Tuesday, September 26, 2006

...the weekend that was

last saturday was our company's annual sportsfest, held in tagaytay highlands. call time here in the office was a horrendously early 5:30 am so i asked Liz if i could sleepover at their place in San Pedro Laguna instead. Liz agreed, and Jen and Cath invited themselves when they heard i was sleeping over at Liz's house.

*disclaimer: i'm not a JEN fan. this is the same officemate who said that my bridesmaid dresses were 'panget', so i can be pretty cruel*

we all agreed to come to work early so we can leave early, at around 5pm. Syempre, sino ang pasaway kungdi si Jen, who came at 9am (so now, we have to leave at 6pm) AND who was selfish enough to even go out after lunch (furthering our leaving time to 7pm!) AAAAAAAAAAAAAND nawawala pa siya nung pauwi na talaga kami. THEN when she finally got here in the office, without the slightest effort of apologizing or even giving an excuse, she asked us to wait for her kasi kulang pa siya ng 15 fuckin minutes sa work hours nya. Marthafocker!! I was exxxxtremely pissed off kasi I HATE late people because you have to respect other people's time. but mas pissed off ako kasi ni-ha, ni-ho, wala man lang sorry or ano, it was as if, we OWED her or something that it was okay for us to wait. we were here, standing in the office, carrying our shoulder bags, waiting for her. she came in, we all reacted "FINALLY" tapos sasabihin nya "KULANG PA AKO NG 15 MINUTES" sino ba hindi mabubwisit. si Cath nga bumubulong "at least, hindi ako nagpapahintay". hay. bwisit. I HATE paimportanteng people. arrgghh.

okay *breathe in, out* so when we got to the shuttle sa Landmark(syempre huminto pa siya sa Watsons sa Enterprise, ay, tsaka nakita ko si Zced, not related sa kwento)ang daming tao, haba ng pila, so kain muna kami. pagkakain, meh shuttle na, and okey nga biyahe papunta kela liz, walang traffic. got there after about an hour. met cute na cute na Cheska (anak ni Liz), all her dogs, and watched Curious George. Went out, smoked, then got back in tas tulog na. I will sometimes wake up to their voices, pero okey lang saken yun dahil I can sleep even kung maingay.

Next day, got up at 6:30ish, ligo then alis. We thought we would be late but we arrived just in time, and we saw fellow CAI officemates just walking from the parking lot. Hindi ako kasali sa mga games, nasali lang ako sa brutal, brutal game of agawan panyo. As in kakatakot. Meron nga, kumaway lang ako, putek, bigla akong binunggo and i was flat on my butt. ang sakettt! eh hindi naman tinawag ang number ko! langya! ouch talaga. First game was basketbol shootout (2nd place ang team namin), tapos yung obstacle course (kulelat ata kami) tas yung agawan panyo tapos badminton (3rd lang kami).

Lunch was at the chinese themed Summer Garden, sarap ng food, pero hindi ako mashadong nakakain. parang nalipasan ako ng gutom. Merong pork siomai, sharksfin, fried dumpling, pancit, yang chow and other chinese food. super busog kami, no one even wanted to touch the buchi, so nagkacontest sa table namin. Si Ronie, si Retzel, and one girl from the TYCO (i think) team, Jundy. Isang subo lang dapat yung buchi tas lalabas ang dila pagkatapos. Kakatawa talaga, lalo na yung 2nd buchi na kasi mukhang nasusuka na talaga silang 3, lol! Retzel was reined as the Buchi King (lol! must be pronounced fast.. BuchiKing!) and i don't think they can eat Buchi for a month after that.

