Wednesday, August 30, 2006

...p.s. I love you

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grabeeeh. my TL got the Aussie job! Meh law daw sa Australia na pag IT, bawal ang below 6k. wow diba!? She referred me din, haaaaay, hopefully i get the call too.

anyhoo, i'm currently reading Cecilia Ahern's, P.S. I love you novel. Right off the bat, I knew this will be a great read. It starts off like this, Holly's husband, Gerry, died of brain tumor. Holly is of course, devastated. (I couldn't even begin to imagine if ever something similar happens to me *knocks on wood*) Months after Gerry's death, she got a call from her mom and said there was an envelope for her in their house. She didn't want to see anyone at first, but when her mom said "On the top of the envelope it said "The List"", she immediately went out to get it. Yung The List pala nila was some sort of game that they would do, like list of things of bilin stuff to leave for their loved ones. So, fast forward when she opened the envelope. Inside contained a letter, then 10 small envelopes (the kind you receive when you get flowers) with a month inscribed to each of them. Gerry died February, so there was one for each month for the rest of the year. Before I tell you what was written in the first one, konting history muna. Holly and Gerry used to fight over as to who will switch off the light before they go to sleep. And then after one of them finally switches the light off, he/she will hit a bedpost on the way back, so you can see why no one wants to do it. First envelope said "Save yourself some bruises and buy and bedside lamp. P.S. I Love you" awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. ang sweet noh? yun lang, natuwa lang ako sa kanya. I've already opened the 2nd one, but I'm not going to tell you anymore what it contains, basahin nyo na lang hehe!

hope i could go home early, i'm still testing my script. bye guys! miss kita pangs. =(

P.S. I love you! (hehe, yahhh yahh corny na)

Monday, August 28, 2006

...not that bad

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Monday. don't you just hate Mondays? I used to go to work late on Mondays.. then i realize, it puts me in a much worse mood if i do. It's hotter (stupid shuttles with poor airconditioning at the height of the mid-morning), traffic's much, much worse when I leave at 8am, and the day seems longer cause i'd have to leave at 7pm instead of 5pm.. when I haul myself from sleep at 5:45 am, it's waaay easier than all these combined. at least the waking up is only the hard part.

How was your weekend? Saturday I did my most favorite thing. I bummed out at home. Slept, ate, watched DVDs. (watched Friends with Money) Also helped my mom with her accessories. I don't do the actual necklace, I just help her with the pieces. you know, when i put a wire on a bead then i make loops on both ends? Anyway, that was my Saturday, fun eh? hehe.

Sunday, our usual mass at Sta.Lucia first. My ate bought my Lola a blouse and bought her a bag. Then off to Caloocan (at Kanto Tinio, HAHAHAH Morning Breeze, had a laugh at that with my parents.. I kept on repeating in my best konduktor voice.."Mga Kanto Tinio Dyan!!") It was Lola's birthday and we also brought Adobong Crabs and steamed corn. After that we went to St.Lukes to visit Ate Lala and her new baby! (not that she has an old one, well, you know what i mean) but this was not without Drama first. my drama inflicted family. Let's rewind to Saturday, while I was doing the looping thing with the beads and my mother was doing the actual necklace. Dad was standing (I don't know what he was doing, I think he was just passing by) and Mom says "Puntahan naten si Lala sa St.Lukes" (kasi nga kakapanganak pa lang nya) and Dad says "Ang hirap pumarada dun, anu?" or was it "Baka hindi mo alam kung gano kahirap pumarada dun?" (i think it was the latter) and then my Mom says "Edi bukas na lang tayo pumunta pagkatapos pumunta keh Nanay (Lola)" and then my Dad says "Okay". End of story right? So comes Sunday, after leaving Lola's place, we were at EDSA and my sister Ate Chary and Mom were talking about texting Ate Lala and asking her the room number. Ate Chary said "Mommy, Alam ba ni Daddy na pupunta tayong St.Lukes? Baka hindi ka narinig!" ('cause my dad has undiagnosed selective hearing) and then Mom says "Daddy, pupunta tayo sa St.Lukes uh!" and now the drama starts.

