Saturday, April 10, 2010

...hongkong disneyland hotel

For gavin's early birthday celebration, we went to HK Disneyland and stayed at the HK Disneyland Hotel for 2 nights. Personally, i'm not a fan of victorian design, but this hotel definitely changed my mind a little. It was glorious, and it really felt magical! It was majestic, well-maintained and the staff were all smiles (soooo unlike HK pips). The expansive hotel grounds had speakers all over and after three days i was singing 'unbelievable sightsssss, indescribable feeeeelinggg' for a few more days after that.

Check in was quite hectic but there was a small cove with a tv playing disney (of course) so tsug was entertained. Check in time was on the late hour of 3pm, it was only 11ish when we arrived at the hotel and our room wasn't ready yet. However, we were given a choice to upgrade to an already available Seaview room for additional 100hkd (cheaper actually than if you booked online) so we took it.

Here's our room:

2 queen size beds

only hotel we stayed in (for our HK-macau vacation) that had disney channel

glorious bathroom. bathtub on the left, toilet on the right. the mirror had snow white and the seven dwarfs engraved on it.

view from our room.. the sea was actually on the far left. but the maze still looks great :) ; even tsug had slippers!

The hotel had an indoor and outdoor playground, which of course, we took advantage of. It also had a huuge pool, but we weren't able to take a photo. It looked heated though, cause people were swimming in it even when the weather was a bit chilly.

inside the playroom.. this is where we found snow white too! (but tsug couldn't care less.. think for him it was just a lady with too much makeup lol)

wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii layd layd (slide, slide)

The main reason i chose this hotel was for the breakfast buffet.. they have mickey and his friends go around per table to have your photo taken with them.. no more queing inside the disneyland park! The buffet itself had a lot of choices, and there were mickey pancakes and waffles and pig shaped fried mantao! Actually, i found it difficult to concentrate on eating! I was too excited! I was like "andyan na si mickeeeeyyyyy!" And the characters weren't in a hurry too.. they would play with tsugtsug a bit before posing for the photo.

"woooahhh ang lakiii"
hi5 from pluto; hug from daisy
gavin can say "icky, icky" (mickey) before mommy! arrgh.
gavin eating mickey pancakes

My folks joined us at the 3rd day of our vacation. Initially, we thought we'd meet at the first stop of Airport express but after realizing the taxi fare from HK airport to HK disneyland was pretty cheap, we convinced them to meet us at the hotel instead.
We took some pictures around the hotel while waiting for my parents.

daming flowers!
i'm thinking this is a painting of sleeping beauty's castle; huuuge chandelier
my parents are here! yeyyyy.

the free shuttle bus behind us. this goes to the park and MTR disneyland.

We took the free shuttle bus and took the MTR to go to HK proper. MTR station was really big and had mickey all over!

ganda ng ceiling!

Next time i'll post pictures on disneyland park itself. Bye!