Tuesday, April 29, 2008

...labor day!

this is it. bwahahaha. the long wait is almost over. i'm excited and super scared. since my checkup yesterday, i've been having streaks of brownish (bloody) discharge (eww). I called my OB the first time i saw it and she said it was okay, that we were still 'on' on labor day. she says i'm 1cm dilated but i'm not feeling any contractions whatsoever. i've had suuuuch an easy pregnancy that, i'm worried that i might miss some crucial sign that i'm going into labor. but i'm expecting contractions will feel like HELL so as long as i'm not feeling anything, i'm trying to stay calm.

tomorrow will probably be my last pregnancy checkup (hopefully!).. pray for tsugtsug, that he'll be a healthy baby.

thank you keh tsugtsug (Thank God!) because he's such an obedient baby.. waiting for his dad and giving me such an easy breezy pregnancy. hope he behaves till he's out hihi. but i'll probably miss his movements in my belly. eating will never be the same again. lol. i will miss my belly moving like waves, as if tsugtsug's doing acrobatics or something. (he's doing it right this moment)

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. todo na toh. I'M SOOOOO excited! WAAAAAAAAAAAH. and scared. WAAAAAAAAAAH.

Friday, April 25, 2008

...so matagal

yeah.. still preggy. i think tsugtsug will definitely wait for his daddy. just one more week, i can't believe it!!!! i'm soooo happy and excited! pangs will be here on Thursday!!! *jumps jumps while holding tummy* hihihi.

i think i'm ready.. i have the sterilizer ready for use, my hospital bag prepared (plus tsugtsug's stuff) and yessssssss.. we have a name for tsugtsug.. which i totally won't tell until its written officially on his birth certificate. (ayoko na magbago, please lol!)

oohhhh.. was just IMed my fave cousin Ian... waah his wife already gave birth, i'm so envious! congrats insan!

oh, tsugtsug.. tayo naman! hehehe! cge.. babay na munaaaa. DVD marathon again.

Monday, April 14, 2008

...why him?

i knew it. i knew that i would jinx michael johns by speaking about him in my blog. I'm so sorrryyyy I didn't mean to. L o L. but dammmit, i'm still pissed that he's eliminated. super pissed. I didn't have any unrealistic expectations of him winning the whole thing but I would've liked him to be at top 5 at least. (ahead of Syeisha and Kristy Lee!) arrgh. All i can do now is to say goodbye to his manliness. and his adorable aussie accent. and his voice. huhuhuh. i loooove his voice. *sighs*

photo from rickey.org
Goodbyeeeeeeeeeeee.. I really hope to see you in TV again!

*sighs* anyhoo. am still pregnant. tsugtsug is still very active. i do have a hard time finding the right position to sleep though. its like my whole tummy shifts to the left and then everything aches in my right side. i dunno what's up with that. i have stopped reading "birthing stories" and other labor stuff because it just simply terrifies me. i feel it adds to my confusion and anxiety instead of making me feel prepared and well informed. the book "What to Expect on the First Year" makes me fall asleep after just a page. and my suitcase isn't ready yet. I mean, it has stuff inside, but its not everything that i would need. am i panicking? LOL. i don't know. i'm just nervous i think. or constipated. LOL. i dunno what i'm feeling anymore, if its physical or emotional. i can't friggin differentiate.

..time for my daily siesta. i love being a bum.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

...packed and ready

actually, its just tsugtsug whose ready.. i haven't packed my stuff yet. Kuya Chad (naks, kuya hehe) gave us this wendy bellissimo messenger diaper bag last christmas and i filled it up with tsugtsug's stuff to bring to the hospital.

wendy bellissimo messenger diaper bag
They say I should have all the stuff we need to bring to the hospital ready so that when it's time and i'm experiencing some labor pains, i won't be panicky trying to shove stuff in bags and just calmly go the car and grab our already prepared bags. (that's the idea anyway)

Here's the stuff i packed for tsugtsug:
-tie shirts
-disposable diapers
-booties or socks
-receiving blankets
-bath soap
-wash cloth
-going home outfit

I actually have like 2 onesies (including his going home outfit) and a separate tieshirt cause I don't really know what kind of clothing to bring for tsugtsug. Tomorrow I'll probably prepare my stuff. (if i can find Ate's very small luggage) I'm on my 37th week already and I should have all these things done by now. (uh-oh, i'm getting nervous again *breathe in, breathe out*)

I have Tsugtsug's Baby book as well which i should start filling up too. except tsugtsug doesn't have a name yet. WHAT!? LOL. yeah. i mean, we have 'tentative' names that i'm keeping a secret for now. There's just too many opinions. L O L. No more surveys, etc. It just invites more unsolicited advice ahahah.

*sighs* it's so friggin hot nowadays. as in super really hot. I almost cried yesterday when there was a power failure at around 4pm, i was really panicking like "wtf wtf wtf" and then shifting thoughts to "it'll only be a few minutes, it'll only be a few minutes" and then the electricity did come back after like 5 mins. I can barely survive on electric fan (i keep on turning the aircon on) I don't know how i'll manage without some friggin air moving.

Oh, good news.. we have a new helper! Thanks to Erlyn! now i can have someone to buy me Halo-Halo. hahaha. talagang yun lang naisip ano? (Yeah, she can wash dishes too.. but the halo halo seems more important)

Anyway, sometimes I'm thinking that its okay if Pangs is not here in time for my delivery.. at least he'll have 2 solid weeks with Tsugtsug..What if he comes and i'm 2 weeks late or something! that'll be awful. (He'll only be here in Manila for 19 days) But sometimes I also think selfish thoughts and I really want him by my side. *sighs* Of course the ideal is on the day he arrrives here is THE day but that's... ooops.. must think positive thoughts. Yeah.. i think that's what i want. LOL. Labor on Labor day! Also, my sister is so funny. She always have these tsugtsug dreams hahaha. I think she's really worried. You see, I'm sharing her room and we sleep on the same queen size bed and I told her stories that some pregnant women leak water and the bed becomes insanely wet or bloodish. (first signs of labor) So now she's constantly having dreams (nightmares) of me having the baby already and the bed soaking wet. Last night she told me she was looking at my tummy and tsugtsug was moving. Then she dreamt that tsugtsug was crying, still inside my belly, with tsugtsug's face visible or like, molded on my tummy (like an alien thing). She was trying to hush tsugtsug so she will pat my tummy (or tsugtsug's face ehehe).. When she told me about it, I said she was creeping me out. lol. She said in her dream, I was already asleep but tsugtsug just wouldn't stop crying. hehehe. I guess i'm stressing my sister out. LOL.

That's all for now. I'm looking forward to American Idol tonight.. Ramiele is out (boo-hoo anyway.. she sucked for so many weeks) but I looove Michael Johns. I guess i like underdogs. I don't know why people don't get Michael Johns. He is just such a.... manly man (yum yum LOL) and i loooove his voice. I definitely like rockers but I don't know why I don't like David Cook (maybe its his voice.. its not recognizable.. he looks like a big wannabe for me.. and i hate AI contestants doing every cover of covers from alt/rock bands.. like chris daughtry b4. never liked him too.) Michael Johns is just awesome for me. Even when judges say negative stuff about him, I don't care. I think i'm blinded by his looks. He had bad comments again but I'm hoping his fans will make him stay for one more week. bwahahaha. Bye guys!