Friday, July 30, 2004

... my web attempt

System Time: 1:59 PM

TGIF! didn't go to work yesterday (again!) but it was a productive day 'cause i was able to change the layout of the site.. they already approved it (with minor changes in color) so i'm pretty psyched..

i don't have the home page yet 'cause i wanted it to have a different format and i'm figuring it out how i'm gonna make the first page attractive.. anyway, it's a vast improvement from my first layout (which i don't plan on showing to anyone!)

check it out in

it's a database driven site (all the sales tips and links) and i'm finally getting the hang of ASP.. so cool, it's almost like VB..(most of the functions are the same)

i was able to talk to Clive a while a go on the phone.. first thing he said was "how are you?" and i said "okay lang.." hehe. he laughed and mimicked me and said "okay leng"

anyway, i'm happy that i was able to finish all the dynamic links and text.. ASP is sooo cool. lol.

System Time: 3:11 PM
read something on my email (sent by Kate).. it said:

Money isn't everything. There's Mastercard and Visa

how true. lol! there's another..

Hard work never killed anybody. But why take the risk?

and another...

A bus station is where a bus stops.
A train station is where a train stops.
On my desk, I have a work station.....

EHEHEHE. these are like my motto in life! haha!

System Time: 4:01 PM
my money has been credited! yey (remember when i was debited 5k by that stupid ATM machine).. plus i got my tax refund.. i'm rich. LOL! (in my dreams..) i'm hoping to go home early..besides, it's a month end so they're going to do batch processing and who am i to share in the server's resources? :)

System Time: 4:31 PM
i'm gonna buy my own domain before this year ends..i'm still thinking of domain a name.. (,, are ALL taken. demmit.)

System Time: 4:46 PM
ate chary said that SMART called and said they'll deliver the phone early next week.. yahoooo! *so excited* it's a Voyager phone (or Smart Amazing Phone 2).. wee! new things are always exciting..

my sister's gonna turn down the Singapore job.. she will instead work for a company called Emerson. it's in Ortigas so that's bad news for me 'cause i won't be able to hitch a ride with her anymore.. (awwww)

System Time: 5:53 PM
i'm going home na.. babay! have a happy weekend!

Friday, July 23, 2004

...latest news!

Roni's preggy! how cool!

...TGIF (i think)

System Time: 2:21 PM
gaah,..ang gulo dito sa office! toner boxes are on the floor, laptops, pcs.. (i've got 3 CPUs under my table)..foot thick scratch paper, trash cans filled to the brim, plus frantic IT personnel..i keep reminding myself that it's a friday, for it feels very much like a hectic monday.

how about me.. well, i'm blogging so let's just say they can panic all they want,.. i'm gonna blog. :p

i'm finally a Senior Programmer.. i'm free from the 2 bond program and i'm going to Radix later to submit my resignation paper..instead, i'm gonna be a contractor for Radix starting August 1..

System Time: 2:32 PM
i have two new books.. Jemima J and Bad Heir Day.. i've started reading Jemima J and am already halfway thru.. it's an easy read and i really like the heroine, Jemima.. she's fat (200+ lbs) but pretty and she's working out and dieting to meet this dude she met on the net.. yeah, i know, it's a story that's been quite overused but still, Jemima is very funny and interesting. She's a journalist but she only gets to write an advice column and the only time she could really write is when she's helping another officemate's's a love story, of course (why the heck would i buy this book if it wasn't lol!)..she has a crush on Ben (another officemate) and then there's Brad, the American from the far, she already lost 12 lbs just because she finally got a life (i.e. became friends with Ben, went out, etc) and simply didn't crave food as much as before.. but now that Brad (the internet guy) wants to meet, she's out to conquer her food addiction and lose (a lot of) weight..
can't wait to read the rest of it..

i still have 14 stamps to go on my Powerbooks track card.. God, that's still 2800 bucks.. i need to spend that money on books before sept 12 (the deadline.. it's only valid for a year) to get my Discount card.. it has 75 stamps in total.. so that means i already spend 12,200 bucks on books for the past year! *jaw drops*

