Friday, April 28, 2006

...heaven on eggs

heaven and eggs pala, lol! just got a consensus and we'll be treating melai and liz on tuesday for lunch at heaven & eggs..weeeee! di pa ako nakakakain dun eh, will finally have the chance. ano ba masarap kainin dun?

the birthday girl Liz, who was technically born on april 24 but has april 29 in her birth certificate (weird, noh?) treated ronie and me to lunch this week.. Gerry's kami.. sarap sarap

baked scallops

birthday girl!
birthday girl

Thanks MD (as in madir duck), happy birthday!!!

ei reeyuh's coming home.. kainish may 1 pa, sana makapagdvd marathon parin ako hehehe jk reeyuh. mwah!

will be watching a movie tonight with HS kada Kate in g4..still haven't decided what to watch.. probably The Sentinel.. i like keiffer sutherland

have a good weekend guys!

Thursday, April 27, 2006 taylor is SAFE!

i'm still recovering from him not being in the top 2.. hihihi.. i know it wasn't his best performance by a mile but he's been consistently on top 1 from the dialidol results.. i don't know what's happening but there's a lot of conspiracy theories being talked about how AI producers wants taylor to lose.. click here to get the drift.. common Soul Patrolers in the US! vote now more than ever!!

my playlist now consists of taylor hicks' songs.. even from his CD which i was able to download from the wonderful, wonderful site of i love that site.. 'cause it has a wednesday night chat and they give a play by play as the show happens.. very helpful for people like me who couldn't watch it until the evening..

anyway, enough of AI (God knows that's ALL i've been doing this morning) want to show you guys our "garden".. in quotes 'cause it's pretty hard growing anything in Antipolo soil..

here's our so called garden.. medyo kumakalat na yung peanut grass.. you know naka tatlong batch ata sila pangs nito na namatay bago nabuhay yang hinayupak na peanut grass na yan

and here's outside the bakod..sila nanay nagtanim nyan.. laki na!

another shot.. sorry, practicing my point and shoot skills, bwahaha.

and here's the pangs nagpukpok nyan! buong araw nya ginawa yan hehehe!

yun lang. gaaah, i miss my pangs. =(

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

..oh no

arrrrrrrrgh taylor bombed. the bad way. arrggh. oh no please save taylor! elliot did great.. chris was his same bland self. (i am completely bitter and pissed off so please ignore me)

arrgghh. hope taylor isn't in the bottom three. Soul patrolers! time to unite and vote!!!!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

...despedida ni pangs

this happened last april 22, saturday, at Dampa Libis... soo much food! parang last meal nga ni Pangs eh hehe!

Picture 007
nakaposing dad ko nyan, ndi yan stolen hehe. i'm not using any flash.. ang weird eh, dumidilim. waah, gusto ko na yung meh parang anti-shake.. unless i bring a tripod lagi, which is inconvenient.

Picture 006
back to front.. tita ebot, mommy, nanay, tatay, akel and rommel(bf ni akel)

Picture 009

Picture 008

Picture 012
ang dami!

Picture 014
me and pangs.. ay, nagpagupit na nga pala ako.

ay this has nothing to do with despedida hehee, but it's my very first attempt at macro shooting. ang hirap pala. this has been edited in picasa.
Picture 0191
whatcha think?

pangs kooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. *hugs hugs hugs* mnk!

Monday, April 24, 2006

...melancholy and the infinite sadness

always wanted to use SP's album in my title, now i can! (syempre iba spelling pero i don't think Melon Collie would cut it)

i can't even begin to describe what i'm feeling now.. it's sort of a 'happy-kind-of-sad' feeling.. last thursday night, we were okay, kwento-kwento while packing his stuff.. after that we were lying in bed, looking at each other.. and without anyone uttering a single word, we both started crying horrendously.. no sniffs for us, it was a certified bawler night.. luckily, that was the one and only night we cried like that.. our conversation was kinda funny, come to think of it..
pangs: "bakit ba tayo maghihiwalay.. eh kakakasal lang naten.. ngayon lang tayo pwede lumabas na walang paalam-alam sa magulang..pwede tayo kumain sa labas ng late night, okay lang.. pwede tayo mag last full show.."
ako: "oo nga" *huuuuhuhuhuhu* "hindi lang naten magawa kasi wala na tayong pangkain sa labas"

ehehehe. comedy. i guess that just sums it all up.. we had to do this, 'cause we simply want to have more breathing room when it comes to our finances..

