Wednesday, September 18, 2002

System Time: 10:46 AM
.. mawnin! .. i love Wednesdays.. because the rest of the week seem to go faster... wasn't late today, mainly because our father directly transported me and my sister to my office (my sister took the MRT from there, she works in Makati)..usually, our dad just drops us on the shuttle terminal but when we got there, there was a long line again for the shuttle services and i could already tell that i was going to be late... my dad hadn't eaten breakfast yet so it was sort of a sacrifice for him.. (what parents will do for their kids.. awwww LOL!).. my dad asked us to give him money for gasoline, though hehehe.. am still very grateful.. ^_^
... before i get over-emotional..better finish these crystal reports first.... hmmm

System Time: 11:48 AM
..just waiting for lunch time.. already finished 10 out of 11 crystal reports.. the last report's requirements are highly ambiguous so Sir Herbert said to skip it first..
..presently listening to Garbage - I think I'm paranoid.. hay, i need to copy new p3s.. i'm getting tired of listening to the same stuff.. eiii it's 12 pm.. just going to lay my head on the desk for a few minutes..

System Time: 1:19 PM
.. and here comes the.. 'twilight hourrrrrr' ..haf--ta .. stayyyy a---wakeeeee @_@

System Time: 2:34 PM
..presently listening to PJ Harvey-Down by the Water...couldn't fight the twilight hour.. still fell asleep.. waaaH.. maybe something's wrong with me... hehe..
... i just remembered what my sister told me yesterday.. she said that i cry in my sleep.. she's been using the PC in my room and i usually fall asleep before she leaves the room.. she asked me if i knew i do that.. (of course i didn't).. but there have been times when i wake up with tears in my cheeks..i knew i had a dream but couldn't recall what it was all about.. she said i've been crying in my sleep for two consecutive days now... hmm.. watdapak!?? i said to her.. "i guess i'm one depressed person".. she said.. "di noh.. it was a irritated-sort-of-cry" LOL!!! i said: "oh. i guess i'm just a brat" hehehe.. my sister said i sounded like i was so frustrated and annoyed at someone that i was crying.. she said i was even gesturing my arms.. LOL! good thing i don't see myself doing that.. it might scare the shit out of me.. well, it isn't the first time someone told me that i sleep-talk.. my other sister (ate Ging) told me i even looked from the top bunk down to her (the time when we still used a double-deck bed) and asked her some inane question.. scary noh? buti 'di ako nahulog HEHE..

System Time: 5:37 PM
.. brrr *shivers*..freaking aircon is blowing straight at me.. my lipbalm's all used up and my lips are chapped.. huhuhu..and is this rheumatism i'm feeling in my joints? LOL!.. my back also aches.. slouching in front of the monitor the whole day.. what a nice career i have chosen, eh?.. YES! they're talking about the aircon... Koji has his jacket in front of him like a blanket.. i'm wearing the hood of my jacket for crying out loud.. (don't want my brains to freeze and get numb lol).. maybe i should wear gloves and ear muffs.. perhaps they'll get the hint?..
... already saw the HP Trivia Game for Chamber of Secrets at Pocket Collector.. we already have the first one so hopefully my sisters and I will again share in buying this one.. we still suck at HP Trivia but it's fun collecting HP stuff.. hmmm.. still 10 minutes before 6 pm.. wait.. (puts "buy lipbalm" on memory check list) ...hope i won't forget..

/me strets strets

...will spend next 7 minutes in the CR.. hehe.. gtg bye!

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