Daddy also bought a lot of DVDs again.. we have Shrek 2, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, 13 Going to 30.. i'm gonna have my DVD Marathon this weekend (yey)..

i'm very easy to please, noh?

things that make me happy:
1. going out with dex
2. watching movies
3. reading
4. lying in bed (while reading or watching a movie)
5. hugging my pillow
6. dining out

i couldn't be happier. (^_^)

System Time: 3:02 PM
going out early, around 5 pm to go to Radix.. a thought just occured to me.. i could read Jemima J while on the bus.. yey! (i'm so weird, shit. lol)

System Time: 3:19 PM
i soooo wanna get out of this office already.. all i'm thinking is if Jemima J will become thin.. lol.. i'm going to the Makati Agency to install some software so i'll post this blog now.. bye all! have a movie-filled weekend!

p.s. saw I-Robot already, it's okay.. not bad.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

...patay na ba?

System Time: 5:27 PM
i am going home in about 30 minutes.. yey! i didn't go to work yesterday 'cause i had to make the aggravating task of going to RCBC Boni and file a complaint..

ei, have a new 'do. it's pretty short so some people are calling me "boy!" hehe.. actually i got mixed reviews.. sir felix said i now look 12 years old... ate pretz said "pa-girl" daw ako.. carlo said it made me look thinner (nyeh lol) ..sir tony said dalaga na daw ako.. 12 years old to dalaga? ano ba tlga? >_<

actually i've always had my hair cut this way, so i don't feel uncomfortable with it.. just so happened that it took me a long time before i got my hair cut.. (1. katamad 2. mahal)

System Time: 6:03 PM
think i only finished one module today.. (delete function of Search Screen).. uwi na ko ..babay!

Friday, July 16, 2004

...what a bloody day

System Time: 1:03 PM

i'm actually happy that it's a friday.. fridays usually mean deadlines for me so i have this panicky feeling each time i wake up and realize that it's a friday .. but, today was an exception.. i woke up giddy with the realization that i'm NOT going to work tomorrow (no OT yey!) and i can stay up late today and wake up late tomorrow.. (double yey!) i am now, more than ever, staring at my System Time as if i could make it move faster by sheer concentration..

System Time: 2:17 PM
hoobastank's having a concert here on august 17!!! waaaaaaaaah!!

i wanna go. as in.

hoobastankkkkk. i'm gonna tell dex.. it's our songggg (the reason).. waaah!


i'm gonna buy tickets before i change my mind. yeyyy!

System Time:3:03 PM
just called Koji at Radix and he was telling me some story where he searched in google "olats si chipper" then my blog came as the #1 result.. lol!! i was trying not to laugh out loud 'cause Sir Joel just sits behind me cause in the first place, i'm not supposed to be talking in the phone during office hourslet alone laughing my ass off.. lol.. i think i sounded like someone hyperventilating and choking at the same time.. anyway, we're gonna hit the 2 year mark as a Radix employee on the 21st.. (koji and i are still debating whether it's the 21st or the 22nd) Koji said that if he doesn't get deployed in Unilab then he'll resign by month end..I've decided to become a contractor (hoping i could save some money, at least) and i think my contract's gonna be extended 'til the end of the year here in prumerica.. i have this goal for the end of this year.. to be able to save 100,000 bucks.. then i'm going to apply at Citibank where they could be my financial planner.. (they now offer financial planning for as low as 100,000).. now all i need to do is stop spending. har har har. i'm so yare. lol!

i can do this you know, all i have to do is leave my credit card at home (lol).. i'm saving a bit actually (a tiny bit hehe) 'cause i only withdraw money twice a month.. just enough to cover my daily expenses (transpo, food, cell load) but then there was father's day.. mother's day.. lara's baby shower.. daddy's birthday.. hay. if only people would stop celebrating then i would not be obliged to buy some atrocious gift and be able to save some money! lol!