Daddy: "Anooooo??! Diba sabi ko mahirap magpark dun! Akala ko pag asa Sta.Mesa na sila, dun na lang tayo bibisita!"
Mommy: "Anooooo??! Diba sabi mo kahapon, pumayag ka!"
Daddy: "Diba sabi ko nga mahirap magpark dun kahapon!"
Mommy: "Oo nga, pero sabi ko, ngayon na lang pagkatapos pumunta kay Nanay tas pumayag ka"
Daddy: "Anooooo??! Bakit ako papayag eh mahirap ngang magpark!"
Me: *interjects* "I was there, you did say yes."
Daddy: "Eh bakit nga ako papayag? Eh mahirap nga magpark!"
Me: "I don't know, sabi mo Okay eh."
*daddy takes a right turn then goes on about the woes of parking*
Daddy: "Puro pahirap kasi alam nyo! Nakasakay lang kasi kayo dyan!"
Mommy: "TUMIGIL ka na nga! Ibaba mo na lang ako sa pwede akong kumuha ng TAxi!"
Daddy: "Kahit saan pwede kumuha ng Taxi ano!"
Mommy: "Edi dito na lang! Itabi mo na! Kaming 2 na lang ni Chary pupunta! Maiwan ka Che sa Daddy mo!"
*daddy ignores mommy, mommy continues her taxi idea*
Daddy: "Papunta na tayo noh." then in his most sarcastic voice, "Akala mo EMERGENCY"
Mommy: "Daaaaaaa-dy...Sinong nagsabing emergency? Hindi emergency!"
Daddy: "Eh meh taxi-taxi ka pang sinasabi eh!"
Mommy: *gets another idea* "Idaan mo na lang kami sa St.Lukes tapos umuwi na kayo ni CheChe!"
*stillness/quietness in the van, then we arrive at St.Lukes. Dad parks in front of Greenwich, in front of St.Lukes*
Daddy: "Hihintayin na lang namin kayo dito."
Mommy: "WAG na!! Umuwi na kayo! Tara, Chary!"
*Dad and me watch them cross the street*
Me: "Umuwi na daw tayo."
*Dad ignores me*

We ended up going to the hospital and leaving the van because Kuya Eric (Ate Lala's brother) pulled up right beside us and told us he always parks here and leaves his car there. I said "Daddy! iniiwan daw ni Kuya Eric kotse nya dito, tara na!" So I got to see baby Lourdes Therese (i don't like their chosen name. Lourdes is for Lola, Therese daw is kasi nagdadasal daw si Ate lala keh St.Therese for a baby..anyway, still don't like it, parang hindi creative. I'm gonna name mine Annika Sky. hehe.) and how baby LT cried without tears and started a crying frenzy in the nursery.

That was my weekend. So I guess, Mondays aren't that bad.

Friday, August 25, 2006

...buhat bangka

i haven't blogged much about my work here because 1. it's not interesting 2. i don't like it that much 3. it's not interesting.. ooh, i already said that.

today i received awesome news.. we have mini-teams in our team so we have Francium, Remedy (that's us), EWOK and ETC. (ETC stands for etc., the applications are too many to mention) So Jen, one of the members of Francium team will be moving to our team this September. Yesterday after the meeting, she was asked by our Project Manager to stay behind. Anyway, didn't think much about it until this morning when Jen approached me. Sabi nya:

J: "Ei geri, meh sasabihin ako sayo" (pabulong)
Me: "Anu?"
J: "Kinausap ako ni Melai (our PM) kahapon, tas sabi daw ni Tor (yung Team Leader ng Remedy sa US) ikaw daw ang #1 sa kanya sa team nyo sa appraisal. Kung baga, kaw #1, tas sunod si Ronie tas sunod si Liz (our TL)"
Me: *aghast* "Bakit?"
J: "Tungaks! Hindi nga rin ako maniwala eh!" (tas tawanan kami)
Me: "Kelan sinabi?"
J: "Kahapon nung kinausap ako ni Melai. Sabi kasi ni Melai, parang heads-up saken kasi ang dating is papalitan kita sa November, eh since kaw pinakamagaling dyan, baka mataas ang expectation nila saken. Yung tipong dapat same level din ang gawin ko"
Me: *still listening* "Grabe. Katuwa naman yan."
J: "Tas sabi pa ni Melai, sabi daw ni Tor na magaling ka daw magestimate, hindi ka naghahabol sa oras. Tapos kahit daw 5pm ka umuuwi araw-araw, hindi ka nadedelay sa tasks mo. Basta, ikaw daw ang meh pinakamataas na appraisal senyung 3."
Me: "Talaga? kakaguilty naman."
J: "Bakit?"
Me: "Eh kasi for the past 2 days wala akong ginagawa. hahahaha! tinatamad ako eh!"

