Friday, November 19, 2010

...big 3-0

my birthday's coming up!.. the big 3-0... such a weird number.. signs that i'm growing old:

1. my ultimate friends fantasy is the cast of........ Cougar Town! yeah.. i'd rather be friends with Jules, convert my son's old bedroom to my own jam room and drink wine 24/7 in a big as* wine cup called big joe.. i actually prefer them over the gossip girl bunch or the How i met your mother gang.. GAAH am really getting old! Grayson and Laurie over the Le--gendary Barney.. or Serena! (i guess i don't like serena that much anyway) It's just that Cougar Town never fails to make me laugh out loud whenever i watch an episode.. *boing, chiki-boing boing*.. lol. I can just imagine how tsugtsug will become my own 'Travis' where i'll stalk him when he goes off to college. or when he brings home a girl, we welcome the girl through a medley of songs we composed ourselves. lol.

2. the highlight of my social calendar (as if i have any to begin with) is my own son's field trip! how pathetic to be reallyyyy excited about going to the zoo with gavin and his classmates! but that's exactly what i am.. excited! i practically begged my mother that she allow me to be the one to accompany gavin to his field trip and leave baby binoy in her care. i'm gonna be pumping my boobies off for that one so i'll have enough milk frozen, ready for binoy's consumption on that day.

3. when i receive picture frames as gifts... i actually like them!

4. i stammer whenever i'm asked what my age is... 'ahmm... errr.. 28... oh wait, 29?'. i simply can't remember! maybe now that i'm 30 it'll be easier.. 'thirty' kinda just rolls through your tongue hehe.

5. i'm being called 'Ate' by everyone.. or worse, 'Auntie'.

6. (related to post #5).. I can't really say 'po or opo' every single time i talk to salesladies/security guards/strangers/whatever. I'll just sound condescending instead of respectful! like i'll just get a look that says 'bakit mo ako ino-opo opo eh mas matanda ka saken!'. Now i have to assess if i'm older than them or not. that sucks!

7. i can say 'Iba na ang mga kabataan ngayon'.. without so much as a smirk. as in dead pan serious.

8. i can't stand schoolgirls' giggles and loud talking. *shut the F up! just eat your dinner and get out! lol*

9. i tell my parents to sell us their land before they die. so that the tax we would have to pay is lesser. (inheritance tax is a b*tch!)

10. Olsen Racela is the oldest active player in the PBA. When the hell did that happen?! (It's his last season, he's set to retire this year.)

..there's a bunch more i could think of.. how i get weepy eyed sometimes when i look at my parents.. (if I'M getting older, then so are they!).. how i'm SOOO over Smallville (it's time for him to grow up! put on some tights and learn how to friggin fly.. it's been 10 years, demmit!) i creep up to the Young Adult section in a bookstore and quickly pay before anyone sees me while holding a book suitable for teens (but i guess that ship has sailed. should've been embarrassed when i was in my twenties lol)

thinking about aging.. i've now realized how happy i am that i've already given birth to 2 boys.. i am now 90% sure that i don't want to be pregnant anymore.. and that i want to be over with breastfeeding by the age of 32. (at the most!)

and i want to go to friggin Japan by then. just let me cross out that one from my wish list please.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

...binoy's first two weeks

binoy is sleeping now and tsugtsug is at playschool.. *whew*.. so far so good. tsug has been an exceptionally amazing Kuya to binoy.. he touches him lightly, (pats his head, air kisses him and touches binoy's feet) he insists that i carry him always (actually, it's bad for me cause as soon as i put binoy down and tsug is nearby, he'll throw a fit and scream 'hug! hug! hug baby!'), and isn't showing any signs of jealousy towards the baby. I think raymond's focus on him during the first week was a big help. Watching the Yo Gabba Gabba episode, 'Baby' also helped hehe. Tsug would always sing 'Baby.. Babyyyyy!' when he sees binoy. Tsug doesn't seem to like the name 'Leon', though.. when asked what's his baby brother's name he would just say 'Jacob!'..

