Tuesday, September 10, 2002

System Time: 8:32 AM
... uploaded the index.htm file last night.. (or was it, this morning?) think i finished uploading it at around 12 midnight...hope to continue doing it later after i get home.. ahhgrr. just remembered, Ma'am Queenie said there'll be a staff (?) meeting at 6:30 pm.. demmit.. i'll probably only be able to leave an hour later.. gaaaaaH...just when am starting to make progress on the fan site.. they're ruining my momentum LOL..

System Time: 11:50 AM
.. finally convinced my batchmates to just order food here at the office.. (instead of going out) brought the plate my dad bought for me (hehe..) has divisions like the ones they have on prison LOL.. anywayz, gotta rouse up the workaholics

System Time: 4:57 PM
.. finished making a requirement we overlooked on the module.. (with Koji's help).. Froi's been doubly irritating today.. (AS IN!).. he is such a know-it-all.. even if we're just talking about simple things.. (i quote "HINDI ah, pwede magbrake dun, yung chassis nya blahblah")

/me makes a big W sign

...wonder what the meeting will be about.. hmm.. hope it doesn't concern us directly (and i hope it doesn't turn out to be a sermon hehe) ..still reading HP book 2 to pass the time.. i'll probably finish this tomorrow.. nothing happened after lunch, still dozed off for a few minutes.. it's beginning to become a problem for me.. trying not to sleep at work.. i've tried reading HP, eating M&Ms, listening to p3s.. still isn't working.. this only really happens when i've finished programming and got nothing else to do.. (read: when i'm not thinking) .. 6:30's so faaaaaaaaar awayyyyy .. hmm.. guess i'll just continue reading..

System Time: 6:18 PM
.. demmit.. finished the book (lol).. should have read slower.. i really did read the books in descending order.. uyy wow.. each of us gets a wendys bacon cheeseburger LOL!.. (maybe they feel guilty making us stay longer at the office).. actually, i suspected some kind of feast was going to happen because of the 1.5L cokes i saw at the pantry.. hmmm
..think i'm getting a backache.. /me strets strets..

System Time: 7:17 PM
meeting was about performance bonus ..gtg now... bye!

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