Monday, June 28, 2004

...i'm getting old -_-

System Time: 10:00 AM
God help me, it's a Monday. :(

i still feel soo tired and soo sleepy.. my brain still isn't energy's on an all time low and i am blankly staring at my list of things to do for my program and i don't have an ounce of power to do any of them...

my sisters are back from HK..they didn't bring ANY pasalubong so i was extremely disappointed.. i was asking for a benetton rain jacket..(hmpft) think my sisters felt a bit guilty 'cause ate chary offered me her Mango bag instead..they bought these identical Mango bags and ate chary gave me hers.. woohoo! (it even came with a wallet, v.c.!) it's beige with 2 pockets in front.. nothing beats the monday blues like a MNG bag harharhar.. also got a new chinese cellphone holder which officially retired my tattered winnie d pooh sock.. i arbored it from my pre-com Kada Ten², but i'm sure when she sees that winnie's already losing his shirt, she'll understand..(not that i see her anymore.. asan ka ba Ten²!) ate chary also bought a new phone (finally!).. a Sony Ericsson K700.. it's a phone to die for.. it's packed with features but it's lighter than my T68i.. (see my envy flowing through my veins.. lol!)

System Time: 11:52 AM
...was able to program the module for e-mailing the uploaded text files.. hu-hum.. my bosses are lunching out so it's just Raymond and me manning the IT department..hayy.. katamad.

System Time: 11:59 AM currently reading Tuesdays with's like everyone's favorite book but i still haven't read far, it's good.. a bit preachy, but nonetheless, interesting..

System Time: 12:29 PM
got a call from Ms. Dana, the Real-Estate Agent.. i'm thinking of buying a house/condo.. some might think it's a tad early but i disagree.. it's actually the perfect time to invest, when i have no other expenses aside from my personal least i will be putting my money in good use..

System Time: 1:05 PM
they're still not here! i'll just post this blog now, i might not be able to do it once they're back.. have a not-so-sucky Monday!

Saturday, June 26, 2004

... you spokenin' in dollar?

System Time: 4:41 PM
gaah my head aches. i'm still here at the office,.. waiting for dex's reply... don't know if we're gonna meet or not..anyway.. it's been a pretty productive day considering that i was earlier harrassed by Ma'am Soraya's kids.. they're pretty cool, actually.. they speak with an American accent and all.. (they just got it from school) so you could say i practiced my english today, hehe.. as usual, i'm an instant hit with kids.. lol.. i dunno.. i guess it's because i still look like a kid..(or behave like one, whatever!) anyway, they were in the pantry and i came in to eat.. at first they were civilized.. the first questions were a bit weird though.. like.. what's my mother's age.. or my grandmother's age..what was mine.. (they're into the age thing hehe).. then after that it was riot.. they decided to lock me up in the pantry and i felt a bit bruised after i finally was able to get out.. (with Ma'am Soraya's help..) there should be a law against violent kids lol.. they were quite strong and a kid's punch really hurts LOL! but still, i really like them so i hope i would see them again..

some of their questions:
when Andrea (the girl) saw my phone with dex's baby picture as the wallpaper she asked
"who's that?"
me:My boyfriend when he was a baby
andrea: you're going to marry a baby?
me: no..i said when he was baby.. (then i showed the more updated picture)
andrea: you're gonna marry him?
me: yep
andrea: you're gonna marry him now?
me: not now!
andrea: so you're gonna kiss him, right?
*i just laughed.. wanted to say.. been there, done that kid.. lol!*

they're sweet, really.. andrea even asked me "you're gonna be here everyday? i'll see you again? momi and you are officemates, right?"

hehe. so sweet. i kinda miss them already. i even like the way they pronounce my name.. like a slang Gary..

"gereee, gereee" lol.

i better go now.. dex isn't replying and i feel as if i'm gonna have a fever. bye!

...dead lines

My blog yesterday, June 25, 2004:

System Time: 5:02 PM
i'm reaaady to go home.. i'll be logging out at exactly 5:19 PM.. i'll be going to work tomorrow so i could justify my going home early.. besides, i'm soo sleep deprived this week that all i want is to get at least 8 hours of sleep tonight..

still have loads to do, each new day brings me closer to my deadlines so you could just imagine how fast each day ends for mind was already panicking yesterday.. i didn't know how the hell i would derive this certain information.. grabe.. it's so tiring to think! lol! anyway, i'm writing this blog 'cause i FINALLY found a way to work around it (in short, nangdaya ako).. i created a new table instead of trying to figure out what query i could make from the existing tables.. gaaah.
/me scraps one out of my error list.. still uhmm 15 to go? lol. demmit.

System Time: 5:25 PM
so much for exactly 5:19.. bye now!