Binoy has been sleeping and feeding well.. he still sleeps for 2 hours, though sometimes every hour na rin sya gumising.. be that as it may, i still feel he's a good baby cause I never experienced this much freedom nung keh tsugtsug hehe.. I've been sleeping well, eating on time..i'm even able to sometimes attend to gavin.. his lunch/dinner time and a bit of playtime.. though we've been taking the easy route, cause lately he just likes to stay in front of the computer and play plants vs zombies.. he is sooo addicted. he knows the zen garden, knows how to take care of it himself..he can buy the fertilizer, bug spray,etc on his own.. though with gavin playing.. we always say.."it's not about winning.." cause he can be sooo frustrating to watch.. he'll remove his own plants with the shovel, or use the blover with no balloon zombies around..or wouldn't even select a sunflower.. and the most irritating part is that he KNOWS it's not right. he just doesn't want to listen to me.. 'ayaw!' hehe.

anyway, back to binoy. he's been breastfeeding exclusively (yeeey) and i'm having a lot more milk than i had during tsug's time.. on his 10th day i pumped for the first time at home.. and was able to pump 4oz in 10 minutes! super happy! it was a fluke though hehe.. next time it took me 30 minutes to pump that same amount.. (still good!).. pumping really is all about timing.. as soon as i'm leaking.. and binoy is still sleeping, that's when i pump.. i just pump on one boob then when he wakes up i offer him the other one.. on his 13th day, i introduced the bottle, and he took it really well! no problem there.. when i gave him my breast on his next feeding, he took it as well! such a goooood baby!! so now i try to pump once a day, and give him the bottle for a feeding or two.. i would really strive hard with the pumping this time.. so i can have some 'ME' time.. (showering at leisure.. having my hair cut.. lol.. these things that you take for granted and you can't do when you know your baby is entirely dependent on you for his food)

hmm.. what else?.. his umbilical cord fell off on the 8th day.. also, he's a little bit yellow, cause it's been raining a bit here in the first few mornings since he came home.. but lately he's been able to sunbathe so i'm not yet worried..he was supposed to have had his first checkup last weekend, (coinciding with my own checkup with the OB) but the wait was so long, (and i was already so hungry) i decided to skip it and just wait for his normal pediatrician.. they did weigh him though and he has already gained a whole pound! (he was just 11 days old at that time)

i have more or less figured out a time when binoy's most behaved for a bath.. after i feed him and his sun bath.. he's awake but not fussy.. i've been able to give him 2 baths so far without any tears involved! aweeeesomeee.

taking care of a newborn again.. i thought i was already a PRO cause it's my 2nd one.. but the first few days, i forgot about little things like covering his pututoy during diaper change (he peed on me.. AND on himself).. or not putting him down before he was burped (helloooo spit-ups).. first time he pooped, i forgot that i shouldn't be using wipes but just cotton and water to clean his butt.. overall though, i feel a lot more confident. i still use my personal favorite brand, Mustela for his toiletries.. (no cradle cap yet! no more diaper rash! *crosses fingers* and the ever reliable no-rinse cleansing fluid for his butt) meh "pimples" ulit sya (just like gavin) but at least i'm not shocked anymore by them hehe. i also still use SwaddleMe (swaddling with a velcro).. its just waaay easier.

Also, when he cries, i don't pick him up right away. If i feel the itch to pick him up, I try to do other stuff first. Like get a glass of water, or go to the toilet. then i go back to him.. if he's still crying, that's when i pick him up. 50% of the time, he's back to sleeping. it's been working wonders so far. sometimes i put him to bed with his eyes open and then 10 minutes later, he has fallen asleep on his own! amazing. if all babies are like this, i would probably be a mother again. (but since there's no assurance........ probably not. lol) . syempre si lola minsan umaalma.. especially with my feeding schedule (ayoko na ng feed on demand) but that's expected.. i just remind her and point to tsugtsug (see exhibit A: brat#1)... that convinces her to stay put. haha.

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