Monday, December 26, 2011

merry christmas! (and happy new year)

cause i'll probably be my usual delinquent self and not blog on new year's. a LOT of stuff has happened (binog's first birthday, My birthday. christmas!) which i've been too lazy to blog about it. lately i've been losing tooo much weight and have gone stick-eeky-thin. been trying to crash-eat, and always trying to be conscious to grab a snack anytime i feel a tinge of hunger. i'm not sure if i'm retaining any of the calories i've been eating (gawd knows i feel like all the food i eat just gets wiped out with just one late-night puyat or binog's nightly nursing). it's that i've noticed some of my pictures and it worries me too, and my mom and relatives have noticed it too and you KNOW how stressful it gets when someone else comments about your weight. (or lack of it).

work has been okay. i've been doing what i have done 5 years ago so the work, my colleagues are still pretty much the same. i think it's the travel time that's getting to me though. the 1.5hr travel time is really, really tiring. driving is soo stressful. c5 super traffic. marcos highway, super gitgitan.. filipino drivers are so crazy! i think i've become adept at driving (since i'm driving 60 kms a day!) but still, sometimes i feel i've had so many close encounters, it's amazing i haven't had a driving incident yet. (not that i'm wishing *knocks on wood*) sometimes i just let go and press the gas and PRAY to God i don't hit anyone. haha. BUT, have i told you how much i love my car. i love itttt to pieces. i love how small it is, how easy it is to park. how cutey-patooteey it looks and how easy to make-singit to all the fugly SUVS(yes, montero sport, i'm talking to you) out there in the road. i love how fuel-economical it is, and how even if it's small, it can carry 2 kabans of rice in it's trunk. (yes, i've tried)

with binog news.. he is basically being outwalked and outtalked by his younger cousins but i don't mind. he can walk about 4-5 steps (if you don't make a fuss and stop gushing over him, else, he'll get all excited and rush to you and make planking sa floor) so i know he's developing well and i am not in a hurry to have him run around and have another kid to run after to. he has a few syllables, "daaa..taaa.." but mostly he just 'eeee eee eee's around the house. what i find amazing about binog now is his eating habits. he eats everything! and feeds himself! friggin amazing. he eats whole brocolli flowers, cauliflowers, papayas, apples, pineapple.. anything he can get his hands to. he eats again after i come home from work.. whether i'm eating adobo, or sinigang.. he'll crawl to me and gets his hands on my rice and food and feeds himself. one night i was eating ampalaya and i just let him be and he just sucked that little bitter vegetable til it was limp. lol. a-mazing! when we attended a wedding, my cousins were amazed that he was eating non-stop for 2 hours. i was there feeding gavin (as USUAL, rice and soup) and he was there beside us just eating everything you give him. to quiet him down on a road trip, i just give him biscuits or french fries and he'll just eat and eat and eat. (mas tipid, no more travel toys hehe. anyway, travel toys are for his bratty brother).

speaking of gavin naman, he's still a brat as ever but he's smarter and wise-assier. just like this christmas, he said 'mommy, i want a leappad for christmas'.. (after watching it's commercial in tv) i said "okay, but you said you want an elmo rocks for christmas. so what do you want? leap pad or elmo rocks?".. gavin said "leap pad is for me, elmo rocks is for binog". LOL. ha. as if. he did surprisingly behave in my cousin's wedding. he walked the aisle (he was the coin bearer) and looked so pogi in his coat and tie. (thank you H&M! can't wait to see you again harhar). he was well-behaved mostly.. it was only when it was time to give the coins again, to the pastor that he faltered. the couple and pastor were in a sorta stage so he had to walked up the stairs to reach them.. halfway thru, he stopped and then backed out and said 'i don't want!'. oh well, at least he entertained the hungry-bored wedding guests.

christmas for us was loud and fun and expensive. ate ging and her husband and super beautiful sophie (their almost 1yo daughter) are here so the kids all have fun wrestling each other at my parent's home. gavin got so many gifts (and books! i think only my nerdy kid enjoys getting books.) and so much new clothes i gotta get a new antonius and get organized better. (yey, shopping for me). speaking of shopping for myself, i had such a haaard time controlling myself with the christmas shopping.. i would be buying gifts for others THEN would find a way to gift myself. i think i did that to every other gift i bought haha. it's soooo liberating to have your own money and shop. Raymond is verrry generous, don't get me wrong (between the two of us, nobody knows how to friggin budget) but it's more fun to shop when it came from your very own ATM payroll. i've gone gaga over clothes and shoes lately (raymond's gone gaga too over my going gaga. haha. 'bagong damit na naman!') but in my defense, it's been almost 4 years since i can dress nicely and have somewhere to show off my clothes to. (it's weird to get too dressed up for the MALL, you know?)

anyway, not too much people in the office since it's the holidays and i'm the unlucky newbie who doesn't have any leave credits yet. that's fine as long as there's not much work to do too; else, it's sooo damn kakatamad when everyone is off frolicking in their vacations and i'm here stuck in the office. oh well, at least i get to wear my newly gifted clothes from my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. love them, they always choose the right blouses for me! yey! bye everyone! happy new year and let's hope it's not the end of the world in 2012!