Thursday, June 24, 2004

...i wanna cry.. huhuhu

System Time: 9:15 PM
grrrr.. paalis pa lang ako ng office.. antok na ko.. wala lang.. babay!

ANG DAMI DAMI DAMI DAMI kong deadline na lahat eh para bukas. tongueeeena.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

...juicy fruit.. wala lang

System Time: 8:40 PM
yeah.. i'm sleepy again. i can barely type this blog..

...started looking for a baby gift for lara.. grabe, there's sooo much baby's like a whole new planet... and their prices! no wonder couples fight a lot..
..Kate and I went home together..talked about our plans for Lara's upcoming baby shower.. we'll probably be doing that on July 3.. i already have a gift planned.. there's this Chicco bag i saw at the mall.. it's styled like a messenger bag so when you open the flap, you could use it as a mat for the baby to lie on when you change her diapers or something.. very cool.. (and very expensive.. 1k! wahh) but still, it's not everyday your kada contributes to the human population..i wanted to buy the electric sterilizer but the price is double so the bag will have to do..

System Time: 10:41 AM
..think NU blocked me from their texting thing.. LOL! totally uncalled for.. ok, i can be a mean critic but really, if i knew they were that sensitive i would have gladly spared the 2.50 per text deduction from my cell load..they had a band called "Quan" playing.. i actually liked the band except when the lead singer breathes too much in between lines..all i said was.."i guess you're into the breathy style but you sound as if you're hyperventilating" ... now my texts are totally blown off..there goes my freedom of expression..too bad they're the only rock station in Manila..i would've boycotted them.. hmpft. -_-

System Time: 11:03 AM
after 3 days of coding the Weekly Sales Report program, i'm supposed to be back to programming LIPS (Life Planner Service) but i sort of forgot already what i'm supposed to do all i do is stare on my monitor (and listen to NU).. guess i'll REALLY start focusing after lunch..

System Time: 1:12 PM
o--key, it's after lunch and i'm still NOT focusing! gaah! *squints on monitor*

System Time: 7:10 PM
TG it's time to go.. bye all!

Saturday, June 19, 2004



System Time: 1:20 PM
got this at ate cha's blog... i'm here at the office on a saturday and i'm getting kinda sick of my crystal report errors.. so, blog muna..


1. When were you born: 1980

2. Where were you born: some hospital in QC

3. What was your first grade teacher's name: i can't remember.. all i can remember is Mrs. Eustaquio but i think she was my second grade teacher for Math..besides, we had lots of teachers, not just one

4. What was your first pet's name: choco (how original, uh?) he was an askal.. all brown with a black streak that runs on the middle of his face.. so fogiee for an askal

5. What was your worst accident (medical): i was running after my sister who was riding a bike when i fell down... on some broken glass on the street.. (galing ko pumili ng lugar ano).. had at least 8 stiches on my knee.. the scar's still very much visible.. (it's almost 2 inches)

6. What was your favorite cartoon character: i watched a lot of Garfield and Friends back then

7. Who was your first best friend: Lorraine and Rogelaine (gosh, it rhymes lol)

8. Who was your first girlfriend/boyfriend: gf: janice (bat buh, uso mag ON sa exclusive noh) bf: rudolph (pirs lab hehe)

9. What was your favorite movie in the 2nd grade: never ending story.. (was that on 2nd grade?) but i loved it.. when i watched it again just recently, i was like.."i actually liked this crap!?"

10. What used to be your favorite color: can't remember... still blue, i guess

11. What was your favorite subject: gaaah, i hated my classes.. it's a wonder i even graduated without flunking any subject.. at 1st grade i learned the power of pretending that you had a stomach ache so i could skip going to school.. lol!

12. Did you ever start a food fight: nope.. never even experienced one

13. What/who was your worst fear: my fifth grade teacher, Ms. Lardizabal (who actually entered the convent.. GRABE, from being a terror to a nun... i guess weirder things have happened)

14. What was your favorite toy: chinese jackstones.. i was a whiz at it


15. What time is it: 1:35 PM

16. What's the date: June 19

17. What grade are you in: 20/20 hehe jk, already graduated

18. fave movies: LOTR, Last Castle, Shawshank Redemption, Crazy/Beautiful, Save the Last Dance, Clueless (..what-ever! i'm Audi! LOL)

19. What is your favorite song: can't think of just one.. i have lots.. Crash into Me, Last Goodbye.. but i currently like Echo by Trapped

20. Do you have any pets: yeah

21. if so wat are their names: Ging and chary.. har har har

22. fave subj in school: COBOL and Taxation

23. What's your hair color: i've colored it so many times i forgot my natural color

24. What kind of music do you listen to: any.. rock, pop, chinese songs (lol), dance, watever.. (i don't like jazz, though.. hehe ate cha.. but i really don't)

25. Do you still watch cartoons: only if it's a good movie

26. What are your favorite TV shows: AI, MG, Alias, CSI

27. Do you get online often? now that i've got Internet at the office.. yeah, i will be! Hurrah!

28. What's your worst fear: to wake up and find out that my family is gone

29. What's your favorite color: blue

30. What city do you live in: bundok ng antipolo

31. Do you have a b/f g/f: yep.. luvUluv *mwah*

32. What's your favorite type of food: Japanese and Ihaw-Ihaw stuff

33. What do you want to be when you grow up: some sort of Project Manager or IT Manager who just gives programmers hell..

