Tuesday, September 17, 2002

System Time: 8:38 AM
..demmit.. two lates in a row.. :( swiped in at 8:12 AM.. *blames heavy traffic* bwishit
..ate's isp's password expired yesterday.. couldn't change it (might affect their whole company lol) so i used a prepaid connection.. pak bagal.. had to reconnect everytime.. after many attempts, was finally able to upload the pages i created yesterday...i was so lagged at IRC, i couldn't make chika to ate cha huhuhu (waaah wento ka ate cha!)..anywayz.. good thing he called,..lessened my grumpiness that evening..

System Time: 9:53 AM
..waahh it looks like they don't have any plans on giving us a new module today.. can't believe it.. i'm so freakinggg sleypiiiiii.. woah.. tinawag si Chipper ni Ma'am Malou.. sanaaaa bagong moduleeee.. i'm presently listening to Linkin Park.. i like LP.. although they became popular.. it doesn't bother me.. still the same music, same band.. only more popular..

System Time: 4:56 PM
... turns out it was a new module.. well, more specifically they're crystal reports that we have to make.. total of 11 reports for each of us.. they're actual reports that will be used by the client..so hopefully, our project-incentive-meter will start today.. i haven't finished it yet.. just wanted to share the good news (hehe)..actually, i still fell asleep (lol) in the middle of designing one report 'cause it's just a matter of drag and dropping data fields.. i decided to stop pretending ('cause i was still clicking my mouse all over the report while my eyes were half-closed) and just laid my head on the desk to sleep.. when i woke up (after about 15 minutes), i almost laughed out loud because the fields on my report didn't make any sense.. (is there such a thing as sleep-drag-dropping?) anywayz.. i'm wide awake now.. and enjoying my mundane job hehe..

System Time: 6:05 PM
.. haven't finished it yet but i gtg now.. bye!

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