Friday, February 23, 2007

...AI talk!

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this week was the performance night of the top 24 guys and girls.. bottom line, guys sucked, girls rule! (and white girls can't sing.. harhar) i liked the last girl, she was waaay too awesome. Now I have these super high expectations from her so she better be good at every single night. The guys were just plain mediocre. Even my favorite, Chris Sligh, wasn't that good. I guess his voice isn't really that extraordinary (oh well, he still has his humour). I've been reading his blog and his favorite band is Muse (we're the same! hehe) that's why I liked him. I also liked the Black backup singer guy but his Rock With you performance was very iffy. I mean, even if its a great song, he just didn't sing it THAT well. I dunno. The last guy was just plain lucky. He was able to stand out with his okay performance of Edwin Mccain's I could not ask for more just because the other guys performed so dismally. All the black girls sang great. The white girls just didn't cut. I'm so disappointed that the Antonella girl (who sang I don't wanna miss a thing) didn't get eliminated. She is soooo ready to go. I had to fast forward her performance because I was embarassed for her. The guy who sang Keane was so-so, but again, he stood out because at least he sang a modern song. and I haaated the guy who sang the Gavin degraw song.. ekk, he sounded like Mickey Mouse who got his tail stepped on or something. Anyway, it sure feels like a girl's gonna win it this time. I liked Lakisha (unbelievable performance) and the girl backup singer (who's sooo sweet. and she's so likeable)
It's been pretty busy at work, you can't believe I worked last sunday for 12 hours. demmit. At least i got 150sgd bucks for it. (underpaid!) But now I'm looking for a vacation. So I'll end this blog with this song..

"Manila, Manila... I keep coming back to Manila"

Bye guys!

Friday, February 02, 2007 hao!

January 29, 2007
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hate mondays. i always miss my bus during mondays. i'm always a minute late. and it means seeing my boss again who really irritates the hell out of me. seriously. he's one of those awful bosses you can't respect because he knows nothing. zilch. nada. but on the other hand, he's less scary because of that. imagine if he's actually intelligent. combine that with his attitude of kakulitan. eww scary. so i guess this is better. i'm not gonna complain anymore that he's a dimwit. harhar.

i met mich last night! actually,.. it was this morning, at 1:30 am hehe. we went to geylang, where they're staying over with some friends. mich gave me my pasalubongs (woohooo thanks mich!). i wasn't able to meet them while they were touring.. it was really too bad because they even went to a park/resort which is really near our place. (i could take my bike) yeah, sayang. anyways, it was great seeing her again. salamat sa liver spread at ajiginisa! harharhar!

i wanna go home already. ate ging is dating someone american. and he's going to see my family on the first week of february. too baddddd i won't be able to meet him. tsk tsk. i'm happy ate ging is dating! wish ate chary will follow suit. but i guess it's okay, at least she can take care of mom and dad more. well, i hope she really does take care of them. hay. i miss my parents, especially my dad. huhuhu.

anyway, enough of that, don't want to dwell on sad things. my housemate just left (huhuhu, goodbye baby iyah) so it's just now me and raymond, anshe and jeff and jun. we're now occupying the master bedroom.. it's bigger but not necessarily better. harhar. first of all, i don't like that it's carpeted. (awful carpet at that) means we have to vacuum it. arrgh. and also hate that there's only one cabinet, unlike our room which had so much storage space, we actually have 4 ledges we could put our junk on. so yesterday we had to buy a 99 dollar cabinet at IKEA just so we could have someplace to put our 4-ledges-junk. gastos! but IKEA is always fun, we bought some cheap kitchen stuff, the cabinet, and a folding mini-table which is similar to what we use back at Pinas when we wanted to eat in front of the TV. now we're using this as my laptop table. we can actually add a tabletop on the cabinet we bought but it was out of stock so the folding table will do for now. perhaps later (after sweldo harhar). the good thing about the new room is having our own toilet. no more waiting for TP to finish sa CR. hahaha joke lang tp, labyu. i'm not worried about cleaning it 'cause that's raymond's thing. hahaha. mwah@pangs. labyu din. LOL. and also, great news for all our friends/relatives. come visit us at singapore! you can now stay at our flat, yahuuu. there's now an extra room (the one that TP and jeff used to occupy) so you can stay with us. all you have to do is bring us pasalubong from pinas harharhar. we're okay with polvorons, or becky's kitchen's brownies. or any thing from goldilocks. especially the packed bopis, dinuguan and lechon paksiw. harharhar. punta na keyu!

February 2, 2007
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TGIF!!!!!!!!!!! Yahoey yahoey. i sooo wanna go home already. i'm just so tired. i've been doing so much actual work now its really tiring wahahah. ooh, my mom sent me an MMS of what dad did in their garden..

tada! cool, right? when i'm sad here in the office.. i just look at this picture and imagine my dad actually doing it. it never fails to bring a smile on my face wahaha. i told dad he should do one for OUR garden

ei, good news. we are officially the owner of the house and lot in Antipolo. Yahooey! my dad sent me this text message: "GOOD NEWS. MEH TITULO NA ANG LUPA NYO. BAD NEWS: KELANGAN KO NG MAGBAYAD SA FEB 14. POOR NA AKO HUHUHU" LOL! Hopefully by next month or something we'll be able to double our pay to dad so that he won't feel poor anymore hehe. (ooh, missing my dad again... *think happy thoughts*)

my Kups of a TL asked me this afternoon
Kups: "You know VB6 right?"
Me: "Yep"
Kups: "Where did you learn it? In singapore?"
Me: "At school, in the philippines"
Kups: "Do you know any institution that teaches VB6 or"
Me: "I'm not sure.. maybe Informatics"
Kups: "Okay, try to contact them and ask how much and the sched, all that stuff"

ginawa pa akong secretary. bwiset. LOL! I thought he was going to give me a SWI or something, gagawin lang pala akong secretary. I also asked him if i could be included in this training.. he gave me a vague answer. Iniisip ko na lng, sana nga pag nagtraining for .NET masama ako. 'Cause they're planning on migrating our application to the Web. Sana! (they still use Access for their forms!) Anyway, i contacted another company, not informatics. At least I was able to surf the Internet with permission bwahaha.

Will post this already.. ei I can post this here! yey! Oh yeah, I watched American Idol pala. So far i like the weirdos. The Jesus lookalike, the fat guy with curly hair whose dream was to make David hasselhof cry again (plus he sang Kiss from a Rose.. looove that song!).. and I also like the black back-up singer. I'm excited for Hollywood week to start! woohoo!

Also watching a new Jdrama, c/o one of the interns here. It's called 1 litre of Tears.. cause you'll literally cry that much while watching this. I swear, I'm trying not to cry while watching it on the MRT! i actually sniffle! its so sad and the main character is so endearing and pretty. Just try and watch this, i recommend it. (ayan ria, recommendation uh. Also watched Hana Yori Dango, the japanese version, Boku something Madonna and Kimi something Petto.. haha sorry, these japanese titles are confusing!) All are great! that's all.. bye for now, have a happy weekend!