Wednesday, November 29, 2006

...jobless no more

yeheyyyyyyyyy! i'm no longer a bum!!! today was my second interview. after getting home, i got a call an hour after from my agent. Turns out I got the job! I went to my agent, signed the job offer (atat, ano? haha!) and submitted my employment pass requirements. I'll start work once my EP is approved. So probably, in a couple of weeks or so. One more hurrah for the job... Hurrah!!!

My bum days are a little bit different everyday.. sometimes I'd enjoy it, sometimes I'll be so bored. But all in all, i still feel that the hours go by quickly. Here's my daily bum sched:. wake up at around 8ish/9ish to kiss my Pangs good bye. (I usually do this with my eyes still closed, sometimes I would think I was only dreaming ehehe) then really get up at 10:30am. i would consider eating something. if i won't eat, i'll wait a little while longer, so brunch na. then it varies, if there are clothes to be washed, i'll dump them in the machine. if none, i watch the one channel in TV, if nothing's good, i go down the building and watch the people at the playground and gym. (oh btw, there's a mini gym infront of our HDB, it's really cool. it basically has all the needed equipment for you to get a full workout. i guess, except the treadmill, but there's something similar, something where you can glide/swing your legs to) then i sleep until 4:30 pm. Then I walk to the nearest hawker and supermarket and get stuff that i would need for our dinner. Then at around 5:30 i'll start preparing and cooking our dinner. Then our housemates arrive one by one at around 7ish, we'll eat, watch, chika. if it's a friday night, we usually play poker and pusoy dos. ayun. diba ang bilis ehehe. more so siguro kung meh cable kami. that'll be my first luho. cable, that is. woohoo can't wait.

hope everything goes well.. you know, my EP gets approved and all that. we'll probably move, so that i can be nearer to my job. Asa dulo siya ng daigdig ngayon eh. I travel for 1 1/2 hours from Pasir Ris to the Client in Boon Lay. Imagine that, alang traffic eh. 1 hour sa MRT and half an hour sa bus. grabeeeeh. so far-lah. Pati sila Uncle, paminsan ndi alam kung san yung client pag nagtataxi ako ehehe. So we're thinking of moving to the West. Dati balak namin na lumipat with Anshe and Ilo. Kung Redhill/Commonwealth siguro, baka pumayag sila. Baka masapok kami pag lumipat kami sa Boon Lay mismo hahaha. So we'll see. February pa naman yun eh. Kasi once a month lang sweldo dito, kaya more than likely, Feb pa kami makakalipat. Plus there's the one month advance, one month deposit and agent's fee (one whole month's rent worth) that we'll have to consider once we move to a new flat. Still, I'm excited. Wee! Can't wait.

That's all muna. Thanks sa mga bumati saken kahapon! I guess ito na ang big birthday gift ko from God. TG meh work na ako!! Tenkyu Tenkyu Tenkyu!!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

...POW is gone. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

pow is out huhuhuhu. sabi ko nga eh, kung kelan ala na ako sa Pinas, matatanggal siya. hindi ko man lang siya napanood ng live huhuhuh. hope i haven't seen the last of her. there are rumors circulating that a major network has expressed their interest on her, after her contract with PI. sana totoo nga. to POW, wag ka na maiyak, marami kang napaligaya! she gave such an emotional speech nung natanggal siya, waaah napaiyak na talaga ako. sabi nya something to the effect of: "hindi ko akalaing tatanggapin ninyo ang isang katulad ko. hindi ako sumasali ng contests nga dahil dito, pero sumali ako kasi gusto kong kumanta"

hay winner ka parin saken. Mwah.

ei, sorry ngayon lang ako nagparamdam. it's my 2nd week now in SG, so far, okey naman. ang init dito-lah! mas mainit pa saten. i've been to one interview pa lang, kinakabahan na talaga ako. sana makahanap na ako ng work. parang nahihirapan talaga ako, ala kasi akong .NET experience, hay. bahala na. meanwhile, ako nagluluto samen hehe. so pinagtsatsagaan ng 4 na tao ang niluluto ko. good luck sa kanila, diba? l o l.

happy ako na magkasama na kami ni raymond. haaaay. kung pwede lang actually, wag na akong magtrabaho, okey lang din ahahaha. (tago keh raymond) medyo weird lang dito sa bahay kasi meh kashare kami, tas ang taas ng PUB (utility bills) nila last month, so meh konting issue with the housemates, pero sana maresolve din.

sigi, yun muna update. wish me luck sa job hunting!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

...on philippine idol

(this is going to be a POW thread. pagbigyan nyo na ako. si Harbie nga pinagbigyan nyo keh Sarah G eh, l o l)

*whew* pow chavez is safe! woohoo! i have to be honest. i actually let out a sob (which was so unintentional, believe me) when POW was being interviewed by Ryan A when she was called as one of the bottom 3... Ryan A asked her like what could she have done differently in her performance.. she looked really hurt and she didn't know what to say! She was like *big pause here*..ahmm.. i'm not perfect. every time i perform, i just give my best. (waaaaah insert wail here) I hope i'll be given a chance to REINVENT myself.

