Tuesday, February 17, 2009

...first outing!

tsugtsug experienced his first beach last saturday at Bintan, Indonesia.. it was just an overnight trip, but tsugtsug had a luggage full of his stuff! I can't imagine how we'll do it for a longer vacation. we'll probably have to take a service apartment where you can do laundry and clean dishes! Inspite of all that, we found out his things were still inadequate! He vomitted on his only pajamas and he had to sleep on his longsleeves and shorts and socks.. I brought lots of shirts and sandos but only one shorts and one pants..but of course, i didn't forget the essentials.. his bathing suit and sunblock!

He was at first scared of the water.. there was a baby in the kiddie pool as well, just 7 months old who was totally loving the water! We thought tsugtsug would be more receptive if he's close to the baby, but when the baby touched him, he freaked out more haha! I was holding the camera at first, but when tsugtsug just kept on crying.. I went to the pool with him, and he finally calmed down! guess he was just waiting for his mommy hehe.. We just sat for awhile, and he sucked on his rubber ducky.. moments later he was splish splashing like a pro.

tsugtsug's cuteness transcends thru all races.. lol! He was pretty cheerful the whole time, was very low maintenance.. we all got seasick in the ferry but it seemed tsugtsug wasn't affected at all.. He kept on playing with the Italian passengers behind us..He was playing peekaboo to them! kagaling hehe. I was trying to lull him to sleep but all he wanted to do was to play! I was frustrated for a while, but then I realized, at least he's not crying. Will definitely do this again!

photo time!!!


his new trick.. Mcdo!


nirwana resort hotel


let go of me!! l o l!



his new shoes!

bye all! till the next outing!

Monday, February 09, 2009

...happy 9 months!

i am simply amazed by tsugtsug's capacity to absorb so much stuff these past few days! he has a myriad of tricks on his sleeve.. he can now clap, do a hurray (both arms up), bless (he nods down), wave byebye, point to the ceiling when asked 'where's the light?', squint his eyes when you say *beautiful eyes!*, pull up on his playpen and cruise around it. it's soooo awesome! he just surprises me everyday.

he naps twice a day now (from a previous 3), one at around 10am, another at around 3 or 4pm.. i think he's ready for a walker, he's quite bored in his jumperoo lately. his last weigh in was at 9.6 kilos.. just a .3 jump from last month, but i've been reading about this, and its normal for breastfed babies to slow down on the weight gain around this time.. it makes me sad that he's no longer a very chubby baby, but as long as he's active, lean and mean, that will have to do.

he's still fully breastfed.. i'm not actually sure how to go about weaning him from my boobies hehe.. i just plan on nursing him till he's one.. since he hasn't learned how to use a bottle, i think i'll just teach him to drink directly from a cup.. he does this a bit now, though it's still easier to feed him water using a spoon..

he has another milestone today.. he has started eating finger foods! FINALLY! i've read that this usually starts at around 7 months, but when i tried to give tsugtsug a baby biscuit when he was 8 months old, he just looked at it, placed it in his mouth and then threw it away! two more tries after that, i realized i was just wasting his biscuits. Today i just decided to give him one for the heck of it, lo and behold he actually ate it! he started sucking on it, and then putting the broken bits back to his mouth.. so happy! and he takes more water because of it! (hopefully that helps with his pooping.. he's been constipating lately) his new foods are prunes, nectarines and carrots. oh, and he likes my kalabasa again. (TG! bottled baby food can get expensive!)maybe this week i'll cook him some of his pasta, maybe he'll like it with sweet potatoes.

we'll be going to bintan this weekend! it's just for a night, but i'm excited! can't wait to take pictures of tsugtsug on the beach. Pangs already bought him his bathing suit, and some ear plugs (wonder if he'll allow us to put that on him..

okay, picture time!

enjoying his biscuit!

beautiful eyes!


all set for bintan!

on a different note, ..am having Twilight withdrawal symptoms.. the next best thing? Been watching HBO's Trueblood.. at least am getting some vampire in my system.. i'm about to finish the season, and it's been filling my vampire craving! i find it extremely entertaining (though i think, it's an acquired taste..it gets preeety weird at times) and i like anna pacquin's character, sookie. i've always liked strong willed girls who can take care of themselves. (hate those cryie-cryie girlie damsels in distress heroines) i believe it's based on a book series (The Southern Vampire Mysteries).. will check that out once i get the chance

bye for now!