Saturday, January 27, 2007

...time to work

January 17, 2007
System Time: 2:53 PM

>_< .. so sleepy.. i wanna go home, but i still have 6 hours to go! watdaaaa wahaha. ang tagal pa.. still working for a 12-9pm shift.

oooh meh cable na kami! we got entertainment (starworld/axn) tas educational (discovery etc) tas kids(disney/cn/nick) tas sports (espn/star sports) tsaka TFC (para sa Sana Maulit Muli! mwahhaha *certified Kimerald fan* na ko!) i think there's been a mistake though, 'cause we're still able to watch HBO, CNN.. 2 groups that we didn't get.. syempre i won't complain, just hope they're not stupid enough to bill us for that. hehe. cable here is super expensive! all in all we'll be paying 60 dollars a month for that. ooh, and i also got the smart tv HEHE. (ang gastos nga haha) its like the Tivo here in SG. 'cause since there are weeks that i'll be working til evening, i won't be able to watch Sana Maulit Muli ahahahha! (todo na toh).. my first excuse was American Idol, but I found out that it has a 11:30 pm so i could probably catch that one. pero yung Sana Maulit Muli, di ko alam eh hehe. so yun na lang! so far, i like the recorder, just wished that the 'per show' feature eh, meh frequency option din. Napipili ko lang kasi yung show, pero hindi ko pwedeng sabihin na Daily or M-F or something like that. So I have to use the 'time' feature, lalagay ko yung oras tas meh frequency nga. like daily, 9:30-10:00 para keh Kimerald hehe. Ay yung frequency din meh reklamo ako.. kasi yung VHS namin sa bahay, pwedeng every Sunday/Monday/Tuesday etc, pwedeng M-F, pwedeng whole week, etc.. Itong Smart TV pwede lang Daily (meaning monday - sunday).. di ko maalala kung pwedeng per Day. basta, alang Monday - Friday lang. anyhoo, ang linaw ng cable hehe! lolz. hindi ako sanay kasi sa pinas kahit cable, medyo malabo! harharhar. kakasplitter siguro hihihi.

we've got visitors here, our boss' boss' boss. ay umuwi na pala yun kahapon. naiwan yung release manager. mabait namin, kamukha nya si santa claus hahaha. pagdating ko ng quarter to 12, nakita ko siya mag isa sa area namin, tas inalok ko mag lunch, kaya nakausap ko ng konti sa queue sa canteen. pag upo kasi namin, sinamahan na kami ng manager eh, syempre usapang trabaho na sila. eh ako nagtatanong lang ako about belgium. sa taas daw, pero dutch ang language, sa southern part daw, french. siya daw dutch pero marunong siyang magfrench.

January 23, 2007
ei, nag one year na kami ni pangs!! last Jan 21 ang aming first year anniv. nakakatuwa kasi nahanap ni pangs dito yung gusto naming restaurant sa pinas, yung nanbantei! merong nanbantei sa far east na mall sa orchard. katawa nga eh, unang pagpasok namin sa mall.. tinginan kami ni pangs kasi luma yung mall, ala Lucky Plaza.. tas parang "meron bang nanbantei dito?" lol! pero meron nga, sa 5th floor! as in same franchise ng asa greenbelt. ang sarap talaga dun hehehe. thanks pangs!

i finally received my last paycheck at my previous work. so so happy. now we're able to pay off 2 months worth of house amortization AND other utility stuff we still pay (like cable, meralco, manila waters). at least we're debt free for 2 months! woohoo! and i'll be able to give 2k to daddy.. that's my contribution to his new rockport shoes.. tinext nya yun saken eh ehhehe "MAY NAKITA AKONG ROCKPORT SHOES. SALE. 3+K. DIBA WALA KA PANG CHRISTMAS GIFT SAKEN. MAGKANO CONTRIBUTION MO?" ehehe ayush anu. ganyan kami sa pamilya eh, mas nadadalian kami kung sabihin mo na lang kung ano gusto mong gift kesa manghula pa kami.

last sunday i also attempted to do some post-christmas shopping for my family, but i was only to buy a bag for ate chary. Si aTe chary na naman! eh meh regalo na ako sa kanya eh, pero 10 dollar bag lang sa seiyu eh nahiya naman ako kaya binilan ko ng iba hahaha. wasn't able to buy a blouse for ate ging, either super mahal or super panget hehe. haaay. this weekend, attempt ulit ako.

