Saturday, September 07, 2002

System Time: 8:57 AM
forgot to bring my chocolates huhuhu.. (olats demmit), though i think i'm getting a sore throat because of those sweets.. i woke up today like there was this big rock lodged in my throat.. *clears throat* e-Hem.. tsaket..

..i sort of finished the menu yesterday (for the fan site).. i'm still going to improve the pictures..i want them to be perfect and it's time for me to get rid of this pwede-na-to attitude..i really hope to upload a page this weekend.. just so i could let my friends view and criticize it..

..tsk.. i'll be able to finish reading book 3 today.. (maybe even before lunch time..) you know why this is a problem.. 'cause i'll have nothing else to do after! waaHaHa.. i still have the LOTR..but when i read it, it feels like i'm in a sedative or something 'cause i instantly feel sleepy.. lol

System Time: 10:53 AM
we're now given something new to do.. but don't think my brain cells are functioning properly yet...i think it's the weekend blues.. TGIF! i won't be rising at quarter to 6 tomorrow... *happy sigh*

System Time: 3:08 PM
..still not doing the module.. i think i've programmed in my mind that i'll start making it on monday... so actually i'm just waiting for 5 PM.. been badgering Koji with HP stories.. particularly about Time travelling.. (on book 4, they used Hermione's Time turner; and in the movie, Time Machine) both instances they both (in theory) weren't able to change the past..

System Time: 4:56 PM
yahoooooooooooooo! will soon logout.. thought of meeting my friends but decided not to just now.. maybe i'll be able to catch Ikaw Lang ang Mamahalin..hihihihihi... bye bye!

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