Thursday, September 19, 2002

System Time: 8:27 AM
mawnin! momi signed my gb yesterday! (or was it Sunday.. am not sure.. anywayz, i read it just yesterday) .. he's in manila 'cause he's reviewing for his customs board exam pala.. well..good luck momi! kayang kaya mo yan..! *two thumbs up sign*

System Time: 3:09 PM
woahh.. didn't realize that when we divided the reports among ourselves that some reports are actually folders which contain MORE reports.. so Froi in fact has 24 reports instead of just 11.. since i'm sort of finished with mine, i'm now doing the additional reports.. hmm B r B

System Time: 4:27 PM
... i'm now on my third report..and i've lost the strength of spirit to go on.. LOL! keh drama anu? tinatamad lang e kung anu² puh sinasabi! hehe..babasa ulit muna ako ng LOTR..

System Time: 5:45 PM
... semi-finished the third report after getting my groove back.. yey friday tomorrow! yey i've got loads of stuff to do tomorrow! yey lapit na uwian! bye!

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