Tuesday, September 24, 2002

System Time: 4:57 PM
...i've been having a pretty busy sched here at the office, main reason why i haven't been blogging that much.. actually, i've still got loads of stuff to do but the flourescent light is flickering (pak) and i'm feeling the beginnings of a huge headache...
... just realized i haven't received a single text message for this day.. waaah la ng nagmamahal saken LOL!.. well, i guess it was inevitable..they finally realized i wasn't going to reply and they got tired of wasting their money on me... *_* lol! malala na ko... hehe
...been on a spending spree this past couple of days.. (as if i've got lots of money to spare)..bought pirated dvds, my first book for my supposed-fairy tale collection (supposed - 'cause i still only have one book, couldn't call it a collection yet), been feasting on japanese food (nahawa ko si opismate Koji; meh kasama na akong kumakain ng mga sashimi hehe) and basically buying
all sorts of candies and chocolates for office-baon.. presently, i only have 13.50 php (all in coins) in my wallet.. not enough to get home.. still have my mrt card though, so i'll be able to reach cubao, but from there,.. i'd hafta remember to withdraw some money.. hehe...(then buy more chocolate ^_^)...
...still only 5:35 pm.. flourescent lamp's still flickering.. demmit..
...had a dream last night.. was about momi.. he signed my gb again and specifically set a date for us to meet (in my dream).. i guess i've been thinking much about him lately..waaaahh misyumomi! no matter how hard i try to move on it always comes back to you.. (parang john mayer-back to you.. hehe..bagong theme song?).. konting paramdam lang tuwa na ang gagah.. /me wapaks sarili.. heeeeeeeeellooooo? get on with your life!!! pak lol!
..anyways, i have been smoke-free for 3 days... i've decided to quit (for real)... my officemates have stopped offering me a stick during break time but they've started a bet as to how long i can go on without smoking.. isa lang masasabi ko.. KAYA KO TOH! (3 pala yun..)
.....oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 6:05 nuh BWAHAHAHAH

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