Saturday, July 14, 2007

...never too late

to blog about our honeymoon!!! i got inspired actually to blog by my vietnamese friend linh, who blogged so many beautiful pictures of her country. It's definitely one country I look forward to going to..

I know its succch a late topic but I figured, I might want to have our honeymoon documented for future reads..

So first stop was Cebu! got a flight from Manila to Cebu via Cebu Pacific.. i actually never experienced a delayed flight from Cebu before.. (don't know if i'm just lucky) and we even won a shirt in the games they do inside the airplane hehe. (most number of 5 peso coins haha! dunno wtf we were doing with those)

After landing in Cebu we got the hotel resort bus to transfer us to Shangrila Mactan.


We were choosing between Plantation Bay and Shangrila Mactan, but what got me was the reviews i read about the buffet in Shangrila which is typically Shangrila... plenty and delicious! hehe. (more about the food later)

..our own balcony! (we got a tripod, in case ur wondering :p)

they have their own man made beach.. pretty small but still looks good!

i dont know how to call this place.. gazebo like tree house?

and the buffet breakfast i've been raving about!! this was just a little part of it! it was such a looong display of food! i think we ate for more than 2 hours haha!

and the picture perfect pool.. this was taken after i beat pangs in table tennis (twice)

oh, i got a fever during our honeymoon. bwahahaha. that one sucked haha. but good thing i recovered after a night's sleep. (might be because i overstrained myself trying to beat Pangs in ping pong hihihi) After 2 nights there, we took a ferry boat ride to Bohol! Checked in at Alona something resort (whaat i forgot the name.. its not the expensive one, the Alona palm.. but I know its alona something.. this is why I should've blogged about this earlier arrgh) We stayed there for 3 nights.. (or was it 4 nights? my gooooooooooooooooshh)

I looove the beach at Alona.. only bad thing about it was the Sunset was not on the sea.. I mean.. as you can see below, its on the left side.. still beautiful, though

We took a day tour (its easy to get one just as soon as you arrive.. so many manongs with laminated papers displaying the tours.. just learn how to haggle!)

inside one of the churches (don't ask me which one!)

bell tower of the same unidentified church (wahaha.. can someone help me name it?)

risking our lives for a photo between the man made forest

of course, you can't go to Bohol without seeing the chocolate hills

a better view! see how many small hills there are! looks like....

inside the floating, moving restaurant! got a good lunch here! it was so festive inside, there was a person singing and everyone was joining in the singing hehe.

more of the river

the adorable tarsier

look how small it is!!

there was a small community center.. where you can buy some local products and see people actually make them!

ang galing ni kuya!

we also went to the hanging bridge (which for the life of me I don't want to cross) and the blood compact site.

back to the resort, outside our cottage.

one last shot of the beach.

and that was it! i can say that for those on a budget, bohol is definitely an awesome place to be. we had no pictures of the dolphins we saw (yeaaaaaaaaah we were using my sister's camera and i was afraid to get it wet) .. you have to take an hour's boat ride to Balicasag island .. and on the way to the snorkelling site you see sooooo manyyyyy dolphins.. the dolphins were so playful they would actually jump around the boat and swim with the boat. When we got to Balicasag island, the snorkelling there is just breathtaking. the whole surrounding area around the island was a marine sanctuary.. we just went to the shallow part (sabi nga ni manong.. pag pinoy gusto hanggang dito.. *pointing to his chest* pero ang foreigner, gusto dito *pointing above his head*hehe) it was my first time to snorkel but i really believe its one of the most beautiful snorkelling sites. (and i'd imagine the diving must be heaven!) I regret not buying any disposable waterproof camera huhuhuh. We'll definitely be going to Bohol again!