Tuesday, September 03, 2002

System Time: 2:03 PM
/me tries hard to @_@

we've been given a new module today (at last).. the module itself is pretty complicated, and what adds up to our confusion is the lack of proper requirements/specifications in the given example.. after a lot of questions to our supervisor, i finally finished one part of the module (form_load event).. now i'm trying to create the add event.. BUT.. i've been staring at my monitor for about 15 minutes now and felt my eyes closing... i always get sleepy when i'm stuck with my codes..i decided to start my blog than be caught sleeping (again)

System Time: 5:50 PM
..Hurrah! finished add/save module with the help of my opismeyts! am now just waiting for 6 pm.. (continued reading HP).. Koji was assigned (actually, i volunteered him hehe) to create the User Control so we'll continue the project after he finishes it.. in the meantime.. i'll continue enjoying this HP book! bye all!

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