After lunch, balik kagad sa SportsCenter, ang games naman are volleyball tas bowling. sa Volleyball nagchampion kami (yey go Red!) grabe, ang titindi nung 2 lalake naming player, nakakatakot mag serve,yung isa nagjujump serve. buti na lang ka-team namin yun, hahaha! ay tapos meh nadiscover ako, nakipaglaro ako sa mga nagbabasketbol in between sets ng Volleyball game tas una kong pangarap is yung bola, makatama lang sa ring diba.. aba, nakakashoot na ako! from the free-throw line! edi syempre, nung feeling ko, medyo ok ok na ang touch ko (naks), sabi ko dun sa 2 lalake (si Jasper and Sonny), "21 tayo!".. and syempre natalo ko sila, hindi namin natapos yung game kasi start na ulit yung volleyball pero 12 pts ako sila wala pang 6pts ata bwahahahha. pero nung bumalik ulit ako (sabi pa ni Sonny, "andito ka na naman! addict ka na!") hindi na ako makashoot, leche. lolz. beginner's luck lang ata. kinausap ko si Anshe eh, sabi ko, lalaban na kami sa mga boys dyan sa Singapore.. kala nyo, gagaling din kami.. (diba, TP?)

hihihi. yun lang. naging 2nd place lang ang team namin pero masaya yung sportsfest. Tapos sa bus, tinuruan pa kaming 2 ni mich ni retzel ng poker. kakatawa, walang pera pero merong nagfofold! seryoso uh? lol! tapos sinundo na ako ni daddy.. tapos, tapos na. tapos kinabukasan, hindi ako makabangon. wtf? lol! saket sa kasukasuhan, walang exercise. hanggang ngayon, 3 days after, masakit parin bumababa ng stairs. (alam ko na which muscles ang ginagamit pagbaba/pagakyat/paglakad. kasi ang sakeeeet eh)

ayun. kahapon hindi ako nakapanood ng America's next top model (waaah, Kim!) kasi nakatulog ako bigla. sigi, werk na ako. meh ibang pictures sa flickr ko, check it here

p.s. I love you Pangs! *huuuugs higpit*

Thursday, September 21, 2006

...to the finals!!

PANALO USTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! super close game, they won by a point. woohoo!!!

go go go go go uste! they're now on the finals, against ATeneo.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

...greatest find

it's not a THING but a person.. she's Kim from America's Next Top Model Cycle 5.. ANTM is really delayed here so it's only cycle 5 that's currently shown here in cable.. after just watching the first 3 episodes, i am completely loving Kim, the out-there lezzie.. she's so beautiful, so funny.. natatawa talaga ako pag pinapanood ko siya kasi lalaking-lalaki kung umasta, with her showing her muscles to Sarah tapos nag push-up pa (pa-bibo! lol!)

i've googled about her.. top 5 lang siya (sad!!) and i definitely think Bre and Jayla should've been eliminated before her.. read a TON of her interviews (she's so smart! she graduated at Wesleyan University with honors), watched some other episodes at youtube.com, and later found out she's now a VJ at MTV uber, MTV's channel shown at Universities and Colleges at the broadband channel.. too bad there's nothing uploaded in youtube, i just want to see more of her! what's with me and my favorites nowadays.. first POW, now Kim.. what does that say about me? LOL! speaking of POW of Philippine Idol, someone should show her pictures of KIM so she'll know how to style herself better and not look like Nino Muhlach with her baggy clothes.

Back to Kim, i found her MTVU blog.. so happy we have similar tastes when it comes to music.. i don't know if it's possible for me to love her more but i do, i do!! bwahahah! though most of the stuff she talks about, are completely foreign to me (i've downloaded a couple that are available in limewire), i recognize a few bands she mentioned like Spoon, Interpol, The Arcade Fire (i looooove Wake Up) and Talking Heads.. but I downloaded Sunday Morning by Margo Guryan and i looooved it. She's still modeling (saw her picture in Vogue-Knit(? something like that), her portfolio and other pictures.. she looks great! lost a bit of weight, but still awesome)

anyway, because of my recent addiction Kim, i think my boss Melanie caught me watching something in Youtube.com and instantly got a one on one meeting with her.. I got a "Geri, you seem distracted lately" so I just told her the truth that Yep, I am because naiinip na ako, gusto ko ng umalis. bwahahaha. paconsuelo, i told her that I'm trying my best to finish my pending items but its just difficult because i miss my husband and other senti stuff like that.. (i think she believed me)

i'll be going to singapore this 28th, am just counting the days. When I get back here, i'll be giving my resignation letter (hurrah!) and that's just one more month before I can be with Raymond for good. Yeyyyyy!