So there. katuwa anu? who would've thunk? SERIOUSLY. That got me inspired for 2 hours. I got some work during that time. Then the feeling ended and I'm back to my lazy mode and ended up updating my blog.

Nahiya tuloy ako keh Tor. hehehe. This task that I'm currently doing is a rework of a previous script that I've done and it's so kakatamad gawin uh. (I hate anything that starts with re) So I've done a lot of monitor staring recently. At least it got me inspired for 2 hours. Better than nothing. I know when I excel at something, and I'm pretty sure this isn't one of my best-est work produced. Or maybe I'm the lesser evil amongst the 3 of us? Wahahaha. For now, I'll just think that someone appreciates what I've done and hopefully take something from that thought.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

...random things that irritate me the most

1. Shuttle newbies. - i ride a shuttle service from Makati to COGEO (in Antipolo) or if i'm running a bit late, from Makati to Masinag then I get a FX ride from Masinag to Cogeo. Shuttle newbies irritate the hell out of me. Those who pay (nangunguna ba) before everyone else (Shuttle rule # 1. Fares are collected by the passengers so that isang abot na lang sa driver), those who talk loudly inside the shuttle (Shuttle rule #2, Hellloo? senyu ba tong sasakyan?) and those who feel like i'm some sort of leaning post. (Okay, ok, i may Look like a post (:p) but please, don't lean on me, you stupid fat-assed girl, you weigh a ton) The ride usually lasts for 1 and a half-hours and people usually sleep on this time. Lastly, I hate those who are in earphones but you can hear what they're listening to. Worse when i can only hear the kilansing. Puhhhleaseeeee, is that a speaker in your ear? Do I look like i wanna hear Cueshe (no offense to Cueshe fans)? Arrrggghh. so kaka.

2. Mimicking people. - you know the type, when you say something mundane lng "Uuwi na ako!" and then they go ahead and mimick you, "Uuwi na ako". Diba kakairita? It's not a good example, so you probably didn't get it. Hmm... I'll try another one.. When you say "Yeheyyyyyyyyy Hahaha!" they go and say yeheyyy ha ha ha. l o l. hehehe. It's irritating right?

3. People who cross the street like the own the road. Can i just run them over for once? or maybe nick them a bit so they'll realize they're not the priority here? I especially hate those who put up a hand then when they get you to stop, they'll slow down their walk? I mean, WTF?! I already stopped my damn car for you and this is how you repay me? By walking like you're on the moon? Dagmadit!

4. Spitters. Do i need to elaborate? Wouldn't it make your day if someone's spit accidentally splashes on you? ewww.

5. Jeepney drivers who stop in the middle of the road. Are you really in a hurry? Will it waste too much of your time to actually put your vehicle at the side so that you won't cause traffic?

6. Filipinos living abroad who constantly say bad things about the Philippines to other people from other nationalities. And to those who say na wala nang pag-asa ang pilipinas. Come on, you're already there, living a privileged life, why do you have to bring Filipinos living here down? Will it kill you to talk about the Philippines in a positive way?

7. People who make singit to lines. Ang sarap kotongan. Seriously.

8. Someone kicking your seat. Whether it is in the cinema, or when you're in Mass, or in the office (if someone is near your seat). I wanna go behind them and kick their seat. See how that makes them feel.

9. Salesladies that follow you around in a store trying to "help". Really, if i'll need you, i'll call you. Kaya ayaw ko magBody Shop eh, notorious sila dito. They're so close, I can hear them breathing. If I tuck in my hair fast enough, I can knock them over with my siko. Isn't THAT irritating?

10. (mind you, this was supposed to be a 3 item list. i got carried away) Officemates that sing the SAME song in the office. I mean, really, I admit I sing out loud when I get carried away but at least I move on to the next song when the damn song finishes. I don't sing one single song for WEEKS. (yep, weeks, not hours, not days, WEEKS!) I swear, if i hear Wonderful Journey one more time (OVER MY EARPHONES! yeahh, it's that loud) I'm going to pull the cord out of your friggin computer.

*Whewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww* l o l. sorry about that, i just needed to vent.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006 theme song

... and i'll bet it's yours too. eheheh. exceptions for geek-workaholics. blech.