System Time: 4:21 PM
shiiiiit. my account's been debited for 5k! gaah. i already called up RCBC boni and i'll have to go there on Monday to file a complaint. shiiit. what a hassle. shiiit.

System Time:4:25 PM
shiiiiit again. *sighs*

i'm gonna post this blog now, before i lose my senses and forget..have a ATM-hassle-free weekend!

p.s. did i mention how sucky this is?

Thursday, July 15, 2004

... bookworm (~~~)

System Time: 10:47 AM
i changed my mind. i'm now getting the Voyager phone (aka Smart Amazing Phone 2).. it's free on plan 800 and the contract's just for 24 months (unlike O2 XDA II that's free for plan 1200 for 36 months).. i've thought about it and decided that 1200 bucks a month is too much for my meager salary.. looked up the reviews of the Voyager phone.. it's pretty good.. 65 TFT screen,Bluetooth, integrated camera (no more ugly attachment) and is powered by Windows Mobile 2003.. (so it has MS Word, media player, etc).. all i want is to be able to read e-books even when i'm not in front of a pc so i guess that phone will do.. the only bad thing i've read is the battery life's low but if i always synch it to my outlook, it already charges in it's cradle so that's not really an issue for me..but what really bothers me is that it doesn't have porma points.. (read: looks awful. bulky and rectangular. arrgh) *sighs* guess style is something i can't afford lol!

System Time: 12:36 PM
IT people are all out for lunch.. good news for me 'cause i can surf the net without looking behind my back every so often..

System Time: 12:52 PM
i've always been a bookworm since i was a kid.. i think i went to every single bookworm phase.. Sweet Valley High, Sweet Dreams (if someone hands me a Sweet Dreams book, i would still read it. lol!), SVU (sweet valley university.. i'm a fan of the Wakefield twins, bat buh!).. my first porn experience is by reading Mills & Boons hidden in my mother's closet.. At highschool, my authors evolved from Francine Pascal to Judith McNaught, Sidney Shelton, Lisa Kleypas, and other romantic novel authors (you can stop gagging now).. Now i'm more of a chick-lit fan.. Sophie Kinsella (shopaholic), Megan McCafferty (sloppy firsts, Second Helpings), Candace Bushnell (Sex in the city, Trading Up) and any other book with a cool cover (hehe).. it's not a giant leap from Sweet Valley books but adding Paulo Coelho, J.K. Rowling, J.R.R Tolkien, Dan Brown and Nicholas Sparks to my favorite authors list do.. (though I'm not a fan of Dan Brown any more after reading The Da Vinci Hoax...damn him for shaking my faith! lol! *sign of the cross* ) I've read every single Paulo Coelho book (and this includes Eleven Minutes and The Devil and Miss Prymm.. these books aren't still available here in Manila but I've read them courtesy of my Asian flying sister) I probably inherited my love of books from my sisters, who are constantly being scolded by my mother to not read while lying in bed (we still don't listen).. I like to imagine things.. and i always seem to relate and feel for the protaganist in every novel i've read..(plus i'm such a cry-baby.. i cry on sad chapters hehe) There's always a book beside my pillow and i feel inadequate when i'm not reading anything.. currently i'm reading Pink Slip by Rita Ciresi.. it was hard to read at first (the author kept on screwing the time line, i didn't know if i was reading the past or the present) but after a few chapters, it has become an interesting read..(i laughed out loud in some chapters.. but then again, i'm easy to please hehe) I also have this small book in my bag.. (for spiritual enlightment lol) it's by Saint JoseMaria Escriva.. founder of Opus Dei (yeah, the same organization Dan Brown unshamely ruined in Da Vinci Code) it's THE WAY.. it's like the many ways on how we could live a purposeful and God-filled life..i like some of the things like:

1. Maturity. Stop making faces and acting up like a child! Your bearing ought to reflect the peace and order in your soul.

2. Don't say, "That's the way I am -- it's my character." It's your lack of character. Esto Vir! -- Be a man!

3. Serenity. Why lose your temper if by losing it you offend God, you trouble your neighbor, you give yourself a bad time... and in the end you have to set things aright anyway?