i'm doing some work na dito sa work. hehe. that's why i'm not that diligent to blog everyday anymore. wow, busy na ako anu. hehe. i was able to close tickets today! pero hindi ko pa talaga kinoclose. lolz. i asked the other pinoys here , bakit ayaw mo pa iclose? kasi syempre dun sa dati kong work, panget pag marami kang open tickets.. pero dito, ayaw nilang iclose hanggang maari. yun pala, pag nakikita daw kasi na konti na lang ticket mo, pasa daw ng pasa sayo. kaya gusto nilang marami ang asa queue nila. lolz. crazzzyyyyy. pero susundin ko sila heeheh. grabe dito. bakit ganun? lolz.

ay, about the cable, ala na yung hbo, cnn namin. sad. pinatikim lang kami hehe. but i still enjoy sana maulit muli tsaka yung medical detectives sa discovery. oooh, and i was able to watch ASAP last sunday, so that was cool.

January 26, 2007
System Time: 7:18 PM

laaapit na ko umuwiii. yahuuuu. We had new visitors again, mga bossing from UK and US. Because of that, yesterday we had a company dinner and ate at Meritus Mandarin. Food was great, we had lobsters, oysters, prawns, sashimi etc. I also liked the dessert buffet, but I liked the appetizers even better! I love smoked salmon, salads oysters (already mentioned that, hehe) etc.

My TL is in the panic mood again. Seems like they got emailed by the supervisor of the interns here. Like where's their access etc, why it's taking too long etc. I was the one who is handling the ticket and the bottom line is, there's nothing i can do about it. They don't have access to certain folders so that's another group's problem. Good thing I had documented about it, did a follow-up etc because my TL kept on bugging me about it and even made me call the other group while he was listening. (parang bata!) I was sitting on his area waiting for the other group to pick up (we were on hold) when one of our visitors, the manager of the north america team saw me and said "Have you been a bad girl? Why are you there?" and I said "I'm in the principal's office" and now they call my TL "The Principal" because of that. hahahhaahahaha. Kasi naman gusto pang asa tabi ako niya..kaya ko namang tumawag sa desk ko nohhh.. b w i s e t.

Mich is here! will meet her this weekend (meh pinabili ako eh! yahuu!) excited aku makita siya.

Yun lang.. send ko na toh. i forgot to send this to myself last week. Bye all! Happy weekend!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

...the week that was

January 8, 2007

System Time: 2:48 PM

i have a freakin' stiff neck. it hurts sooo much. it's my 2nd day already, it has improved a little, at least i could move my head to the left already! my head is still permanently tilted to the right, though. it looks like i'm always inquiring or something. at least it makes me look interested. harhar. ooh demmittttt. i just tried, you know, untilting my head.. i tried to straighten it and i got this SHOOTING pain that is so extremely painful. huhuhu. why the fuck did i attempt that. i drank my last dolfenal and mefanamic acid's the only one working for me so far. wa epek ang ibuprofen/paracetamol. kapag bukas meron parin, mag m-mc na talaga ako!

System Time: 4:18 PM

i am so sleepy. and so much in pain! what a combi. i am so catching the 520pm bus.. hope i don't run in some bad luck and have them looking for me after i leave. as if i've done anything work related today. as usual.

Jnauary 9, 2007

System Time: 10:40 AM

i'm feeling much much better. TG! I don't think i can endure the pain anymore. I still have the "inquisitive" look but at least, my shoulder/back of neck doesn't hurt anymore.

I've been watching japanese series lately, much to the influence of my housemate Raya. She introduced me to Yami P,the guy at Kurosagi. After that i watched Hana Yori Dango and now I'm watching Stand Up!. Stand Up's pretty funny, puro kalokohan. it's a bunch of adolescent boys who all have one objective, to get laid for that summer. they're teased as the 4D, D as in do-te as in Virgins. Japanese comedy is kinda similar to ours, the slapstick kind, but i still find myself laughing on my owm at the MRT hehe.

System Time: 3:28 PM

everyone's telling me that the students will be coming, but i'm still all alone here in my area! kelan ba sila darating??