34. Do you want to go to college? already did and I'M NOT going back!

35. Do you want to get married? yep

36. If so at what age: would you believe we already have a year? when we're 27 years old

37. Do you want to have kids: yep.. (but my pain tolerance is close to zilch so i want a painless labor hehe) 2.. basta i want one for each gender.. parang ang dali ano..


01. age do you think you'll live to: i wanna die young.. 'cause only the good die young.. so i'll probably live to about a 100.. lol

02. Where do you want to live when you're 35: still here in my native land (/me plays Lupang Hinirang on the background)

03. What movie do you want to see next Saturday? wag na, gastos pa

04. What time do you think you will go to bed: around 10 pm.. hopefully..

05. Do you think you will have the same friends: i sure hope so

06. You think everyone will be jealous of you: Nah, i'll probably be jealous of them

07. Do you want to be president of the U.S.: i don't think i'll be eligible

08. Do you want to walk on the moon: yep, that'll be cool

09. Do you want to be famous: i'd rather be rich

10. kind of house do you want to live in: something spacy and with a big yard out front.. kinda of like Richard Gomez' house.. less walls.. more space.. slim furniture..very cool

finished already? LOL.. think i'm getting a headache.. back to work then.. will be logging out around 5 pm.. then will be meeting dex.. bye all!

Friday, June 18, 2004

...good news, bad news

System Time: 8:31 AM
good morning! good news, bad news muna!

good news: I've got internet access.. woohoo!
bad news: all public mail systems are blocked..(yahoo mail, hotmail, whatever)

good news: at least i could now read other people's blogs! and i could post my blogs real time
bad news: when i tried accessing ate cha's Archive.. it was also blocked.. the message said "Gate Filter Response: This site is blocked because of sexual content".. i'm not kidding, okay? LOL!

good news: it's Friday today!
bad news: i'm going to work tomorrow

good news: they gave me a faster PC
bad news: i had to install every single software again, my program had glitches 'cause i changed path, they can't find the Photoshop installer..(the list is endless,.. waaah)

good news: they upgraded their Crystal Reports.. it's now v10
bad news: my reports won't run... i searched up my error on the internet and it only produced 1 page of results.. (i was so dismayed! i felt so alone! lol!).. but i was able to figure it out eventually.. (i'm the king of the world! hahaha)

good news: bought new books.. Shopaholic and Sister (Becky Bloomwood's back!), Dan Brown's Perception Point and Tuesdays with Morrie..finished reading Shopaholic and Sister.. it a good chicklit, has a great ending..
bad news: just spent 1650 bucks for them

good news:Ma'am Marivic's not going to work today!
bad news: WALAAAAAAAAAAA,..WALA AKONG MAISIP hahaha! (/me talon talon)

System Time: 5:54 PM
good news: uwi na ko!!
bad news: pag uwi ko gagawa pa ko website..waahh..babayy!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

...answered prayer

System Time: 7:57 PM
i'm still here at the office.. trying to offset some of my absences..but i'll be going in a couple of minutes.. just want to post my blogs 'cause everyone's home already (except for Sir Loret) so i could freely use the Internet now..

i was inside a cubicle in the girl's room when i said a silent prayer to God.. i said.. "God, let there be blood...".. when i opened my eyes and saw some spattering of blood, i almost cried with relief.. L O L! TG! it's as if a big burden has been lifted from my shoulders.. (halleluia)

anyway, i'm going home now.. bye guys! be safe! (unlike me.. lol) *mwaaah*

...where are the people in the neighborhood?

My blog last June 11, 2004:

System Time: 10:10 AM
i'm back in the office.. after being absent for 3 1/2 days! waahahaha. still feel a bit under the weather but i have no fever anymore so that's good.. (i guess.. lol)

System Time: 10:36 AM
..none of our bosses are here! only Sir Loret is present.. (i'm so lucky hehe) i was working on my "how-am-i-speech" this morning..(it's best to be prepared) looks like i won't be needing it.. Ms. Marivic and Sir Felix are on some sort of training.. Sir Joel and Sir Philbert are sick.. and Ate pretz.. dunno, she goes to work after lunch so i'm still not sure if she's going to work or not.. so that just leaves the 3 of us (Me, Mario and Raymond) and Sir Loret.. this just feels like the time when my HS OIC got sick.. we were like hyenas that got loose..

