Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Emon & Che che
After 4 hours of cooking, this is the end result! Our first Christmas dinner, with just the two of us. (or rather, three.. tsugtsug was sleeping at 7pm)

we started with tomato, basil and mozarella bruschetta

steak and mushroom gravy, with mixed greens, mandarin oranges, dried cranberries & pistachio on the side drizzled with apricot dressing

tomato and feta cheese couscous
steak & couscous

clear asparagus soup
soup & main dish

syempre, mawawala ba ang ham? galing pinas pa yan ehehe!

and finally..crepe, my version.. i am SO happy that raymond can make crepe... imagine the possibilities! harharhar.
Dessert (geri's version)

raymond's version
Dessert (Raymond

raymond also opened his first champagne bottle.. i HAD it in video then lost it a second later (don't ask.. i'm still angry with myself.. stupid phone) we watched a tutorial in youtube.. the *pop* almost woke up tsugtsug.. (he actually did wake up but then fell asleep right after)

We're going to Anshe's today.. mamamasko si tsugtsug hihihi (hello, ninang anshe!)