Friday, September 24, 2010

...babynoname's first things

i finally bought babynoname's first things! i just bought a dozen newborn tie-side shirts, 6 mittens, 3 footsies and 3 bonnets. all for just 750bucks hehe. I think that's all he needs for now.. his kuya tsug still has a lot of receiving blankets, towels, comforters, every baby paraphernalia that you can think off. oh, i guess he also needs newborn diapers.. forgot that one, but that'll be easy enough to buy.

felt good to buy so few stuff. lol. it feels that i'm really going to be more on budget this time around. although, i did buy some stuff in amazon (i guess technically, those are babynoname's first things).. a new baby furniture that it'll be a hit or miss. i bought this Cradle swing because i like that it can swing from both left to right AND front to back.

another bulky baby furniture.. i just remember when tsug was newly born, he always slept better when he was in his carseat, my theory being he didn't like the feeling of a big open spaced crib around him. i would swaddle him but he still slept longer when he is surrounded by plush fabrics like he is still in the womb. oh well.. i'll let you know if this works hehe.
you can also use it as a sorta bouncer.

you can only use this for 3 months.. before he learns how to roll over.. but personally, whatever gives me more sleep in those first few months, is worth every penny.

tsug still has a LOT of other baby furniture.. he has another swing that just swings front and back, his jumperoo (both of which i did like.. the jumperoo especially because when we were in singapore, it was so helpful that i can leave him so i can pee or cook a quick meal with him entertained and safe).. he still has a portable playpen, a bassinet crib.. his strollerSSSS (lol) and infant carseat. MY God. ang dami talaga. we really did go insane buying tsug's stuff.. excited eh! lol. you know tsug has 2 high chairs? one's in sg, another is here in antipolo. anyway, i plan on reusing all of tsug's stuff as much as possible.. para naman masulit and to justify ourselves from buying too much junk lol.

speaking of tsug, his teacher asked me to make a simple short story of his 'Adventures in Singapore'.. they will be making a book and i just need to provide pictures and the story line. first i was just thinking of a straight forward story like 'This is the merlion, this is the esplanade, etc etc.' but Pangs had a brilliant idea that i make it a fictional story.

syempre natapos ko na.. here it is:


Hi! My name is Gavin. I'm always in search of a new adventure, but when I went to Singapore to find a hidden treasure, my friends were captured by a monstrous creature called the Merlion. It is now up to me, to find and rescue my friends!
fullerton hotel

I raced through the streets of Singapore...
f1 grand prix

I climbed a jagged mountain and searched high and low..

I went down in slippery slopes...

I swam through dangerous waters and turbulent weather...

I trekked in the jungle and encountered exotic animals...
singapore zoo
singapore zoo1

I rode a flying dinosaur and soared through the skies...
universal studios 3

I asked colorful and extraordinary creatures, but they were of no help..
universal studiosshrek

“Where in Singapore can my friends be?” I asked myself. I looked up and saw the tallest ferris wheel I have ever seen. I went up the ferris wheel and searched the great view below.
singapore flyer

“There! I see the Merlion!” I shouted. “It's time to rescue my friends!”

My friends were very happy to escape the clutches of the monstrous creature called the Merlion. They showed me the treasure they have found and it was a big, yummy cake!
gavin's 2nd birthday

We all filled our tummies with the delicious cake. We were happy and ready for our next adventure!
gavin's 2nd birthday


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

...potty training

i finally had the extra energy to start potty training.. (read:medyo nawalan ang katamaran) it has been surprisingly easy.. i mean, not really easy-easy, but it's not turning out to be as difficult as i expected.. when he's at home, i just remove his diaper and he'll wear his pambahay shorts in the house..

first day, he peed twice on his shorts.. he would look at the puddle on his feet, look up to me and say 'wiwi!'.. (delayed reaction, tsug!).. but we would still run to the toilet and i would tell him to point his pututoy at the potty chair and pretend wiwi, so he'll associate going to the toilet with 'wiwi'..

that same day, while he was eating on his highchair, he suddenly said 'wiwi!' to me.. so i quickly got him and we went to the toilet.. then he stood in front of his potty chair, braced his hands on the arm rests and .. umire! pupu pala! it was so gross getting his pupu from the shower floor nyahaha. but i was sooooo proud of him, because at least, he told me he was gonna poop (well, sorta) and he didn't poop on his high chair!

it's the 3rd day now, and there's been a huuuge progress. today, he only peed once on his shorts.. the rest, he would run to the toilet himself, or he would tell me or his ate lilia 'wiwi!'.. OR i was able to urge him to pee before eating lunch, or before his nap.. (but i still put him in diapers for his naptime.. tonight din, nilagyan ko) kakatuwa.. minsan it takes a few seconds before the wiwi comes.. he would say.. 'ahhhm.. no way?' and then i would open a faucet or make the 'whish whish' sound and that's when he would start peeing.. nag thuthumbs up sign sya after hehe.. ('cause i was like praising him and telling him 'aprub!' everytime he goes potty) kanina rin, when he told me 'wiwi', someone was already using the toilet, so we went outside sa meh laundry area, tapos we urged him to pee there.. kakatawa, he was positioned kasi sa medyo gitna, but he ventured nearer sa wall para dun mag wiwi.. sabi nga ng lola nya 'LALAKE Talaga! kailangan sa pader mag wiwi!'.. it must be some inborn male instinct... walls are for peeing. lol.

the problem now is with the pupu, he doesn't seem to want to sit on his potty chair!.. tonight, he stood infront of the potty chair again para umire.. talagang igigitna pa nya si pututoy sa potty chair as if dun nya ineexpect lumabas hahaha.. well, i'm at a loss.. he doesn't want to sit down..('no way' ng 'no way'!) i guess he'll figure it out someday that when it's #2, you sit. for the meantime, i'm just there.. scooping his poop from the shower floor. eww.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

... on my 32nd week

ang tagal. inip na ako. on my last checkup, doc said the baby's on the correct position already.. ready na rin sya hehe.. pero wag muna baby L.. pataba ka muna :)

i haven't bought baby clothes yet.. i'll probably just buy a few.. baby L's gonna have to survive on tsug's hand-me-downs.. i've made a conscious effort on controlling how i spend money.. we don't really budget (or we don't KNOW how to budget) our money.. but since my delivery is nearing, we better make sure we have enough for that. so i've made this columnar list of stuff i buy so i'll have an idea where our money goes...and you can't believe how much i spend on gavin's toys and grocery.. i think last month i spent around 15k on groceries and toys. nyak. peso yun uh. at least hindi sgd lol. in fairness to myself, that includes dining out, gas, parking tickets, etc.. but still, i felt a teeeeny bit guilty so i now think twice if tsug really NEEDS a new activity/coloring book or a 200php box of crayons (really, ang mahal na pala ng crayola!).. its soooo friggin hard.. once i enter a bookstore, i just want to buy tsug some sketchpads, activity books, craft materials.. and before you know it, you just spent 800bucks on pencils and paper. waah.

next week pangs will be here for a short visit.. yey! (gastos ulit, haha, oks lang) after that, he'll be back on october.. for my delivery already! woohoo. malapit na talaga. 'ber' na rin pala. can't believe we'll be 4 in our family this christmas. sabi nga ni tsug.. 'happy happy happy!'