my dad talked to me last night.. i think my mom took my "hinaings" seriously.. 'cause i was like telling her that we don't eat out regularly na, we don't watch the movies.. and i think she blamed my dad 'cause we were paying my dad 15k a month for the house loan.. my dad said "kung hindi nyo kaya 15k, edi 12k a month na lang, kayo naman nagsabi ng 15k a month eh" i told him that kaya naman namin 15k, gusto lang namin magkaipon kasi breakeven lang kami ngayon.. she said my mom is going crazy again with her ideas like we should sell the house na 'cause we can't afford it, ndi man lang daw makapanood ng sine ang mga bata, hehe.. i told my dad, not to mind my mom 'cause i told him "eh GANUN naman talaga eh, syempre dapat mag-iba ang lifestyle namin, hindi pwede tulad ng lifestyle namin nung single kami".. my dad said i shouldn't tell those things to my mom 'cause she wouldn't understand and would think that we are 'kinakawawa' or something like that.. anyway, i agreed to shut my big mouth when it comes to money matters to my mom.. and about selling the house..i told my dad.."hello? kaya nga pumuntang singapore si raymond para mabayaran namin ng mabilis yung bahay tsaka mapaganda namin eh" so that is definitely out of the question.. and i think, this is our lucky house so we're not going to part with it anytime soon..

friday night was my mocha-blends-session with Jing and Kate.. chie and her husband also made it.. kwentuhan as usual, and i was convincing Kate to go to Singapore too (she's using RPG/AS400 in a bank, daming skills na ganun kailangan dun eh) and i think i did a good job.. pwede na akong ambassador ng singapore..

erlyn said in our yahoogroups..
migosh naman ang ihip talaga ng hangin ano paiba iba. hehe kalain mo eh dati sobrang adamant ka na di ka pupunta kahit san outside pinas, ngayon nagkukumahog ka na ding umalis ha. oh well. ano kelan kitakits?

grabe tlga, i mean, i'm far from being a patriot but i didn't have any inkling of a dream to work abroad before.. even when we got married, we thought we could just continue working in Pinas, just like what our parents did (and we turned out okay, diba?) but that 2 weeks in Singapore gave me so much perspective than any news article or tv show featuring our successful OFWs/immigrants/etc could give.. i remember thinking..there exists a country, where people put their valuables in their back pockets without fear of anyone stealing it.. (in my 2 weeks there, i still put my body bag infront of me..takot pa rin ako, baka ma-news ako pag nanakawan ako eh! lol!) .. where i could freely walk inside a mall without anyone looking at my bag, checking if i have bought BOMB with me.. where a cigarette butt on the pavement is as rare as trash cans here in manila.. where bus drivers trust their passengers to automatically pay for their fare themselves.. where senior citizens are still considered valuable, for working as a crew in a restaurant is really something that they can still do, even at their age.. where you can't see smoke coming out of the tambuchos of vehicles.. i mean, it's far from being perfect, but there's SUCH a drastic difference that you can't help but feel stupid and idealistic thinking that your country can still make it. and i haven't even started about the money we could make. of course, we don't plan on actually living there for good, (we would DEARLY miss the philippines, even with it's bulok government and dirty streets) but at least we'd have the taste of WHAT COULD be possible.

*sighs* all this serious talk makes me miss raymond so much more. Saturday lunch, we ate at Dampa Libis where we were joined by Raymond's family and Tita Ebot's family (and of course, mine).. we had sooooooo much food, i was still eating the tuna kilawin last night..

there's also the matter of my sleeping arrangement, now that Pangs is out of the country.. so now, i'm still sleeping at our house with Margie (my helpful help who watches the Koreanovela..last night we were watching Wonderful Life) and eating dinner at my parents house, hehe.

