Monday, September 02, 2002

System Time: 1:17 PM

...slept the day away.. (read: i'm at the office)... after almost bumping my head at the computer's casing, i was overwhelmed with relief that it was time for lunch..

as usual, mondays really in a bit of a fight with the stupid driver... pak.. he had the nerve to get angry.. paakkkk (erases it from memory) ..nothing like getting yelled at to start a monday morning...was close to tears when i punched it at 7:47 AM.. think Sir Ravi noticed but didn't comment on it (thank God) still not fully awake.. my batchmates kept on teasing me the whole morning.. (hoy bangag! lol).. i think the total accumulated hours of sleep for me for the whole weekend would only be about 6 hours.. but of course, no regrets.. was a lot of fun seeing my friends again..for the first time in 4(?) months, everybody was present.. as i said.."eto na ang Click Barkada!" lol.. not to mention harbie's shocking news of her engagement.. was not really expecting that sort of news.. thought it would only be something like she and Alfredo got back together.. so the whole time i was singing.."IKAKASAL KA NAAAAAAAAA" LOL!.. am so happy for her! i think we talked until 5:30 am... (ria and harbie didn't sleep at all.. )

..wasn't able to continue the fan site...(this weekend, i hope).. taped Kahit Kailan (learned my lesson hehe) so i was able to watch that.. also saw him at Mel and Jay yesterday.. woohooo fogee! haha!.. Mel Tiangco even said.. "ang cute nya" she was referring to James, of course.. my sister told me to shut up because i would scream each time the camera focused him.. hehehe.. i was just amusing myself, actually.. was waiting for his call.. it never came..

i remember what my friend, Roni told me.. she said that i was strong.. (emotionally).. i said to her that when i'm with them, it's easy to forget one's problems.. it's when you're by yourself that sucks.. when you have nothing else to do but THINK.. last night before i went to sleep, i told God that i was sorry.. i was sorry that i was sad when i shouldn't be sad.. i was sleeping on a soft bed,..hugging my favorite pillow.. loved by my wonderful family.. and still i was asking God for more... i don't want to become selfish, hogging all of the world's blessings... happiness should be distributed to everyone.. God can't pour all the happiness in just one person, right? ergo, i will try my best to find gratification in my life...and to stop whining about petty things.. Amen.

speaking of blessings.. irvie texted me and told me that my notebook's fixed.. not that there was something wrong with it.. there just wasn't any OS installed in it.. Kuya Ronald did me a favor and installed Windows in it (hurrah! tenkyukuya!) now i could do the website without fighting my sister for exclusive PC use..

/me looks at System Time.. 3:25 PM
...i'll just continue reading HP.. i'm reading book 4 and i'm already on the part of the Yule Ball.. although i've probably read HP more than 4 times.. it still entertains me..


System Time: 5:13 PM
..was dozing off so i decided to use my fingers again.. (to type, of course).. am now on Chapter 27..
i quote (HP): is a strange thing, but when you are dreading something, and would give anything to slow down time, it has a disobliging habit of speeding up...
what i'm experiencing is the complete opposite.. lol ..but it really is true.. time behaves in the most peculiar fashion, rushing past in great dollops when you want to slow it down.. or moving in a turtle pace when you want to speed it up...

well.. still have 30 minutes to kill before logging out.. i'll just continue reading..

bye all!

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