4. Get rid of those useless thoughts which are at best a waste of time.

5. Don't put off your work until tomorrow. (uh-oh.. lol)

6. Excuses. You'll never lack them if you want to avoid your duties. What a lot of rationalizing! Don't stop to think about excuses. Get rid of them and do what you should.

...the list's up to 999 but these are just my favorites (plus i can't find my other faves.. i should have highlighted them hehe)

..IT people are here now, so back to work.. brb

System Time: 2:23 PM
it's raining again.. (with matching lightning and thunder)..quite scary, considering we're on the 34th floor.. i'm mentioning the weather 'cause i've run out of things to say and i still don't want to do any *restrains myself from looking at the System Tray time for the nth time.. looks anyway* gaaah it's only 2:30 PM! Ma'am Marivic's in Cebu 'til tomorrow so that's great news for us contractors.. it means we could go home early.. Hurrah!

System Time: 2:39 PM
looks like i could leave early but not necessarily go home early.. ate ging's going to the gym so i'll have to wait for her (i don't want to commute)

System Time: 2:49 PM
i'm b-o-r-e-d.

System Time: 4:08
i am still bored. checked my yahoo mail and Clive (the Australian i'm making the web site for.. his partner is Greg, the Brit) already answered that the delay's okay, and i'll show them something on Sunday. (*crosses fingers*)

System Time: 4:44 PM
am still looking at the time and yes, it still is moving in a snail-like pace.. i've been working in front of a computer for 3 years now and it's become a habit to stare at my System Tray time and wait for it to move.. there are times when i'm on a deadline and the workload is soo heavy, i glance at it and panic when i see that my 8 hours have passed (which means i have to go OT which i absolutely loathe to do) i sometimes envy people who use their physical skills in their jobs.. their tiredness after a day's work seem more justified than mine, with me just sitting in front of a computer the whole day.. it seems easier to relax after a physically tiring day.. after i go home, my mind would keep on moving to my program errors.. i would even dream of them.. and after i wake up, i think about it even while showering.. i would sometimes forget if i shampooed my hair so i might've gone to work with dirty (but wet) hair... that's another reason why i love to read.. while reading, i am focused on the story and forget about work..

System Time: 4:56 PM
i watched The Perfect Score yesterday (i didn't go to work) and one of the characters there, was programming something. anyway, this japanese guy was able to help the girl with her visual basic code and the girl said..
"wow, what did you do?" (or something to that effect)
and the j guy said..
"i don't know. something about dynamic variables"

okeyy. first of all, variables are ALL dynamic. if they weren't, they wouldn't be a variable, it would be a constant. wala lang. sometimes movies on so-called computer experts are overrated. just throw in words like "dynamic" or "variables" and you'd already be called a techie...

System Time: 5:03 PM
i still have an hour to go but i've pretty much talked about every non-sensible thing today so i'm gonna stop. you could always tell how bored i am by the length of my blog. bye all! check out, my current faveeeee writer.

p.s. miss you ate cha! sorry if i copied your title. hehe.

...dream phone

My blog last July 13, 2004:

System Time: 12:39 PM
God, i'm excited. Smart's having a promo 'til Friday and they're giving away free top-notch phones for plans 800 and 1200.. i've been able to finally convince my sister to get me a plan on her name.. i'm getting an O2 XDA II.. it's worth 45k.. it's's a PDA AND a phone.. has bluetooth, a camera, 65k TFT screen.. and all the other functionalities PDAs have.. MS word, outlook, powerpoint, Media player.. waaahhh.. am suuuper excited. i've already searched for the accessories and they've got just absolute loads for it.. it also has pretty good reviews and is even faster than the average HP ipaq PDAs..(did i mention it's a phone? lol) i could read my downloaded e-books.. weeee!

