Sunday, October 28, 2007

...tsug tsug 2nd visit

last weekend was my 2nd visit to the OB.. we always go on mornings so there's not much queue and we got called just after about 10 mins of waiting.. i was asked to pee on this stick, it was to monitor my protein and sugar level.. think it was normal cause the assistant just glanced at the stick and asked me to throw it. next was the usual checking of weight.. and i.. lost 100 grams!!! huhuhuhuhu. how can that be? i guess i have been quite picky with food during the last few weeks or so.. but still.. i eat every time i'm hungry, and that's ALL the time. guess it's not enough. anyway, when we got called in, doctor said its okay that i didn't gain weight. She said some do lose weight on the first trimester because of loss of appetite and such. i'm finished with folic acid and bcomplex supplements, for this month, i'm on iron tablets and calcium. its a bit tricky though cause i can't take them together and the iron tablet has this shitty before and after taste. you know some tablets, if you drink them fast enough, you won't be able to taste anything.. but iron isn't like that, trust me. as soon as u get a whiff of it and it touches ur tongue.. ewww ewww and triple ewww. smells like rotten ovalteenies.

after a few questions (constipation, food choices, etc) i got ultrasound-ed. woaah, didn't know they ultrasound here every check up.. i googled about frequent ultrasounds.. says its safe and won't harm the baby. i guess i'll just have to trust my OB, she knows best. positive thing is we get to see tsug tsug again!! (negative.. check ups are expensive wahaha 150 sgd or tumataginting na 4500 pesoses)

here's tsugtsug at 12 weeks:


when i first saw it.. i was hesitant to shout something like "oooh the head!" cause the first time i thought the yolk sac or whatever was the baby hehe. so i just asked cautiously, "uhmm.. doc.. is that the head?" lol! and turns out it is! from the picture you can see the head, body, arms and legs! and it was infinitely clearer while we were seeing it live.. tsugtsug was already moving his/her arms.. he would touch his head, touch his mouth.. wave his arms prompting my doctor to say "helloooo thereeeeeee!" at first i was so shocked to see him moving i said "eh!? it moved!?" and my doc just laughed and said "of course lahhhhh.. it's alive!" (OH YEAHH hahahaha!) then it was like floating/jumping hehe, so active! never imagined he will be this clear and so bibo at 12 weeks! i swear i saw fingers a bit. my doc was satisfied with the baby's size so i had to say goodbye. i cried again. haha. i couldn't help it! my tummy is still so flat it still amazes me that we're having this baby!! and that its actually moving wahahaha.

i'm on my 13th week now and soon going to 2nd trimester. i've only puked once.. and i think it was more of motion sickness hehe. i took a cab home and the driver was insane. i reached our toilet in time and i puked with bag still on my shoulder and pangs holding my hair.. on my mind was "ooh orange juice".. or "oooh porridge" wahhah i could taste what i had eaten just an hour before. super gross. so glad i never experienced morning sickness, don't think i can deal with puking on a daily basis.

pangs claims i've become more emotional now, cause i cry more easily. last night i cried because i couldn't think of anything that i would want to eat and it made me feel so guilty that i was starving tsugtsug and wasn't responsible enough and that this early, i was already failing to be a good mother. yah i know, so melodramatic. all my life i have struggled to gain weight but it was okay then cause its just me but now i have a baby to think about and it worries me and sometimes i feel a bit pressured. i guess its hard to understand especially when people just say "its so easyyyy to gain weight" anyway.. pangs talked to me and i'm feeling better now and i'm just gonna try harder to eat right and not worry that much.

i guess that's it for now.. bye bye!