Pangs is now deployed in IBM Singapore, at Changi (ang layo sa CBD, at least, baka mura ang rent ng apartment dun) and maganda sa resume, IBM Singapore, hehe.. good luck kay pangs ko, i pray na mabait yung client, mabait yung officemates nya at meh magyaya sa kanyang mag lunch, hehe.. (that's always my fear on my first day at work..sino kalunch ko? lol) i pray that time moves fast and i pray for christmas to come (means sasama na ako keh Pangs!) i pray for new friends for my pangs, new hobbies wag lang new girl. bwehehe. and syempre, pangs ko, OFW ka na, kaya magremit ka dito sa Pinas ng makatulong ka naman sa bansa naten, BWAHAHA. *winks*

i miss you.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

...oh my, oh my

this day from now on will be our officially super stressed day... more stressful than our wedding preps! *ssssssiiiiiiiighs*

it's been confirmed. just now. yep, just this day, that Sunday will be Raymond's flight to Singapore. we're like..waaahhtttdaaaa? first of all, he has yet to turnover his work at Pramerica..then, when Jhun (the suvintech agent) called to tell him to book a flight (they will reimburse it later) to singapore, he said "Jetstarasia na lang" (yep, jhun's pinoy) BUT, there are no flights available anymore this weekend in Jetstarasia so i checked out the PAL site. this morning, there was an available Economy flight for Sunday, but we had to confirm this to Jhun first before buying cause we have to make sure they'll still reimburse it.. when jhun finally confirmed, there were no more (as in, wala na!) seats available.. as in, fully booked na DAW. (i called PAL pa to confirm) haaaaaaay. then Jhun keeps telling raymond to send the signed offer letter ASAP (as in, in 30 minutes daw) which he sent to his email in and guess whaaaaaattt, gawab just so happen to have their server down this morning. ang malas ba? (grabe, ubos ang load ni pangs sa long distance phone calls hehe) so he was trying to call Jhun tas nagnenetwork busy. we finally got a break when Pangs decided to ask ms. Eloy (so so helpful, marketing personnel sa pramerica) to help him book a flight thru pramerica's travel agency.. so ayun, meron pa daw available. (waattt ano? eh sabi ng PAL wala na.. hay, basta meron na daw eh so oki na!) and pangs emailed jhun from another email service so jhun was able to send the offer letter to that one. (bwiset na gawab tlga!)

*whewwwwwwww* ang gulo ba? so.. was able to contact ate pretz,.. pasalubong daw na ensaymada. l o l. and also left a message in janey's blog (kitain nyo minsan si raymond uh, berks na dapat kayu, hahaha!). si ate pretz mukhang lilipat ng condo din, sana madamay si raymond. ayun lang.. grabe na ito.

and me.. hindi parin nagsisink in na aalis na si raymond. hmm. mashado pa akong ngarag from this morning (ndi pa ako nakakapagtrabaho!).. at least all the other stuff are okay.. we have zero money so i called my dad and papautangin nya kami ng 50k for raymond.. tapos si ate ging, magpapahiram ng luggage. tapos bibili pa kami ng canned goods (hahah) ni raymond!

*whewwwww* again. this IS good news parin diba? but why doesn't it feel like one???