System Time: 2:38 PM
I almost changed my mind from O2 xda to a 7610.. i know, i know, a lot of fanatic Nokia will disapprove but after reading a LOT of 7610 reviews, i found out that the 7610 could not even play audio in stereo! Gaaaah, how could they miss that.. i mean, so what if it's a megapixel phone.. buy a decent digital camera if you want to take decent pictures.. ANYWAY, i texted ate chary again and said .."HINDI, O2 PALA TLGA. yaw ko na ng 7610".. hehe.. so i'm still excited.. though there is a big turnoff with O2.. it has bluetooth but i think it doesn't support Object Exchange.. meaning you can't send and receive files from it using Bluetooth.. *sighs* guess there's no such thing as a perfect gadget.. damn these builders! lol! i'm still choosing these one over the nokia phones.. it has the fastest processor, brightest LCD and fantastic stereo sounds.. and the biggest memory with 128 MB (also expandable up to 512) wish my sister would hurry up and apply the freaking plan.

System Time: 2:49 PM
i'm not going to work tomorrow 'cause i have to finish the web site i'm making.. the main design has already been approved and now i've got to create the rest of the pages..

System Time: 3:59 PM
i'm off to Summit Agency.. will install the system i made.. it'll probably take 2 hours, then i'm going home.. bye all!

Thursday, July 08, 2004


My blog yesterday, July 7, 2004:

System Time: 11:56 AM
it's my daddy's birthday today!


60 years old ka na! senior citizen na.. meh discount na tayu na 20% sa restaurant! ahahaha! actually, i don't think my father has the ID yet but i'm gonna bug him to get one, lol.. some restaurants allow the discount for the whole bill, (not just his food) so it's one way to lessen our dining expenses hehe.. (not to forget, the medicine bills!)

still can't believe my dad's 60 already.. we're supposed to celebrate it in a grand way but the cash flows have eluded us so we're just gonna celebrate it with take-out chinese food (plus my dad can't drive 'cause he sprained his ankle) i'm gonna buy some Ube Cake's his favorite.. along with Ube Ice Cream, Ube Macapuno, lol!

System Time: 12:34 PM
sent my dad a MMS message.. hope he receives it..

System Time: 12:35 PM
i'm supposed to be doing the User Manual but am still too lazy to do anything work related..

System Time: 2:18 PM
finished a big part of my User Manual.. also called up my sisters to know what their plan is for tonight.. so ate chary's gonna buy some food at Big Buddha (excellent restaurant, delicious but cheap) and I'm gonna buy some cake at Red Ribbon (just here at the Fudpark) and then we're going to go to Sta.Lucia to buy the pair of shoes that my dad has been looking at for almost year now... lol.. it costs 4K that's why he doesn't want to buy it.. anyway, the 3 of us are gonna share so we could buy it for him... (did i tell you that I still haven't paid ate chary my share when we bought the DVD player for Daddy on Father's Day? waahaha)

grabe, so magastos this month uh.

System Time: 2:51 PM
okeeyy.. i'm staring at my monitor again.. just finished browsing some of my fave sites.. and my friends' blogs..i guess i'll continue making the manual.. brb

System Time: 6:15 PM
geeeezz we're late.. i'm going home now, we've got the food, the cake, the gift.. bye all!

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

... (-_-)

System Time: 2:57 PM
hay so tired. at least i was able to finish a couple of reports.. i'm now doing the most boring part of creating a program.. the Documentation.. i'm attempting to do the User Manual but my eyes keep on closing..

System Time: 3:22 PM
was able to watch Spiderman 2 last Sunday.. it's such a GREAT movie! just adore sequels that are better than their predecessors..

System Time: 3:29 PM
o-keeyy.. so i'm waiting for the merienda break. so what? it's what every normal, hardworking employee does... right? ehehe.