January 10, 2007

System Time: 5:31 PM

the students are here! one's vietnamese, the other is indonesian. together we can form the asean summit, eehehe. at least i've got neighbors already!

today is an eventful day because this is the day that i got reprimanded for being late. wahaha. first time in all my professional life that i got reprimanded for being late. demmit. lolz. i guess i thought i can't be noticed, so i got a bit forgetful and wasn't that mindful of the time. sabi pa nya, palagi daw ako late. nyahaha. ang layo pa ng pinanggalingan nun. first he asked where i lived. then he asked what time the first mrt leaves in the nearest station. then he asked how long it takes from home to work. then he asked how long the bus arrives. then he asked me if i know what time do the analysts have to arrive here in the office. THEN came the question why i was "ALWAYS" late. nyahahah. all i could say was "sometimes i would miss the bus" then came the rebuttal, "but that is not an excuse" so what more can i say but "you're right." wahaha. tsk tsk. i guess i have to make my waking time 10 minutes earlier now. (ANG BIG DEAL UH) kasi naman hindi naman ako naleleyt ng sobra sa 15 minutes noh. my gosh. keinish.

a colleague will be leaving soon and i think they're gonna make me go to work on a 12pm-9pm shift. I asked pangs and said 'is that good news or bad news?'.. still don't know the answer.. good thing is i can sleep more in that shift, probably can wake up around 9am and leave at 1015am. bad news of course is, i'll be getting home at 10:30 pm. But good news too is that i can take a cab and have the fare reimbursed. Bad news is i don't know if they'll allow me to reimburse a fare from here to our house! anyway, i think it'll be better in the long run because i don't get to sleep at 10pm anyway, i usually sleep around 12pm.. so if i arrive home at 10:30pm, hopefully i'll be able to sleep around 12pm too. so the longer i sleep, the better.

the chikitings are nice (as pangs calls the students here). they're not singaporeans, they moved here 3 years ago to study, so we can all whine about stuff that we hate about SG hehe. plus it's really nice to have someone to talk to when i'm here at my desk.

uwi na ako.. magreremit pa kami eh! babay!

January 11, 2007

System Time: 2:24 PM

ayan uh, i got in at 8:55 AM. wasn't able to login sa Sametime sa Lotusnotes('cause i have a theory that this is where my TL checks if we're already in the office) because the support guy arrived just as i was logging in and did something on my pc so bahala na. icheck nya yung time log hmpft. still can't believe it took me almost 2 hours to get here. left at 7:10AM! the buses where unbelievably slow this morning.

System Time: 2:41 PM

bingo # 2. b w i s e t. ano toh, daily habit? i got 'scolded' again by my TL kasi bakit daw nag eemail ako sa mga approver to approve my access request when the request was only sent today. arrggh. eh last time sabi nya ie-mail ko daw yung mga approvers to introduce myself eh. edi nagintroduce nga ako saying i'm ann blah blah, i'm a new member of the support team blahblah tas syempre dun sa email sinabi ko na rin na pakiapprove yung request. arrrggh. kasi meh bwiset na thailander na atrabida. yung isang sinendan ng access admin na email for approval eh hindi na pala siya ang owner ng site, iba na. last August pa siya nalipat ng pwesto. eh hindi ko naman malalaman yun diba, dapat alam ng access admin kung sino ang mga owners ng site. so nagusual email ako na i'm ann blah blah please approve blah blah. tas nagreply yung inimail ko, saying na hindi na siya yung owner tas binanggit nya yung pangalan, let's call her Pokwang, na sinabi na nya keh Pokwang na ayusin yung documentation para matanggal na name nya at malagay na yung name ng pumalit sa kanya as site owner. tas etong si POKWANG, sabi ba naman, "Sorry about it I have no idea where she got your name from" yung 'She' dun, meaning me! eh Hello, asa thread ng email eh na ang unang nagsend ng email is yung access admin keh ex-site owner. grrr bwisit. no idea amputs. hellow are you blind. lolz. keinish. /me sakal *pokwang* yung kapalpakan mo, pinapasa mo saken uh. b w i s e t. bwisit din si TL. ano buh tlaga kuyuh? to mail or not to mail, that is the question. hay. eeewan.malamang bukas din meh mga email ako na ganon, baka makulitan saken yung mga site owner huhuhuh.

at the rate i'm going, baka bukas meh bingo # 3 ako! lolz. probably from the same issue. demmit. gaaah.

System Time: 3:18 PM

naiinis parin ako. chineck ko yung email ng access admin at kung kelan ako nagpadala ng 'intro' email sa site owner. this was the email where my TL told me to send an 'intro' email nga. same day din kaya! hay naku. sinabi kaya saken ng butihing TL ko na "oh, you should send them an email and introduce yourself chuva chenes" bwisit.