Ei, promote lang.. visit Raymond's blog, Singapore Daily Photo, kasi ang weird eh, tatlo na silang Singapore daily, parang kakainis, lalo na yung pangatlo. tsaka ang weird pa, bakit pinayagan pa na meh ikatlong blog sa DP family.. i mean, sure, sinasabi ng iba na the more the merrier, pero wait until it happened to THEIR city, let's see how they will feel. Plus, hello, hindi naman ganon kalaki ang Singapore, ang liit-liit nga eh, kaya parang ang weird na meh 3 photo daily blog for that tiny country. hehe yun lang. Raymond's pretty relaxed about it, ako lang ang naggagalaiti.(eh? basta yun)

yun lang.. comment kayo uh keh raymond!

Friday, September 15, 2006


i finally found Pow Chavez of Philippine Idol uploaded in YouTube! yahoooey! just wanted to show my hardworking OFW friends (hahaha jk mwah) who i'm rooting for in PI. This was uploaded by empressmaruja

I liked her right off the bat when she auditioned and sang a Jackson Five song. She's so endearing, an out there lezzi, but what the heck, i love her voice! I found out (thru inq7.net) that Kris Aquino voted for her 80 times. (I only voted for her about 10 times, and did a sneaky vote at Ate Chary's cellphone twice, hehe. Nahuli din ako kasi nakareceive siya ng text message na "Thanks for voting!" bwahahah) Ryan C. said to her "your voice is so full of emotion, kumanta ka lang, wala ng gimik, okay na". I completely agree!! Woohoo Pow!!! (pinakaba pa ako, akala ko hindi siya makakasali sa Top 4, muntik na akong magpatiwarik. Lalo na pumasok yung Jelli na minurder ang all-time Sergio Mendes fave song ko na Bridges!)

Lukas won at Rockstar supernova! I am soooo 2-0 at my reality TV show bets. First with Taylor Hicks for AI, now Lukas! hehehe. And now I'm betting Pow for PI. Go Pow!! I'm so happy I can actually now vote my ass off for her. Yahoooey!!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

...insanely perfect

i'm talking about the UST Salinggawi Troupe at the 2006 Cheerdance competition!!! *insert roar here* I've always watched the Cheerdance (TG ala ng corny na Non-Stop cheer!) but I've never seen them this perfect. AWESOME!

i'm shaking with school pride right now. Go USTEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! found this at YouTube, uploaded by Disharmony

p.s. of course they won.

Friday, September 08, 2006

things that i believe in...

ang sakit ng tsan ko huhuhu. najejebs ba ako? wahaahha. can too much yosi equate to saket sa tsan? hmmm. anyway. it hurts.., it hurts, you know. (i just had to say it like that)

today is friday, ergo, kakatamad day. (i'm still not sure what's more kakatamad,.. monday or friday.. watchathink?) today is also our "Now Showing Day." New gimik by our company to "bond" the CAI-STA employees (as if that will work). Anyway, we were given the task to pick a movie and show it our new big flat screen TV here in the office, and we picked Last Holiday. We didn't even tell our TL, that our copy is pirated. bwhahaha. Tinatamad na ako mag-stay, but since it's sponsored by our team, I have to stay and watch and be a good employee.

*big sigh* Today is also Ate Jhal's wedding, but I'm here, so I can't attend. (what's up with scheduling weddings on a weekday, anyway! kelangang pang umabsent para umattend uh. hahaha si harbie din nga pala, peace beng!)

Anyway(3), here's what i've been thinking. (aside from the fact that no one reacted in my the OC post, i'm kinda disappointed. No OC fans? you don't know what you're missing. lol)

You know how much sayings/quotable quotes(lol) we have? But there are some that I truly, in my heart believe in.

1. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. - some people can't seem to find happiness in what they're currently doing. perfect example is finding the perfect job.. there's no such friggin thing! well, at least for 80% of us living in this planet! (boo to the extremely lucky 20%.. but i bet they still have their complaints) There will always be something about your job that irritates the hell out of you. I hate usapans like "uy sa ganito daw, meh Birthday leave sila, tapus 16th month pay sila, blah blah" then when you transfer to that company you find out that their YM is blocked (whatttt?) or that you get memos when you're late (haven't heard of flexi-sched?!) and so on and so forth. Then they complain again and the cycle begins.. "Uy sa ganito daw pwede mag YM, pwede mag Limewire.. etc., etc" I'm not a model employee okay, (don't get me started how many times i've had a one on one with our President here.. yeaaaaahh some employees never even so much as said "Hi!" to our president and i've talked to her about 4 times already since November).. Well, i guess I'm getting pretty sick of the usual conversations dito sa office. I mean, kung sweldo lang ang problema nyo, why did you friggin take the job in the first place?? It's not as if somebody forced you to take this job. It's as simple as this..Find happiness in everything that you do or else, you'll never be happy! hehe. aalis na rin ako sa company namin eh (so much for this saying), but it's because gusto kong magkasama na kami ni Pangs.

2. Time Heals All Wounds - Yep, it does. Just wait. =)

3. it's not actually a saying, but something I've read from Don Miguel Ruiz' book, The Four Agreements (Pangs will say here.. Yan na naman!), it's Don't Take Anything Personally.. Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won't be the victim of needless suffering. I completely agree. Sometimes people think that someone's life revolves around them. It's not even a case to case basis. Nothing we do, is ever because of another person. Just thinking about that, takes so much of the drama away. Even when it comes to love. (aha, debate here) I know it makes people sound extremely selfish, but really, why does a person love someone? I love Raymond because he makes me feel beautiful, makes me feel secure about my life, makes me want to jump up and down and shout that i'm the luckiest girl in the world. He makes me want to be a better person, a better wife. Me, me, me. When I get angry at a person, it's not because it's HER. it's because of my Life History, and how it affected me. There's no such thing as namemersonal. Kaya naniniwala ako, pag biglang meh nagsungit sa akin, with no apparent reason, I just think. Kawawa naman toh, she must be having a bad-ass day. or siguro, laging nangyayari sa kanya toh. or i think, someone has issues. or bini-ring up siyang bitch. lol.

ayan, sumakit ulit tsan ko. wahaha. babay people! have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

i love summer!

not summer, as in winter spring summer, but Summer as in The OC summer. As in Summer and Seth. Sometimes I forget why I loved (note the past tense) the OC, but I stopped watching because Marissa is just plain irritating. Out of boredom I catched the show last night and Summer really makes me laugh out loud. (Plus the fact that Rachel Bilson is half-pinay is just icing on the cake! Ha!! I knew it!)

Do you know that they're a real couple off-screen? Waaaah kakakilig. lol! I think I loved Seth before Summer so I'm as much as a Seth fan as I am a Summer one. I mean, who doesn't love Seth? Funny, cute,... FUNNY! He's such an adorable, loving geek and Adam Brody plays him to the T. Don't they look awesome here? And they're pretty private with their relationship, and that makes me just like them even better. Hate hollywood couples who flaunt their love life then break up the next minute, makes them look like b i g fakes. oooh, I think I got excited for the latest OC season, 'cause guess what.. Marissa's Dead! waahahah. Aint I the luckiest fan? hihihi. It's like I willed(?) her dead. I've had enough of her bitch*n Ryan and I can't understand how she can't just TRUST ryan. that girl has a LOT of issues. good riddance. *evil laugh*

Love them! Love their banters, love how funny they are as individuals and funnier when they're together. Seth's favorite band is Death Cab for Cutie and thinks Foreigner is ten times cooler than Journey (Ryan's favorite band is Journey. YAHHH. Tell me about it, he's such a bore)!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Thank you Pangs kow!!

Originally uploaded by geWi.
waaaah ang sweet talaga ng asawa ko! I've been feeling down lately (what's new) and he surprised me again with flowers, with this note: "Cheer up Pangs! I love you! --- Emon" *hugs hugs hugs kiss kiss kiss* salamats pangs ko! Parang andito ka na rin (hehe naks!)

i love you! kikita na tayo sa 28! yahoooo!!!