My Cubicle

Monday, August 14, 2006

...rediscovered music

Don't you just love rediscovering music you've loved and listened to in the past but forgot about it simply because you've found something newer and trendier? I have many musical interests (you can hit me with a boy band song if i feel like it) but I've always been a rocker at heart. I mainly depend on Y!Music (Alternative Station) to keep with the new songs now, so I'm not sure what's a "hit" in the local stations. However, I've been watching Rockstar:Supernova (which in my opinion, should just kick out all the other singers and make it a battle between Lucas, Dilana and Magni) and I just love the songs that they sing there. I've downloaded the songs sang there and most of them are 80s songs and I just love the 80s! i'm not talking much about the new wave stuff (though I'm currently listening to Tears for Fears - Everybody Wants to Rule the World, is that new wave?) but the kickass rock songs.

I've got 3 David Bowie Songs in my mp3 playlist. Changes (ch-ch-ch-ch-chaaaaaangessssssss), All the Young Dudes (weeeeee! i love this song! this was in the Clueless soundtrack too. I love Clueless! ultimate chick-flick!) and Under Pressure which is sadly more known as the first few notes of the Ice, Ice Baby track.

I've rediscovered Heart, oooh, i just love their songs. Alone (sang by Carrie in AI), These Dreams (waah peyborit!) and all other songs like What About Love and All I Wanna Do I Make Love To You.

I even like Blondie now (also, because of Rockstar:Supernova) with their 'Call me' song and the mahalay na I Touch Myself song. (I don't want anybody else, when I think abouuuuut you, I touch myself! wow, kakaloka!)

The classic, Baba O'Riley from The Who. If you don't know song, I'll bet my as* off that you do and that you'll go "Aaaaaaaaahh, yan ba yun!" when you hear it. (Teenage wastelandddddddddd, it's only teenage wastelandddd) If you watch House,MD, that's the song he was playing 'pretend' piano and drums to when he was at the office and the Black former-owner of the hospital dude came into the office.

(it's not in the 80s) But found new love for the song Santeria by Sublime. Loooove the song (TY to Josh who sang this in the show, not because he sang it good but just for hearing this oh-so-wonderful-iwanna-go-to-the-beach song again)

I know Billy Idol (who doesn't) but I've been an IDIOT when it comes to his songs. Now, I love 'Rebel Yell' with ALLLL my heart. If you know any other awesome Billy Idol songs (aside from Mony Mony which I don't like because it gives me an image of my Ate Chary dancing to that and that is NOT a good memory), you've got to tell me 'cause I am (repeat) an IDIOT who doesn't know any better. (Update: I'm currently downloading White Wedding and Dancing with Myself)

Anyway, enough about music. Pangs was here from Tuesday til Sunday. (Ohmygosh, so sorry to Jane, hindi kami naka-attend ng wedding mo huhuhuhuh. Grabi kasi sched namin, we're trying to push everything to his 4day visit..nagulintang eh, nawala lahat yung plano namin. Waaah sorrrrrrrrrrryyyy Hope you had a beautiful one! and please speak to me parin. ehehe.)

He's back in Singapore again. (huhuhuhuhuhuh) *sighs* Any words I write cannot describe how devastatingly sad that makes me feel. So I'm just gonna shut-up and change the topic.

(listening now to Billy Idol's White Wedding. Waah I know this song pala, ganda!)

Am back to work now and what can I say but it's still SSDD (same shit different Day) today. I'll just listen to Billy Idol's Dancin With Myself (another awwweeesome song) and hope this day gets better.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

...guilty pleasures (updated)

1. Regine Velasquez movies. heehee. yeah, i have absolutely watched every single Regine flick, because they're the kind of movies i like.. light, romantic chick-flick comedies. you know what my fave is (I forgot to say that this post is TOP SECRET!), the one with Robin Padilla, Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw. wahahaha. Robin is H O T there! sooperdoopah gwapo siya dun. I think there was some sort of filter every time the camera focuses in on him. and guess what?? They've got a new movie coming up! It's titled Til I met You and they're currently now shooting (Well, at least that's what I read in the paper). Weeeeee! I frantically told my sister, Ate Chary that bit of news and as usual, she told me "ngayon mo lang nalaman?" Harumpft. Ateeeee, not everyone watches The Buzz/S-Files and records them.