The reinvent comment is what truly, truly pisses me off. What more does Mr. C want when he said this to POW after her Got to Be Real performance? She already did Usher, she's awesome doing OPM ballad songs, now she's showing she has the moves with this performance. (will post the video below) she was the only one who was all out sa dancing na hindi na-off ang pagkanta. arrrggghh. naiinis na talaga ako sa kanya. Doesn't he know that he's affecting the sway voters? bwisit. kawawa si POW. I don't want her to gooooo. It's not only her singing, it's her personality that's totally endearing. After her performance last night, where she gave this awesome rendition of Nakapagtataka (on the new IDOL CD), waaaaah napaiyak talaga ako. (ibang level na rin ako. lol)

Bottom 3 was Ken, (my) POW (haha) and Apple,.. si Apple natanggal. When Ryan A. said.. "Ur safe.. POW chavez" i let out a big hoot which scandalized my parents hehe. ("HOYYYY ang ingay mo!") and then it was between Ken and Apple and I thought just for a teeny second that Ken-the-feathered-boa-gay-guy will be the one ousted and I was friggin happy for that short span of time. Pero its Apple, pwede na rin siya. I don't like her too.

Pano yaaaaaaaan next week hindi na ako makakapanood. Vero kaw na lang pag-asa ko, pag aralan mo pano mag upload sa Youtube! lol! buong show uh! hahaha!

Here's Pow's performance: (panoorin mo kaya ulit Mr. C noh? stop the POW-dissing please)

(If you can't view this harbie, just go to youtube and search pow chavez. Thanks to starmometer from for this video.)

Si Mamita naman wala ng ibang comment kungdi yung magskirt si POW. get over it! Once you stop teasing your hair, then POW will start wearing a skirt, okay? l o l. I'm not even sure anymore if its really the clothes that's bothering you or POW's sexual preference. hmpft.

Yun lang. POW is SAFE! Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooeyyy!!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

...malapit na!

malapit na ako umalis! yehey!

thanks to my officemates na nagpadespedida saken. nag music 21 kami, had soooo much fun, videoke tsaka poker!

yesterday, met up with my Pre-com Kada, the newlywed erlyn, joy and tenten. its so good to see old friends talaga.

i'm feeling kinda under the weather lately. i dunno why,..i mean, ala akong sipon or ubo.. basta meh lagnat lang. so weird. i still have to report to work until tomorrow. katamad na!

Philippine Idol kahapon! oooh, am so scared for POW. I dunno what's up with Mr. C dissing her. Her performance was totally great! and for them to praise Jan? WTF were they thinking? They should watch Jan's performance again on tape. Siguro, iba ang vibe sa studio, nadala lang sila ng studio audience pero he was totally off key. My sister and I couldn't even look at the TV during his performance! We were cringing and everything, kami ang nahihiya para sa kanya. He wasn't in tune and the dancing was horrible. Totally not Ricky martin, more on William Hung! argggh. So awful. If Simon Cowell was the judge, he'd say "poor imitation. complete and utter mess!"

I was pleasantly suprised with Regine Tolentino, though. Definitely had doubts with her credibility as a guest judge, but she was really insightful and articulate. Quote for the night: (To Miguel) - "Meron lang 2 moves dun na parang.. ay, pa-girl" (something like that).. too funny!!! Miguel should've said in the slumbook portion.. "Miguel in one word?... GAY!" BWAHAHAH. so gay talaga.

I'm liking Gian more and more na. I didn't vote for him because I was so scared for POW, so puro POW lang vote ko. I told my sister she should vote for GIAN. (I think she did) If POW goes out, (please, wag muna!) keh GIAN naman ako. He was great last night too. I don't like Robbie Williams but I loooved his Rock DJ version. He was sooo hot! hot hot hot. ang gwapo ni GIAN. What was Aiza Marquez thinking? haha!

Results night, tonight. hmm.. sana si Miguel matanggal! (ASA pa ako!) feeling ko si POW eh huhuhu wag sana. Pwede na ring si Apple ang matanggal!