Monday, April 17, 2006

...still here

ok. haven't posted since.. i don't remember.. so, Anshe's wedding.. was great! as in! i absolutely enjoyed it, even though we coordinated it (which i swear, i'm never, ever volunteering again.. sorry, reeyuh, haha.. just a head's up, you know, if ever.. ok, gonna shut up now.) we pretty much enjoyed it. highlights of course, was Ilo.. singing! yep singing.. 2 songs! after the second song pangs was still shouting "ISa Pa! isa pa!" i was like pinching him to shut him up, hahaha (no offense, Ilo..) it was really a hiiiighlight.. first he was singing.. then he stopped, then he sang again (hilarious!) then the band joined him, so so sweet of him. so excited for Anna, can you promise me that we'll have children with the same age? ahahaha. they can play together. or marry each other. heh! then we'll be related? lol! ok. i'm just totally whacked out. Anshe and Jeff's wedding was really enjoyable, loved all their relatives (v.v.nice relatives!).. great emcee, had the ninangs and ninongs dancing! (pretty cool in video, i suppose) and so so happy i was finally able to eat all the mango crepe that i want.. (perks of being the coordinator, was able to take home a couple of.. boxes, harhar) so Anshe, if ever you have any appliance you want to sell (lol), a turbo grill, perhaps? just tell me okay?

holy week vacation.. what did i do.. had a dvd marathon.. (can't even imagine how high our electricity bill's gonna be) watched the whole first season of Prison break.. was SUCH a mistake, if not for Wentworth Miller's awesome cuteness (10 out of 10) .. it was dragging, too much character kwento, not much breaking out. so i guess after they break out, there's not gonna be any new season right? so i'm gonna stop watching 'cause it's gonna get frustrating. (same as don't get me started on that one).. watched 12 hours of 24.. arrrgghh, damn the Quiapo pirates, packaging a "latest season" dvd and whoa, it's only 12 hours worth! arrrggghhhhh. think it's becoming a sick, sick racket.. hayy. v.v. frustrating for addicts like me. i forgot to mention i'm addicted to Jack Bauer. love him.

also been reading House transcripts.. and watching Hugh Laurie clips on his golden globe speech was fantaaastic. he's so funny. and i can't believe he sounds so american in House when he's soooo brit. if you know what i mean. just imagine hugh grant with an american accent. it's hilarious! (favorite word for this post)

also watched a lot of dvd movies (some b movies, hehe).. just friends, upstate of anger, rumor has it, taking lives, etc, etc.. oooh, big thanks to Erlyn, none of this would've been possible without your wonderful, (now overused) portable dvd player gift. you're awesome, erlyn!

that's all. for now. when are you coming home reeyuh? and Anshe, is it your honeymoon already? and my Pangs.. i think he'll be leaving this Sunday. is this good news, or bad news? go figure.

Friday, April 07, 2006

...super stressed week

... especially my Pangs! *hugs Pangs* .. hay, good luck kay Pangs ko.. he's submitting his Emp Pass, calling up his past companies for Emp Certificates, doing his work at the office.. and hearing his wife nag him to death (hehe)

... so weird to actually have work here in the office, hehe.. i've got this huuuge work request and everything's so vague and i'd have to wait a whooole day 'cause the other team's in the U.S. so i could only read their replies to my emails the next day..

hope everyone gets a great weekend.. will be meeting Kate and Jing later at Robinson. (hafto buy TPs wedding gift)

uyy.. tomorrow na Wedding ni Tp! yeheyyy! congratssss na! see you tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

...waiting is the hardest part

hmmm. Pangs got another call, parang pinapasubmit sa kanya yung mga requirements.. grabe, katakots..kasi.. basta, secret ulit. medyo nag-ala "House" siya sa resume nya eh, if you get what i'm saying. ANYWAY... i was reading weddings@work again and saw this link from a wowie wow, uh,.. big time na si Gel uh hehe! good for him! check out the 2nd pic in the slideshow from the main page.. eiiii, that's me and my mom! hehe!

always cool to see your wedding in your photographer's website.. *hint,hint kayla Jaime hehe*

i'm doing more of Remedy work today.. so i'm kinda using what i've learned in our training now..

arrgghh.. my officemate, jen,.. she keeps on singing this song from Phantom of the Opera and it's driving me insane. i swear. it's like someone's strangling her or something. *sighs*

ms.judy (the cake artist) also posted my cake story in her blog .. Click here to read it.. hayy. natatakam na naman ako sa cake na yun, huhuhu.

gotta get back to work. bye all. and pls pray for Raymond that everything goes well!