System Time: 3:32 PM
i hate demanding people. I mean, there was this BPI person that kept on calling Sir Joel.. so i picked up the call for the nth time and told her that Sir Joel's still on a meeting.. this girl goes, "Andun parin? ang tagal naman." so i just said.."opo." Then she goes.."Matagal ba yan?" (grrr) so i said "obvious po ba hanggang ngayon asa meeting parin diba?" then she said "hindi ba pwedeng istorbohin sandali kasi meh itatanong lang ako?" (grrrrrrrrrr >_< ) HELLOOOO? it's not an ordinary meeting that i could just barge in and get sir Joel.. he's with all of the EOs and Managers! so i was like " *hinga na malalim* tell you what, Ma'am. I'll just tell him to call you as soon as he arrives, ok?" then she goes.. "kasi meh deadline kami eh" ...waaaah i wanted to hang up there and then.. i wanted to say to her, "doesn't everybody? welcome to our planet, Lady!" but of course, being the polite person that I am, i just repeated that I'll get him to return her call ASAP. grrrr.

System Time: 6:00 PM
going home now.. yey! my conver with Ms. Marivic
me: Ma'am alis na po ako
Ms M: ay, iiwan mo na kami?
me: opo.

hehe. babay!

Thursday, July 01, 2004

...i'm a little bit of a crazy, i'm a little bit of a fool

System Time: 4:23 PM
hey guys! i currently like this song.. Somewhere Only We Know by Keane..

I walked across an empty land
I knew the pathway like the back of my hand
I felt the earth beneath my feet
Sat by the river and it made me complete

Oh simple thing where have you gone
I'm getting old and I need something to rely on
So tell me when you're gonna let me in
I'm getting tired and I need somewhere to begin

I came across a fallen tree
I felt the branches of it looking at me
Is this the place we used to love?
Is this the place that I've been dreaming of?

Oh simple thing where have you gone
I'm getting old and I need something to rely on
So tell me when you're gonna let me in
I'm getting tired and I need somewhere to begin

And if you have a minute why don't we go
Talk about it somewhere only we know?
This could be the end of everything
So why don't we go
Somewhere only we know?

Oh simple thing where have you gone
I'm getting old and I need something to rely on
So tell me when you're gonna let me in
I'm getting tired and I need somewhere to begin

So if you have a minute why don't we go
Talk about it somewhere only we know?
This could be the end of everything
So why don't we go
So why don't we go

This could be the end of everything
So why don't we go
Somewhere only we know?

... you have to hear it to appreciate it.. but it does have nice lyrics, right?

July na pala. Gaah, i'm so tired. -_- i've been feeling the pressure lately, because my system's supposed to be deployed on Monday.. i was like.. "hello?.. you're asking the impossible." it's simply not ready. I'M not ready. gaah.

I've decided to stick it out here in Prumerica, at least for 3 more months.. whatever "pros" i might think of if i resign, the truth is, i still need the money.. or at least save some before i quit..

System Time: 4:44 PM
so sleeepy. -_- this day sucks. really.
System Time: 5:02 PM
since the server's down, i decided to visit my favorite site, ... i like it 'cause she's a good writer and reading her posts relaxes me.. (weird, noh?) maybe it's because it's such a far cry from MY blogs which are essentially filled with complaints, petty grievances and angst ridden emotions.. in one of her posts, she said she was extremely surprised when she was called a "web celebrity" by an emailer...i think i found the link to her site on's link lists and since then, i've been visiting her site occasionally.. (or when i remember to do so).. alex talked about how the internet is much like highschool.. cool kids, cliques.. personally, i could count the people who visit my blog with just one hand.. all of whom are my friends.. i write for the same reason as why people keep pictures on photo albums.. to capture a moment in my life and be able to view it whenever i want to.. (plus, i get to practice my english, harharhar) i wanna be able to read how bored i was on that certain day.. or when i had a bloodfest after i bumped my head on a street post.. or when i was very much the F4 fanatic.. or my laughable hysterics over nothing..

System Time: 6:15 PM
i'm going home now.. already installed the reports on Carlo's machine.. (also installed Crystal Reports 10 'cause my damn reports won't show.. sshhh, uh.. i'm not supposed to do that, but what the heck, it isn't working. hehe)

bye all!