System Time:10:46 AM
lunch out daw, Janice said.. hmm.. what do i want to eat.. hmm..

System Time: 12:50 PM
*whew*.. almost feels like a walkaton everytime we eat at Glorietta.. we first went to National to see if they sell tickets (they don't) so we just went back to French Baker (Landmark) and ate their.. We did check out the Skechers store 'cause they got watches whose style i like.. (can't explain it here.. it's like the watch is embossed on top of the leather) it's cheaper too.. just 2590 bucks..unlike the 6k version by fossil.. i'll probably buy it later.. (syempre cc haha)

System Time: 1:08 PM
/me daydreaming of the watch. *sighs*

hay. i'm so sleypi. maybe it's because for the past 4 days, i've been sleeping at this hour. (i was practically sleeping the whole week)

i've also been smoke-free for 7 days. woohoo. maybe i'll be able to continue this for the rest of my life. hehe. (wish ko langgg)

shit i'm sleepy. -_-

System Time: 1:22 PM
arrgh i can't work! i'm too sleepy (and too lazy..) can't believe it's only 1:22 pm.. more than 4 hours to go.. suckkkyy.

System Time:2:56 PM
yey just 2+ more hours to go.. (arrived at 8:30 so i could leave by 5:30)

System Time: 4:01 PM
yey just 1 1/2 hrs to go.. woohoo. am going to Radix to see Koji and Froi.. i'll wait for Dex there again..

System Time: 5:01 PM
drats. Ma'am M is here.. but i'll still go home at 5:30pm.. hay just waiting for 30 minutes..

System Time: 5:32 PM
gaah. all my bosses are now here.. but i'm gonna go naaaaaaaaaaaaa.. babayy!

Friday, June 04, 2004


System Time: 8:45 AM
God, i'm sleepy... *yawns* it's raining again and it's such a straining effort to haul yourself from bed when it's cold and dark outside.. i don't like the rain that much.. especially if it's a work day..hassle least i'm not wearing our college uniform anymore.. during the rainy season, i would go to class with brown spots at the bottom of my white skirt.. waaaah.. then if i get really lucky i would even get splashed with flood water by some passing vehicles.. just terrific. -_-

i've been helping my mom make some macrame necklaces and bracelets.. she's going to bazaar at DBP this Monday so she's gonna need to sell as many items as she can.. it's also the reason why i've been sleep deprived this week..

System Time:11:15 AM
ohmigod. my system is being tested by the user and he encountered problems as soon as he started encoding. bwahaha. i had to empty the table just so he could start testing it.. so my heart would jump everytime my phone would ring (thinking it might be Carlo, the one who is testing my system) .. can you believe my phone rang for 5 times in just 5 minutes? only the first one was from Carlo.. then the next were Miss Femy from Radix, and the next 3 were for Sir Joel.. (people keep forgetting that he already changed his local) waaah. think my heart is palpitating. *breathe in, breathe out*

System Time: 2:10 PM
grabe.. i'm so friggin full (TG!).. we lunched out at Dad's/Saisaki.. eat-till-you-get-sick (which is exactly what i did).. i mean, what else would one do with all those food available for you? eat, eat, eat until you're sooo full, all you can do is stare into i can hardly breathe and my stomach is bigger than my boobs.. lol.. think i ate a kilo of tuna and salmon sashimi, makis, sushis, tempura, yakitoris ( i could go all day lol).. arrrgh. i should remind myself that gluttony is a sin.

System Time: 4:20 PM
i'm still full! waah. and i feel as if there's a battle happening in my stomach.. did you know that being full makes you groggy.. i'm feeling as if i haven't slept for days.. su-ckyyy.

System Time: 6:06 PM
still here in Prumerica.. i actually have to go to Radix to get my allowance but i'm still waiting for Dex..

System Time: 7:32 PM
..i'm now here at Radix, posting my blogs.. (still waiting for Dex, though).. bye for now, gonna watch HP (or at least, attempt to.. the lines are unbelievable).. have a good one! bye!

...Time flies when you're not looking at your System Tray

My blog last June 1, 2004:

System Time: 10:22 AM
currently listening to Jet - Are you gonna be my Girl.. instantly thought of Ate Cha (it's her current fave song..i think)

System Time: 7:17 PM <--woah, bilis ng oras
..still here at the office but i'm leaving around 7:30 P.M..

..June na pala? yey! tomorrow's the showing of Prisoner of Azkaban but i'll probably won't be able to watch it until Saturday/Sunday.. i've got too much workload.. in between installing LIPS in laptops, i've already started coding the re-engineering of LIPS (Life Planner Service system, the vc++ program).. Mario and I are converting it to VB.. (hurrah!)

i do feel tired. bye for now!