Saturday, March 26, 2011

...happy 5th month binog!

binog is such a blessing. so easy to take care of. although he's very lazy pa when it comes to nursing.. if he doesn't want to feed, he would turn his head away and cry.. hindi napipilit! still a master drooler, he looks very interested na to eat. although i'm still very reluctant to do so. i want him to be able to sit upright anyways, before i give him his solids. plus i dont want the smelly poop yet hehe.


happy 5th month, my smiling, happy, baby binogskiiiiii!

Friday, March 04, 2011

...still high on Dream High

dream (1)i've got a new Korean drama favorite. it's Dream High. the story is not so original, but i loved every single episode nonetheless. Every kpop reference, every korean drama spoof, (i especially luurved the Cinderella's Sister reference!) every korean actor cameo.. i ate it all up. I loved how each character in the series was developed.. there were no clear good guys or bad guys.. in the love triangle, i didn't even know WHO to root for, and i absolutely didn't know which guy would get the girl until i think the 2nd to the last episode. (or was it 3rd to the last) There was no definite lead.. or 2nd lead.. and i loved it more because of that. (i am DEFINITELY going to buy the DVD boxset when it comes out!)

the actors are mostly Korean IDOLS.. it's what they call young singers in a band/solo acts.. there was just one lead actor who wasn't really a singer, but still, he was my favorite because he can REALLY sing!

1121can i just squeal in delight again. (wooooooohooooooooooo). i am still having withdrawal symptoms as you can see. The drama's OST is still playing on my head.. and at night after i fall asleep i would dream about it and get a completely new storyline. (maybe i should've written them up? maybe i'll become a budding screenwriter lol)

*squeals again* i can't stop gushing about it. How much do i love Dream High.. let me count the ways.

1. all the songs! (who cares if i don't understand.. i love the melodies)
2. every love story (the students.. even the teachers!)
3. the Bromance! woohoo
4. impromptu dance battles
Screen shot 2011-03-04 at PM 04.33.08Screen shot 2011-03-04 at PM 04.28.41
5. flash mob!!

i even saw videos posted on Youtube from fans.. of the actual taping of the flash mob. OMG i am sooo envious!

and i loved it inspite of it missing the usual ingredients of a Kdrama:

1. not a single piggyback ride (or does the piggyback with a stuff toy count? oooh how cute is that monkey!?)
Screen shot 2011-03-04 at PM 04.22.31
2. not a single green alcohol bottle thingie (they're underaged highschool kids!)
3. not a single guy was wearing pink

yeeeeeee. am so happy when everything goes MY way. meaning i was completely satisfied with that drama! no bwiset or engot characters (meaning no crappy scriptwriter).. no one dying.. AND no unreasonable happy endings too.. (don't you just hate it when a very evil character suddenly gets a conscience. i mean, wtf right?). just the right amount of cuteness, hotness and happy moments. here's a big woohoo for Dream High!
dream (2)
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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

...happy 4th month binog!

Hi baby B! Happy 4th! I know it's late, but better late than never. (or i can pretend that i dutifully bought you a cake and took your picture every 26th of the month)


You are still the same happy, bubbly baby boy. You can now roll sideways, lift your head in a 45degree angle and can put some weight on your knees! (woooah, don't stand up yet baby!) You still don't sleep through the night, but as long as you give me a straight 4 hour rest at night, i'm happy.

I'm still watching a lot of Korean dramas.. which makes me think that the sound you're making is Korean. "Aigoooo. Aigoooo".

I'm still in a gigil phase.. I love kissing your chubby little feet. (oh, and you like to hold them too) When you're in my arms, you're like a cute big saliva-making ball.. I sing to you T-ara's Bo Peep. bo peep bo peep bo peep boaahhhh. (you seem to like Kpop).

Anyway, happy 4th!.. oh no, 2 more months, then you'll be eating solids. sad. yeah, it makes me sad. it makes things more complicated. i like that i just leave the house with diapers and a onesie for you. now i have to deal with steaming, blending, freezing fruits/veggies. oh well. i hope you won't be a fussy eater like your big brother. ( i have a feeling you wouldn't be woohoo) *mwah mwah*