put your baby in while you pee hehe. soooo convenient, so well thought of.

2. the neighborhood bread shop

DSC02540 DSC02539
gavin enjoying his sugar donut on stick

i miss the apple worm already. (baked bread with apple and grapes inside) If i want great bread, i can just walk to the neighborhood bread shop in the hawker centers. unlike here, where you have to go to a mall (Bread talk) to enjoy great bread. sure there's the pandesal, but that's it. i'm not really into spanish bread or those red colored ones. (whyyyy do they always put food coloring in breads here in philippines?) Sometimes there are even multiple breadshops competing in one hawker center, so the choices are unlimited. I think i ate bread every day when we were there. my favorites were the apple bread, and bread with some slivers of almond on top. Gavin's was their sugar donut on stick.

3. Waffle stand


these are usually inside bread shops too. I love their waffles. My yaya, was eating these waffles for one straight week. It's huuuge and it's usually just a dollar each. (add some 10 cents if you want them to spread it with jam or peanut butter) They say they put coconut milk in it, which probably what makes it so yummy.

4. Playgrounds / fitness equipment everywhere

DSC02552 38408_417600831957_537511957_4984774_4724462_n
218352_10150542723295444_733935443_18165889_1486968_o 209838_10150542713645444_733935443_18165839_2644753_o

They have these for every block. It's great that you can just go down from your flat and enjoy these with your kids. They also have one for adults, my mother-in-law got a kick out of it, trying the different equipments.

5. neighborhood parks
yishun park

its great that in the midst of these high rise buildings, they preserve some land and build town parks. they usually have running tracks, or sand pits for the kids and playground equipment too. these are stuff that a third world country girl like me will surely miss.

6. organized transportation system

i wish our bus drivers were paid a monthly salary instead of thru commission. there will surely be no more buses 'parked' in highways, waiting for passengers when that happens. i wish taxis where as accessible here as in singapore, and i wish they also give your exact change and not always expect a tip! i wish may ez link din. (bus/mrt debit card) lol. oh well. wishful thinking.

ikea tampines
IMG_0599 ikea

why oh why is there STILL no ikea in philippines? prices are super cheap, talo nila presyo ng SM or ng wilcon, lol. please, rich business tycoons, bring ikea to us soon. malaysia has IKEA for gawds sake. (they have formula 1 too, but thats a different story)

8. singapore zoo

DSC02246 DSC02241
DSC02234 DSC02231
kids world singapore zoo kids world singapore zoo
kids world singapore zoo kids world singapore zoo

i love this zoo. the open concept, (no cages) the Kids World. love it!

9. community swimming pools/splash park

7117_289718805443_733935443_9334681_6340888_n 7117_289718770443_733935443_9334676_2323674_n
splash park at sembawang shopping center

sengkang swimming complex
sengkang swimming complex
sengkang swimming complex

where in manila will you pay just 30 bucks to enjoy a well-maintained set of pools. In sengkang and jurong east, they even have huuuuge kiddie play equipments and long slides! In splash park in Sembawang Shopping Center, Splash Park is free!

10. safety/security

where in the world do they have slogans like "LOW CRIME does not mean NO CRIME". when i first read it, i was like.. "wow. i wonder when philippines will have THAT slogan". When my mom visited us in Yishun, we went to the movies at 9pm, and WALKED home at 12 midnight. i will miss walking around in my stroller, with tsugtsug, worry free. (or at least not having to make my back pack a 'front pack', if you know what i mean). the first time i stepped in singapore, i walked thru a mall entrance and literally paused. i was looking for a guard to search my bag. and i was thinking .."oh my gawd... i can just waltz inside a building without anyone checking my bag if i'm carrying a bomb or a deadly weapon? ama-zing". LOL.

11. the cleaners

306607670_943b19e5cc 285910087_258c7f9c38

when i was sent to singapore in training, i thought singaporeans where all disciplined. because there was not a cigarette butt to be found on the roads of the entire CBD. later, when we lived there, i found out all about the cleaning brigade. throw your trash somewhere, believe me, it'll be gone that afternoon. (or you will get FINED for it harhar). hindi pala sila disciplinado, marami lang silang taga-linis. hehe.

12. big yakult


yakult in sg are about 40% bigger and comes with straws!

13. stroller friendly sidewalks/covered walkways
singapore covered walks
yishun yishun

its actually for the people in wheelchairs, but we benefit all the same. everywhere there are ramps and lifts, rarely do i need to carry a stroller past some stairs.

*sigh* this post is beginning to get long. i'd have to think positively about our decision now. right now, i can think of (besides staying close to your family) , Jollibee, driving our own car, living in a landed home, fabulous road trips, tax-free books (yey! beat that amazon), gavin not needing to learn Chinese, as some of the perks in living in philippines. (talagang kasama Jollibee eh lol).

well, worst case is, we'll go back. but not until all of my IKEA balikbayan boxes get here. haha.

please arrive home safely!