2. Kim Rae Won. Who?? I first saw him in My Love, Patzzi (My Love, Cindy in the GMA 7 broadcast) and he was the bestfriend of the girl lead but turned out, surprisingly, the guy who gets the girl. It was really a surprise because he wasn't that focused in the story. Anyway, I liked him them. I loved him in the Korean movie, Little Bride. Then I watched another one of his films, "". I swear, this isn't something I planned, or that I look specifically for his movies in piracy lalaland in Quiapo, it just usually turns out to be HIM. I didn't even watch Attic Cat (where he's most known) because I can't stand the ugly girl partnered there with him. But now that they're going to show "Love Story in Harvard" in GMA 7, I am ecstatic. I don't even know why he's my favorite. He's not Lee Dong Wook handsome, just supremely ma-appeal. I liked the "" movie because he played a smoker there and gosh, he's such a gwapo smoker. heehee.


I think I'm so addicted to koreans that they are now part of my dreams. I dreamt that we were in Sta.Mesa. My cousins are there, they live in a compound so when we were young, we would all play hide and seek in Lola's apartment. Anyway, back in my dream, we were playing taguan and guess what, the Koreans were there. I can't even remember which Korean specifically, but they really where there. They even joined in the taguan game and hid themselves (there were at least 3 of them) under the dining table. In the 2nd round, I hid with them under the dining table because my cousins, even though they knew they were hiding there wouldn't call out to them because they couldn't even pronounce the friggin names, much less tag them. So I was pretty safe with the Koreans. Grabe, uber-weird noh? I'm not even going to contemplate what this means.

3. Gerald and Kim (from PBB). Ewan ko ba. I find them, endearing. It's suuuuch a guilty pleasure that I only watch their show in (search "Lovespell", ehehehe) and I can't even urge myself to google them and post their pictures here for I don't want their pictures in MY flickr account. l o l. I've only watched 2 episodes so far, but ooohhh, It feels so weird writing about them, hahaha. so enough already. i'm gonna zip it.

Pangs is going home tomorrow!!! yahoooooeeyy!! I can't wait I can't wait!! *dance dance* WOHOOOOOO!

ANDITO NA SI PANGS! loko yun, he got here around 2:30 PM today. He called me up, and all the while i was thinking he was still in Singapore, he told me "Pangs kowwww andito na ako sa tapat ng PBCom Tower!". sabi ko "niloloko mo ako!!" wahahaha. WAHAHAHAH. BWAHHAHAHHAHAAHHA! *naloka na*

i got his luggage here beside me, i'm still in the office. hmmm. ano kaya pasalubong nya saken? tingnan ko kaya! HAHAHAHA. joke joke pangs kow. I love you! kahit 1 day lang ang nadagdag, best surprise everrrrrrrrr!!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

...tapos naaaaaaaa

ayan reeyuh, hehe.

*one big sigh* nakakalungkot waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. andito na naman ako sa pinas. wala ng smelly na mrt, wala ng unrecognizable food, wala ng incomprehensible english. (i'm trying to psych myself out)

wala na rin Pangs. huhuhuhu.

how was Singapore? each of us will have a different answer, for sure. Kate will probably say, if it wasn't for my Mom, nag-enjoy siya magshopping. Mom will say, if it wasn't for me, mas nakatipid sila/mas madaming napuntahan at madaming pang reklamo. (i'm never going on a vacation with my Mom again. d o n ' t a s k.) Auntie Boots will probably say the same thing as my Mom, except mellow-er. and saken, B I T I N. hay.

(sorry Anshe, ndi tayu nagkita. di talaga kaya eh. *here comes the dreaded sabi ko seyu* sabi ko kasi seyu, dapat nagsabay na tayu ng flight papunta! *WAPAKS*)

was my first time to see the Budget Terminal, it was pretty nice and clean, and exceeded my expectations. same goes for Tiger Airways' airplane. It was pretty new, so there was nothing 'exciting' happening in that ride.

They stayed at Hangout@mt.Emily.. what you see in the internet is pretty much what you get. Plus, they have great english speaking receptionists (probably 'cause most of the backpackers staying there were caucasians) so they're easy to understand. Unlike the receptionist we got at Strand Hotel, where Raymond and I stayed. I cannot understand them! They might as well be speaking chinese. (it sounded chinese)

and back to my Mom.. *sighs* grabi, never again. natawa ako eh, si Kate nga sabi "sorry geri uh, pero your mom, she's testing my patience" lol! natatawa na lang ako pag nagrereklamo ako tungkol keh mommy tapus sasabihin nila Kate/Jing na "ano ka ba, Mom mo yun eh" ngayon, Kate can definitely RELATE. lol. alam na nya what the f*ck i'm talking about. constant reklamo hay. constant comment hay. NAKASTRESS!

hay yun muna. bitin kakainis.