Wednesday, September 04, 2002

System Time: 9:47 AM

woah.. can't keep my eyes open.. *_*

ei, i figured out how to do this button-fading-to-green-thingie for james' site.. (yes, feeling close).. still figuring out some functions in photoshop, though... don't know when i'll be able to finish the menu.. i'm still a novice so i'm actually studying and constructing it at the same time...

System Time: 3:34 PM
... pak pak pak i'm so sleypi.. have you noticed that i usually start my entries with i'm-so-frigging-sleepy stuff..i need to use my fingers so that i won't fall asleep...presently not doing anything work-related.. so i've been reading the HP book.. i just finished book 4 and am now reading book 3 (descending order?)..actually, what i really want to read is book 2 but still haven't download it...(i keep on forgetting) ..the movie's showing soon so i want to refresh my memory.. saw part of the trailer when we watched "signs"... (/me gets excited..hope they learned from the first movie.. and also hope daniel radcliffe (?)
polishes his acting abilities..

System Time: 5:56 PM
..yeish.. 4 minutes before logging out.. am extremely irritated at my seatmate.. mr.know-it-all.. he's even worse than my past professors.. i couldn't help but make a face after he spoke to me.. i know it's a childish thing to do but he's just so exasperating... you know the feeling when somebody gets on your nerves and just the presence of that person makes you want to scream.. well.. he's like that to me.. i even hate it when he's breathing 'cause he breathes too loudly! fuck...

better go..bye!

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