System Time: 5:40 PM

bwiset talaga na TL ko. hindi ako pinayagang magleave kahit 1 araw sa chinese new year! demmit! basta uuwi parin ako. leche tlga huhuhu. meh hinihirit pa na 1 lang pwede kong i-leave sa isang bwan. demmit. no way noh. kinalarify ko nga yun eh, pero sabi "cannot, i don't want the chinese people to be dispatchers on their holiday" bwisit talaga. sabi nga ni paulo, eh bakit nung pasko hindi kami pinauwi! leche. bukas magstart na rin ako ng panghapon, 12pm-9pm na haaaaaaaaaaaaay bwishit. kaya pala kups ang tawag nila.

magready na ako.. lapit na ako uwi eh. babay!

January 12, 2007

System Time: 6:21 PM

its so quiet here in the office. i'm at the east wing, where most of the employees are on the day shift. today was eventful because i did some official work! hehehe. i contacted users heehee. i wasn't able to close a ticket though, one user said he hasn't found the time to try our resolution and will contact me as soon as he does and the other was busy. hehe. so wala parin akong nagawa. at least i was able to update the log of the ticket. "contacted user but was busy." lol!

nakakaantok pala pag gabi. nyahaha. tsaka parang mas mabagal ang oras.. buti nga hanggang 8 lang ako ngayon dahil friday.. panu pag hanggang 9 na!

System Time: 7:18 PM

wow. i'm all alone dito sa east wing. ALL alone. iskeyri! lol! papatugtog na nga ako, ala naman akong maiistorbo eh hehe!

tomorrow we're going to jane's place, her advance birthday celeb! yehey free food haha! ano kaya madala keh janey. hmmm *esep esep*

nawiwiwi aku. ooh iskeyri. hehe.

System Time: 7:31 PM

meh perks din pala na magisa.. i can play my music on speakers (pero syempre mahina parin) and i can poopoo at the cR ahahahahaha.

uwi na ako.. sabay ko si anshe sa taxi, andito rin siya malapit sa west.. byebye!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy Happy New Year!!!

January 3, 2007

System Time: 5:17 PM

Wow, 2007 na ba talaga? Happy New Year to everyone! Hopefully, I'll be able to post this blog with pictures of stuff we did on the holidays.

Ei.. got a new bike! K a t u w a. it's pink. (bleh@jane) Yesterday we went to the park. The boys stayed at the court to play basketball, tas kami ni Anshe ikot ikot to bike. Sandali lang, kasi parang uulan na eh, pero sana maulit hehe. Ngayon ko lang nalaman na hindi pala ako marunong magbike harharhar. I can't turn on my right. (sorry, cannot pala) Puro kaliwa lang.. i dunno, i guess its something to do with how comfortable I feel shifting my weight on the left haha. Ewan, basta, marami na akong muntik madisgrasya dahil sa pagturn haha.

Anyway, back in the office, katamad parin. My TL is here na, from his vacation. Isa lang comment ko. Katakot siya. AS in. it's probably his demeanor, he's scary. and he expects me to know what he's talking about right away. Hay. Sabi nila ganun talaga siya. Scary parin. I can easily imagine kung pano siya magagalit. wahaha. Baka manginig na lang tuhod ko.

Onga pala, ang corny ng new year dito. I think the fireworks was at Marina square lang. Or someplace else. Basta, hindi kasi kami umalis, nagluto sila housemates again. So ang dami naming foodie hehe. Meh leche flan pa at Maja c/o Anshe. ang sarap gwabe. Pwede gawing career nila TP hehe. So order keyu samen, okey? lolz. Back to the fireworks, there was a show televised for the countdown at Vivo City, tapos ano buh, alang fireworks. WATDA? asa TV tas alang fireworks? parang party poppers lang ata ginamit kainish. Kakamiss talaga pinas. Nung tumawag mga housemates namin sa pinas, hindi na magkaintindihan dahil sa ingay nung paputok. Samen dito, kami lang ang maingay! lol! Sinarado nga namin pinto kasi nagvivideoke kami, baka ipapulis pa kami sa ingay hahaha. We still tried to follow some tradition, (syempre ako tumatalon parin ako haha, umaasa pang tumangkad? ano buh.) like yung 13 bilog na fruits. Grabe uh. Naka 20 dollar ako kagad dun, lol. Ang mahal, prutas lang hehe. Tag da-dalawa lang binili ko uh, umabot parin ng 20 dollar. Bakit nga ba ulit 13 na bilog? hehe.

30 minutes na lang uwi na ako. (woohoo!) titigan ko na lang ulit Monitor ko dito.

Happy New Year to all ulit!

January 4, 2007

System Time: 1:20 PM

ano buh, tinype ko kanina sa month eh "December", hehe. January na nga pala. I wanna go home sa February! Basta, come what may,uuwi ako sa Chinese New Year. Monday and Tuesday, holiday yun, so sana makadagdag ako ng 1 pang araw. Still waiting for my manager, though, don't want to ask my TL, he's too scary hehe.

System Time: 2:50 PM

Text messages -

Me: "Dadi anu mga bago mong dvd?"

Daddy: "MARAMI"

Me: "Anu anu nga. Inaantuk aku e hehe. Meh bagong series or koreanovela?"


hehe. kasalukuyan palang bumibili eh hehe! go daddy! still have to find a way for me to bring/copy all those dvds here in SG. I don't want to convert, it takes too long. I want somethign that lets me copy directly from dvd to harddisk and will let me play it from the hd.

System Time: 5:01 PM

yey lapit na ko uwi. still got nothing to do. I wrote a very late christmas list to help keep me awake. I was awaken by how long it is, harhar. I remember back sa pinas, 5k ang budget ko, para sa LAHAT na yun,lol! kaya ko kayang gawin yun? i don't think so kasi si daddy humihingi ng wireless headphone na meh noise reduction ek ek so 100dollar na siguro kagad yun haha! Anyway, speaking of daddy, i called him up (nainip na ako, gusto ko ng malaman kung ano anong dvd meron siya) and he said meh MI3 daw, the new Pirates movie, Rocky 6 at marami pang iba. Will definitely have to google pano yung easiest way to copy those sa harddisk and be able to play them directly sa HD without converting them to divX or something. Baka alam nyo, leave me a message uh. There's a box (dunno what it's called) we saw sa Funan Mall, looks like it'll be the solution. Parang cover siya ng harddisk tas meh video out ek ek siya (about 100sgd) baka yun yun. still have to research for it.

January 5, 2007

System Time: 2:08PM

TGIF!! can't wait to ride my bike hahaha. or to sleep! or to watch Youtube! wahaha kala mo kung ano ang plano eh. We saw a condo ad (irene showed us, demmit irene, lol! joke!) that sounds like a good deal, 1200 for a 2bedroom condo unit. waaaaah, kung kelan nagdecide na kami na tapusin na namin yung april before lumipat (para hindi kami magipit sa pera) tapus papakita samen yun waaah can't help na masayangan. tsk tsk. anyhoo. next time na lang talaga, salamat parin irene, at least alam namin na posible talagang meh mura-murang condo pa rin. Tama si jane, super taas na nga ng rent, as in nakakainis. there's no real good reason for them to spike up the rent. nambibwisit lang tlga sila hehe. ang layo ng tinaas kasi, mga hdb, parang condo na ang prices, bwiseeet.

System Time: 3:34 PM

next week, i'll be having some company (finally). some students are coming over as interns and they'll be occupying the cubicles in my area. meanwhile i've been going over to THEIR area, and just dilly-dallying there until someone calls me where i could watch them work some problems.

System Time: 4:48 PM

almost time to go home! every friday, we're allowed to go home 1 hour earlier than usual (yahoo!) i'll try to catch the 5:20 bus.

System Time: 5:00 PM

i know now how much exactly it costs me to go to the office every morning... it's 3.15 SGD. (mahaaal!) i thought i wouldn't make it cause i only had 3.7 in my ezlink card, good thing you get a rebate when you transfer from the mrt to the bus (50 cents! wow! haha! babaw!). Now i'll have to buy a single journey ticket 'cause i only have 5 dollars with me. you can only top up a minimum of 10 dollars in the card. at least i was able to make it here in the office! so i probably spend about 5 dollars each day for transpo.. (including office to home) it's cheaper pag pauwi because of the company bus.

awhile ago i had an informal training from one of the people here.. he's indian and such a faaast talker. i could barely understand what he was saying, not to mention he was like eating his words. arrggh. he asked me "do you have any questions?" i could only say "nope". you know the meaning of that, right? its either you didn't understand one little thing or you understood it all. i'm afraid in my case it was the former. wahaha. i asked him to send me the powerpoint slide so i hope that helps.

will post this blog already. with pictures! have a happy weekend guys!!

Christmas Pics.. exchange gift time!!

ang handa!

me and baby iyah!

Jeff and Len.. ang ingay namin, si Jeff kasi ang kulets.

New Year Pics
2 kinds of noodles for new year's eve! para long life!

20 dollar worth of fruits hehe

leche flan ni anshe!

baby iyah on red

group picture! ang housemates!

see more here